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This article is about the Werewolves who appears in the Winx Club series. You may be looking for the Werewolves who appears in the comics.

The Werewolves are legendary creatures that look like humanoid wolves.


Werewolves are creatures that Selina can summon from the Legendarium. They are humans that are cursed to turn into wolves after sunset.


Werewolves were said to be the humans. Every time the sun sets, the humans turn into werewolves. It is said in the Legendarium:

From the darkest times, comes the curse of Fearwood Forest, where mere and mortal men and women howled at the moon.


They look like normal wolves that can walk on two feet and have human-like hands. They have yellowish eyes and they are as tall as human beings. They have large white wolf like teeth, and have wolf like claws.


Season 6


The werewolves preparing to attack.

In "The Curse of Fearwood", the people of Fearwood were cursed by Selina to become werewolves. They were sent by her to attack the Winx.

In "The Magic Totem", Flora brought back the Silver Spear into the Canada's Fearwood Forest and finally breaking the Fearwood's curse.

Magical Abilities

The werewolves are actually humans, affected by the curse of Fearwood Forest, so they transform into werewolves after sunset, unwillingly. Unlike ordinary wolves, they can walk with two legs. They can grow long fingernails and run quickly.


According to Daphne, the Silver Spear is used to scare the Werewolves, for they are afraid of silver. They seem to be easily affected by magical attacks. Also, if the magic of the totem pole breaks the curse or if the sun rises, they could return back to their true form.


Werewolves S6 Trailer

The Werewolves in the Season 6 trailer.

  • The werewolves in their prototype version had a darker fur color with thicker fur as seen in the official trailer.
  • According to European folklore, Werewolves are people who can turn into wolves, either purposely or when places under a curse.
    • There are many different versions of werewolf legends across Europe. However, according to the most popular one, a human turns into a werewolf on full moon nights if they have been bitten by a werewolf previously, and they can only be killed using a silver weapon.
  • This is the fifth legendary creature to appear in two episodes.


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