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The Secret of the Lost Kingdom Magical Adventure The Mystery of the Abyss

Winx Club: Magical Adventure

Scene: Live Recording

Reporter: It's Magix! Welcome to the famous planet Magix, where girls come from every corner of the universe to discover its many secrets. It is here at the renowned Alfea School that young fairies learn and perfect their powers. Potionology, Biotransformation and magic physics are just a few examples of the many courses offered here. Alfea is run by the acquaint Headmistress Faragonda. Just a few kilometers away lies the notorious Cloud Tower School for Witches. Run by Headmistress Griffin, this school offers courses on nasty spells and cruel curses. If you're a kind, warm-hearted girl who'd love to have a set of glittery wings then Alfea is just the school for you. But if you're leaning more towards boiling cauldron and macabre apparel, Cloud Tower will have a flying broom and pointy hat waiting for you. Let's get back to our live coverage at Alfea, where both schools were just about to pick up a new school year. Right behind me on the VIP platform, no one's missing. And Alfea's most famous alumni are here too. The courageous and spunky Winx Club. Name: The Winx Club. Profession: Guardian Fairies of the Magic Dimension. Relationship Status: Super taken. They saved the world from the threat of the Ancestral Witches and they brought Sparks back to life. A kingdom found its princess, and that princess found her parents. Bloom's destiny is to become Queen and to sit on throne of Sparks, or Eraklyon if she marries Sky. We're here at "It's Magix" have met Bloom's parents - Queen Mariam and King Oritel.
Oritel: A wedding? Why not?
Mariam: Bloom's happiness is the only thing it matters.
Reporter: Sky's father was the man of few words and rude ones at that.
Erendor: Get lost! I have no time for this garbage!
Reporter: These six Winx is living in their time of enchantment and the magic continues.

Scene: Alfea

Reporter: We're on the air...

  • The reporter coughs*

Reporter: ...These hors d'oeuvres are scrumptious... But now, back to our two Headmistresses.
Faragonda: May all of you students do your very best...
Griffin: ...Or your very worst...
Faragonda: Remember, magic must be used with care and intelligence. And for noble causes, not petty things like chores.

  • Students clap*

Griffin: Urg, please! Why waste your time when simple spells would force someone else to do them for you?
Fairy #1: Uhm! Delicious!
Fairy #2: What's with the three over there? Why aren't they eating?
Fairy #1: They'd totally eat if the menu included lizard guts and sheep's eye and...
Fairy #2: Hey I...

  • They are turned into frogs. The other girls scream and are also turned into frogs*

Faragonda: Not again! Ladies, now, never girls! That's enough. Calm down.
Icy: Stormy, Darcy, now is our chance.
Stormy: Ready, Icy.
Stella: Well well, look who is it? The bad-tasted trio.
Tecna: Leaving the party already?
Musa: And the music hasn't started yet.
Flora: Only you three would find something like this funny.
Icy: Ha-ha-ha. You fairies are no fun at all.

  • The Trix transform. Icy shoots icicles*

Flora: Now that's overdoing it.
Layla: When the going gets tough...
Tecna: ...The Winx gets tougher.

  • Believix transformation*

Stella: Alright, if you wanna play, let's play! Sun Storm.

  • Icy throws an iceberg and it reflects Stella's attack. Darcy leaves the battlefield.*

Layla: Plasma Wall.

  • Icy gets hit and she gets Stella with her*

Stella: My outfit!

  • Stella attacks Icy*

Flora: Enchanted Nymph.
Layla: Andros Hurricane.

  • The frogs are protected in the magic bubble*

Flora: Alright.
Stormy: Globe Lightning.
Tecna: Defender Plate!

  • The attack knocks both Tecna and Stormy*

Layla: Morphix Blob.

  • The bubbles block Icy's hand*

Icy: Polar Rose! Stella star.
Stormy: You've gone to far.
Musa: The Power of Harmony!

  • Stormy breaks the balance and the battle goes on. Lucy is turned into a frog by the food from Mirta*

Faragonda: Why must it end like this every year?
Griffin: It's just a prank.
Faragonda: Perhaps. But who bombarded at Alfea with a tropical storm last year and who stuffed the cake with roaches and snakes the year before?
Griffin: Well, you're the one who insists on having this party every year. How many times that I've told you? Witches and fairies just do not mix.
Musa: Harmonic Attack.
Stella: Hey, weren't there three of them?

  • A shadow ray grabs Stella*

Darcy: Oh Stella. Did you miss me?
Stella: Sun Dance!
Darcy: Shadow Ray!

  • The Winx gather on Stella's side and the Trix gather on Darcy's side*

Icy: Do you have the compass?
Darcy: Yeah, of course. C'mon.
Stormy: Perfect.

  • Stormy ends the battle with a lightning. The Trix disappear*

Flora: Gather the toads... um er... fairies... and don't let them get away.
Layla: Come here. You're safe now.
Stella: Witches and toads. This is really cramping my style.

  • The frog catches a fly on Stella's nose*

Stella: You are one ugly frogy. Do you know that?
Tecna: Have you ever seen a pretty one?
Stella: Urg.
Tecna: We'd better get them back to normal as soon as possible.
Faragonda: Well done, girls. You stop the Trix, but more importantly, you protected your friends.

  • Faragonda turns the frogs back to human*

Tecna: Thanks, Headmistress Faragonda, but er... we've got a problem.
Stella: Urg! Get them off of me! They are getting slum all over my clothes.
Layla: Be careful, Stella. Remember they're still Alfea fairies.
Tecna: We didn't do so well. If Bloom would have been with us, this would be over in a hundred and thirty-two point thirty-five seconds.
Flora: Bloom... You know, they probably don't have a witch and toad problem on Sparks.
Musa: She's missing all the fun.
Reporter: Urg... *frog sound* That's all from Alfea *frog sound*.

  • The characters waving*

Scene: Bloom's Bedroom

Bloom: Wake up, sleepyhead. You can't just spend all day doing nothing.

  • Bloom opens the windows*

Bloom: It's so beautiful!

  • The bell rings. The maids enter*

Maid #1: Good morning...
Maid #2: Princess!
Maid #3: Are you ready for another day of lavish glory? Today you'll try on your winter wardrobe.
Bloom: Really? Already?
Maid #1: Yes. Already. The palace tailor needs to adjust all fifty-six of your dresses. You don't want to end up like the Duchess of Unsure Words, do you? Of course you don't. She wore the same hair clip for two gala receptions!
Maid #3: Gala receptions!
Bloom: Um thank you but there's no need for all of this... Really...
Maid #2: A princess in always in need of handmaids, are the rules. Here we go, dress number one. Off with the nightgown.

