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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom


Bartelby: *Narrates.* In our lives, we all face great challenges. It is through these tests, that our true selves are revealed. Who are our real friends? Who should we trust? Who believes in us? This is the story of a strong-willed fairy, who set out to answer these most difficult of questions. And encounter the biggest adventure of her life. And the greatest evil that has ever been known.

  • Opening credits.*

Scene: Hagen's Castle

  • Stormy night. The camera shows Winx walking to the Hagen's Castle in the raincoats.*

Bloom: This is Hagen's Castle. Everyone, keep an eye out. We don't know what's waiting for us in there.

  • Camera shows a view of the castle. Mechanical, bird-like, creature spots the Winx and flies on top of the Castle to inform Hagen. Winx on the meantime take an elevator inside. Soon afterward Winx get through the Castle's windows inside.*

Stella: No welcome party? Well, that's just downright rude. Yoohoo! Anybody home?!

  • A lot of mechanical robots are awakening.*

Stella: Aha! Now that's more like it.
Bloom: Time to transform. Winx, Enchantix!

  • Winx drop their raincoats. Enchantix Transformation starts.*

Stella: Stella, Fairy of the Shining Sun!
Flora: Flora, Fairy of Nature!
Musa: Musa, Fairy of Music!
Tecna: Tecna, Fairy of Technology!
Aisha: Aisha, Fairy of Waves!
Bloom: Bloom, Fairy of the Dragon Flame!

  • Enchantix Transformation sequence ends.*

Tecna: Magnetic Storm!

  • Casts a spell that annihilates two robots.*

Stella: Sea of Light!

  • Launches a sphere that explodes with light destroying six robots. Meanwhile, over ones are attacking Aisha but she manages to repel their attacks with barriers made from Morphix, then parries another two strikes with Morphix Staff and destroys attackers as well. In the same time Flora, Musa and Bloom trying to get rid of the others.*

Bloom: These guys are no joke. I say it's time to turn up the heat!
Aisha: Go for it, Bloom. We'll cover you.

  • Starts channeling. Flames start spiraling around her.*

Flora: This is starting to get interesting.

  • Casts a spell that traps some other robots, while Aisha destroys another robot. Three of the robots manage to free themselves from Flora's plants grasp and throw their weapons into Aisha. Musa reacts immediately.

Musa: Sonic Shield!

  • Deflects two of the weapons.*

Aisha: Musa, look out!

  • Pushes Musa away thus taking attack herself.*

Bloom: Aisha!
Stella: These butterheads are tougher than we thought. And uglier, too!
Flora: This should slow them down. Magic Winding Ivy!

  • Summons vines that root every one of the robots.*

Bloom: Don't move. Are you hurt?
Aisha: It hurts, but I think I'm okay. I'll be fine. *Gasps as some of the robots break the vines.
Flora: Oh! Oh no, the vines! They're making me so weak!

  • Falls down in pain.*

Stella: Flora! Are you okay?
Flora: Yes, but my power... it's fading.

  • Falls down again as another one of her plants is broken.

Tecna: Scanning now. Their control unit is behind that wall.

  • Points at the exact wall.*

Flora: Those vines! They'll never get me!
Bloom: Winx, get ready! Full Dragon Energy!

  • Summons devastating firestorm melting a lot of hostile robots. Then flies to the wall that Tecna located.

Bloom: Fusion Fire!

  • Melts the wall gets into the control room. Then destroys all machinery there with another firestorm. Meanwhile Musa and Flora trying to protect themselves as all robots malfunction and fall down.*

Musa: Nice moves, Bloom. An entire army of evil robots turned to scrap metal in less than two minutes. Sweet.
Bloom: That's what I call - teamwork.
Flora: Well, girls. We do work well together.
Aisha: I won't work with anyone else.
Tecna: We are not clear yet, Winx. I've detected another presence nearby. It's coming at us!
Bloom: Must be Hagen Swordsmith. I know he's here.

  • Sometime later Winx get through the door into one of the castle halls.*

Bloom: Hagen! Master of the Shining Steel! Are you in here? Stella, can you give us a little light?
Stella: Sure thing, you know how much I like to sparkle.

  • Lights up an area. Hagen slams the ground with a sword causing small quake.*

Flora: Oh!
Musa: What was that?
Bloom: Hey, what's going o...

  • Turns around as Hagen puts a blade to her throat.*

Bloom: You're Hagen from the Company of Light.
Hagen: The Company of Light doesn't exist anymore. Take another step and neither will you.

  • Camera briefly shifts to the place that Faragonda teleports in outside of Hagen's castle.*

Faragonda: Oh, I finally found them. Oh! Good heavens! I just hope I'm not too late.

  • Teleports again.*

Hagen: You and your friends have invaded my fortress and destroyed my guards, but you won't be so lucky against me.

  • Pulls sword away as Faragonda reappears in-between them.*

Faragonda: Hagen! Would you please put that away? It's very sharp.
Stella: Miss Faragonda!
Hagen: I can't believe my eyes! Faragonda, is it really you?
Faragonda: My dear Hagen, it's been ages.
Hagen: Centuries, Faragonda, since a mighty Company of Light disbanded. And who are they?
Faragonda: Very... special fairies and they've been searching for you for a long time, Hagen. Now lower your sword in the presence of Bloom, the last surviving princess of Domino.
Hagen: *Surprised.* Oritel and Marion's daughter?

  • Drops his sword.*

Hagen: She's alive? I... I thought she was...
Faragonda: No, my old friend. Our dear Bloom was rescued. She was adopted by a lovely Earth couple and grow up there. Now she's coming back here to find her birth parents, but we can explain later. For now, I want you to finally accept the invitation you've been avoiding for all these long dark years.
Hagen: Hm, fine, Faragonda. I won't argue with the beautiful adversary.

  • Winx giggle.*

Faragonda: Then come with me to Alfea.

Scene: Faragonda's Office

  • Camera shows Alfea Outskirts, then zooms into Faragonda's Office.*

Faragonda: Hagen, welcome to the Alfea Colledge for Fairies.
Hagen: Fairies? Hm-hm-hm. Is everything always so happy and festive around here or is today special? Hm?
Faragonda: It's the Day of the Gift, Hagen. Today some our students will graduate and leave Alfea. Their journey ends with this ceremony, but Bloom's journey is just beginning.
Bloom: That's why I need to talk to you, master Hagen. Mhm, I know my parents, my birth parents, are lost or trapped somewhere in the magic dimension. I have to save them. You're the only one who can help me!
Hagen: Don't expect too much from me, young lady. You'll end up disappointed.
Faragonda: Bloom studied the story of the Sword. She knows...

  • Bloom opens the book.*

Bloom: The sword of King Oritel, my father.
Hagen: Ah, the Sword, of course.
Bloom: A magical blade that no force in the universe can separate from its rightful owner.
Hagen: It is completely indestructible and will last for all eternity. It is my finest work. That's what the book says.
Bloom: Because you made it, I know you can sense the Sword's presence wherever it is. And if I can find that sword I'll find my father.
Hagen: Oh, Bloom, I have made a thousand swords in my life *Flashback*, but for your father, I created the strongest one of them all.*Flashback ends.* A thing of beauty, but strong enough to bring him and all of us true victory. We were the most powerful warrior-wizards our world have ever seen, united against the evil Ancestral Witches. We fought them all until the final bitter end, but instead of ultimate triumph we paid the ultimate fatal price. I was fighting next to them this dreadful day. It was the three Ancestral Witches final battle against King Oritel and Queen Marion. They have vanished along with the Witches into the great vortex of evil power, and there was nothing I could do. Even the strongest sword ever created wasn't going to save them. And since that day I've never stopped searching for them. Every single day of my life I've tried to sense the power of that sword to find my best friends - your mother and your father. And I have found nothing.
Bloom: But the magic dimension is so huge! You have to keep looking!
Hagen: Bloom... ah. I know what you believe in your heart, but you have to face reality. I'm sorry, Bloom.
Bloom: No! No!

  • Runs away bursting into tears.*

Hagen: Oh. This is not easy for me.

  • Slams the book. Faragonda gasps.*
  • Scene shifts to the corridors. Winx hanging around in the corridors as Bloom crying run pass them.*

Tecna: Look!
Aisha: Hey!
Flora and Musa: *Together.* Oh!
Stella: Bloom! Tell us what happened!
Faragonda: Stella, you are great friend to Bloom, but right now she needs time to be alone. So, come on, ladies. The ceremony is about to begin.

Scene: Alfea Yard

Faragonda: *At the background.* After three years of hard work and more than a few surprises along the way your time at the Alfea college for fairies is coming to a close and now with all your closest friends we will celebrate the day of the gift.

  • Scene shows Alfea's Yard. Kodatorta with Specialists (except Sky) coming through te front gates of Alfea. Girls here notice them and start flirting with them as they pass by. After that camera shifts to Faragonda, Griffin, Saladin, and other teachers at Alfea.*

Faragonda: It is time for our proud graduates to officially become Guardian Fairies. They will now achieve ultimate harmony.

  • Other fairies are clapping.*

Griselda: Step forward, graduates!

