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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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Date with Disaster


Narrator: What a surprise when the fairies ran into the Specialists in the Black-Mud Swamp. The Winx have to help them look for the missing troll, don't they? But the Trix, they were the one's responsible for the supposedly missing troll. Until now, the two groups have not crossed paths, but the next battle is very close.

Scene: Alfea Kitchen

Bloom: Oh, I hate doing kitchen duties! I just don't get it.
Musa: What is it that you don't get, Bloom?
Bloom: Why a school for fairies can't use magic to cook dinner?! It doesn't make sense! All you've got to do is wave the magic wand, snap your fingers, wiggle the nose a couple of times, and voilà! Everything's ready without any effort!

  • Chef comes in.*

Sfoglia: However, home-cooked meals taste a lot better and are much healthier!
Bloom: Um... Hi, Mastro Sfoglia.
Sfoglia: How's this side dish coming along?
Musa: We're almost finished, sir.

  • Musa hands her potato to the chef and criticizes her work.*

Sfoglia: These potatoes are too small! Take off less skin! And what about the omelettes?! Don't forget to flip them, eh?!
Bloom: Oh! Of course!
Sfoglia: Cooking is an art, young lady!
Musa: When I graduate from here, I'll eat out every night.
Sfoglia: Now let's see you flip these omelettes. Come on!

  • Flora flips her omelet and catches hers. Tecna flips her omelet and catches hers. Musa flips her omelet, but it takes a little more time for hers to come down, and she barely manages to catch it in time. Bloom tosses her omelet onto the ceiling fan. The girls look at her funny.*

Bloom: Oh! I'm so sorry! I have no idea how it happened!
Sfoglia: Well what are you waiting for?! Somebody turn off the fan!
Flora: Uh... I-I'll do it!

  • Flora goes to switch, tries to turn it off but turns it faster*

Musa: Come on down, little omelette! Don't be afraid! Trust me, no one's gonna eat you!
Sfoglia: I said turn it OOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFF!!!

  • Flora turns off the fan and the omelette splatters on him*

Sfoglia: Grr... I'll have a word with the headmistress about granting you a permanent exemption from kitchen duties! Errgg... you young fairies cause more troubles than help! Now I must clean up before dinnertime, so keep an eye on the roast!

  • He irritably leaves the kitchen and Flora checks the oven.*

Flora: Everything's okay here!

  • Stella comes in.*

Stella: Girls! I have some really wild news!
Tecna: We know. You've managed to get out of kitchen duties. Congratulations, Stella.
Stella: Oh, but I've a perfectly valid reason for that, you know! I'm going out tonight! I've got a date! Isn't that exciting?
Bloom: Oh, valid reason indeed...
Stella: I've received an invitation! Guess who from?!
Musa: Oh, we're just DYING to know...
Stella: Prince Sky! Can you believe it?! An invitation to Black Lagoon! Sounds good, huh?
Flora: Wow!
Musa: A guy who knows you and STILL wants to see you?
Stella: But what am I gonna wear? I'm so confused! Will you help me pick something?
Bloom: Well, okay!

Scene: Stella's Closet

Bloom: Stella, you've got so many clothes!
Stella: Hmmm... that's the problem... I need something really special, romantic!

  • Flora picks out black dress.*

Flora: I'd wear this! Pure, classic elegance! It's perfect!
Stella: For a funeral, yes. For a date, I need a bit more pizzazz.

  • Tecna looks at weird dress.*

Tecna: How about this then? You're sure to make a lasting impression wearing this. How could you have bought something like that?
Stella: I didn't buy it.
Tecna: Someone GAVE it to you?
Stella: I designed it!
Musa: In the dark?

  • Bloom picks out a blue dress*

Bloom: I like this!
Stella: Yeah, that's it!
Bloom: Will Brandon be there, too?
Stella: No, Sky gave his servants the night off.
Bloom: Oh, come on! Brandon is not his servant! He's his assistant! There's a difference!
Stella: Sorry, Bloom. I was just joking, alright?
Bloom: Hmph...
Stella: You like him, huh?
Bloom: Hey!
Stella: Yeah. I know, don't tell me, it's none of my business.
Tecna: Yeah, well you know, you shouldn't have called him that, Stella.
Stella: Musa, could you get that box for me, please?
Musa: Sure.

  • Musa walks over to chest, lifts it while struggling.*

Musa: Ugh! What's in there?
Stella: Just a few pieces of jewelry.
Flora: "A FEW pieces"!?
Stella: Here! These are perfect! But, uh... the ring is too much.

  • Stella removes ring.*

Stella: Now that's better! Here. Bloom, could you keep this for me, please?

  • Stella gives Bloom the ring and Bloom takes it.*

Bloom: But it's your magic ring!
Stella: Oh, I won't need it tonight. Hey, who needs a magic scepter when you've got a real prince to protect you?
Tecna: I wouldn't trust that guy. Something is not quite right about this date. I smell a rat!
Musa: I smell something, too...