  • The maids have Bloom get dressed*

Maid #1: Oh, I'm so excited. Here we have a nightgown with a dreamy cloud trim and a dash of mystery.
Maid #2: Where did theses slippers come from? Let's toss these. The feet of a princess deserves top notch treatment. There, perfect fit!
Bloom: How beautiful! Oh!
Maid #3: Breakfast is ready to serve! A well-balanced diet is vital.
Maid #1: What a treat we have today. Lighting fish from the Lost Island. Eating it raw does wonders for your skin.
Maid #2: And...
Maid #3: ...And your hair.
Maids: It makes princesses even more beautiful.

  • Bloom left the room already*

Maid #1: Where'd she go?

Scene: Hallway

Mariam: Bloom.
Bloom: Hi mommy! Hi daddy! Can't stop! I have to free my breakfast!
Maid #1: Your Majesty! Your Highness! Forgive us, please. But the princess is... is...
Oritel: I think she went that way.

  • The maids run to the wrong path. Oritel and Mariam giggle*

Scene: Room

Bloom: There you go!
Voice: Bloom.
Bloom: Daphne?

  • Bloom searches the room*

Bloom: Daphne, where are you?

  • Water drop's sound*

Bloom: Daphne, is that you?

  • The fish jumps. Orange lights appears and become Daphne. Bloom giggles*

Daphne: Hello, Bloom.
Bloom: Hello big sis. Nice entrance. Impressive.
Daphne: *giggle* Did I scare you?
Bloom: Well, of course you did. Without you, life here at the palace would be so boring.
Daphne: What were you running from, little sis?
Bloom: Everyone here just... bosses me around.
Daphne: Mom and dad, too?
Bloom: No. Not them. They're fantastic. It's just the rules. The fifty-six dresses. The fish that is good for your skin...
Daphne: ...And your hair...
Bloom & Daphne: It makes princesses even more beautiful!
Daphne: Trust me. It tastes horrible.
Bloom: I don't even want to know. And what do you think of all this "princess stuff"? Honestly...
Daphne: You'll get used to it in no time, Bloom.
Bloom: I hope so...
Daphne: Now, how about some good news? You do have some good news, right?
Bloom: Oh yeah. Did I ever tell you about the rose petals massage?

Scene: Hallway

Oritel: Bloom, where have you been?
Bloom: Um, I was just with Daphne...
Mariam: There is something we want to show you.
Bloom: What? What?
Oritel: It's a surprise. So close your eyes, alright?
Bloom: Alright.

Scene: Garden

Bloom: Are we there yet?
Mariam: Just be patient, sweetheart.
Oritel: We're almost there. Alright, Bloom, open your eyes.

  • Bloom gasps when she sees a horse*

Bloom: Mommy! Daddy! Thank you! She is beautiful!
Mariam: Her name is Peg. She's a gift from your father.
Bloom: Oh dad! Thank you!
Oritel: Your mother has something for you, too.
Bloom: Really?

  • Mariam uses magic and a suit appears*

Mariam: I thought this would be perfect.
Bloom: Thank you. It's beautiful.
Oritel: Well, what are you waiting for? Let's see what you can do.
Bloom: Um... But I don't... Really know how to ride...
Oritel: Hold on. You'll see.
Bloom: Are you... surrree?

Scene: Sparks

Bloom: Okay Peg, be on your best behavior now. There's someone I want you to meet.

  • Sky appears*

Sky: Bloom!
Bloom: Sky! There you are.
Sky: I picked this for you.

  • Bloom almost falls*

Sky: Is something wrong, Princess Bloom?
Bloom: Not anymore.
Sky: You're sure? You don't look so... comfortable on that horse.

  • Sky pets Peg*

Bloom: Oh stop. She has a name. Peg!
Sky: "Peg", huh? Hiya Peg! What do you say we teach the princess how to ride?

  • Kiko follows Peg*

Sky: When learning to ride there are just three rules that never fail: Don't be afraid, close your eyes and hang on.

Scene: Fountain

Bloom: Wait here, Peg.
Sky: So how do you like the royal life, princess?
Bloom: It's exhausting. I don't know if I'm cut out for it.
Sky: You're perfect. There's not a girl sweeter or...

  • Mariam and Oritel watch them from above*

Mariam: Remember when it was us down there?
Oritel: How could I forget? That's where I asked you to marry me...
Mariam: ...And made me the happiest woman in the Magic Dimension. But why did you have those brushes trimmed? Those brushes used to make that corner so much more romantic. We could be all alone and no one could see us...
Oritel: Well, that's exactly why.

  • Mariam giggles*

Sky: Bloom! uh... There's something I have to tell you...
Bloom: Uh-oh. Starting a conversation like that usually means bad news...
Sky: Not this time... At least... I don't think so... I don't know where to begin. Well... look... we've been through a lot and we've always succeeded. But now I'm asking you to accept the most difficult challenge of all.
Bloom: Which is...?
Sky: Living together, forever. Bloom, will you marry me?
Bloom: Oh... Sky!
Sky: Is that a Yes or a No?
Bloom: It's... YES! A big fat Yes.
Sky: All right! The whole Magix has to know it!
Bloom & Sky: When?
Bloom: The first day of spring.
Sky: The first day of spring.

Scene: Unknown Place

Icy: Mission accomplished, my lords.
Belladona: Good.
Tharma: Did you bump into those fairies?
Icy: Those stupid girls didn't notice a thing. Darcy got what you requested.
Lysslis: Well done. Those know-it-alls will soon get what they deserve.
Belladona: Those Winx destroyed our prison thinking it would wipe out evil but instead they set us free!
Tharma: Enough chatter. Where is it? Yes, the compass of revealed secrets: the key that solves all the mysteries...
Lysslis: ...And unveils the hidden. Like the village of Pixies. We need you witches to get our powers back.
Belladona: We are finally free, but weak without our powers.
Tharma: Find the Pixies, wipe out all the positive magic, and we'll rule once again!
Icy: We'll do it with pleasure. This is the moment we've all been waiting for.

  • The Trix laugh*

Scene: Eraklyon's Throne Room

Sky: Father! I have some great news!
Erendor: A King's happiness is the happiness of his kingdom.
Sky: I wanted you to be the first to know. Bloom and I are getting married.
Erendor: Heh!?
Sky: What? What's wrong?
Erendor: It's... It's out of the question! You... you mustn't...
Sky: What are you talking about? We love each other!
Erendor: Forget about love. You will not marry Oritel's daughter! Don't ask me why! Just promise you will not marry her!
Sky: But this is crazy! What are you hiding from me? Tell me!
Erendor: The truth is a curse that's been tormenting me for ages.
Sky: What curse? And what does Bloom have to do with it? I want to know... the truth!
Erendor: It's here, Sky, it's always has been here, hidden in plain sight. Too much to bear and too big to erase. All I could do was hide but the time has come for you to see it.

  • Erendor presses a stone sharp*

Erendor: Out of fear, I betrayed a dear friend and condemned an entire city.

