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The Water Stars Catcher is a magical item that debuts in Season 3.


The Water Stars Catcher is an item capable of capturing the Water Stars.


It is a red, kite-shaped jewel encased in a silver setting that has four distinct hoops. The setting is joint at a circular shape on the top left corner and it ends in a circular shape at the bottom of the jewel. Part of the setting wraps around the tip of the jewel.


The Water Stars Catcher once belonged to the ancient wizards who captured the Water Stars and sealed them away in the Golden Kingdom.


Season 3

In "Wizard's Anger," Valtor uses it to capture the Water Stars and uses their power to attack the Winx. After unleashing the spells Valtor captured in the Agador Box, Valtor releases the item from his grasp and it is caught by Stella.


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