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The Water Book is book introduced in Season 5 and found in Alfea's Magic Archive.


The book is blue, decorated silver curves, where its edges are outlined in a darker blue, on its corners. The top center has a dark blue, filled in circle, the bottom center is an unfilled circled. The curved designs and circles are repeated on the back of the book. In the center is a large, light blue water drop with dark blue swirls inside it. A smaller version of this water drop is on the book's spine.


This book contains the elemental powers of water. When opened it releases a powerful gush of water.


Season 5

Tecna opens this books after opening the wind and snow books. The water from this book pushes Tecna off the shelves, it then proceeds to fill the archive with water. A whirlpool eventually forms with Musa, Bloom, and Stella trapped in it. Aisha and Flora help their friends out. Musa then closes the book and the water disappears, leaving a pile of books and an unconscious Robo-Tecna in the middle of it.


  • All three elemental books (wind, snow, and water) have the same decorative curves and circles.
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