  • Winx (except Bloom) step forward. The camera moves upwards to the roofs of Alfea. Bloom is sitting there alone watching. Kiko tries to cheer her up.*

Bloom: Hi, Kiko. I don't feel very silly.

  • Small kitten appears on her leg.*

Bloom: Hi, little kitty! Sorry, I just not in the mood to play right now, but don't worry it's not your fault. It's just I feel like all the colors have gone out of the world. *Laughs.* You're so sweet! What's your name? Do you have one? Purr? Purr. *Kiko pushes him a bit trying to get to Bloom's leg as well.* Yeah. Purr, that's what will call you.

  • Scene shifts back to the Winx.*

Faragonda: These pretty little jewelry boxes contain the power of harmony. This is the final gift for each graduating fairy.

  • Wizgiz starts giving them these boxes.*

Flora: *As she receives her gift.* Wow!
Tecna: *As she receives her gift.* Thanks!
Faragonda: Open this boxes now.
Wizgiz: For you.
Faragonda: And prepare to become one with the magic dimension.

  • All boxes open up. Graduating diplomas fly out of them. Suddenly, the beam of light descends on them.*

Winx: Oh! This is crazy. Oh! Stars! What's happening?

  • All of them levitate upwards.*

Brandon: Timmy, look other there. *Points at Riven staring at Musa.* Check it out.

  • Both laugh as Riven gets embarrassed.*

Flora: The plants, the trees I hear all their voices! I can understand everything they saying and feeling.
Faragonda: That, dear Flora, is the difference between a fairy who uses flower magic and being the Fairy of Nature.
Tecna: I feel connected to every form of technology everywhere! It's amazing!
Musa: I can hear all the music in the world even the secret song in every person's heart! And I can sing it!
Stella: The light of the sun, the moon, and the stars shining inside me. And I feel I can light up the whole world!
Aisha: I feel connected to all water on the globe every drop from the tiniest puddle to the deepest ocean!

  • Beam of light disappears. Winx slowly land down on the ground.*

Faragonda: Congratulations, graduates. Your formal fairy education is now complete. Beginning today, your worlds all have brand new Guardian Fairies. You.
Winx: We did it! Yes! Hooray! We really did!

  • Scene shifts back to Bloom.*

Bloom: Winx. You're the best.

  • Suddenly, Sky flys past her. She turns around.*

Sky: There you are, Bloom! I've been looking all over for you! Hey, you look sad... oh, that's better. I love seeing you smile.
Bloom: Sky. My sweet prince. *Steps onto his hoverboard and hugs him.* It's been so long, I'm so happy to see you.

Scene: Winx's Dorm

Tecna: If we don't move we'll going to be late for graduation ball.
Stella: Is my dress too long? I love Brandon to notice my new shoes. See?
Tecna: Once Brandon sees that dress, the probability he'll even look at your feet is zero.
Griselda: Ladies, I normally wouldn't allow this sort of thing, but since today is such a special day.

  • Steps aside.*

Brandon: Knock-knock! Are there any Guardian Fairies in the house?
Stella: Brandon! You're here!

  • Hugs him.*

Helia: You look fantastic, Flora!
Flora: You're so sweet, thank you.
Helia: I thought about bringing you a flower, but there is no flower as beautiful as you.
Timmy: Really? Is it true? You're linked to every computer, to every electronic device in the world?
Tecna: Yes I am! And I am one hundred percent wireless. *Laughs.*
Musa: Hey, don't play dumb, Riven, I saw you watching me all through the ceremony.

  • Chuckles as Riven gets embarrassed by that.*

Riven: I wasn't watching you, Musa. I was trying to look into my so called friends!
Musa: Riven, why you're acting so crabby today, mhm?

Scene: Alfea Corridors

Bloom: I can't believe it's graduation. Our time here was so amazing. But, I guess, it's all over now.
Sky: School's over, but our lives are just getting started. Hey, is that what's bugging you? Are you scared that you won't live up to everyone's hopes?
Bloom: Wow, you really do get me, Sky, don't you?
Sky: Well, I know all about it.
Bloom: About what?
Sky: Other people and their expectations, but I believe in you and I know you'll succeed beyond what anyone can imagine. Hey, better get ready. It's almost party time!

Scene: Alfea Yard

  • Camera shows Winx on top of their balcony. Bloom and Sky are passing by.

Flora: Look! Down there! It's Bloom and Sky!
Aisha: We caught you guys red-handed!
Flora: Wo-ho! Lovebirds!

  • Girls giggle. Camera then shifts to Bloom and Sky.*

Bloom: They all became Guardian Fairies and I didn't.
Sky: So what? You're Bloom! Everyone knows you're the strongest fairy at Alfea.
Bloom: "Protect your homeworld and your people" that's a real Guardian Fairy. But I have no people to protect because my homeworld was totally destroyed. Since the planet of Domino was gone... I'm just the princess... without a kingdom. If only I could found my parents then I woulda reached harmony too. And become a true guardian fairy.

  • Hugs him.*

Bloom: Oh, Sky, I had my chance and I... I blew it.
Sky: The Bloom I know would never ever gave up like that. Help! Some stranger's taken over the one I love! Forget what Hagen said, you can't give up! You have to believe in yourself. What you feel in your heart will always be right. And don't forget, I'm your number one fan. I know you're capable of anything, Bloom.

  • Asks her to dance, she agrees.*

Sky: And there's something else I need to tell you, Bloom. I'm really not supposed to say, but I want you to know. Oh-ow!

  • Flying vehicle approaches them. Sky's guardian shows up.*

Sky's guardian: I have orders to follow, Sky. I'm not leaving here without you.
Sky: Hey, just five minutes, alright?
Sky's guardian: How's ten seconds.
Bloom: Sky? What... what's going on? Who is that girl?
Sky: Bloom... look... look, I explain everything you as soon as I can, I promise. Bloom don't worry. Trust me, everything is fine, but I really have to go.
Bloom: Sky...
Sky: You just need to trust me. I'll be back soon then I won't ever leave you again.
Bloom: But you're leaving me now!
Sky's guardian: It's getting late.

  • Sky gets on his hoverboard.*

Sky: I'll see you soon, Bloom. And don't worry about the thing!

  • Bloom sadly gasps as door of the vehicle is closing and it is flying away.*

Scene: Winx's Dorm

  • Bloom gets into the room. Girls were laughing, but immediately stop when she gets in.*

Flora: Bloom, finally, where were you?
Bloom: Hi, I was just...
Aisha: You're ok?
Bloom: I've been better.
Musa: Come on!

  • Everyone hugs Bloom to cheer her up.*

Bloom: How was the party?
Stella: Are you talking about that snooze fest on the quad? Bloom, you know it's not the party without you.
Flora: Listen, Winx, tonight is the last night we all be together at Alfea.
Musa: Flora's right. We can't waste all night just sleeping.
Stella: Oh, yeah! You know what? I save we have good ol' fashion pillow party!
Bloom: Don't you mean old fashion pajama party?

  • All of them stare at her.*

Bloom: Hey! Why you guys looking at me like that?

  • Girls pull their pillows. Bloom gasps trying to protect herself from pillows thrown at her. Camera zooms out of the room showing the fight between them.*
  • Sometime later. Everyone but Stella is sitting while she dances with Kiko.*

Stella: *Laughs.* Did you see Brandon and I dancing tonight? We were just like a king and a queen.

  • Stella slips and falls dropping Kiko.*

Musa: Stella you were so silly!

  • Everyone laughs, Kiko lands on Bloom's knees.*
  • Sometime later.*

Flora: I'm serious, guys, I gotta pack.
Bloom: Are you going back to Linphea?
Flora: Yeah. But I can't believe I'm going back as the new Fairy of Nature!
Musa: Don't worry. It will be just like before with the few extra responsibilities. Protecting the whole planet, and it's people and their happiness. Really it's no big deal.
Stella: It's like I always say - "With great power comes great popularity!"
Flora: So, how about you, Bloom? Are you going to head back to Gardenia?
Bloom: Yeah, my Earth parents are waiting for me. I guess I'll help mom at the flower shop for a while. Then, well, who knows.
Flora: You're lucky to have such great parents.
Tecna: We all have big changes coming, guys.
Stella: But nothing is going to change between the Winx!
Bloom: No matter what, we always gonna be best friends.
Musa: Best friends forever.
Stella: Yeah. Forever and ever.
Winx: *Together.* Winx Club forever!

  • Next day. Bloom is sitting on her bed for the last time while Perr and Kiko are still sleeping.*

Bloom: Goodbye, Alfea.

  • Sometime later Bloom gets out to the yard to depart from Alfea. She sighs as the rain starts when she just about to leave.*

Scene: Bloom's Home

  • Just outside of Bloom's home. Bloom rings the bell, her parents open the door and greet her.*

Bloom: Mum!

  • Hugs Mike. Suddenly, Perr appears out of nowhere causing Mike to sneeze. Bloom and Vanessa laugh.*
  • Sometime later Bloom and Vanessa wash the dishes. Bloom's telling Vanessa a story.*

Bloom: All went to Magix City to eat some pizza, but then the Trix came out of nowhere and...

