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Winx Club: The Complete Original Season 1 is the DVD release for Winx Club (available in the United States and Canada only). The disc was released on March 25, 2014, and it features the full complete Season 1 Cinélume dub.


One ordinary day turns into a wild roller-coaster ride for Bloom, a seemingly normal girl, when she learns she has fairy powers! Transported to the dimension of Magix and the College of Alfea, a school for aspiring fairies, Bloom meets Stella, Flora, Layla, Musa and Tecna. The six fairies become best friends and use their magical powers to triumph over evil. Together they re strong, smart and heroic, using their skills to save the world.

Watch as the Winx Club fights villains in all 26 episodes of the COMPLETE ORIGINAL SEASON 1!

Special Features:
8-Page Fairy Identity Booklet

Featured Episodes


  1. An Unexpected Event
  2. Welcome to Magix!
  3. Alfea College for Fairies
  4. The Black-Mud Swamp
  5. Date with Disaster
  6. Mission at Cloudtower
  7. Friends in Need


  1. A Friendship Sundered
  2. Betrayed!
  3. Bloom Tested
  4. The Monster and the Willow
  5. Miss Magix
  6. A Great Secret Revealed


  1. Bloom's Dark Secret
  2. Honor above All
  3. Cold Spell
  4. Secrets Within Secrets
  5. The Font of Dragon Fire
  6. The Fall of Magix
  7. Mission to Domino


  1. The Crown of Dreams
  2. Storming Cloudtower
  3. Power Play
  4. The Witches' Siege
  5. The Ultimate Challenge
  6. The Witches' Downfall

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