  • A hologram appears*

Erendor: Here. I've never confessed this to anyone. I just wrote it down for you so that one day you would understand. The kingdom of Sparks suffered a terrible injustice and it was all because of me. The only way to make amends is by not marrying the princess and hoping that she'll forget you. What was done can never be forgiven...

Scene: Sparks Palace

Mariam: Have you been in touch with Erendor?
Oritel: I've been trying to reach him for a few days...

  • Bloom giggles*

Oritel: But... Oh, look who it is?
Mariam: Morning, Bloom. You look chipper.
Oritel: ...You vanished without a trace... Wonder why. Oh right. Sky is back.
Mariam: Did you go riding with Peg?
Bloom: Mom, dad, Sky asked me to marry him!
Mariam: Oh Bloom, what wonderful news! I'm so happy for you.
Bloom: I really hope so.
Mariam: Have you already told your foster parents? What do Mike and Vanessa think?
Bloom: Mom, he just propose. Give me some time.
Mariam: Sorry, you know how it is. This kind of thing doesn't happen to us everyday.
Oritel: Listen Bloom. Sparks is an ancient kingdom. And according to tradition, it is the king who has to choose the princess' husband. It's an important tradition.
Bloom: But what about Sky? Isn't he perfect?
Oritel: Hm... Well, I guess he's a king. A young one. But a king nonetheless... but that hair of his is so long... and blonde.
Bloom: Daddy.
Oritel: Bloom. Of course he's perfect. It'll be the most fantastic wedding in the history of Sparks. We'll invite every royal family in the whole Magic Dimension. I'll start the guest list right now.

  • Wedding preparation scenes*

Oritel: Oh yes! Of course!

  • Phone rings*

Bloom: Sky.
Sky: Bloom... There's something I have to tell you...
Bloom: Hm?
Sky: We have a problem...

  • Bloom cries and goes back to the palace*

Scene: Bloom's Room

Oritel: Well?
Maid #2: Poor princess...
Maid #1: She's devastated, your Majesty.
Maid #3: She won't stop crying...
Bloom: Why? Why would he do this to me?
Mariam: Shh, my dear sweet little one... I don't know what drove him to this. But I'm sure when you look him in the eye you'll understand... He hurt you, but before you go see him again, you've got to be tougher than you are. Come on. You're so much stronger than this. Just take a break from the world and take all the time you need. When you're ready, show them what you're made of and fight for everything you believe in because you'll win. Feel better now?
Bloom: Noo!!!

  • Bloom cries louder*

Scene: Sparks' Palace

Oritel: I'm going to speak with Sky. He owes me an explanation.
Mariam: You will do nothing of the kind, Oritel. Our daughter can take care herself.
Oritel: No one treats the Sparks' princess like that. He proposed to her then abandons her! It's insane! Erendor is a man of his word. It's a pity I can't say the same for his son. This is the disgraceful insult but I know what to do about it and I'm going to do it now.

  • Mariam sighs*

Scene: Winx's Conversation

Reporter: Breaking news: An exclusive it's Magix's breakthrough story! There's nothing more glamorous than a royal wedding. Stay tuned. Princess Bloom of Sparks is about to announce plans for her upcoming wedding!
Stella: Huh? WHAT???!
Reporter: And who is that lucky man? *frog sound*
Stella: Did you catch that?
Layla: That's impossible.
Flora: There is no way she is going to decide to get married just like that.
Tecna: Not without consulting us first. Or at the very least just telling us.
Musa: Yes, to tell us we went crazy. I'm calling her right now.
Layla: Bloom would never hide something like that from us!
Flora: Hold it! Time out. There's gotta be some kind of review...
Musa: Oh I know! It's just the TV show got the news before we did.
Stella: I hate that show! I'd rather watch a potato commercial.
Tecna: She's not answering. Her cellphone's off.
Winx: Then there's only one thing to do!

Scene: Bloom's Room

  • The cell phone alarm goes off*

Bloom: Huh? Tecna, Musa, Stella, Flora? How do I miss so many calls?
Maids: Good morning, princess!
Maid #2: We don't have much time to dress you.
Maid #1: And put your face on.
Bloom: What's going on?
Maid #3: Today will be a great day the more beautiful you are, the happier you'll be!
Bloom: But, wait!
Maid #1: C'mon c'mon. We don't have all day!

Scene: Gate

Guard #1: Can I help you?
Sky: I'm telling you it has to be some kind of mistake!
Guard #1: Only those on the guest list may enter.
Sky: I need to see Bloom!
Guard #1: Only those on the guest...
Sky: ... On the guest list may enter! Yes! I'm aware! Urg! Nevermind! I won't waste anymore Unsure words!
Guys: Hey!
Guy #1: Why don't you watch where you're going?
Sky: Watch where I'm going?
Guy #2: There's a princess in that palace who is hoping to see Prince Charming.
Guy #1: And he very well can be one of us.
Stella: I hope Bloom has a good explanation for this wedding business.
Tecna: And more importantly, why didn't she invite us.
Flora: Hello.
Guard #1: Can I help you?
Flora: I'm Flora, the Princess of Linphea. My friends and I are here to see Princess Bloom.
Guard #1: Sorry. Only aspiring husband-to-be are allowed.
Guard #2: Unsure words do not Unsure words.
Flora: But... we just want to...
Guard #1: Can I help you?
Stella: You listen here!
Guard #1: Can I help you?
Stella: We may not be on your list but we need to get there anyway!
Guard #2: Sorry. Only aspiring husband-to-be are allowed.
Stella: Perhaps I didn't express myself properly. I am Stella, Princess of Solaria, Winx Guardian fairy and above all, Bloom's best friend! Now get out of my way mac!!!

  • Stella "attacks" the guards*

Stella: Let us THROUGH!!!! Come on girls!

  • The Winx giggle*

Scene: Bloom's Room

Layla: They may be able to win battles but they don't stand a chance against an angry girl.
Stella: Especially if it's me.
Musa: Wow! How pretty!
Flora: Bloom must be loving it here.
Bloom: GET OUT!!!

  • The maids run. Stella blows a raspberry*

Tecna: Knock knock. Can we come in?
Stella: I heard they're giving away shoes here. Literally throwing them at you...
Bloom: Girls!