  • One of the plates slips from her hands and brakes apart. She quickly summons another one but with omelet that looks like a smiley face. Vanessa chuckles.*
  • Scene shifts to a train. Bloom tries to call Sky, but he doesn't answer.*

Scene: Vanessa's Flower Shop

  • Vanessa is busy with a customer, Bloom is arranging the flowers. Customer's daughter stares at Kiko levitating just in front of her.*

Girl: Oh! Mommy! Mommy!

  • The customer turns around but sees only Kiko laying on the ground sleeping. Bloom chuckles.*

Scene: Bloom's Home

  • Bloom is observing old photos. She tries to call Sky, but once again didn't get an answer.*
  • Winter has come. Scene shows her playing in a snow with Kiko and Perr.*
  • A bit later. Bloom is sitting outside on the stairs, while Mike and Vanessa behind the window talking.*

Mike: Oh, look, Vanessa, she hasn't seemed like herself since she's being back!
Vanessa: I know, Gardenia is too small for her now. This isn't her life anymore.
Mike: I just want for her to be happy again.
Vanessa: So do I, Mike. Our daughter deserves to be happy. We have to do something for her.

Scene: Bloom's bedroom

Vanessa: Sleep tight, darling Bloom, tomorrow will be a good day I promise.

  • Bloom is sleeping. Camera shows her dream.*

Scene: Bloom's dream

Bloom: Ah! Ow. Ha?

  • Winx appear in front of her. As she approaches them they disappear.*

Bloom: No, Stella! Flora, *Flora disappears as well.* no, wait! Where did you all go? Sky!

  • Sky appears behind her.*

Bloom: Please!

  • Sky vanishes too.*

Bloom: Don't you leave me too! I don't want to be alone.

  • Falls down.*

Marion: Bloom!
Oritel: Bloom!
Bloom: Marion? Oritel?
Marion: Bloom!
Oritel: Bloom!

  • She tries to get to them, but Ancestral Witches block her path and laugh.*

Bloom: No, please!

  • Dream shifts to Daphne carrying Bloom as an infant.*

Daphne: Little, Bloom, at least, you'll be safe now.

  • Ancestral Witches approach her and laugh.*

Daphne: You will never get the power of the Dragon's Flame.

  • Scene shifts back to Bloom.*

Daphne: You'll never be alone, Bloom.
Bloom: Ha? Daphne?
Daphne: Because you always have our love. You always have me. Listen to me, little sister. You must continue searching you know it in your heart. Our parents are still alive and now they closer than ever I need to speak with you, Bloom. Come to Lake Roccaluce. Come to me.

  • Within the same dream. Bloom is at the Lake Roccaluce.*

Bloom: Daphne? Daphne, where are you? Oh!

  • Tries to shut out the light that Daphne radiates.*

Daphne: Bloom, my dear sweet sister. I'm so happy to see your face again.
Bloom: Dahne... oh, I missed you. It is been soo long.
Daphne: Bloom, thing are about to get very very dangerous for you. I just wanna make sure that you're ready.
Bloom: Daphne, you sacrificed yourself to save me. With your help, I'm ready for everything.
Daphne: Listen carefully. Our father had something called the Book of Fate. Its pages contain every chapter of our family's history.
Bloom: So, if our parents are alive...
Daphne: The book will tell you.
Bloom: Wait, why haven't you told me about the book before?
Daphne: I thought the Ancestral Witches destroyed it when they attacked Domino, but our father had hidden all our magical books in secret library high on the Mountain of the Roc where he knew they would stay safe.
Bloom: Then I will go to Domino and find that book. Nothing can stop me.
Daphne: Bloom, wait, there is just one more thing. It's my mask. I want you to have it. When you wear this mask you'll be looking through my eyes. You'll see Domino as I remember it and it will help you find your way.

  • The mask gets absorbed by the Bloom's necklace.*

Daphne: The mask will guide you to the Mountain of Roc that's where you find the secret library.

  • Daphne starts to vanish.*

Bloom: Wait! Daphne!
Daphne: My powers getting weak. I must return to the bottom of the Lake to rest.
Bloom: Daphne!

  • Hugs her.*

Bloom: Please don't leave.
Daphne: Bloom, this is not goodbye. Remember, I'm always by your side. You're never truly alone.

  • Vanishes.*

Daphne: Ever.
Bloom: And we'll be a family again. Some day.

  • Dream ends. Screen fades to black.*

Scene: Bloom's Home

  • Bloom wakes up.*

Bloom: Ah, Daphne. *Looks at her necklace.* Thank you, Daphne. I just know I can do this.

  • Soon after that Bloom runs down the stairs to the living room.*

Bloom: Mum, dad, the most amazing thing just happened.
Vanessa: And another amazing thing is about to happened now!
Winx and Specialists: *Together.* Surprise! Happy Birthday!
Vanessa: Don't tell me you forgot your own Birthday, Bloom.
Bloom: Oh, mom! This is the most beautiful surprise party that... I... well... thank you.
Stella: Well, you know if there is a party Stella gonna be first in and last out.
Flora: It was all your mom's idea.
Stella: But we handled the details. And for the gift, I must say you are the though fairy to shot for.
Bloom: Oh, you guys. *Laughs.* You are the greatest. Seeing all of you again is the best present.
Flora: Are you really sure about that? *Giggles.*
Stella: Nevermind, Sky, you can go home.
Bloom: Sky?

  • Sky is right behind her. She turns around and hugs him.*

Sky: Here I am Bloom. Just like I promised.
Bloom: Where have you been? I called you two thousand times! And your phone is always off ever since that night.
Sky: Ever since that night I've been on an intense journey, Bloom, but every single day I thought about you and...

  • They almost start kissing, but Musa interrupts that.*

Musa: Khm, Bloom, what's the amazing thing that just happened to you?
Riven: Yeah, Bloom what's going on?
Bloom: Daphne came to me in the dream. My parents are alive! She told me there is the secret library on Domino. My search isn't over.
Stella: Then go for it, Bloom. You know we've got your back.
Bloom: "Always believe in yourself and trust what's in your heart." That's what you always told me. And I do believe.

  • Opens up her necklace that starts radiating a lot of light. Scene shows Oritel and his Sword in Obsidian, the Sword starts glowing.*

Flora: It's so beautiful.
Tecna: Look at this necklace.

  • Perr appears around Mike once again causing him to sneeze.*

Sky: Bad allergies. Ha, Mike?
Mike: I am allergic to cats.


  • Small ball of light travels to the Oritel's Sword through the darkness of Obsidian.*

Tharma: A Sword awakens! I feel the power of Domino!
Lysslis: Oh, its light is hot, it burns us! It burns!
Belladona: I can't believe this something or someone is awakening Domino. But who?
Lysslis: We destroyed that planet, it's inhabitants and it's king! No one has access to that power anymore.
Tharma: We must destroy that wretched sword. Only then will the power of Domino be truly obliterated from the Magical Dimension.
Lysslis: But how? The tiniest touch almost destroyed us and killed every warrior who tried to get near it.
Mandragora: My mistresses! Mandragora is at your command. If you transfer the power of dark energy to me I will leave this cold prison of the Obsidian Circle and seek out the source of all your pain.
Lysslis: So be it. Eternal Darkness!
Tharma: Unchained Lighting!
Belladona: Bottomless Ice!

  • Ancestral witches empower Mandragora.*

Mandragora: Oh! I feel your power flowing through my veins! I'll go find the last flame of Domino! And when I do I'll snap it out with my own two hands.

  • Laughs. Screen fades to black.*

Scene:Domino's Orbit

Timmy: *At the background.* This is your pilot. We now entering the magnetic sphere of planet Domino so you may experience some minor turbulence. Buckle up.

Scene: Domino

  • Ship landed. Everyone, but Bloom and Sky, look dizzy.*

Riven: Wow, that turbulence was not minor.
Brandon: I just glad we buckled up.
Stella: You said it.
Sky: Bloom, listen to me. About that talk we're having back in your house. I know you've been looking for me all these months wondering where I was and...

  • Bloom recalls Sky's guardian, but quickly forgets that.*

Bloom: I've been waiting for you for four months. I can wait a few more hours. Right now we have a mission and I need to stay focused.
Sky: Are you saying you don't even want to know?
Bloom: I can wait. I trust you.
Tecna: Let's get moving. I'm trying to get a read but my handheld is frozen!
Aisha: Can you believe that this was once the most beautiful planet of the Magic Dimension?
Brandon: Yeah, before it was destroyed by these Ancestral Witches.
Musa: And now there's not even a trace of what used to be here. Or who.
Flora: No signs of life.
Bloom: Daphne's Mask can help us.

  • Summons the Mask. It attaches to her face.*

Bloom: Daphne was right! I can see Domino like it was. Wow! It's so beautiful.

  • Tecna things that Bloom's crazy.*

Bloom: Follow me!
Tecna: Ah, Bloom, are you sure that's the right way?
Bloom: It's sounds crazy, but this Mask's showing me the way!
Stella: Is that Daphne's Mask?
Bloom: Yeah, she gave it to me in a dream to help guide us.
Tecna: Well then, let's get going. With this terrain, we better use the motorbikes. Cool?

