Scene: Alfea Kitchen


Flora: Okie-dokers, five hundred potatoes down.
Tecna: So that means five hundred more to go.
Bloom: You know what? I'll feel like a dork if this doesn't work.
Musa: Well where did you find the formula?
Bloom: It was in Vanity Fairy's new self-improvement guide, so I mean it should work! A thousand potatoes, a bushel of flipweed, a magic backflip, and you're making good decisions all the next day! It says good judgement is guaranteed!

  • The Alfea Chef comes in.*

Chef: I thought I heard itty bitty voices! What-a are you girls a-doing in my-a kitchen, eh?!
Bloom: Err… working on an experiment project for potion class?
Chef: Look at this place! A mess!
Tecna: The potion lab was signed out.
Musa: Relax, Maestro, have a spud!
Chef: My spare potatoes! You're a-using my-a babies! And what is this all about!
Flora: That's dinner.
Bloom: We got hungry.
Chef: That is not-a how to cook!
Musa: Hey! How hard can it be to make an omelette?
Chef: You have to show-a love to your food! You cannot neglect it! You must-a put-a passion in your cooking!

  • Flora flip hers, then Tecna, then Musa, THEN it shows them catching them in that same order.*
  • Bloom tossed her omelette on the ceiling fan.*

Chef: Not-a that much passion!
Bloom: Err… I guess I'll get a ladder?
Flora: Don't worry, I got it!

  • Turns the fan faster.*

Tecna: I don't think that's it!
Musa: Go little omelette! Spinnin' like a DJ! Like it's your birthday! Like it's got your biggest fan! Gonna serve you up with ham now!
Chef: Knock it OOOOOOOOOOFFFFF! I see you-a need instruction on singing as well as cooking! In the kitchen, opera is the music of choice! Rap is for leftovers! Whah! (omelette falls on him) Normally, I would-a find this funny, but as I am the one with egg on my face, I do not laugh! Now-a wrap-a this project up. You might want to be done by the time the headmistress gets here!

  • The chef leaves.*
  • Flora looks in oven.*

Flora: The flipweed's almost done!

  • Stella comes in.*

Stella: So what's the sitch in the kitch, girls?
Tecna: The term 'fashionably late' can only be applied to social engagements, you know.
Stella: Yeah, I know I totally said I'd help, but you're just gonna have to let me play a good excuse card for today!
Bloom: Oh yeah? What's the excuse this time?
Stella: I just received a last-minute invitation!
Musa: Another 'Shoe of the Month' club?
Stella: Prince Sky! He invited me to meet him at some place called the Black Lagoon Café tonight!
Flora: Cool!
Musa: A handwritten note! You go, Stella! Whoo!
Stella: I've been trying to figure out what to wear, but I'm in desperate need of second opinions!
Bloom: Say no more!


  • Note that Flora and Tecna said NOTHING in the beginning.

Bloom: Oh, I hate doing kitchen duties… I just don't get it.
Musa: What is it that you don't get, Bloom?
Bloom: Why a school for fairies can't use magic to cook dinner? It doesn't make sense! All you've got to do is wave a magic wand, snap your fingers, wiggle your nose a couple of times, and voila! Everything is ready without any effort!

  • The Alfea Chef comes in.*

Sfoglia: However, home-cooked-a meals taste a lot better and are-a much-a healthier!
Bloom: Um… hi, Maestro Sfoglia.
Sfoglia: How's-a this side dish coming along?
Musa: We're almost finished, sir.
Sfoglia: These potatoes are too small! Take off less skin! And what about the omelettes! Don't forget to flip them, eh!
Bloom: Oh! Of course!
Sfoglia: Cooking is an art, young lady!
Musa: When I graduate from here, I'll eat out every night.
Sfoglia: Now let us see you flip-a these omelettes. Come on!

  • Flora flips her omelette and catches hers. Tecna flips her omelette and catches hers. Musa flips her omelette, but it takes a little more time for hers to come down, and she barely manages to catch it in time.*
  • Bloom tosses her omelette onto the ceiling fan.*
  • 4Kids cut: after Bloom tosses her omelette onto the fan, the girls and the Chef look up as the camera pans upwards to see the omelette on the fan blades, then an overhead shot where this dialogue takes place.
    The Winx on kitchen duty

    The scene that was cut.