  • The girls hug*

Bloom: I'm so happy to see you!
Stella: Bloom, that show said something about you and Sky getting married.
Bloom: Marry? Me? Noo! Sky just left me...
Musa: Sky just left you?
Stella: Okay, let's take it from the top. Cool?
Bloom: The world's gone mad. My world's gone mad. Sky asked me to marry him. Then two days later he changes his mind. And now...
Oritel: Hello girls.
Stella: Er... Hello, King Oritel.
Bloom: And now, I'd like someone to tell me what's going on?
Oritel: The kingdom of Sparks has its traditions as I've told you before. Remember, Bloom? But every rule has its exceptions, which is why you will choose out of the young men I have gathered for you.
Bloom: But I want Sky, daddy!
Oritel: Sky? But you deserve much better, darling.
Bloom: You... You can't be serious... Okay I get it. This is just a joke, right?
Oritel: Never been more serious, Bloom! The princes I've summoned are the best the Magical Dimension has to offer. At short notice anyway.
Bloom: But... Sky...
Oritel: Sky? He's a part of your past! Your future awaits you in the throne room. Come down in ten minutes.
Tecna: Okay, Bloom's right! The world has gone mad!
Flora: This kingdom has some strange traditions...
Bloom: Forget traditions! There's no way I'll marry a total stranger!
Flora: Relax, Bloom. You won't have to turn them down.
Musa: They're all going to turn you down!
Stella: Leave it to us, Bloom. I think we know what to do here.
Bloom: Um... What's that?

  • Layla winks and closes the door*

Scene: Throne room

Maid #1: Urg... I'm not so crazy about the make-up, princess.
Bloom: Why? Am I not beautiful?
Layla: Make-up is not meant to cover rather it to Unsure word natural beauty.
Stella *whisper*: Or maybe to sway someone's opinion to the right direction.

  • Tecna giggles*

Tecna: Oh c'mon. Let's not keep our guests waiting.
Guard: Suitor number one!

  • A handsome guy steps in*

Stella: Unsure line mine.
Tecna: Unsure line
Handsome guy: Prince Unsure word of the planet Unsure word.

  • Suitor #1 enters. People are shocked*

Musa: Well, looks like our Unsure word plan is about to backfire on earth.
Suitor #1: Wow, princess, you are a knock-out. Sorry about that. Well I hate the sound Unsure word tend to fall apart.
Stella: You're right, Tecna. You saw him first so he's all yours.
Flora: Looks like it's gonna be a long day.

  • Suitor #2 and #3 enter. Bloom spends time with them*

Guard: There are no more princes, princess.
Bloom: Thank goodness.
Sky (in disguise): Sorry. Am I too late?
Bloom: Oh. Alright!
Guard: And... you are...?
Sky (in disguise): Prince Elios from the kingdom of Unsure word.
Stella *whisper*: Can someone please call the fashion police?

  • Bloom steps down*

Stella: Wait! What are you doing? Unsure line can you imagine Unsure line?
Bloom *whisper*: Sky, is it really you?
Sky *whisper*: I had to see you, Bloom, to explain. You'll find the truth in here.
Bloom: What is it?
Sky: Read it and you'll understand. I'll find a way to make things right and we'll be together again soon, I promise.

  • Bloom and Sky kiss*

Oritel: Oh Bloom! You've made up your mind. I'm so Unsure word, Prince Elios from the kingdom of Unsure word?
Sky (in disguise): Yes, your majesty.
Oritel: Where exactly is Unsure word? I don't think I've heard of it before.
Sky (in disguise): Unsure word is so far away, you wouldn't believe, took me... took me forever to get here...
Oritel: Really? Guards!
Bloom: What are you doing?
Oritel: Treating the princess of Sparks the way you did was a big mistake, young man!
Sky: Please don't be so quick to judge, sire. I can explain...
Oritel: Explain? How can I trust you now? You broke in, you only play games at my daughter's feelings.
Mariam: Oritel, what's going on here?
Bloom: Stop all! Let him speak!
Sky: Sire, in here...
Oritel: I don't care! You betrayed this family's trust and now you leave me no choice. Sky of Eraklyon, you are hereby banned forever from the kingdom of Sparks.

  • Sky leaves*

Bloom: Sky! Wait!
Oritel: Let him go. The princess of Sparks will never marry a man who can't keep his word.
Bloom: Are you asking me to choose between my love and my kingdom? Well, that's an easy choice, dad!
Stella: Way to make your daughter feel at home.
Bloom: Sky! Sky, wait! Please!
Unsure voice: Over there! Hey! Wait us!
Guard #1: Where are you going in such a hurry?
Guard #2: Didn't you hear the princess?
Sky: Get out of my way or I'll...
Guard #1: Or you what?

  • Peg kicks the guards*

Sky: Well done, little Peg. Bloom, I'll fix everything. Then I'll come back for you.

  • Sky leaves the kingdom's castle*

Flora: C'mon, let's go back.
Bloom: No! I've had with all this! I'm leaving. You're coming with me?
Tecna: Of course.
Bloom: Winx!
Winx: Zoomix!

Scene: Pixie Village

Icy: Let's see. Look like we're here.
Unsure voice: It's obvious right.
Icy: The compass's never wrong. This way. Ready?
Stormy: Yes.
Digit: If we modify the illumination battery each less by the square root Unsure word average, the darkness should reduce sixty-four percents.
Chatta: Whatever you say, Digit. Unsure lines our village Unsure words sparkly.
Tune: Let's talking more Unsure words, Chatta. Unsure words right, Lockette. No, sorry, no. More than left. No
Lockette: Unsure words fix this.

  • Lockette gets tangled and all the decorations collapsed. The pixies laughs. The Trix appear. Stormy breaks a branch*

Icy: How adorable!
Tune: It's the Trix! What are you three doing here and what do you want from us?
Stormy: From you? Nothing!
Chatta: Um, can we talk about it?

  • Stormy uses her magic*

Scene: Gardenia

Stella: Ah. A change of clothes is what we just needed.

  • Door bell rings*

Mike & Vanessa: Bloom!
Vanessa: Girls!
Bloom: Mom! Dad!

  • Bloom has a headache*

Mike: What the...?

  • All the Winx have headaches*

Tecna: Digit! The Trix are hurting them!
Musa: Tune... No.
Flora: Chatta...
Layla: Piff! Look out!
Stella: Amore. No. Go back.
Bloom: Lockette...

Scene: Pixie Village

  • Icy freezes Lockette*

Stormy: What's next?
Icy: This way.

  • Digit hides and shivers*

Trix: Oh.
Icy: That's it, the Tree of Life.
Stormy: Awesome.
Icy: This is the power of the Magic Dimension. It keeps the balance between positive and negative energies.
Stormy: I can feel its power just running through me.
Darcy: The negative positive... Ouch!!! It burns me! Are you sure about this? It's a very powerful spell and we...
Icy: We have the power of the Ancestral and now we'll shut down the positive energy and summon them here. Are you scared?
Darcy: No! On it!
Icy: Ready?
Darcy: Yes!
Stormy: Let's do it!
Trix: In the name of the mother of all witches, we command you, shadows, rise out. Grant darkness right up and bewitch the land of goodness.
Darcy: The positive energy is doing thin.
Icy: Concentrate. Soak up the Tree of Life's vital energy!
Trix: We command you darkness energy, rise up! Make the positive energy wither from the Unsure words.
Icy: It's working! Unsure line forever!