  • Specialists and Winx get their motorbikes.*

Riven: Are you actually trying to pass me, Sky? Do you want me to humiliate you in front of your girlfriend?
Sky: You were going so slowly I thought you fall asleep.
Riven: Oh, yeah? Then we'll see you at the finish line, though guy. In a few hours!

  • Musa and Bloom sitting on the back of the bikes gasp as guys are speeding up. Suddenly, Tecna stops them.*

Tecna: Ok, two things. First, boys you could just stop acting like little children? Second, Bloom is that not the mountain of the Roc?
Bloom: Yes, that's it. I knew we'll find it.
Aisha: Winx, do you see what I see?
Tecna: Bloom, the story say your father protected the library by building it on a hungry bird called Roc. The problem is, no one really sure it exists, but I think it does and I think that mountain is actually its nest.
Bloom: Then that is exactly where we have to go.
Sky: Se better split up.
Helia: You guys start looking for the book. And we'll handle the bird.
Timmy: Got it. We on it! Time for the little mountain climbing.

Scene: Roc

  • Specialists are climbing the Roc.*

Sky: Stay, alert guys.

  • Scene briethly shifts to Winx.*

Musa: Do you think we should help them?
Flora: Relax, that rope they're climbing is actually vine that stronger than steel.

  • Back to the Specialists.*

Riven: Pick up the pace, Sky. I don't wanna hang around here all day.
Helia: Why don't you talk a little louder. I don't think that bird over there heard you.
Riven: Who asked you, Helia?
Timmy: I didn't think that was possible, but Riven seems even grumpier than usual.
Riven: The bird won't even notice us. We too small to make a snack for.

  • As he says that Roc does notice them. Scene moves to the girls.*

Musa: Oh, no! Riven!
Flora: Helia!
Aisha: Hey! Calm down!
Bloom: Aisha's right, just as long as it doesn't... *Everyone gasps as Roc takes off.* take off!

  • Scene shifts back to Specialists.*

Brandon: Relax, guys. Just think of it as a free ride.
Timmy: Yeah, that really doesn't help me.

  • Back to the Winx.*

Stella: No! Brandon! Be careful out there! Winx we have to transform and chase after that big ugly...
Bloom: Stella, no! That thing is way too fast for us. If we want to save the boys we've only got one option.
Aisha: What's that, Bloom?
Bloom: Back to the ship. But hurry, we have to get their fast.

  • Girls get to the motorbikes and drive to the ship. Scene shifts to Specialists.*

Timmy: Help! Help!
Brandon: Hold on, Timmy. Grab my hand!
Timmy: I can't reach it!
Brandon: Try again! The vine starting to break! *As he says that vine breaks.* Oh no!
Timmy: Ah!

  • One of the other vines grabs him.*

Riven: That was the close one.
Sky: Hey, what's that?

Scene:Specialists' Aircraft

Flora: Amzing! The vine heard my thoughts! We saved Timmy.
Tecna: Now we just going to have to steer this thing into the right spot.
Stella: Buttons, lights, knobs. Oh, I am not fun of Technology. Give me my ol' wings and I'm set.
Bloom: We never woulda reached them with our wings, Stella. Now we have to calm down that bird.
Aisha: That's not gonna be easy. It's angry.
Flora: No it's not angry, it's just scared.
Stella: You saying that oversized turkey just needs a little lullaby?
Flora: Musa? Do you think you can use your powers to calm it down?
Musa: I can try.

  • She uses her powers, but they have no effect.*

Musa: It's not working! We too far away! Can we get any closer?
Bloom: Sure we can. Hold on! Fury of the Dragon!

  • Boosts the speed of the aircraft.*

Tecna: Come on!

  • Scene briefly shifts to Specialists.*

Helia: Hey there's a friendly face!

  • Back to the aircraft.*

Flora: We're getting closer.
Musa: Almost there! Get a little closer. Yes! I'll try again! I just have to...

  • Girls gasp as Roc slaps the ship with his wing. The aircraft starts diving.*

Bloom: Tecna!

  • Camera shifts to the Specialists.*

Specialists: No!
Helia: Flora!
Sky: Bloom!

  • Back to the ship.*

Tecna: Aw! Aw, my head. Oh, no!
Bloom: Tecna! The mountain!
Tecna: I see it. Pretty hard to miss.
Aisha: Do something! Turn!
Bloom: Hurry!

  • Tecna uses her powers to manual remote control the ship and pull it up.*

Bloom and Aisha: *Together.* Wow!

  • Camera moves to the Specialists. Their ship is pulling up in the background.*

Sky: Yes! They made it!
Helia: Did you hear that, Riven? They all safe so you can stop worrying about them!
Riven: Who's worried? I just hanging aro-o-o-o-o-ound!

  • Scene shifts back to the ship.*

Aisha: Let's try it again. Just watch out of the wings this time.

  • Roc vanishes in the clouds.*

Aisha: Where did they go?
Bloom: They disappeared in the clouds!
Flora: Stella, can you do something?
Stella: Just give me a patch of sun - hello, sunshine. Cloudbreaker!

  • Clouds disappear.*

Aisha: You can do this, Tecna.
Bloom: Ok, Musa, now it's your turn.
Musa: I am ready! Power of Harmony!

  • Uses her powers once again. This time, it works and bird lands. Girls are cheering.*

Aisha: Nice singing, Musa!

  • Sometime later on the top of Roc.*

Stella: Brandon!
Bloom: Sky!
Tecna: Timmy!
Flora: Horay!
Musa: Yeah!

  • Girls hug their boyfriends respectively.*

Sky: You guys were amazing!

  • Scene shifts to Mandragora.*

Mandragora: I think witches were mistaken. Domino is nothing but a cold dead planet. Wait! I just felt something, something very powerful.

Scene: The Secret Liabrary

  • Winx and Specialists get into the Library. The Book of Fate lays in the middle of it.*

Flora: There it is!

  • Bloom opens up the book.*

Musa: Read it.

  • Scene shifts to Mandragora.*

Mandragora: Getting closer... I see you now! And I feel the power of Dragon Flame. Ah, these Guardian Faries are just so pathetic. Why are the witches so worried about them? There just little ants that need to be stepped on. And I'm ready to squash them.

  • Summons and insectoid parasite.*
  • Scene shifts back to the library.*

Stella: What does it say? Is it...
Aisha: Is it about your parents?
Bloom: No! I can't read it! I have no idea what it says.
Bartelby: You don't have to.

  • Starts materializing out of the book.*

Bloom: Oh, look out!
Sky: Who is that guy?
Bartelby: Don't worry, Bloom. I'm Lord Bartelby. I was your farther's scribe and now official keeper of this book. I've been waiting for you for many years, young princess.
Bloom: You know who I am?
Bartelby: Of course, Bloom. I'm so happy to see that you're well. When the Ancestral Witches attack Domino your father risked his life to protect this book and keep it safe.
Bloom: You knew my parents? Please, tell me. Are they alive?
Bartelby: See the book. All right here. This chapter says about Oritel and Marion. Your parents were the last rulers of Domino.
Stella: Hey that's their wedding picture! Look at that gorgeous dress! You know who'd look really great in it? Me!
Bloom: Look at their eyes, they have so much strength.
Mandragora: *In the Riven's hallucination.* Riven. Riven.
Riven: Ha?
Bartelby: There's more.

  • Scrolls to the next page.*

Bloom: That must be Daphne as a baby.

  • Scrolls again this time to the picture of Bloom as a baby. Flora and Aisha giggle.*

Aisha: Just look at you two.
Flora: You both so sweet.
Stella: Hey, bookman, can you show us more cute baby pictures of little Bloom?
Bartelby: I make your pattern.
Stella: Don't hold out. It's a big book there must be tons of pictures.
Bartelby: I'm sorry, miss. Just what you see. I apologize, but we have to be quick time is running out.
Stella: Fine. Then I'll take the reject.
Bartelby: Now look closely here.

  • Skips to the next chapter.*

Musa: Wow. It's the Company of Light. Just before their fight with the evil witches!
Aisha: Hey, you guys, there's miss Faragonda. She looks so young and strong.
Bloom: What's on the next page, Bartelby. Please, show me.

  • Skips to the next page, but symbols on it do not merge into the picture.*

Bartelby: How strange... There's nothing there. After you parents disappeared into the Obsidian cave not even this book can say for sure what happened next.
Bloom: Does that mean...they... they dead?
Bartelby: No, princess, they just lost. I'm afraid that's all I know.
Bloom: I don't believe it. The Book of Fate is a dead end?
Flora: Wait a minute. Lord Bartelby. The book knows the fate of everyone in the Domino royal family, right?
Bartelby: Well, of course, it does.
Musa: So there must be something about Bloom's fate!
Aisha: You're right. I'm sure there is, there's gotta be.
Stella: Yeah!
Tecna: And if Bloom's fate is to find her parents then...
Stella: ...That book can help us figure out how to make that a reality!

  • Meanwhile Riven gets out to a corridor. And draws his sword.