Bloom: Oh, I'm so sorry! I have no idea how it happened!
Sfoglia: Well what are you a-waiting for! Somebody turn-a off-a the fan!

  • Flora runs towards the switch.*
  • End of 4Kids cut.

Flora: Uh, I-I-I'll do it!

  • Flora turns the fan faster.*

Musa: Come on down, little omelette! Don't be afraid! Trust me, no one's gonna eat you!
Sfoglia: I said turn it OOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFF!

  • Flora turns off the fan and the omelette splatters on him.*

Sfoglia: Grr… I'll have a-word with the headmistress about granting you a permanent exemption from kitchen duties! Errgg… you young fairies cause more trouble than help! Now I must-a clean up before dinnertime, so keep an eye on the roast!

  • Sfoglia leaves.*
  • Flora checks the oven.*

Flora: Everything's okay here!

  • Stella comes in.*

Stella: Girls, I have some really wild news!
Tecna: We know. You've managed to get out of kitchen duties. Congratulations, Stella.
Stella: Oh, but I have a perfectly valid reason for that, you know! I'm going out tonight! I've got a date! Isn't that exciting?
Bloom: *sarcastically* Oh, a valid reason indeed…
Stella: I've received an invitation! Guess who from?!
Musa: *sarcastically* "Oh, we're just DYING to know…
Stella: Prince Sky! Can you believe it? An invitation to Black Lagoon! Sounds good, huh?
Flora: Wow!
Musa: A guy who knows you and STILL wants to see you?
Stella: But what am I gonna wear? I'm so confused! Will you help me pick something?
Bloom: Well, okay!

Scene: Stella's Closet and Alfea Kitchen


  • In Stella's walk-in closet.*

Bloom: You've got a whole other row back there?
Tecna: Doesn't this guy lose points because of the short notice?
Stella: Yes, but he gets bonus points for the formal invitation! So...

  • Flora picks out black dress.*

Flora: This one's beautiful! You think I could borrow this sometime? I don't own much black and I-
Stella: Uh, hello? Focus, Flora! We're here to help me!

  • Tecna holds out a weird dress.*

Tecna: I'm guessing there's an excellent story behind this pattern! Where in the Realms did you get that thing, Stella?
Stella: I designed it!
Tecna: Oh, well, it's very…
Stella: Very what?
Musa: Uh, oh…

  • Bloom picks out a blue dress.*

Bloom: What about this one?
Stella: Perfect, Bloom!
Bloom: So will Brandon be there?
Stella: No. Sky gave his servants the night off.
Bloom: Oh! Brandon is not Prince Sky's servant! The correct term is First Royal Squire!
Stella: Talk to me about these heels! Too intense?

  • Another scene cut in this section.

Tecna: No, but they're not very practical!
Stella: Musa, be a dear and bring me that green chest.
Musa: Of course, Your Highness. (struggles with chest) Ugh! What's in there!
Stella: Oh, just a few accessories!
Flora: "Just a few?" Uh…
Stella: The Ring of Solaria! Hmmm… you know what? Better not.

  • She removes the ring, and hands it to Bloom.*

Stella: Bloom, could you keep an eye on this for me?

  • Bloom takes the ring.*

Bloom: You're not gonna wear it?
Stella: Nah! When I have it, I tend to cast love spells before I even know the guy! Besides, something tells me I won't be needing any magic tonight!
Tecna: I don't understand. Why do you let yourself get so charged up about seeing some guy?
Musa: Yo! Does anybody else smell that?
Stella: Ew! That's stinky!
Tecna: The flipweed!

  • They all start running down the hall.*
  • There is a scene here that is not scene in the original. Where Musa quickly beckons her friends to hurry up, a girl dropping her books from the suddenly running, and Stella calling out to them from their dorm room.

Musa: Quick! Outta the way! Coming through! Come on, hurry up!
Stella: Hello? We're not done!
Bloom: Good luck tonight, Stella!
Musa: Have a good time!

