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Wildland/Resort Realm

The Wildlands (also known as the Resort Realm), is a magic-free area on Magix.


It is home to many dinosaur-like animals, as well as Hunter Trolls, and magic does not work for Winx fairies and witches there. However, for fairies having earned their Charmix and witches possessing a Gloomix, magic is possible there.

It’s located beyond the Magic Dimension, near the shopping town "Adquistes". Just outside Magix lies an imposing mountain range, and the lush forests of Wildland spread out behind one of those mountains. It has a large, enchanted, rose lake in the middle. A wonderful, tiny beach surrounds it, just right for lighting bonfires.

The vegetation is lush and thick and is a real jungle. Apart from wolves and dinosaur-like monsters, nobody lives here. Anyone is bound to be terrified if they go for a walk on their own.


Season 2

The Winx were sent here to gain Charmix.


  • The Wildlands might have been inspired by the Savage Land from Marvel Comics, which is an isolated tropical prehistoric land surrounded by volcanoes deep in Antarctica and a tropical preserve hidden from the rest of the world inhabited by dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.
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