Scene: Alfea

Fairy #1: What's happening to me? I think I lost all my powers.
Fairy #2: Me, too!

  • The fairies all lost their powers*

Griselda: Headmistress, something terrible is happening.
Faragonda: I know.
Digit: Faragonda, please help us!

  • The Trix laugh*

Scene: Tree of Life

Lysslis: Once again, nicely done, girls!
Tharma: All positive energy is gone!
Belladona: Now that there's only dark magic, we can take over magic and now no one can stop us!

  • The Ancestral witches sit on the "thrones"*

Scene: Gardenia

  • Mike carries the Winx inside. The girls wake up*

Bloom: The pixies! They're in danger.
Vanessa: Huh?
Stella: We gotta go!
Tecna: I lost contact with my network. I can't reach them.
Musa: What's going on? My magic doesn't work!
Bloom: We lost our powers.
Layla: What do we do?
Stella: Faragonda! We need to talk to her. I think she would know what to do.
Tecna: But how? My PDA... it is... It's Digit!
Digit: Here you go! This should work!
Faragonda: Tecna! Winx! Girls, can you hear me?
Flora: Yes, headmistress. Can you hear us?
Faragonda: Yes, I can. Are you alright?
Flora: We're fine. But what about you? And the pixies?
Faragonda: After the Trix's left, the pixie sought refuge here at Alfea with me.
Flora: What do these witches have wanted from them?
Musa: And what happens to our powers?
Faragonda: The Trix is emptied the Dimension of positive magic.
Stella: Those three witches? How would they be able to pull something like that off?
Faragonda: I couldn't say. The only thing I know is they took the balance of magic by attacking the Tree of Life.
Layla: Well, what can we do?
Faragonda: For now, stay there in Gardenia. We're safe. As soon we...

  • The connection's signal is weakening*

Digit: Unsure word connection...
Lockette: Unsure line
Bloom: You too, little one...

Scene: Sparks

Oritel: To choose me and my own house? After what he did to Bloom? Sky must be punished! It's his fault we lost Bloom... Again...

  • Mariam hands out the scroll*

Oritel: What is it?
Mariam: It's what he tried to give you. It's the confession. I think we owe that young man an apology.

Scene: Mike and Vanessa's house

Stella: There's not even enough room here for a T-shirt.
Musa: All done. Next!
Mike: Uh, hey. Wait. Take a number.
Layla: A number?
Mike: Have you ever been to Italy on Earth before?
Flora: Should we just take a number to the bathroom? It was my idea.
Vanessa: Next groupy breakfast!
Tecna, Stella, Layla and Mike: Thanks.
Vanessa: Mike, you've just Unsure word.
Flora: This house is just way too small for us. It would be the best to make ourselves useful.

  • Musa collects the dishes. Flora vacuums the floor. Layla washes the dishes. Bloom and Tecna puts them back to the counters. Stella files her nails. Musa puts the dishes and glasses to her.*

Scene: Gardenia

  • Bloom and Stella go shopping*

Bloom: No powers, remember?
Stella: Aw, really?

  • Stella hires a group of men carry her bags*

Musa: What do you guys think is harder: saving the world or doing chores?
Flora: Actually, it's truly been quite refreshing. No powers, no help. Just relying on ourselves. I kinda like it.
Stella: Sweating, gasping for breath? Count me out.
Layla: But it was so nice to see the results of our labor.
Tecna: Sure. It was totally exhausting and our bodies took a bit of a toll, but in the end you feel a certain kind of gratification.
Stella: Hold on there a sec. Are you telling me that manual labor is fun?
Layla: It really is. You should try it sometime.
Flora: You really gain a lot through magic. But there're so many things you Unsure word.
Musa: What's wrong with Bloom?
Flora: I think she just needs a little "alone" time.

Scene: Mike and Vanessa's house

  • Door bell rings*

Mike: Yes!
Oritel: I... er... need to talk to Bloom.
Mike: Please, come on in.

Scene: Gardenia

  • Bloom's phone rings*

Bloom: Oh! Sky!
Sky: Bloom. My love.
Bloom: I missed you so much.
Sky: I'm sorry about what happened.
Bloom: No. Don't be. I should be the one apologizing for how my father reacted.
Sky: He was just trying to protect you. Will I... hold you again?
Bloom: It'll be a simple phone call.
Sky: Yeah! And it's less dangerous than horseback riding with you.
Bloom: You.
Sky: We always belong to each other.
Bloom: Yes.

  • Bloom and Sky kiss*

Sky: Bloom, I know what happened to the positive magic.
Bloom: What?
Sky: It's a long story. And it started with my father and the destruction of Sparks.
Bloom: Sparks?
Sky: Come to Eraklyon as soon as you can. Timmy will be coming with the out.
Bloom: Oh... okay... We gotta leave here, girls. There isn't much time.
Tecna: Leave? Where Unsure word?
Bloom: We're going to Eraklyon.
Stella: Urg. Here we go again!

Scene: Mike and Vanessa's house

Mike: Bloom's at the park with her girlfriends.
Oritel: Then I shall order my guards to bring her home because I have something to tell her.
Mike: I... er... don't think that's a great idea. You better go talk to her alone.
Mariam: Mike's right.
Oritel: Is this some kind of a plot? Three against one?
Mariam: Remember, Bloom's welfare is the only thing we care about. Nothing else matters.
Vanessa: I can quite put my finger on it, Oritel, that you've changed since last time I saw you.
Mariam: He has since he found out that being the father of an 18-year-old girl isn't easy.
Oritel: Wonderful! The enemies attacking me from within.
Mariam: You should listen to Mike. He and Vanessa raised Bloom. And whether you like it or not, they know her better than us.
Mike: It hasn't been easy for me, either, my friend. A kid grows up so quickly and just when you think you've got that figured out, they've grown some more.
Vanessa: Bloom told us about the... er... discussion.
Mike: Don't worry. Bloom has quite a temper, we know. But she loves you.
Vanessa: There is nothing parents and their kid can't resolve. They just need a little time.
Mariam: Time... Something we have never had.
Oritel: Bloom is our daughter. But you were the ones who raised her. I envy you.
Mike: If you wanna know what you've missed, get comfortable. If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, then a film can tell the story of a lifetime.

  • Mike plays the film. Flashback*

Vanessa: Okay. It's recorded. Come on, Bloom. You can do it. Good girl.

  • Bloom walks by herself and falls.*

Vanessa: Oh.

  • Bloom cries*

Vanessa: Oh... Don't cry. Say "Hi" to Daddy. Hi!

  • Scene changes*

Vanessa: Hi!
Mike: A little help here?
Vanessa: No.

  • Scene changes*

Bloom: Unsure line
Sky: Unsure line

  • The film ends*

Mike: Go and talk to her.
Bloom: Daddy, what are you doing here?
Mika & Oritel: I... er... I... was just talking you know...
Bloom: Not you *to Mike*. You *to Oritel*.
Oritel: I have to talk to you.
Bloom: If you are here to tell me to forget Sky again then forget it, because I'm going to see him now.