  • Flora sees and grabs and extinguisher.*

Flora: We'll need this!

  • Bloom, Musa, and Tecna barge into the smoky kitchen.*

Bloom: Guess the flipweed's well done.
Griselda: "Well" and "done" are two words rarely used together whenever you girls are involved! I can't wait to hear the explanation for this one.
Musa: How's it going, Ms. G?
Griselda: "Aero-la!

  • The smoke clears.*

Griselda: The Maestro tells me you purloined enough potatoes to feed an entire-

  • Flora then barges in and trips

Flora: Here I've got the- Ooof!

  • The anti-flame retardant covers Griselda.

Griselda: AAAH!

  • Griselda wipes off the retardant.*

Griselda: Since you're having such a good time in the kitchen, you can spend the rest of the night here, cooking dinner for the entire school!
Musa: She didn't say that while we're here…
Bloom: … we couldn't still finish the potion! Hm?


  • In Stella's walk-in closet.*

Bloom: Stella, you've got so many clothes!
Stella: Hmmm… that's the problem… I need something really special, romantic!

  • Flora picks out a black dress.*

Flora: I'd wear this! Pure classic elegance! It's perfect!
Stella: For a funeral, yes. For a date, I need a bit more pizzazz.

  • Tecna holds out a weird dress.*

Tecna: How about this then? You're sure to make a lasting impression wearing this. How could you have bought something like that?
Stella: I didn't buy it.
Tecna: Someone GAVE it to you?
Stella: I designed it!
Musa: In the dark?

  • Bloom picks out a blue dress.*

Bloom: I like this!
Stella: Yeah, that's it!
Bloom: Will Brandon be there, too?
Stella: No, Sky gave his servants the night off.
Bloom: Oh come on! Brandon is not his servant! He's his assistant! There's a difference!
Stella: Sorry, Bloom. I was just joking, all right?

  • 4Kids cut.

Bloom: Hmph…
Stella: You like him, huh?
Bloom: Hey!
Stella: Yeah I know, don't tell me, it's none of my business.

  • End of 4Kids cut.

Tecna: Yeah, well you know, you shouldn't have called him that, Stella.
Stella: Musa, could you get that box for me, please?
Musa: Sure.

  • Musa struggles with chest but brings it over.*

Musa: Ugh! What's in there?"
Stella: Just a few pieces of jewellery.
Flora: *shockingly* "A FEW pieces"?!

  • Stella puts on her accessories.*

Stella: Here! These are perfect! But, uh… the ring is too much.

  • She removes the ring.

Stella: Now that's better! Here, Bloom, could you keep this for me, please?

  • Bloom takes the ring.*

Bloom: But it's your magic ring!
Stella: Oh, I won't need it tonight. Hey, who needs a magic scepter when you've got a real prince to protect you?
Tecna: I wouldn't trust that guy. Something is not quite right about this date. I smell a rat!
Musa: I smell something, too…

  • 4Kids cut
  • Flora, Musa, and Tecna panicking in the closet.*

Flora: Oh no, the roast!

  • End of 4Kids cut.

Musa: Hurry up! Quick!

  • Flora sees and grabs extinguisher

Flora: I'll get the extinguisher!

  • Bloom, Musa, and Tecna barge into the smoky kitchen.*

Bloom: Uh-oh! What a mess!
Griselda: " "Mess" you say? A better word would be disaster! Catastrophe! Calamity! Your unreliability is unforgivable!
Musa: Oh no! It's Miss Griselda!
Griselda: Aero-lax!

  • She clears out smoke.*

Flora: "I'm coming, girls!"
Griselda: I hope you have a good excuse for all of this…

  • Flora barges in and trips.*

Flora: Here I- auuugh! Mmmmm!

  • Griselda gasps and gets covered in flame retardant

Griselda: Get back to work immediately! Do you hear me! Dinner must NOT be delayed! Do your BEST, girls!

  • Griselda leaves in a huff.*

Bloom: … bread and cheese okay with you guys? Hm?


  • Scene that was added into this episode.

