Winx Club Forever
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Winx Club is the album soundtrack of the first season that contains fourteen tracks. This album is only in Italian.

Track Listing

N. Title Artist(s) Length
1 Nel segno di Winx (In a Sign of Winx) TBA TBA
2 Magic Winx TBA TBA

Oggi no (Not Today)

4 Magica Bloom TBA TBA
5 Sensazione (Feeling) TBA TBA
6 Winx combact TBA TBA
7 Le ragazze del Winx Club (The Girls of the Winx Club) TBA TBA
8 Onda magica (Magic Wave) TBA TBA
9 Mi manchi (I Miss You) TBA TBA
10 Scioglierò (Melt) TBA TBA
11 Nel segno delle Winx (Strumentale) (In a Sign of the Winx (Instrumental)) TBA TBA
12 Le ragazze del Winx Club (The Girls of the Winx Club (Instrumental)) TBA TBA
13 Magic Winx (Strumentale) TBA TBA
14 Under the Sign of Winx TBA TBA
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