  • Bloom leaves*

Stella: Bye bye.

  • The Winx leave*

Oritel: No! Bloom! Wait! Don't go!
Mike: Let me give it a try. Bloom, wait!
Flora: C'mon Stella!
Bloom: Mike! I just came to say bye to you and Vanessa. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have lost my temper.
Mike: Shh. Don't worry. I know sometimes the relationship between parents and children can be difficult. It was hard for us to imagine what they're going through. Give them some time. It's not easy being a father. Trust me.
Bloom: Are you kidding? You've been a great father. I'm actually over that. We're about to deal with something much more important.
Mike: So... go and save the universe like always, right? And don't worry about your parents. I'll talk to him.
Timmy: Er... are we ready? *to Tecna* Thank goodness you don't have any more parents. Bloom's will be here all day.

  • They leave Gardenia before Bloon can notice*

Timmy: Eraklyon, here we come!

Scene: Tree of Life

Lysslis: That's impossible.
Tharma: Our power... It's not all here.
Lysslis: I can feel the presence... the presence of something that shouldn't exist. No! It can't be!
Tharma: The Tree of Goodness. How can it still be growing?
Lysslis: This tree is supposed to be dead! I understand this. There's still positive magic somewhere in this dimension.
Belladona: Destroy it, sister, or we'll never be able to rule the dimension. Crush it!
Lysslis: I saw it! On Eraklyon! It's on Eraklyon!
Belladona: Erendor! This is Erendor's doing. He still possesses the Ancient Hour.
Icy: Ancestral Witches.
Belladona: What it is? How dare you interrupt us?
Icy: Let us Trix handle Erendor.
Belladona: Yes. Why not?
Tharma: Then it is decided. Seek to it that Erendor returns our gift.
Belladona: Erendor is a King good for nothing. He better has not lost it!
Lysslis: Go find the Hourglass that we gave him and bring it back at once.

Scene: Eraklyon

Stella: How do you like the new clothing line I created?
Flora: It's beautiful, Stella.
Tecna: Alright, Timmy, you can look now.
Timmy: I couldn't even if I wanted to. I gotta land this thing.
Specialists: Woah!
Musa: Just in minutes. You miss us?
Helia: I missed you so much, Flora.
Layla: Oh Nabu, it seems like a lifetime we've been together.
Nabu: I guess we've been busy saving universe.
Sky: Bloom! Someone really missed you!

  • Bloom hugs Peg*

Sky: Er... that's not exactly what I meant.
Bloom: You mean the one who always makes me smile?
Bloom: Nice outfit!
Sky: It's perfect for our journey. We're going to head to the city of Havram, our capital city. I'll catch you as soon as we're on the gauge. This way everyone.
Layla: Let's go, Nabu.
Stella: Where are we going?
Sky: The city of Havram.
Stella: Are we gonna fly there?
Sky: You'll be surprised Unsure words.
Layla: We're so high up.
Bloom: Woah!

  • The ship appears*

Sky: I know you all have a lot of questions. Well, you get all the answers when we reach Havram. Havram is a dark city, dominated by the Ancestral witches' magic. It's corrupted and evil. All things living otherwise don't work according to our rules. Even the technology is Unsure word.
Tecna: So we can use the Unsure word to get there?
Timmy: Afraid not, cupcake. Here in Eraklyon, the Galleon is the only vehicle that doesn't use advance technology.

Scene: The ship

Musa: Oh creepy! The waves of dark magic seem to go forever. Not exactly what you call "a picnic".
Riven: Oh c'mon. It'd be fun! I've always love playing pirates.
Stella: Unsure line flying boat. I wish my yacht could fly.
Tecna: The Galleon may not have just the Unsure word but we'll have the wind behind us all the way.
Timmy: Can't ask for much more techno. But as you can see, all the tags rendered null and void. Hey guys, what's going on down there?
Tecna: No powers. No technology. I'm the most useless fairy.
Riven: Just a minute.
Nabu: We're almost ready down here.
Stella: This is awesome.
Nabu: Ready to go.
Brandon: Way Unsure word. Let's go!
Sky: Remember the crystal container I brought to Sparks? It holds the truth, the key to understanding everything. It reveals the past and shows us how to save the future. I read it below. It all started in Havram. It used to be the most stunning city on Eraklyon. Those ruins are the result of my father's dishonor. Eighteen years ago, the Ancestral witches tried to conquer the Magic Dimension. The Company of Light was formed to stop them. They were a group of powerful heroes and wizards led by your parents.
Bloom: I know that.
Sky: It was before the witches destroyed the kingdom, they found out that my father, Erendor, and your father had allied. My father was to protect Sparks until your parents returned. But the witches destroyed Havram just to show my father how powerful they were. They scared him to accepting Unsure word. They would spare all the other cities of Eraklyon if he would let them attack Sparks. For the sake of his kingdom, my father agreed.

  • Flashback*

Lysslis: Here. This Hourglass contains the pollen of the Tree of Life, the tree of Good and Evil.
Tharma: And it'll protect your planet from Unsure word dark energy.
Belladona: It will involve all the nearby kingdoms when we attack Sparks. Unsure line lucky Unsure word.
Sky: So my father watched Sparks collapsed. And he was playing the burden of guilt. Since then, the Ancestral witches' dark magic consumed after. Lost spirits roam freely through its rules.
Erendor: No! Leave me alone! I had no choice!
Sky: My father often returned to Havram, desperately seeking out answers. Until one day.

  • Erendor breaks the Hourglass*

Sky: The tree's pollen gave life to a new plant. And that's what we must find in Havram.
Bloom: So the Tree of Life's energy still lives within that plant!
Sky: My father only opposed our marriage to protect you. The son of a traitor doesn't deserve to marry a princess.
Bloom: Oh stop it! Your father was basically forced to make the decision. He suffers enough. Just leave it. Those Ancestral witches are the only ones to blame for it. If we save the Tree of Life, we can finally put an end to this all. I love you, Sky.
Riven: I refuse, too. Honeymoon is supposed to be after the wedding so let's get the show on the road and let's not turn it into a chick flick.
Musa: Riven, save the jokes for the comedians.
Brandon: We have no idea what to expect from the bishop but we do know that you girls could be in a lot more dangers without your powers.
Timmy: Riven will demonstrate the obstacle course we built for you girls to work out on. Ready? Go!
Musa: Go, Riven!
Timmy: You saved your record in sixteen seconds.
Tecna: And that record is gonna broken again.