Darcy: You think she got the invitation?
Icy: I know she did. Knut said she jumped up and down squealing. Actually squealing.
Stormy: I would've gagged on the spot! Love is so lame!
Icy: Know why this plan rules? Cause we get to kill two newts with one footstomp!
Darcy: Huh?
Stormy: What?
Icy: You see, not only is the Ring of Solaria gonna fall right into our hands, but we get to break Stella's precious heart! I can't tell you how much I love watching a little pixie get her heart broken!


None. This scene does not even exist in this episode! That scene was actually pulled out of the Miss Magix episode way down the lane! In Cinélume, the Trix do not appear until the end of the episode.

Scene: Taken the Potion


Musa: "And what is Riven's problem? Why doesn't he ask me out like Sky did Stella?"

Tecna: "What?"

Musa: "I'm just sayin'."

Bloom enters the room.

Bloom: "Well... I've taken the potion and it should start working in the morning."

Tecna: "Musa wants to go out with Riven."

Bloom: "But he was so mega-rude last week."

Tecna: "Well I did read that some boys will act rude simply because they are "crushing".

Bloom: "Yeah, that could be it."

Musa: "So you think I should call him?"

Tecna: "Ask tomorrow, when her good judgment spell kicks in."

Bloom and Musa laugh.


Bloom and Flora enter their room after a long night of cooking.

Bloom: "Ohh… I'm exhausted…"

Flora: *yawns*

Bloom: "And I'm not even hungry anymore."

Flora: *Slumps on her bed*

Bloom: "How are you feeling, Flora? (sits up to see Flora already asleep) Enough said."

Kiko: *tucks Flora in*

Scene: Bad Morning


It's morning at Alfea. (Rooster crows)

"Stella": "STUPID! DUMB! DAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

Bloom wakes up.

Flora: "Umm. What's going on? You hear that?"

Bloom: "Is that Stella?"

Flora: "She didn't wake us up last night. I wonder how the date went?"

"Stella" screams.

Bloom: "Doesn't sound like it went too well. Come on, let's get the scoop."

Flora: "Hey Bloom, is the good decision potion working?"

Bloom: "I don't know yet. It's supposed to be--"

The Winx hear something crash.

Musa: "That sounded expensive!"

Bloom: "Stella, everything alright?"

Flora: "I don't think that's a good decision."

Bloom: "Stella."

"Stella" opens the door.

"Stella": "Hmm, Hiya. Uh, what's up? Uh."

Tecna: "We were going to ask you that. What are you doing in there? What's with all the noise?"

"Stella": "Uh, nothing. Just, just doing a little cleaning. A little reorganizing."

Bloom: "So what time did you get in last night? We didn't hear you."

Flora: "Yeah, and how'd the date go? We expect every detail."

"Stella": "I got in late and the date went fine, OK?"

Bloom: "You're not getting off that easy. Come on, tell, tell."

"Stella": "Uhhh, it was very romantic."

Bloom: "Go on. Did he walk you home? Did he kiss you goodnight?"

"Stella": "OH COME ON! Don't you have your own lives?! How totally pathetic. Ughh!"

"Stella" slams the door.

Musa: "I'll show HER path--"

Bloom: "Take it easy Musa. Let's leave her alone."


Scene: Pumpkin heads


Wizgis has his class and Griselda passes by.

Wizgis: "You girls look marvelous. Now, let's get your normal heads back. Focus and repeat after me (Ahem) Decapadunkin."

All fairy students: "Decapadunkin."

All but one student has their heads changed back.

Bloom: "Wow. That was awesome!"

Pumpkin-headed student: "Uh, Professor Wizgis! It didn't work! What do I do? What do I do?!"

Wizgis: "Don't be alarmed Miss Picka. All this means is that you're thinking too hard about the pumpkin still."

Pumpkin-headed student: "I can't help it! What do I do?! Get my head back!"

Wizgis: "You need a good scare. Let's see (Reaches into his pocket) Uh, (Pulls out a mouse) Here we go."

The Mouse acts scary in front of the pumpkin-headed student.

Pumpkin-headed student: "Ahhhh! Get it away!"

The Pumpkin-headed student's head turns back to normal.

