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Welcome to Magix! is the second episode of the first season of Winx Club.


Bloom and Stella are assigned to the same dormitory, with Flora, Musa, and Tecna. The five girls become best of friends and so the 'Winx Club' is formed. Bloom encounters the three notorious witches from the college, Cloud Tower - Icy, Darcy, and Stormy.


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Bloom and Stella arrive at Alfea, but Bloom' parents cannot walk through the barrier around Alfea. After saying their goodbyes Stella sends Bloom's parents home and the girls continue to Alfea across the barrier. They arrive at school, and meet Griselda. Stella tells Griselda that Bloom is Varanda, the Princess of Callisto. The head of discipline tells them that Stella did something bad last year.

Meeting of fate?

With enrollment checks completed, Griselda tells the girls about the rules, and explains to all the new students what Stella did - a potion accident that placed the potion laboratory into inaccessibility. This is what led to her expulsion, meaning Griselda will not go easy on any one of them. The headmistress, Faragonda, arrives while lightheartedly saying to not let Griselda scare them too much. She then introduces the new aspiring fairies to Alfea; everyone enters Alfea and Faragonda gives them an inspirational speech and also tells them avoid Witches of Cloud Tower. Griselda then dismisses everyone.

All the students head for their assigned rooms, on their way there, Stella explains to Bloom who the witches are, and about the three schools.

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Bloom journeys to her room and discover that her roommate is Flora. Bloom almost slips on her real identity until a nudge from Stella makes her quickly correct herself, telling Flora that she is Varanda. The girls, Tecna, Flora, Bloom, Stella and Musa, meet, and Flora feeds Kiko. Stella suggests getting dinner out in the city. Griselda spies on the girls as they head for the bus to Magix.

Knut appears and runs after the girls. His masters scream at him, and orders him to steal Stella's scepter. Meanwhile, Bloom calls home from the magic phone in Magix. Bloom also spots Knut watching her friends.

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Curious as to what he is doing she follows him into an alley where she is discovered by the Trix who attack her. Icy trap her in with ice, Darcy blasts her, and Stormy spins up a tornado. Icy then freezes Bloom in ice when her friends appear in order to help her. Icy orders the ogre to attack her friends instead. The girls undergo their transformations to become fairies. They use their powers to attack the ogre, and they beat him. The Trix then attack them and are proven to be far more powerful. Stella quickly transports herself and friends to safety leaving Icy furious.

The other girls discover Stella's lie, and Faragonda and Griselda catch Bloom, and discovers her lie as well. She has to convince them that she deserves to be there. Headmistress Faragonda lets Bloom stay. The girls finish back in the room, and they talk about the name. They choose Bloom's idea, the Winx.

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  • Bloom created the name of "Winx." This is better explained in the comics. She was inspired by some butterflies she was observing, so she thought the name of the Wings Club, because of the butterfly wings, but when she spelled it in the dirt it ended with butterfly wings shaped like an "X", turning it into "Winx."
    • Bloom had already drawn the logo before proposing her friends to have a group's name. However, it is unknown when she had time to do it, since she was never alone starting from the minute she met them to when they came back to Alfea.
  • When Stella escorted Bloom towards the main square upon arrival in Alfea, Flora, Musa and Tecna (whom were all strangers at the time) are seen among the milling students, converging at the same spot as if they were drawn to each other.
  • Scenes from this episode are used in the first Special.
  • Faragonda mentioned that fairies disappeared from Earth long ago when she was surprised Bloom came from Earth, which was later explained by the revelation of the Trix that Bloom was really born on Domino, but was sent on Earth by her sister Daphne to protect her. This could be seen as unintended foreshadowing of the events of Season 4, in which Faragonda said the Wizards of the Black Circle had wiped out Earth Fairies hundreds of years prior by capturing them all.


  • Although Mike was seen bringing along his Firemen's jacket in the previous episode, in this episode it is suddenly a causal beige one.
  • When Stella is about to change her ring to the scepter, Bloom's sleeves are missing.
  • When Musa, Flora and Tecna yell, Stella's forearm bracelets are orange instead of cyan.
  • As Faragonda heads down to greet her new students, the puffs of her outfit change from white to purple.
  • Flora's dorm room sign reads "Varanda di Callisto", meaning "Varanda of Callisto" in English. The sign is in Italian, and the "di" was not edited to "of" in the Cinélume version of the episode.
  • When Bloom accidentally revealed her name to Flora and says it is her nickname, she goes outside to read her name (Varanda) on the sign, but when she comes back, the sign is inside. 
  • When hiding behind Tecna's Fire Wall, Flora's bangs are missing their highlights.

Differences Between Adaptations

  • Varanda's home planet in the original version is Callisto, but Stella and Griselda refer to Varanda's home planet as "Allisto" in the 4Kids version.
  • Flora's dorm room sign reads "Varanda di Callisto", meaning "Varanda of Callisto" in English. The sign is in Italian, and the "di" was not edited to "of" in the Cinélume version of the episode, but it was in the 4Kids version.
    • The 4Kids version of the episode also changed Varanda's home planet on the sign to "Vallisto".
  • In the Cinélume version, Griselda spies on the Winx as they go off to Magix City, but this scene was cut in the 4Kids version.


This school will be your home for the next five years. But! This home can cease to be yours at any moment! The rules of this institution are based on discipline!

Stella's scepter must be ours!


The Winx! Us! I mean if we're gonna be a group we should have a name!