  • Riven rolls the helm*

Timmy: Riven!
Tecna: Fourteen seconds! Now that's the record.
Brandon: Now let's see how well everyone else can give it.
Stella: Excuse me. I thought we were just enjoy the show!
Musa: Oh c'mon. It can't be any worse than Unsure word chores we have in Gardenia.
Flora: Maybe it's worse than chores, Musa.
Tecna: I don't get it. Unsure word distribution.
Stella: Help! Guys, get me down! I don't even know how I get up here.
Timmy: Er... maybe we should start with something simpler?
Sky: Ouch! Hey! Stop!
Timmy: Bloom! What's up?
Bloom: Helping Tecna. What? What's wrong?
Timmy: Unsure word illusion or I'm seeing double? Huh?
Timmy clone: You might need some new glasses.
Sky clone: Sorry. Didn't see you there.
Bloom: What's now?
Sky: They're evil twin holograms. We're close from Havram. This is the effect of the dark magic.
Layla: So, let's give them a taste what we learnt from our train.
Musa: Learn? Like how to bounce?

  • Layla kicks*

Nabu: Ouch. Yah, that was me. I can tell.
Layla: I'm sorry, honey.
Riven clone: C'mon.
Musa: Oh no!
Flora: What's now?
Helia: Unsure word, partners.
Bloom: Right behind you! And one.
Sky: And two.
Bloom: Three.
Sky: Four!
Bloom: Five.
Sky: And you are you.
Stella: There comes the time when every girl has to learn of some Unsure word.
Nabu: There's only one true Nabu!
Timmy: Yeah!
Bloom: They all are disappearing...
Stella: Way to go! We should Unsure word.
Tecna: But the weather becomes Unsure word, Stella!
Stella: Really?
Sky: Unsure line over there.
Bloom: Sky!
Sky: Unsure line hold on tight!
Brandon: Look! That's Havram!
Bloom: Unsure line main Unsure word.
Sky: What do we do now, Bloom?
Bloom: Pull!
Stella: Unsure line
Sky: Unsure line. Hold on tight.

Scene: Eraklyon Throne Room

  • The Trix appear*

Erendor: Who are you? What do you want?
Icy: Actually you should be asking who sent us.
Erendor: The Ancestral witches!
Icy: The witches want their Hourglass back! Where is it?
Erendor: I-I'll never tell you! You don't frighten me! Go play your game somewhere else!
Stormy: Is that a challenge?

  • The Trix attack Erendor*

Icy: Drop him.

  • Darcy releases Erendor*

Icy: You thought you could Unsure word us. You may have destroyed the Hourglass, but not the pollen. That pollen is the source of light so it can't die. Tell us! Where did you hide the Tree of Life's magic pollen?
Erendor: I'll never tell you!
Icy: Unsure line

Scene: Havram

Stella: Unsure line is not cool! Unsure word my hair.
Bloom: Is everyone alright?
Helia: We're all good. Just another day living the life.
Musa: Yeah! Us too. More or less.
Timmy: So... which way?
Sky: It's anyone's guess, but don't trust anything around here. Our best bet is to split up and cover more ground.
Musa: But isn't that dangerous?
Layla: Nothing glamorous Unsure word this place anymore.
Bloom: Alright. Let's go.
Brandon: Wait us!

  • Timmy goes upstairs*

Brandon: Sky, Havram is a really nice, hospitable place. Sky??? Bloom??? What happened to... Bloom??? Sky?
Stella: Bloom? Where are you?
Flora: This is ridiculous. I can't see further than my nose.
Stella: There they go!
Unsure voice: Hurry, before we lose Unsure word.

  • Peg goes by itself*

Musa: C'mon! Hurry.

Scene: Eraklyon Throne Room

Oritel: Erendor!
Erendor: Oritel! Watch it!
Oritel: Release him. NOW!
Erendor: It's a trap! The girls are on Havram. They need your help! Go!
Darcy: Unsure line
Oritel: Unsure line.
Stormy: Cursed!

Scene: Havram

Bloom: Is it me or I just feel like the walls are closing? You know...
Sky: We have to keep going until we find that tree.
Bloom: What about the others? You think they're OK?
Sky: They'll be okay. My father assured me.
Bloom: Let's look for them.
Sky: Trust me. Don't worry about them.
Bloom: It's Stella! C'mon Sky!

Scene: Building of Havram

Musa: What is this? Flora! Flora!
Flora: Oh my! What happened to Stella and Brandon?
Stella: Over here... This place makes my brain want Unsure word...
Brandon: Wait for us. We'll come to you!
Tecna: Hold on. Whenever figure this place out, let's try going back.
Brandon: Hurry up, Stella! Run!
Stella: Unsure line

Scene: Havram

Sky: Look like you were right!
Bloom: Stella!
Sky: Bloom! C'mon! Over here!
Bloom: Unsure line
Sky: Hurry. Almost out.
Bloom: Sky, wait!

  • Sky screams*

Bloom: Sky! Sky? SKY!

Scene: Building of Havram

Brandon: You guys okay?
Timmy: From the look of it? Yes.
Musa: I don't like the sound of that. Not one bit.
Riven: Come on. Let's get out of here.
Helia: What the...
Layla: Those things are the lost spirits. They're coming through the walls!
Stella: That's it! I knew this place will Unsure word!
Brandon: Stella, no! Let's get out of here!

Scene: Havram

  • Bloom falls. Sky grabs her hand*

Sky: Bloom!
Bloom: Sky. I-I saw you fall...
Sky: Shh... It's okay. It's okay. It's just an illusion... Hey! Look out!
Bloom: Sky?
Sky: I'm okay... but... the tree!
Bloom: What? I don't see anything.
Sky: I'm sure I saw it!
Bloom: There's just a huge crack in the ground over there...
Sky: It's an illusion. Close your eyes and run!
Bloom: I remember it! Don't be afraid, close your eyes and hang on!
Sky: Trust me!

  • Peg joins them*

Bloom: Peg!

Scene: Building of Havram

Stella: Now what?
Darcy: Oh... Poor little fairies got lost?
Unsure voice: Darcy! Stormy!
Darcy: We're gonna wipe you out once and for all.
Stormy: You don't stand a chance now that we're the ones with all the powers.
Darcy: Now say goodbye... Unsure line...
Oritel: I don't think so... You've still got a lot to learn, witches!
Tharma: Oritel.
Lysslis: Did you miss us?
Stella: Unsure line... again? Don't you belong to the museum somewhere?
Oritel: I should have known it was you all along. These girls couldn't pull that off...
Stormy: How dare you called us "girls"? Can a girl do this?

  • Stormy shoots lightnings and Oritel hits the lightnings off ground*

Riven: Awesome!
Oritel: You honestly thought that would work? I already defeated your Unsure word once!
Lysslis: I hope you enjoyed your vacation from our Unsure word. It's time I take it back!
Oritel: It's you my daughter Daphne is dead and my kingdom was destroyed. Now it's time I make you pay!
Darcy: Wall of Shadow!
Oritel: Come on!