Mandragora: *In the Riven's hallucination.* Riven. Riven.
Riven: What the heck is that?
Mandragora: *In the Riven's hallucination.* Riven!
Riven: Who's there?

  • Draws a second sword. Riven gets bitten by the insect. He tries to fight back, but faints. Scene shifts back to the library.*

Bartelby: If it is your will, Bloom, we can turn the page and see what this book says about your future. But that knowledge could be very dangerous.
Bloom: I'm ready, Bartelby. I have to know.
Bartelby: Hm... interesting. Your entire destiny is part of the old prophecy that was passed down from the most ancient elders of Domino. "At the crossroad of the endless paths demons who stole lead to the abyss of the caged people. A king without the crown will save the ruler of the lost kingdom and the six of the fellowship that defends light will shine with dazzling strength in the evil darkness and what was lost will finally be found."
Bloom: But I don't understand. What is this have to do with my parents?
Stella: I think you hurt the book's feelings and, Bartelby, you're fading like a cheap suit.
Bartelby: My time in this dimension is running out. When pages are added to the ...
Stella: Blah-blah-blah...
Bartelby: ...royal family history I'll be back, to put them in the book. And now I must go. It is been a great pleasure to be of service to you, my princess Bloom.
Bloom: Bartelby, what does the last page of my future actually say?

  • Scrolls to it.*

Bartelby: It says nothing, princess.
Bloom: Nothing, but what does that mean?
Bartelby: It means that your future has not yet been written. You're the only one who can write the end of this story don't you forget that! Ever. Goodbye.

  • Vanishes.*

Bloom: Wait! Bartelby, please!

  • Riven barely gets to the room.*

Musa: Hey! Riven!

  • He tries to hold on but falls down.

Musa: Oh!
Bloom: Give him room, don't crowd over him.
Sky: Let's bring him back to Alfea.
Musa: Poor Riven!

Scene: Alfea's Clinic

Musa: Riven, can you hear me?
Stella: Musa, relax he's fine I bet he will be up in no time.

  • Accidentally turns the switch forcing Riven to get up.*

Stella: Oh.
Musa: Riven! You're ok!
Stella: Hey! I cured Riven!
Brandon: Welcome back there, bro. We really missed you.
Musa: Riven?
Helia: How many fingers I holding up, buddy?

  • Meanwhile, in Obsidian.*

Mandragora: Two, but I'm most definitely not your buddy you pathetic little...

  • Back to the clinic.*

Riven:Two, but I'm most definitely not your buddy.

  • Back to Mandragora.*

Mandragora: Perfect! Ha-ha-ha! Now that they are weak and confused I can get them where it really hurts.
Tharma: Then go, Mandragora, and be sure you won't come back empty-handed.

Scene: Faragonda's Office

Faragonda: Did you say Obsidain Circle?
Bloom: Have you heard of it? Do you know what it is?
Faragonda: Unfortunately, yes, Bloom. It is said to be a secret entrance to a terrible place. A dimension full of fear, pain and worse.
Aisha: Just like that picture in the Book of Fate! That was Obsidian!
Flora: When I got in trouble as a kid my parents said I'll be sent there, but I didn't know it was real.
Faragonda: It is. It's like a nightmare pact with horrible monsters in cages. The gate of the black circle of Obisidian is what keeps evil far away, but if someone were to step inside it would be very bad.
Bloom: So, my parents...
Faragonda: Bloom, anyone who enters Obsidian is lost forever consumed by absolute evil. Oh!

Scene: Alfea Outside

  • Alfea barrier brakes apart.*

Mandragora: With the power of the Ancient Witches I am now invisible!

  • Bunch of insectoid monsters appears from the dark vortex.*

Mandragora: And now join me. It's time to have a little fun!

  • Laughs.*
  • Fairies down on the ground notice monsters and run away.*

Scene: Alfea's Clinic

Stella: Ahm.
Tecna: Stella, what's going on out there?
Stella: Well, nothing good.
Sky: We're all ander attack!
Stella: I'd better get changed.
Musa: The school year just started. Alfea is filled with freshman fairies.
Tecna: So they can't help out us.
Sky: Ok, guys, let's get moving.

Scene: Transformation Class

Wizgiz: ...And always remember, ladies, when using this spell outdoors... Wow!

  • The monster enters the classroom. Everyone but Mirta and Wizgiz leaves the class in terror.*

Wizgiz: Don't take any pity.

  • Wizgiz gets squashed by a monster.*

Mirta: Hey! You big bug! You don't scare me! Super Vibration!

  • Casts a spell that briefly stuns monster.*

Mirta: Are you ready for a little more? Ok, then. By the absolute power of Darkness, I command you...
Wizgiz: Mirta! No!

  • Mirta interupts her spell.*

Mirta: Ha?
Wizgiz: Shame on you, Mirta. What you think you're doing? You should not use dark magic to fight a monster. Besides, it will take more than pathetic bug to stop your old professor.

  • Starts jumping around dodging monster's attacks then hops on him.*

Wizgiz: Transformation!

  • Transforms into the elephant thus squashing the monster.*

Scene: Alfea Courtyard

  • Giant worm slams into a wall trying to break it.*

Paladium: Many have tried to destroy Alfea, but you're the first worm and you will not succeed! Flaming blades!

  • Launches a bunch of flaming swords at him.*

Brandon: Palladium! Watch out!

  • The worm tries to attack him but gets held off by Helia.*

Paladium: Ha?
Brandon: Nice catch, Helia!
Helia: I got it. Now it's your turn.

  • Sky, Brandon, Palladium and Timmy slice the worm into pieces.*

Paladium: Perfect timing, boys.
Sky: Now let's hold up the rest of these monsters and make sure everyone can get out off here.

Scene: Alfea Corridor

  • Two students are attacked by the monster, Sky and Brandon draw their swords.*

Brandon: They safe. Let's fight up this little pest.

  • Sky and Brandon jump on top of the bug and cut him into pieces.*

Student 1: Phew.
Student 1 and 2: *Together.* Hey! Guys!

  • Sky and Brandon instantly turn around trying to find the threat.*

Student 2: Over here!

  • Girls chuckle, Specialists realize it's just a false alarm.*

Scene: Faragonda's Office

  • One of the insectoids tries to get to the room.*

Faragonda: Ladies, go help the others. Leave this one to me.

  • Monster attacks Faragonda, but Hagen intercepts the attack.*

Faragonda: Hagen! I can take care of myself thank you.
Hagen: I know, but you better take care of that witch too.

  • Points at Mandragora.*

Hagen: Is the name Mandragora sound familiar to you?

  • Faragonda gasps.*

Faragonda: Mandragora? Impossible!

  • She, Bloom, Aisha and Flora run outside.*

Bloom: Who is Mandragora?
Faragonda: Run! This is not a good time for explanations!
Hagen: For Magix! Argh!

  • Charges at the monster.*

Scene: Alfea Courtyard

  • Mandragora is destroying one of the towers. Stella, Tecna and Musa approach her.*

Stella: Everyone who's friends are big creepy bugs is not a friend of mine!
Mandragora: Run from Mandragora, keeper of the Obsidian Circle. Giant Nightmare Swarm!

  • Attacks them, but Tecna blocks it with firewall.*

Tecna: My firewalls are not working!

  • Barrier gets smaller and smaller then gets destroyed.*

Mandragora: There's no escape, ladies!

  • Knocks them down.*

Mandragora: You can run as match as you want, but it doesn't matter! Alfea is going to burn!

  • Laughs.*

Mandragora: Ha?

  • Griselda builds up the barrier that holds an attack.*

Griselda: Winx, go and take shelter! I've got this covered.
Stella: Thanks, Griselda. I never know you can do that, wow!
Mandragora: Pathetic old woman. Infinite Darkness!

  • Channels the beam of dark energy at Griselda's barrier.*

Griselda: You... will not... succeed...

  • Griselda faints. Barrier falls down.*

Mandragora: I am too powerful for you! Inside me burns the fury of three Ancestral great Witches!

  • Suddenly, gets knocked down.*

Mandragora: Who? Who dares?
Faragona: Oh, If I didn't know better, I'd swear it was a long night weekend around here.
Mandragora: Faragonda! I'll get you! But first you have to deal with my insects. Swarm and attack!
Aisha: Are you talking about them?

  • Points on the insects trapped in her Morphix bubbles.*

Mandragora: You'll all pay for this!
Faragona: Winx, begin!

  • Bloom and Flora attack Mandragora, but she evades this attacks.*

Bloom: Everyone, focus, coverage!
Flora: Energy of Mother Nature!

  • Traps Mandragora in between the rocks and vines.*

Tecna: Technological Union!

  • Charges up the stones trapping her even further.*

Mandragora: Ah! You...
Aisha: Enchanted Morphix!
Mandragora: What? Ah!

  • Traps her in Morphix.*

Stella: Power of the Sun!
Musa: Power of Sun!

  • Use their abilities of Sun and Sound respectively.*

Bloom: Dragon Flame! Argh!