Wizgis: "We'll find the antidote one day grandpa. I promise."

Mouse: "Thanks, Wizzy."

The mouse crawls back into Wizgis' pocket. The bell rings.

Wizgis: "For our first full-body transformation tomorrow, we'll keep it simple and easy. You'll be transforming into slugs."

All fairy students: "Eew."


Scene: Bloom leaves to check on "Stella"


Musa: "Guess Little Miss All That decided not to come to class."

Flora: "Something must be really troubling her. I hope she's ok."

Tecna: "Who cares? She was beyond rude this morning."

Flora: "I know, Tecna, but still…"

Bloom: "She's our friend. Something must be up. Let me go check up on her real quick."

Musa: "You're the one with the good judgement."

Flora: "What about Palladium's class?"

Bloom: "I'll be right back, just give me a minute!"

(Cuts from here and goes directly to Bloom entering the ransacked dorm)

Bloom: "Stella? Huh? Whoa…"


Flora: "But I thought we were her friends…"

Bloom: "I'll try again with Stella. You guys just wait for me here, okay?"

Musa: "Good luck, girl!"

Bloom: "Flora is right. I thought we were all friends"

(4Kids cut)

(Bloom walks up the steps and through the halls as she monologues)

Bloom: "And friends forgive each other. I'm sure Stella has a good explanation for her wacky behavior this morning. At least I hope so…"

(end 4Kids cut)

Bloom: *enters ransacked room* "Gasp! Stella?"

Scene: "Stella" attacks Bloom


Bloom goes to Stella's room.

Bloom: "Stella? You in here? (opens the door) We missed you in- (gasp!) Stella, where are you? What's going on? (Opens the door to her room) This isn't funny. STELLA! (Checks Musa's room)."

"Stella": closes the door behind Bloom.

Bloom: "Huh?"

"Stella": "Well, welcome to the party Bloom."

Bloom: "Huh? Hey we, we were uh, worried about you Stella."

"Stella": "Really, how sweet. Now, I'm looking for something and I need your help. What's wrong, Ugh."

Bloom: "Nothing, just chill out for a-"

"Stella": "Bloom, I am NOT IN THE MOOD!"

"Stella" throws a chair at the wall.

Bloom: "Look, if your date didn't go well i mean don't take it out on--"

"Stella": "I wanna know where my magic ring is Bloom and you're gonna tell me RIGHT NOW!"

Bloom: "I don't have to tell you. I've got it. You gave it to me last night. You said keep an eye on it."

"Stella": "You've got the ring?! Well hand it over YOU LITTLE BRAT!"

Bloom: "Stella wait."

"Stella" throws a raging witch ball at Bloom.

"Stella": "GIVE IT TO ME!"

Musa: "She's through here!"

Tecna: "We're coming Bloom!"

Bloom: "I don't know what's gotten into you but--"

Flora: "Hurry girls!"

"Stella" transforms into a shadow and jumps through the window. Bloom is shocked to see that.


Scene: aftermath of "Stella's" rampage in the dorm


Tecna: "She threw a chair at you?'

Bloom: "No, she threw the chair at the wall."

Flora: "She threw a raging witch ball at Bloom."

Musa: "Oh, well that's better!"

Flora: "Why is she being such a fuddy?"

Tecna: "There is a technical term for the way she's acting: crazy."

Bloom: "I think there's more to it than that. She's in danger! I don't know what kind of danger, but my new powers of good judgement are telling me we have to do something!"

Musa: "I don't understand why we have to do anything. If she wants to act like a stuck-up witch that's her deal."

Flora: "But what if she's being forced to act against her will. She could have some sort of spell on her."

Bloom: "That's what I'm saying. Look, we gotta work together, you know, to solve this mystery."

Tecna: "Ok, Bloom, but how?"

Flora: "Well, obviously, this has something to do with last night."

Bloom: "She was fine before she went out."

Tecna: "So what happened?"

Musa: "Why don't we find out from suspect number one: Prince Sky of Eraklyon. Here's the invitation."

Bloom: "Good call. (Fade out and fade in at Red Fountain) First stop, Red Fountain."


