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Winx is a Fairy Form introduced in Season 1.


In Season 1, Stella introduces Winx when fighting Knut in Gardenia Park. Faragonda adds the word "Winx" to Alfea's vocabulary at the end of the season, stating it to be the definition of a modern fairy, making Winx is the standard Fairy Form for Alfea fairies.




The color scheme is often extremely simplistic with usually two-or-three-color color schemes. The wings are plain and small. The clothing is very simple with a combination of mini skirts, shorts, tops, and dresses. For accessories, there is a combination of gloves, bracelets, wrist cuffs, brooches, chokers, tiaras, headphones, headbands, and helmets. Hairstyles often remain unchanged or very slightly changed. Shoes are often in some form of heeled boots. The wings have glitter on the inside and glowing auras on the outside.


The outfits become darker, the accessories change shape and color and the wings and heels have sharper edges. The eyes may change color and shape, and the fairy may gain make-up on eyelids and lips. The hair gets thicker and somewhat messier.



Most of the outfits and accessories remain unchanged. The wings are less translucent, gain glitter on the inside and glowing auras on the outside.


The outfits and accessories only change color. The eyes may change shape and color and the fairy may gain makeup on eyelids and lips. The wings, hair, and shoe heels remain unchanged. There may be a pair of leggings in matching color in addition to the outfit. The wings have glitter on the inside and glowing auras on the outside.


A fairy is usually able to transform when she has a strong enough will and fully believes in her magical capabilities.

Magical Abilities

Fairies can more easily manifest their magic than when they are in civilian form as well as use more powerful spells.






  • The word "Winx" has two completely different concepts and meanings in the series, depending on the dub. It is the name of the Winx Club and:
    • In the Cinélume dub, it becomes the name of standard transformation for Alfea fairies.
    • In the 4Kids dub, it is a fairy's magical energy that can be drawn from a power source.
  • In the Nickelodeon Specials, the transformation is named "Charmix."
  • This is the most used transformation of the Winx.
  • This form is tied with Enchantix that most appeared between season, appearing in four of the eight season (Season 1, 2, 3, 7).
  • During the original transformation sequence:
    • Aisha is the only Winx not to be in her civilian clothing.
      • She is also the only Winx not to make an "X" with her fingers.
    • Stella is the only Winx to have her hairstyle changed in this form.
    • Bloom and Aisha's backgrounds are the same.
    • Flora's wings are missing during her final pose.
    • Musa's wings are missing during her final pose in the reanimated version of her sequence in Season 3.
  • Tecna is the only Winx who can change her wing shape in this form.
    • She is also the only Winx to have extra functionality embedded in her outfit. She can stroke her brooch to summon technological controls, tap her helmet to eject a visor, and produce electrodes capable of connecting to a computer system.
  • This is the first Fairy Form of Musa's to include a disco dance floor motif in her transformation sequence, with the second being Believix.
  • When Musa got a new longer hairstyle in Season 3, her Winx transformation sequence was re-done with long hair, more refined background and slightly different and refined animation in her final pose scene.
    • In the 4Kids version, the sequence remained the same with Musa's long hair only being layered on top of her original transformation sequence, as 4Kids received an unfinished version of the third season.
      • This also makes her the only Winx member to have three different Winx transformation sequences.
      • She is also the only fairy not to have high heels in this form.
  • Flora's pose in the Nickelodeon Specials is identical to that of her Believix.
  • Bloom's pose in the Nickelodeon Specials was only seen twice; once in "Revenge of the Trix" and again in "The Shadow Phoenix".
  • Unlike the original version which always showed different transformation sequence cuts in a different order, 4Kids version mostly repeated the same transformation cut in the following order: Tecna, Musa, Aisha (as of Season 2), Flora, Stella and Bloom. If a Winx did not participate in the transformation, her cut would be skipped but the order would stay the same. Different cuts would only sometimes be seen if the Winx is transforming alone.
    • Consequently, some scenes such as the one where Flora's necklace and choker appear were never seen in the 4Kids version (besides in the opening of Season 1).
      • the 4Kids version of Musa's long hair transformation was also never seen completely.
    • In the 4Kids transformation it showed the girls wearing their Season 1 civilian outfits which they no longer wore in Season 3.

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