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The Wind Book is a book introduced in Season 5 and found in Alfea's Magic Archive.


The book is a forest green with decorated silver curves, where its edges are outlined in blue, on its corners. The top center has a blue, filled in circle, the bottom center is an unfilled circled. The curved designs and circles are repeated on the back of the book. In the center is a large, dark green three-pointed leaf. A smaller version of this leaf is on the book's spine.


This book contains the elemental power of air. When opened, it releases powerful gusts of air.


Season 5


The book is in the higher shelves of the Magic Archive. This book is opened by Robot Tecna as she searches for the Sirenix Book. The book releases powerful gusts of wind, disorientating the Winx for a bit, until Tecna closes it, realizing that it is not the Sirenix book.


  • All three elemental books (wind, snow, and water) have the same decorative curves and circles.
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