Flora: "What in the world has gotten into her?"

Tecna: "Her date with Prince Charming must've sent her into dizzy mode."

Bloom: "On Earth, we'd say she's out of her head, but somehow, I don't think Sky's got anything to do with it. You should've seen her! She was… she was really evil! It didn't look like her!"

Scene: Interrogating Sky


The girls arrive at Red Fountain.

Flora: "You really have no idea what we're talking about."

Sky: "Not that I wouldn't ask her out but... ever since that little incident with the troll in the swamp we haven't been allowed to leave campus so uh, that makes dating a little difficult. Wait, what's that in your hand?"

Flora: "Your invitation."

Sky: "Huh? What does it say?"

Riven: "Sky spends so much time on his royal throne he never learned how to read (laughs)."

Bloom: "Laugh away Riven cause nobody else is going to."

A dog approaches Tecna.

Tecna: "Yes, that's a good little Canus Carnivorus. Go away."

Sky: "They don't actually have animals where you come from, do they Tecna?"

Brandon: "Lady! (Dog approaches Brandon) Come sit girl. (Lady obeys)"

Sky: "She ignores everyone but Brandon. He's her favorite."

Bloom: "Hey there, Brandon."

Brandon: "Hi, Bloom."


Codatorta: "Less flirting more fightin' boys. You're not in Manners school, you're in Heroics school. Now get back to your practice and then finish cleaning those stables!"

Sky: "You got it professor, right away."

Brandon: "That's Codatorta the Terrible. We should probably get going."

Sky: "Sorry I couldn't be more help you guys."

Brandon: "See you later."

Flora: "Bye guys. What now?"

Bloom: "This is weird. Let's go to Magix."


Scene: Finding the Black Lagoon Cafe


Wipe to Magix

Bloom: "The invitation said to meet at the Black Lagoon Cafe."

Tecna: "My search engine couldn't find it."

Bloom: "That's ok. We still havent tried my search engine."

Flora: "You have a search engine too?"

Bloom: "Yeah, and it's real easy to operate. Watch."

Bloom walks up to a passerby. "Searchin" plays in the background.

Bloom: "Sir, Have you heard of the Black Lagoon?"

Passerby: "No, that doesn't ring a bell."

Flora: "Ma'am. Can I ask you a question?"

Musa: "I think it's a restaurant, but it might be a club."

Couple: "No."

Man: "Well there is a black-eyed pea but that's a legume not a lagoon."

Montage moment.

Humanoid: "Nope."


Scene: Bloom, Flora, Musa, and Tecna fail to find the "Black Lagoon"


Flora: "My feet are killing me…"

Bloom: "I don't understand! Now could nobody in Magix have heard of this place?"

Musa: "Maybe someone's just played a joke on Stel and it put her in a bad mood."

Tecna: "You know, I think Musa's right. Let's just go back to Alfea."

Bloom: "No. Just give me a minute to think."

Tecna: "Bloom, just because you took that potion doesn't mean you're in charge!"

Bloom: "I'm sorry if I care about our friend!"

Musa: "Brother."

Flora: "Okay people! Now just relax!"

Bloom: "Tecna!"

Tecna: "Bloom!"


Flora: "Nothing. This isn't good…"

Bloom: "If they wanted to be a cool spot, they really should start advertising a little bit."

Musa: "Yeah! Nobody's heard of it! There's something fishy going on here…"

Tecna: "Maybe we should all go back to Alfea and warn Ms. Griselda."

Bloom: "You girls give up already?"

Tecna: "Listen, this kind of perseverance is not always good, Bloom."

Bloom: "Neither are your electronic gadgets!"

Flora: "Hey, hey! This is no time to be fighting!"

Bloom: "Sorry…"

Tecna: "Yeah, sorry…"

Scene: Help from a Hipster.


Hipster: "Did I hear you cats say you were looking for the Black Lagoon Cafe? Wow, man, that joint is like the hippest hip. You know what I'm sayin? It's like, totally, underground. You cats have gotta check it out. Though, maybe you're not cool enough."

Tecna: "What?"

Flora: "No, no."

Bloom: "We're cool. We're super cool."

