Winx: Magix Mayhem is an online game on Nickelodeon's official website.


Kalshara and Brafilius have captured the Fairy Animal companions and it is up to the Winx and Roxy to save them.


To start the game, click anywhere on the game screen. Alternatively, the player may use a code to unlock Roxy first.

Choosing a Character

Initially, only Bloom is available. However, if the other Winx can be unlocked by meeting certain requirements and Roxy can be unlocked by entering a code. The player must choose one to play with. The difference is purely aesthetic.

How to Play

The player's fairy stands in the middle of four paths, corresponding to the four different directions. The player must press the arrow keys or swipe the mouse to attack in that direction. The fairy can only attack adjacent tiles. There is also a combo meter. Once it is filled, the player's fairy can use their special attack to clear all enemies on-screen. In each level, there are several waves of enemies coming to attack the fairy, and the player must defeat them by attacking in their direction. At the end of each level, a boss battle will occur where either Kalshara or Brafilius will attack the fairy with their magic from the four different directions consecutively, and the fairy must attack to block their spells. After they fire their magic from all four directions, they move toward the player like normal enemies and must be attacked. The boss cycle repeats until they are defeated.

With each level the waves get faster and faster, with enemies taking a shorter time to move from one panel to another and Kalshara and Brafilius's spells being cast and moving faster as well. The game ends if the player's fairy is defeated by an enemy or a spell.


To view your achievements, click on the trophy icon in the bottom-right of the character selection screen.


  • So far, this is the only game to be released on Nickelodeon's (UK) website.
  • Roxy appears in this game in her Butterflix form with the Winx, despite the fact that she has never earned it.


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