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Winx Club: Join the Club is a video game developed by n-Space and published by Konami in 2007 which was released exclusively for the PlayStation Portable. The game is based on the second season of the series.


At first, the players can choose which of them will embark on the adventure. Depending on the skills and style of play chosen character will be completely different. The player can also customize the appearance of the six Winx and decorate the room with new objects that are unlocked each time a stage of the game is completed. The player can also exchange items via wireless connectivity between two PSP. The player can also listen to songs from the series while playing.


  1. You and Me
  2. Where the Girls Are
  3. This Is the Beat
  4. Sun Will Rise
  5. Sign of Winx
  6. Searchin'
  7. Not Today
  8. My Magic
  9. Musa's Song
  10. Magic Winx
  11. Magic of Winx Club
  12. Magical Bloom
  13. Looking for You
  14. Little Crazy
  15. Just Us Girls
  16. Got to Go
  17. Feels like Magic
  18. Count on Me
  19. Being a Girl
  20. Winx Combat