Musa: "Yeah, we rock. We were hip when hip wasn't hip. Now come on, you've gotta tell us where this place is."

Hipster: "Hey, I just had to make sure, you know how it is. You guys are all right. Just shoot down the street there, follow it all the way out of town, cross the river and you're there. It's a little cottage near an Orange Oak Tree."

Bloom: "Awesome. Thank you so-- Huh?"

The Hipster is gone.

Tecna: "That's weird."

Flora: "Where'd he go?"

Tecna: "I have no idea."

Slight Pause.

Bloom: "I think that's how hipsters are. They leave without saying goodbye."

The girls follow the directions. The Hipster stares evilly in the distance.


Scene: Arrival at the Black Lagoon Cafe


Bloom: "Awesome! His directions were right."

Tecna: "Potion or no potion, I have a bad feeling about it."

Bloom: "Well, there's the Orange Oak Tree."

Flora: "And this must be the Black Lagoon Cafe. It's precious but uh--"

Musa: "When we get back to Alfea, you should upgrade your search program."

Tecna: "My search program works fine. It's this place that isn't right."

Flora: "I agree with Tecna. This place is very, very wrong."

Bloom: "What do you mean?"

Flora: "This tree isn't giving off a life force. It's..."

Bloom: "It's what?"

Flora: "It's dead, and it's been that way for a very long time."

Bloom: "You're sure about that?"

Flora: "Positive."

Wind blows from inside the cafe.

Tecna: "There's a change in the Reality Pressure. That means there's an illusion spell lifting."

Musa: "I dug the illusion better."

Bloom: "Yeah, well there's no sense in turning back at this point, right?"


Scene: Entering the Black Lagoon.


The girls enter the cottage. They see the hipster in the distance.

Bloom: "Did you guys see that?"

The hipster runs down the stairs.

Tecna: "For the record, whose idea was it to come in here again?"

Flora: "Do you think we should get outta here?"

Musa: "If Bloom said it was the right move then it has to be the right move."

They hear a creaking.

Tecna: "Oh, do you guys hear that just now?"

Musa: "Yeah, it came from right up there."


Scene: "Stella" reappears


"Stella": "It's about time you showed up."

Bloom: "Stella!"

"Stella": "Welcome."

The door closes behind them.

"Stella": "Now if you girls don't mind, I'm taking my ring back! And while I'm at it (grrr) I'm gonna teach you little pixies a lesson!"

Musa: "What did she call us?!"

Flora: "Stella, your aura is very negative right now."

Bloom: "Look out!"

"Stella" blasts the others. Bloom goes to aid Flora.

Bloom: "We're trapped here Flora."

Tecna: "Power up Bloom!"

Musa: "They can't, they're pinned down!"

Tecna: "All right then, I'm going in."

Tecna transforms.


Scene: The girls fight against "Stella"


Tecna: "Firewall Shield!"

Tecna makes her shield and heads to Bloom and Flora.

Musa: "You go Tecna!"

Tecna gets to Bloom and Flora.

Tecna: "Come on!"

Bloom and Flora go with Tecna. "Stella" blasts the rock.

"Stella": "Ha ha! It's over, Pixies!"

Musa: "Friend or not, she's gonna get Mused!"

Flora: " 'She's gonna get Mused'? What's that?"

Bloom: "Guys, that's not Stella! You know who calls us 'Pixies'! (stands) Are you Icy or Darcy!?"

"Stella": "And the slowest horse crosses the finish line! Ahahaha! Congratulations! (reverts to Darcy) Here's your prize!"

Icy and Stormy appear beside Darcy. The others are mad.

Bloom: "Let's go girls."

Musa, Flora and Bloom transform and are ready to fight.


"Stella": "Ready to surrender!"

Musa: "That's enough! I'm sick of being your target!"

Flora: "No, Musa! Don't react! We can't hurt Stella!"

Bloom: "But that's not Stella! She has no powers without her ring! (stands) Alright, enough fooling around!"

"Stella": "Right you are, little fairies! Time to shed the disguise, and be myself! (reverts to Darcy) Once again!"

Scene: Where's the real Stella?


