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Winx Club: Your Magic Universe is a miscellaneous game which was developed and published by Konami for Nintendo DS. It was released in September 2009.


Winx Club: Your Magic Universe turns the users DS into a comprehensive diary/organizer, that is packed with fun sub-games ad Winx Club secrets and information. Using the Enchantix characters form the third series of Winx Club, the easy-to-use organizer means users will never miss a birthday or important date ever again, and can access their complete friends list at the press of a button. Information on friends and personal information can also be stored, while the denizens of the Winx Club universe, their magical and amazing skills, are ever-present in the DS titles menus and entertaining sub-games.

Using the stylus to navigate the menus, players can highlight special dates in their diary, while to-do or shopping lists can also be compiled, as can party invites, etc. Winx Club: Your Magic Universe also offers fun personality tests for the user and their friends, which can be used to compile definitive lists of likes and dislikes for future reference. Likewise, the information can be shared between friends with the DS game, while special postage stamps can also be created and also uploaded within the users social circle.

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