  • Summons a flame dragon which starts circling around Mandragora.*

Mandragora: Ah! That's not...
Bloom: Miss Faragonda, we've got her!
Fargonda: Don't let go, Bloom! I don't know how you managed to crawl out of that dark pit but by the power of all that is odd and light I order you to return to your abyss!
Mandragora: Bloom, Bloom. So that's her name! She was the one I was looking for! *Teleports away.* This is not over!
Stella: We did it!
Bloom: But Alfea... It's completely destroyed!
Faragonda: Mhm...

  • Faints and starts falling to the ground.*

Bloom: Miss Faragonda! No!

  • Hagen catches her.*

Musa: Is she ok?
Stella: She needs some help!

  • Later.*

Palladium: I looked everywhere and these are the only healing potions I can find. How's Faragonda?
Griselda: She's going to be fine, Palladium. She just used to much of her power at once. However, many students are seriously injured.
Palladium: This is such a sad day for all of Alfea.

  • Camera shifts to Bloom.*

Bloom: Some fairy, ha, Kiko? I tried to find my parents and instead I waked up some ancient evil that supposed to be buried forever. Those three witches they so horrible! Uh, if they all just go away.

  • Kiko and Perr point at Book of Fate.*

Bloom: Do you think the book knows?

  • Opens the book on the Oritel and Marion's wedding picture. Picture briefly changes to one with Bloom and Sky causing Bloom to drop the book surprised.*

Bloom: Sky? Uh.
Pixies: *Invisible.* There you are! Hey, you look all doomy and gloomy. No-no, Bloom you have to cheer up! It's when things are dark then you have to look on the bright side. That's what I always say!
Bloom: Hey, is that you pixies? Come on out! Where are you?

  • Lockette materializes in front of her.*

Lockette: Right here!
Bloom: Oh, Lockette come here. Let me give you a hug!

  • Other pixies appear one after the other.*

Chatta: Hi, Bloom. We came here to help rebuild Alfea with you!

  • Other Winx run to the pixies.*

Stella: Hey! Look who's here!
Chatta: Fairy of Nature, you look so beautiful. Do you have any flowers for me? Geraniums, tulips, daylilies, daffodils, sunflowers, begonias?
Flora: Good to see you and hear you too, Chatta.
Tune: The Guardian Fairy of Music, I'm just so-so-so proud of you.
Tecna: Give me a big smile for the camera!
Bloom: Did you guys come here just to cheer us all up?
Chatta: We here to put Alfea back on its feet.

  • Other pixies appear.*

Concorda: And we brought lots of good food for you to eat.
Zing: And healing potions for all of your wounds.
Chatta: Because life goes on and we need to make the most of everything in it.
Flora: You so sweet.

  • Camera moves to the book that scrolled to the page of Winx, Pixies and professors rebuilding Alfea. Soon that indeed happens.*
  • Later everyone chilling out at the Alfea courtyard.*

Faragonda: Seeing everyone work together to bring Alfea back to life gives me hope for the future.

  • Takes a seat near Bloom, Flora and Musa.*

Bloom: Miss Faragonda, what are you doing out here? You should be in bed.
Faragonda: Bloom, I need to talk to you.
Bloom: About what?
Faragonda: Well, I want you to know that I still believe in your dreams. It is extremely important to be around people who believe in you. There are many who truly love you and know what you capable of. Trust them.
Bloom: Ok. I will. Thank you.

  • Hugs her.*

Faragonda: Good, Bloom, very good.

Scene: Obsidian

  • Mandragora and Ancestral Witches observe Bloom through the magical sphere.*

Tharma: So the Power of Domino is not contained in an object. It's within the person just a fairy.
Mandragora: An annoying fairy named Bloom.
Lysslis: Argh, Bloom!
Belladona: Bloom, king Oritel surviving daughter. Daphne saved her once before we could kill her.
Mandragora: I wanted to kidnap Bloom from Alfea, but that was impossible she had too many strong friends and allies like Faragonda and Hagen.
Tharma: Faragonda and Hagen! A Company of Light! Argh! May they all burn forever for exiling us to this awful place.
Belladona: Not for long, sisters. Now we wait for the fairies to come here and fall right into our trap.
Mandragora: And that Riven-boy should be very useful. My insect poison worked perfectly and now he's my own personal puppet ready to do whatever I say.
Tharma: We can not allow the Dragon Flame to come here and burn us. Oh!
Belladona: What about the prophecy, sisters?
Tharma: The prophecy will not be fulfilled. We make sure of that.

  • Everyone laughs.*

Scene: Winx's Dorm

Aisha: We have no other choice. If we wanna find Bloom's parents then we going to have to go to Obsidian.
Musa: But that place is off limits!
Tecna: Unless you made of pure evil just being there have extremely negative effects! Obsidian would drain all our powers making the chances of finding anything out there exactly zero.
Flora: Bloom is our friend. I know we should do what we can to help her, but...
Musa: But nothing! What we should be worrying about now is how to get there.
Stella: Right, we're Winx. There's now way we letting down Bloom so let's do this.
Flora: Stella, did you have a nail polish malfunction?
Tecna: If you run out you could've borrowed some of mine.
Stella: Please. This is the next big thing. I call it Rainbow Fingers.

  • Everyone, but Stella giggles.*

Scene: Alfea Courtyard

Bloom: Ok, ok calm down. I need you to be good now. I asked Wizgiz to send you back to Gardenia *Kiko bursts in tears.* to stay with Mike and Vanessa. Oh.

  • Hags him one last time then goes to an exit.*

Stella: Hey!
Bloom: Ha?
Stella: Where do you think you going?
Bloom: Winx, uh, I'm going to Obsidian. I have to go there and go alone.
Musa: Yeah-yeah...
Aisha: ...let me guess...
Flora: don't wanna put anyone else in mortal danger, right?
Bloom: The Ancestral Witches are all still alive and they are in Obsidian.
Tecna: That's right and if they working they evil magic...
Stella: ...then as a guardian fairies it would be irresponsible of us not to help you.
Musa: We started this together and we will end this together.
Tecna: That's right.
Stella: Admit it, you didn't wanna go by yourself anyway. Now let's go get a ride from these cute boys.
Chatta: Hello!
Stella: Ha?
Chatta: Where you are all going?

  • Pixies giggle.*

Scene: Faragonda's Office

Faragonda: I could try to stop the girls from going, but I know they wouldn't listen.
Hagen: Faragonda, you should be very proud of them all.
Faragonda: I am, Hagen, but I am also worried. How far can they go on nothing but courage?
Hagen: They're the same age we were and you have taught them everything you know. Now, the rest is up to them.

Scene: Specialists' Aircraft

Tecna: So then our first goal is to find the Black Gate that's the portal of Obsidian.

  • Checks her data.*

Computer anounser: Obisidian detected.
Chatta: But the Black Gate was closed a long time ago! We going to need the key from the Tree of Portals back in our village. I knew you need our help!
Lockette: It's strange but I feel I'm being watched.
Chatta: The Tree of Portals holds the key to every door in every world of entire Magical Dimension. Let's go find the one we need

  • Winx and Pixies drop out from the ship.*

Sky: Bloom, we still haven't had a chance to talk an... and I really have to tell you that...
Bloom: Sky, I just need to know. Can I absolutely positively truly trust you?
Sky: Of course you can, Bloom. You can always trust me I promise.
Bloom: Great. *Kisses him in a neck.* That's good enough for now.

  • Drops from the ship as well.*

Sky: But... It only takes a second.
Brandon: Not hapening.

Scene: Skies above the Gloomy Wood Forest

  • Winx and Pixies fly above Gloomy Wood Forest to get to the Tree of Portals.*
  • Pixies down below in the Pixie Village doing their own things.*

Livy: The Winx! They here! Everyone, come out, come out! They here, they here!

  • Pixies come out and cheer as the Winx fly by.*

Scene: Tree of Portals

Lockette: Here's the Tree.
Flora: Let's do it.
Bloom: I'm not the Guardian Fairy I don't have the power to miniaturize.
Tecna: Don't worry, Bloom, we'll take care of it. You stay here.
Bloom: Tecna, you can't. I have to do this. I just...

  • Flashback.*

Faragonda: *Within the flashback.* Trust them, Bloom.

  • Flashback ends.*

Jolly, Glim and Livy: Can we come too?
Bloom: Why don't we just stay out here, guys.
Aisha: Ready, ladies?

  • The Winx, except Bloom, miniaturize.*

Musa: Wow, this is the new perspective.
Stella: Uh, this mini-thingy is not my best look.
Tecna: Goodbye, Bloom.
Bloom: Good luck!
Flora: See you later.
Aisha: There are so many key holes.
Lockette: It's this one.
Tecna: How do you know, Lockette?
Lockette: Well, you know everything about crazy electronic gadgets and I know portals.

Scene: Inside the Tree of Portals.

Tune: Oh-ho-ho.
Musa: Wow! I had no idea there are so many locks in magic dimension!
Lockette: And with their own key.
Aisha: Yeah, it's amazing. I've never seen anything like this!
Musa: Hey, Lockette, find anything?
Lockette: Hm, no, not yet.

Scene: Tree of Portals

  • Joly throws a ball of confetti at Bloom. All of them laugh.*

Bloom: What was that?
Joly: Do you like it? I'm practicing a new magic trick. Watch closely!