"Hipster": Wait, wait! Change me back too, please change me back!"

Darcy: "Certainly Knut."

Darcy changes the hipster back to Knut.

Bloom: "What have you witches done with Stella?!"

Icy shows the Winx what they did to Stella.

Icy: "Ha, She's right here."

Flora: "Oh, no."


Scene: Stella or the Ring?


Icy: "(Evil laugh)"

The girls are shocked to see Stella in her situation.

Bloom: "Stella!"

Stella: "Sorry girls. The witches tricked me."

Bloom: "Don't worry Stella, just hang in there. You'd better let her go now!"

Icy: "We will Bloom, just as soon as you give us the Ring of Solaria. And you'd better hurry up, cause that Mortal Coil up there will keep squeezing her tighter and tighter until she goes "Pop!"."

Darcy: "Just like a big fat zit."

Stromy: "She's gonna be splattered all over the wall."

Icy: "Time's running out, so what's it gonna be Bloom: Stella, or the ring?"

Stella: "Bloom, don't give it to them!"

Stella looks down.

Flora: "I say we fight 'em."

Tecna: "That's right. It's four against three, let's take 'em down."

Stella is still being squeezed.

Musa: "Hmmm! We're gonna make you three wish you never heard of Alfea."

Flora: "Yeah, you tell her Musa."

Stella's still being choked.

Darcy and Stormy: "Bring it on."


Scene: Bloom's Choice


Bloom becomes isolated and she makes her choice.

Bloom: "Everybody stop! Okay, The wings are coming off."

Bloom reverts back to Civilian form.

Flora: "Bloom?"

Bloom: "We can't put Stella in any more danger."

Bloom reaches into her pocket and pulls out the ring.

Bloom: "You guys win, this time."

Bloom gives the ring to Icy.

Stella: "Bloom, no!"

Bloom drops the ring into Icy's hand.

Icy: "Good decision. I knew we could count on the soft-heart of a fairy."

Icy lets Stella go.

Bloom: "Stella."

Icy: "We did it girls!"

All three witches laugh. Icy throws the ring into the air and the ring transforms into the sceptre. Icy grabs it.

Icy: "The sceptre is ours! Ha!"

Knut goes with the Trix and all four of them teleport out of the cottage. Bloom comforts Stella.


Scene: After the girls rescue the real Stella


Musa: "That was a good decision, Bloom."

Stella: "Yeah, seriously. I wish I had some of that potion last night."

Tecna: "Then you might have known NOT to go out on a date?"

Bloom: "Hey, you know what? Last night, I almost forgot to mix in the mandrake beet. Who knows what would've happened?"

Tecna: "No wait! You're supposed to mix in a mandrake ROOT, not a beet!"

Flora: "Wait, she got the potion wrong? You know what this means?"

Bloom: "I sure do, Flora! This totally rules!"

Stella: "Bloom, what are you talking about?"

Bloom: "I'm a natural good decision maker!"

Flora: "You didn't need the potion! Just thinking you took it gave you confidence!"

Bloom: "You know girls, the Witches may have scored a goal, but they haven't won the game! (kicks a can)"

Tecna: "What game?"

Stella: "It's an expression, Tecna!"

Bloom: "Don't worry! We're gonna get that ring back! (kicks can at screen)"


Musa: "We've been had. We fell for it like amateurs."

Stella: "Well, maybe that's because we ARE amateurs."

Tecna: "We could have beaten them! It was four against four!"

Bloom: "A battle could've made things worse. To me, the exchange was the best possible option bar none."

Tecna: "But who are you to decide for all of us? You're not the boss!"

Flora: "Tecna, I would've done the same thing."

Bloom: "They might've scored a goal, but the game isn't over yet!"

Stella: "What are you talking about?"

Bloom: "What? You don't have soccer on your planets?"

Flora: "What's soccer?"

Bloom: "Come, I'll show you. It's a game you play with a ball. Let's take this for example. (kicks a can)"

Tecna: "That's NOT a ball."

Stella: "It's just an EXAMPLE, Tecna."

Bloom: "Now, it goes like this… (kicks can at screen)"

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