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The Winx Board is a vehicle introduced in Season 8 and is the Winx's main mode of transportation.


The board was created by Tecna. It levitates and is fast in movement. Leaning in a specific direction directs the vehicle. Acceleration and breaking/reversing (by leaning back) appears to be determined by the amount of distance between between the handle and leaning position. This and what causes an increase in speed is not very clear and subjective.


The main body of the Winx Board is pink. The center platform, where one would stand, is round. On all its side-"corners" are the top-halves of a heart (colored in a darker pink) and between these halved-hearts is a rounded, very short cylinder that is positioned above the overall platform. This is also its resting/inactive position. When activated (done by stepping onto the board), a neon-white loop wave bar appears from the cylinder.


Season 8

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