  • Joly launches few magical spheres in the air.*

Glim: That's a good trick, Joly.
Bloom: It sure is.

  • Spheres quickly approach them causing them to get down.*

Glim: Watch out, Joly!
Joly: Oh! That's not supposed to happen!

  • Tries to get away from the spheres.*

Joly: Oh no!

  • Hides inside of the Tree, but spheres are still chasing her.*

Joly: Oh no! Yikes!

  • Joly gets out then goes back in the Tree just to lose the spheres. Random noises come from the inside.*
  • Joly gets out once again. Catches the spheres and throws them far away.*

Joly: Phew.

  • Spheres return. She gasps and dodges them. Spheres get inside of the Tree.*

Joly: Are they gone?

  • Spheres explode.*

Scene: Inside the Tree of Portals.

  • Meanwhile, explosion caused construction inside crumble causing the Winx and Pixies fall.*

Lockette: Help!
Stella: What was that?
Tecna: It came from outside!

Scene: Tree of Portals

  • Bloom, Joly, Livy and Glim laugh.*

Bloom: I think your magic trick still needs some work!

Scene: Inside the Tree of Portals.

  • The Winx and Pixies are laying on the pile of keys.*

Stella: Uh, what a mess!
Aisha: Oh-oh! The keys are all jumbled up now.
Chatta: Lockette, can you find the right key in here?
Lockette: Yes, I can! Yes, I can! Yes, I can!

  • Tries to locate the key.*

Aisha: Oh, boy.
Flora: Lockette?
Musa: Come on!
Aisha: You can do this!
Stella: Don't give up.
Tecna: Come on, Lockette, we have to hurry!
Lockette: Could you, guys, please chill it's right over here.

  • Points at the key.*

Winx: *Together.* Yeah!
Amore: Alright, she found it!

Scene: Tree of Portals

Bloom: Lockette, I am so proud of you! *Hugs her.* I wish I could've seen it. You're the best.

Scene: Obsidian

Aisha: *At the background.* Obsidian, the perfect vacation spot if you're the pure evil.
Stella: Yeah, if I was a witch this would definitely be my idea of paradise.
Musa: Hey, this is no joke. The evil here is so strong I can already feel my powers getting weak.
Aisha: It's a good thing we left the Pixies back at the Village. Seriously, all this evil could really kill them.
Stella: But the worst part is - this place is ugly. I don't care how evil you are there is no excuse for a total lack of style.
Musa: Wow.
Stella: Ah!
Sky: Hey, Bloom, something tells me this is the right place.
Bloom: You're right that must be a portal.
Tecna: And that looks like the lock for our key!

  • Points at it.*

Bloom: Ok, there's no turning back now.

  • Puts the key in the keyhole.*

Bloom: Hm. Are you guys sure you got the right key? Because this doesn't seem to...
Musa: Earthquake!
Bloom: Yeah, it's the right key!

  • Portal to Witches' lair is opening up.*

Timmy: Look, the pathway is opening up!
Riven: This is just a beginning.
Bloom: Winx, we gonna have to go through that portal.
Tecna: Ok, so who's going to take the first step?

  • Aisha touches the portal. Substance of that portal starts to cover up her hand.*

Stella: Ew! That is so gross!
Aisha: Actually it's not so bad. Kinda tickles.

  • Aisha passes the portal first. Meanwhile, on the over side of the portal.*

Mandragora: Welcome!
Musa: Uh. Her again?
Stella: Oh, brother.
Sky: It's a trap! You, guys, keep moving and we hold them off.
Mandragora: Attack!

  • Specialists are fighting back the monsters.*

Mandragora: Riven, the key!

  • Riven runs to the key.*

Sky: Riven, no! Where're you going!
Riven: Here we go.

  • Riven gets knocked down by Sky.*

Sky: Riven, what's wrong with you?
Riven: Nice try, Sky, but you're too late.

  • Shows a key in his hands. Portal starts to close.*

Sky: No, Bloom!
Bloom: Sky! Careful! Sky!
Sky: No!

  • Riven attacks Sky, but Musa jumps in between them thus taking a strike herself.*

Bloom: Musa! Oh no!
Riven: Musa!
Bloom: Musa! No! No!

  • Disappears in the portal as it is about to close.*

Brandon: The portal! It's closing!
Mandragora: Nice work, Riven. Your buddies will be easy to deal with now *Traps them in the cocoons.* and now Winx went through the portal so we'll never hear from them again ever.

  • Laughs.*

Musa: Riven, why did you do it? Riven...

  • Faints. Meanwhile, on the other side of the portal.*

Bloom: No! No!

  • Knocks the portal trying to get through.*

Bloom: Musa! Riven! We've got to help them! Winx?

  • Turns around realizing she's alone. Camera shifts to Stella.*

Stella: Hello? Is anyone out there? Anyone? Please, is it something I said?

  • Camera shifts to Flora.*

Flora: Bloom? Tecna? Aisha? Stella? Can you hear me?

  • Camera shifts to Tecna.*

Tecna: This is just impossible! I've got no signal! It's like all data in the universe disappeared.

  • Camera shifts to Aisha.*

Aisha: Oh, oh! *Morphix attacks her.* Hey! Help! Help!

  • Camera shifts to Flora.*

Flora: The Book of Fate was right! "At the crossroads of endless worlds demons of stone lead to the abyss." But where are this plants coming from? I can't feel any life in them it's like they all... dead.

  • Suddenly, plants awake and attack her.*
  • Camera shifts to Tecna.*

Tecna: Now there's too much data! Information overload! My systems are crashing! It's a major meltdown! My circuits are jammed!

  • Camera shifts to Stella. Her hands are disappearing.*

Stella: Wait, what? Oh, no! Ok, I'm just disappearing a little, no big deal. But I can't disappear! If I... disappear no one will see how nice my skin looks. This darkness is so much stronger for me...

  • Vanishes completely.*
  • Camera shifts to Bloom.*

Bloom: Ah! What?

  • Image of Company of Light fighting Ancestral witches is shown to her.*

Bloom: Oritel, Marion and Hagen. This must be the story of the Company of Light! It's history. There're Ancestral Witches and that must be the vortex of dark energy where they took my parents. What, no!

  • As the Witches are about to disappear into the vortex they grab Oritel with them.*

Bloom: Stop! No! No!

  • Marion projects herself into the sword.*

Bloom: And that's the sword that Hagen made! Ah!

  • Vision disappears.*

Bloom: So I bet my parents are trapped around here! Somewhere. Winx!

  • Everyone is getting up.*

Aisha: That's so weird! My own Morphix attacked me!
Flora: I was being attacked by zombie plants.
Stella: I... I was disappearing and I just hated it!
Bloom: The Witches know what scares us most and they using that all against us. It's the ultimate weapon, but now we here which means we've conquered our fears.

  • Girls gasp as they recognize Oritel and the sword.*

Bloom: Hey, look! That must be Hagen's Sword and this statue... it looks like my father, Oritel. Why is it here?
Tharma: It's not a statue, you pathetic child.
Belladona: Don't you recognize him? It is you father turned to stone!

  • Bloom gasps. Belladonna laughs.*

Bloom: It can't be!
Lysslis: We had a wonderful time torturing him. Oh yes, we did.
Tharma: It's nice that he could share the fate of all people of Domino.
Belladona: Say hello to the people of your planet, princess Bloom.
Lysslis: Your kingdom isn't lost, Bloom. They just had a "rocky" time. Hm-hm. Don't you recognize them? Perhaps you're like a closer look?

  • Belladona backstabs Tecna and tries to strangle her.*

Stella: Duh!

  • Launches an orb of light that stops Belladona.*

Belladona: I'll never forgive the Company of Light for forcing our spirits to this dark place, but not having the body is no big deal when you can just borrow one!

  • Witches possess bodies of people of Domino and attack Winx.*

Tecna: Our powers are drained in here!
Stella: I know it's like having weak batteries.
Thrama: Yes. *Possesses Stella.* Your powers are weakening, little fairies.
Bloom: Look out, Tecna!
Thrama: Ah!
Stella: Get out of me!

  • Forces Thrama to leave her body.*

Aisha: They're so strong. We can't... fight them.

  • Everyone, but Bloom are pinned down.*

Bloom: Winx, what's happening to you?
Thrama: They giving into the darkness, but you seem immune to it! That strength still burns inside you. The same strength that powered the sword.
Bloom: Uh!

  • Meanwhile, on the over side of the portal.*

Mandragora: Riven, welcome to your new home, a place of no hope, a place of darkness. Before you get settled in let's make sure your old friends aren't going anywhere.

  • Cocoons start getting smaller and smaller.*
  • Back to Bloom and Ancestral Witches.*

Belladona: We have been exiled in this prison for too long it's time to break free. Look at your father trapped in here right next to the evil he fought so hard against.
Thrama: Behold his sword, so charged with Domino power that we can't even touch it let alone destroy it. That wretched sword.
Lysslis: We failed in all our attempts to possess your father's body. Was too strong with his will alone he prevailed over most evil warriors from every dimension. They all died at his slightest touch.
Thrama: In you flows Domino's royal bloodline the power of the Dragon Flame. Only you can raise the flame and destroy the sword, Bloom.
Belladona: Then this will be all other. We'll even let you go back to your school and forget this whole horrible nightmare.
Bloom: No, never! My life force runs through this sword! Destroying it will be like destroying myself and all that's left of Domino!
Belladona: So, little princess, it's seems you need a little more convincing. When was the last time we locked in our Mike and Vanessa?