  • Ice surrounds Oritel*

Oritel: Erendor!
Icy: Time's up, Oritel! Now it's your daughter's turn!
Belladona: Unsure word come to me!
Icy: But why? I'm so sorry. We'll have to Unsure word.

Scene: Havram

Sky: Had it girl!
Bloom: We made it! C'mon, Sky!
Sky: Bloom, be careful. I wouldn't be surprised if these were bottomless pits.
Bloom: Can you feel it, Sky? Good energy. It's alive inside of this sapling. The tree is overflowing with positive magic. It's calling to me. So small and so fractal.

  • A flash appears, Bloom and Sky dodge*

Icy: Are you thought you're gonna live happily ever after?
Bloom: Icy!
Sky: Father!
Icy: Surprise? Surprise, your Majesty? I'll let you get lead in here. He's been useful, but like old things, Unsure line.
Sky: NO!

  • Oritel catches Erendor*

Bloom: Alright!
Belladona: What a Unsure word. Unsure line.
Bloom: The Ancestral witches. They didn't die in Obsidian.
Belladona: Nice work, Icy. Your job is done! Now run alone so that we can enjoy our Unsure line.
Icy: Run alone? I stole the secret compass. I destroyed the Tree of Life. I found the sapling. So now I want my reward!
Belladona: Well, what do you have in mind?
Icy: I wand the seed when you fail! I want to put an end to this story forever!
Erendor: Let me go! I've already dragged you down!
Oritel: No!
Erendor: Oritel, please! You're risking your life for me and... and I...
Oritel: I know what you did. And I know you had no choice...
Erendor: Please! Don't make excuses for me!
Oritel: I'm not making excuses. I truly understand. In your shoes, I probably would have done the same.

  • Icy attacks Bloom and Sky. Bloom is hit*

Sky: Bloom!
Icy: Now you!

  • Sky is completely frozen. Peg attacks Icy but fails*

Icy: That was just an ice artifact. Take this!
Bloom: Peg! No!!!

  • Peg gets stuck. Icy continues attacking Bloom*

Belladona: Icy, wait! You're going to...

  • Icy hits the sapling*

Belladona: NOOOO!!!
Bloom: The tree...
Belladona: You stupid witch! Destroy the sapling will release all of the positive magic at once!

Scene: Building of Havram

Tharma: The tree!!!
Timmy: Tecna!
Stormy: Huh?
Tecna: What the...?
Flora: Our powers... They're back...
Unsure voice: The illusions are fading...

Scene: Havram

Layla: It's the pollen...
Tharma: What happened? Who freed the positive magic?

  • Peg and Sky are free*

Oritel: We're safe!
Sky: Father!
Erendor: I'm my old self again! I really am!
Bloom: Daddy.
Oritel: Bloom...
Bloom: What are you doing here?
Oritel: Well... I was just passing by when I thought I wonder what Bloom is up to.

  • Bloom giggles*

Oritel: Just trying to do my best, little one.
Stella: Um, guys? Does Peg suppose to be eating those leaves?
Bloom: Peg, stop it!

  • Peg transforms*

Bloom: Peg, you're gorgeous!
Belladona: You fool! You completely reversed the dark energy's dominance!
Icy: I thought to destroy the seedling would destroy the positive energy as well!
Tharma: Well, obviously not you, arrogant little brat!
Icy: One fairy didn't do. I can take her out with my eyes closed.
Lysslis: Well keep them closed, because you don't stand a chance against six!
Stella: Getting our powers back... almost better than jumping.
Winx: We're back, and we're better than ever!

  • Believix transformation*

Bloom: Dragon Fire!
Darcy: Lightning Strike! Shadow Vortex!
Stella: I'm not dim in the shadow. I like to shine!
Musa: Sonic Blast.
Belladona: You... you ruined everything!
Lysslis: Your punishment will be Unsure word.
Darcy: Stop! Unsure word!
Tharma: Get over here!

  • Super Trix "transformation"*

Super Trix: We are the Super Trix!
Sky: Girls, be careful!
Tharma-Stormy: What happen, fairies?
Belladona-Icy & Lysslis-Darcy: Come play with your new friends!
Riven: Watch it!
Tharma-Stormy: Is that all you got?
Belladona-Icy: Come on!

  • Belladona-Icy defeats Tecna, Flora and Bloom*

Belladona-Icy: Say goodbye, Winx!
Bloom: No...
Oritel: No!

  • Erendor gets hit*

Sky: Father!
Erendor: Sky, my son... I finally did what I didn't have the courage to do back then... Protect O...
Oritel: Erendor...
Erendor: Oritel... Your forgiveness is what has made this life... Unsure words.
Bloom: You've hit Unsure words. You destroy everything's good just for fun. But not anymore... Winx!
Oritel: I'm so sorry...
Sky: King Oritel, let's get rid of them for good!
Oritel: I'm going help the girls with the witches. You stick to the monsters.
Sky: Specialists!
Oritel: Peg, over here! You might have beaten the source Unsure word once. But not this time! Bloom, now!
Bloom: Winx! Convergence!
Layla: Oh no! That Unsure words was the last of the pollen's energy...
Flora: The positive magic is Unsure words again...
Musa: We fail... We couldn't protect the Tree of Life...
Bloom: Sky...
Oritel: Just... just maybe... there's still a chance... The pollen is all that's left... I collected some before the rest was blown away...
Stella: If the tree comes back to life, the magic will come back too!
Oritel: Even the most powerful magic may not release this pain.

  • Erendor is resurrected*

Sky: Father!
Erendor: Sky! Oritel! What the...
Sky: Thank you, King Oritel.
Tecna: What's that sound?
Bloom: The good magic! It... it's coming back!
Stella: How is this possible?
Erendor: Selflessness is the soul of good magic. Oritel, your action...
Oritel: And your sacrifice have restored the balance in magic!
Bloom: The magic. It's back!
Timmy: Hey... Come here, cupcake!
Bloom: Daddy!
Erendor: We did it! Together!
Oritel: I'm sorry that life pitted against one another.
Erendor: Yes. But we showed destiny a thing or two.
Oritel: Kids. Sky, I owe you an apology.
Sky: King Oritel...
Bloom: Daddy, you don't have to...
Oritel: Please, let me finish. Sky, forgive me for doubting your courage. There's no one better for my daughter in the entire Magic Dimension. And Bloom, I'm so proud of both of you...

  • Bloom and Sky kiss. Peg licks Oritel and Erendor*

Oritel: Come here, Peg.
Bloom: Now we can go back home. Last one to the Galleon does double chores!
Sky: No fair. We don't have wings.
Bloom: There's no way I'm doing more chores. Come on! Unsure words.

Scene: The ship

Tecna: Keep your eyes on the road.
Bloom: Daddy...

Scene: End Credits

Winx: Bye...
Stella: Tadaa--!

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