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Werner, also known as the Watchmaker, is Silke's uncle who appears in World of Winx.


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An aloof hermit[1] and highly introverted person, Werner always tries to maintain minimum contact with people (in his own words, "... I like to be alone."[2]) and is rather hostile towards people he does not know. As per his title, people often seek his assistance (if he is willing to give it to them) when it comes to damaged watches. Werner despises technology of any sort and prefers the traditional ways of doing things. He has been called "crazy" before which he agrees on[1].

Werner also has no trouble admitting when he does not know how to fix something.

Pre-World of Winx

Werner has worked on watches for most of his life. Perfecting his craftsmanship and skill that garnered him honorable titles. At some point, his niece, Silke, became his apprentice whom he taught almost everything too. But Silke made it very clear to him that she does not like the craft and never complimented him on it.

World of Winx

Season 1

Werner locking down his Castle.

Werner is first mentioned in the beginning of the episode "Shadows on the Snow" by Jim by the title "The Watchmaker" after telling Bloom and Roxy his true motives and offering to help the two. Seeing the now broken Magic Watch, Jim tells the girls of an old hermit who lives in the Swiss Alps who would be able to fix the Watch for them. After insisting that they need to get to the Watchmaker's Hideout before the Queen, Bloom decides to travel to Switzerland with Jim on her own.

After braving the traps laid out on the Alps' treacherous terrain, the pair reach the Watchmaker's Castle only for the Watchmaker to demand that they leave. Bloom tries to reason with him until Jim cuts in, demanding that the Watchmaker tell them where his apprentice is if he is going to continue being uncooperative. Jim's demands shock the Watchmaker but before he is pressed any further, a mysterious man in a grey coat appears from behind Bloom and Jim with his small army of Zombie Pirates, forcing the two into a large-scale brawl while the Watchmaker watches from the small window of his Castle's door

Werner does not know how to fix the watch but Silke does not give up.

With their fight leading into the next episode, "The Watchmaker," the Watchmaker tries to stop all the fighting by shouting, but this only alerts the mysterious man of his presence, which prompts the Watchmaker to shut the window of his front door as he shouts for them all to leave again. As the mysterious man tries to blow the door down, the Watchmaker activates all the locks his Castle contains to keep the front door from ever opening and, once complete, he retreats farther into his Castle.

He remains there until Silke disables the defense mechanisms and compliments his lessons, which happily surprises him. He meets his niece who gives him a hug. After Silke checks to see if he was okay, Werner notices guests and he is automatically cautious until Silke explains they are her friends. Werner states very clearly that he lives in a secluded part of the mountain range because he enjoys loneliness. Then Detectives Evans and Gómez introduce themselves and mentions that the reason they are seeking his assistance is because the case if very special.

Werner is speechless when sees the portal open.

That is when Tecna shows him the broken strange looking watch and emphasizes that it is imperative it gets fixed. Werner does not understand how a watch has such significance and even though it was explained why, he still could not make sense of it but nonetheless, he takes a look at it. He does not understand how it works even when told that the hand moves counter-clockwise. As he has never seen anything like it he unfortunately does not know how to fix it. Silke is infuriated that he gave up so quickly after he taught her that all broken watches have a way to be fixed. Werner is at a lost for words when Silke takes the watch and proceeds to work on it. She thinks outside the box and with some tinkering she was able to get it working again!

Werner looks at her with pride, compliments and praises her. With the watch fixed Tecna opens the portal to the World of Dreams, seeing that happen right in front of him leaves him in shock as he watches the Winx enter it.


  • "Werner" is a Germanic name meaning "army guard".