  • Shows an image of them.*

Belladona: What they are right about now, hmm?
Bloom: Ah! Mom, dad, no! What do you want from them?
Belladona: Not from them, Bloom, from you. Destroy the sword and they lives will be spared.
Thrama: After dealing with those wretched boys *Shows a Mandragora right behind Mike and Vanessa.* It would be fun for Mandragora to finish the job by killing your adoptive parents as well. She's there now just waiting for our orders.

  • Bloom gasps and falls to the ground.*

Lysslis: Your choice, Bloom. Do you save the life of the father you never met? Or save the lives of the people who took you in, raised you and give you so much love.
Thrama: Someone will live and someone will die, but you must choose who!

  • Bloom realizes that something is wrong.*

Bloom: Ha! Right, did you think I fall for that?
Belladona: *Laughs.* Have you lost your mind, Bloom?

  • Bloom laughs as well.*

Bloom: I've never seen Mike holding the cat without sneezing his head off. If that was really him then his allergy would act up and he couldn't play with the cat. And, seriously, Mandragora is a joke there's no way she could've beaten all the boys. So, Dragon Flame Sphere!

  • Bursts the waves of energy causing the Witches to pull back a bit.*
  • On the other side of the portal. Riven sits beside Musa's body. Musa drops a tear Riven picks it up and drops his one as well. Flashback of Musa's and Riven's relationship appears. Riven returns to normal.*

Riven: You'll pay for this, Mandragora!
Mandragora: Ha?

  • Gets knocked down by Riven. Cocoons holding specialists disappear.*

Brandon: Come on, guys, it's time to do some exterminating.
Helia: Finally, I've been waiting for this!

  • Specialist are fighting the monsters.*

Riven: Musa, are you ok?
Musa: I'm a fairy... I know how to protect myself. What happened to you Riven?
Riven: Mandragora had me under a spell. And it made it hard to figure out what it is I'm fighting for.
Musa: So what do you think? Have you figured it out Riven?
Riven: I'm fighting for you, Musa. *Kisses her.*
Riven: Let's get moving! They gate is coming down really fast.
Belladona: Mandragora, come back to us!

  • Mandragora gets through the portal.*

Sky: Brandon, you, guys, take care of the bugs! I follow Mandragora!
Brandon: No problem, Sky. These real pests are history.

  • Meanwhile on the other side of the portal.*

Bloom: Take that!

  • Launches three beams of energy at the witches, but soon realizes she's losing her powers as well.*

Bloom: What's happening?
Thrama: Even your powers are doomed to vanish in this place, little princess.
Belladona: Do it, Bloom. Take up Oritel's Sword and destroy it.
Bloom: The man, who forged it told me - only a truly pure-hearted king can hold the Sword!
Sky: Well, *Bloom gasps.* then maybe I should grab it.
Bloom: Sky! Ah, you made it!
Lysslis: Yes, be our guest, young prince Sky! *Laughs.*
Bloom: No! No! Don't do it! You're not a king yet!

  • Sky hesitates for a second then tries to pick up the sword.*

Bloom: No! No! Sky! Don't! No! Sky! No! No!

  • Sky picks up the Sword, but it backfires on him causing him to fall.*

Bloom: Oh, no! Sky!
Thrama: What a fool. The Sword, Bloom.
Belladona: It killed Sky. Oh, the more reason to destroy it.
Bloom: Ah, my friends! *Camera shows other girls laying down on the ground.* Sky! *Shows Sky.* My nightmare come true! I can't do this alone!
Daphne: Bloom, you're not alone.

  • The Mask pops out of her necklace.*

Bloom: Daphne?

  • Daphne merges with Bloom.*

Lysslis: Daphne? Oh, they say only die once, but we'll be happy to make an exception!
Bloom: You thought you destroyed the Power of Domino, but now it will destroy you. Come on, let's do this, Daphne.
Daphne: Go, Bloom.

  • Channels beams of energy at the Witches causing them to flee briefly. Suddenly Mandragora appears right behind Bloom and Daphne and strangles them.*

Thrama: Ah, just in time. Mandragora.

  • Merges with Mandragora.*

Madragora: Let me give you a hand!
Bloom: No, please, no!

  • Other witches merge with Mandragora as well.*

Madragora: *In combined voice of all Ancestral Witches.* You thought you could defeat the powers of ultimate darkness? Instead, you have doomed everyone you loved to infinite grate by evil... Ah!

  • Screams in pain as Sky pierces her with Oritel's Sword from the back.*

Bloom:Ah, argh!

  • Channels a beam at Mandragora and Ancestral Witches to destroy them. Camera shifts back as Obsidian is shred to pieces.*
  • Scene shows that Oritel is free from his prison.*


  • Everyone is returned back to Domino through the portal. Sky returns the Sword to Oritel, Marion appears from it.*

Oritel: My Marion. Oh, Marion. *They hug each over.* I missed you so much. It was painful having you so close, but I couldn't touch you.
Marion: I know, but, at least, we were together and from now on nothing can tear us apart.

  • Oritel and Marion turn to Bloom. Daphne separates from her.*

Daphne: Mother! Father!
Marion: Daphne? What happened to you?
Daphne: More than I can possibly explain, but all that matters now is that you're free and it's all because of our dear Bloom.
Oritel: It can't be...
Marion: My sweet baby daughter!
Oritel: Oh, Bloom!

  • Bloom, Oritel, Marion and Daphne hug each other.*

Scene: Domino's Palace

Wizgiz: I'm all ready to selebrate return of Domino. Let's party!
Hagen: Are you sure you feeling up to this?
Faragonda: Invite me to dance and find out for yourself, Hagen.
Codatorta: That's the real princess.

  • Camera moves closely to Bloom and Marion walking down the stairs.*

Marion: You are beautiful princess, Bloom, but you always be my little girl, my precious daughter with a good heart and a strong will.
Bloom: I dreamed of this moment so many times and now it's finally here!
Marion: You know, I have had that very same dream too, Bloom.
Oritel: Can an old man talk to his daughter for a minute? Or could it be you too busy for me, Bloom?
Bloom: Dad! You had to grow up without us and since we weren't able to be there for the first part of your life we promise we'll be there for the rest. We know you didn't raise yourself and we're grateful to those who helped you. That's why we invited them here *Camera shows Mike and Vanessa.* so we can both thank them personally.
Mike: Hey!
Bloom: Mom! Dad!
Mike: Hey, look at you, you are real princess now!
Vanessa: True, but you were always a princess to us even without all of this.
Oritel: Now, if you'll excuse us, Bloom, would you be so kind us to join me for a dance, please? We have an ancient Domino custom - a king must dance with his daughter.

  • Ball starts.*

Oritel: Bloom, I think there's someone else who would like to have a dance with you.

  • Points at Sky then leaves her.*

Bloom and Sky: *Simultaneously.* You look so... oh... *Both laugh together as well.*
Bloom: I've been wanting to tell you something. You were really brave.
Sky: Bloom, brave would've been breaking Eraklyon laws, telling you I was becoming king and then having to face some serious consequences and punishments for my actions.
Sky's guardian: And to be honest, they would've been pretty rough punishments, your highness. The king is never allowed to skip moonlight dance.

  • Sky and Bloom laugh.*

Bloom: King of Eraklyon, well, I guess I should start calling you your highness and thanking you for your time.

  • Sky giggles.*

Sky: No, I'll be thanking you, princess. Thanking you for your trust, for your eyes and for believing in me.
Stella: Hey, Bloom! The dance can't start without you! Come on! I've gotta show off my fabulous new dress!

  • Bloom laughs.*

Bloom: Stella, I would never deny you a chance to dance.

  • The dance is started. As Brandon and Stella pass by Bloom and Sky Brandon gives Sky a box with a ring.*
  • Sky shows Bloom the ring.*

Sky: *Whispers.* Will you be my princess?

  • Bloom gasps in surprise then kisses him in a sign of consent.*

Bartelby: And so the most strong-willed of all fairies overcame the greatest challenge. She learned to believe in herself and trust the people she loved. She stayed true to what was in her heart and in doing so she saved a kingdom, freed her people and reunited her long lost family. And finally she became a true Guardian Fairy and now written in the Book of Fate there's a new Company of Light called the Winx.

Scene: Unknown place

Lysslis: *Laughs.* Those girls are clueless!
Thrama: We played them like puppets! They destroyed Obsidian for us and now, finally, we're free now we just have to borrow some younger bodies.

  • The Trix show up.*

Stormy: Those little fairies went right into our perfect web.
Icy: And soon we reap their weak little fairy wings right of their bodies!

  • The Trix and Ancestral Witches laugh.*
  • Ending credits sequence.*
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