  • Flora, Musa, and Tecna panic while in Stella's closet.*

Flora: Oh no, the roast! Yikes!

Scene: Alfea Hallway

  • The girls frantically run to the kitchen.*

Musa: Hurry up! Quick!

  • Flora grabs extinguisher.*

Flora: I'll get the extinguisher!

  • Bloom, Musa and Tecna barge into the smoky kitchen.*

Scene: Alfea Kitchen

Bloom: Uh-oh! What a mess!
Griselda: "Mess", you say? A better word would be "Disaster"! Catastrophe! Calamity! Your unreliability is unforgivable!
Musa: Oh no! It's Miss Griselda!
Griselda: Aerolux!

  • Griselda move her hands and clears the smoke.*

Flora: I'm coming, girls!
Griselda: I hope you have a good excuse for all of this...

  • Flora barges in and trips.*

Flora: Here I- auuugh! MM!

  • Griselda gasps and gets covered in flame retardant. Musa, Tecna and Bloom try to smother their laughter with their hands as Griselda whips the flame retardant off with a handkerchief.*

Griselda: Get back to work immediately! Do you hear me! Dinner must NOT be delayed! Do your BEST, girls!

  • Griselda leaves in a huff.*

Bloom: ...Bread and cheese okay with you guys? Hmm?

Scene: Winx's Dorm

  • Bloom opens door to their dorm, Bloom and Flora enter their room.*

Bloom: Urgh... I'm exhausted!

  • Flora yawns.*

Bloom: And I'm not even hungry anymore!
Flora: Uooff!

  • Flora flops onto her bed.*

Bloom: How are you feeling, Flora? 'Nuff said.

  • Flora is already snoring and Kiko covers her with a blanket.*

Musa: Anyway, I wanna go out, too. With or without a date.

  • Bloom enters their living room.*

Bloom: Well, it would certainly be better if somebody asked us out!
Tecna: I've not been programmed for dating!
Bloom: You should try it anyway, it's fun!
Tecna: What's fun about dating? It is an experience of irrelevant value!
Bloom: You have nothing to lose then!
Musa: Yeah, why don't you ask Timmy out?
Tecna: Good night girls, I'm going to switch myself off now!

  • Tecna walks to her room leaving Bloom and Musa to laugh. They both yawn afterwards. The morning approaches. The girls are awakened by the sound of thrashing.*

Kiko: Huh?! Huh?

  • Flora grunts and gets up.*

Flora: Hey, what's going on?
Bloom: I... don't know.

  • Bloom gets off her bed and listens to the noise.*

Bloom: Sounds like it's coming from Stella's room. Let's check it out!

  • The two of them leave the room and Musa and Tecna open their own door.*

Musa: You heard that too, didn't you?
Bloom: Mm-hm.

  • The four of them walk in front of Stella's room.*

Bloom: Stella? Is everything okay? Stella!

  • Stella's door opens.*

Stella: Ah-hah. Oh! Hah-hah, hi! What's up?
Tecna: Stella, what's with all the noise? And at this hour? It's not even time to get up yet.
Stella: Uuuhh... Bag... uhhh... fell down! E-everything's alright; go back to sleep.
Bloom: Uh! What's the point? The alarm is about to go off anyway.
Flora: What time did you get in last night? We didn't hear you come in!
Stella: It was late and I didn't want to wake you up.

  • Stella becomes evasive.*

Bloom: So, how did it go? Come on! We want the details!
Stella: Oh! But there's nothing to tell.
Bloom: And you want us to believe that? Come on, come on, come on!
Stella: I said "Nothing" happened! Okay?! So go mind your own business!
Bloom: Stella...
Musa: Who does she think she is?!
Bloom: No, Musa, leave her alone. She'll get over it.

Scene: Wizgiz's Classroom

  • The students' heads are all pumpkins.*

Wizgiz: And one more time, all together! A deep breath, repeat after me! Vanish pumpkin!
Class: Vanish pumpkin!

  • Their heads return to normal. Except for one.*

Bloom: Wow! That was a lot of fun!
Katy: Uh um! Professor Wizgiz, it didn't work, it didn't work!
Wizgiz: Calm down, calm down. This is what happens when you don't concentrate enough.
Katy: Do something! Please, professor!
Wizgiz: I'll take care of it. Right away!

  • Takes a mouse out of his pocket.*

Wizgiz: Here we are.

  • The mouse screeches loudly.*

Katy: Ah! A mouse?

  • Katy backs away but her head returns to normal.*

Wizgiz: In a case like this, a good scare is the best cure! Thank you, Phil!
Phil: No problem, Wizzie!

  • Phil, the mouse, returns to Wizgiz's pocket. The bell rings.*

Wizgiz: I'll see you girls tomorrow for our first lesson on entosymbiosis, the art of insect transformation!
Class: Ughhh!! Eww!!

Scene: Alfea Hallway

Musa: Did you notice? Our little princess didn't even bother to come to class!
Flora: I don't know what's gotten into her.
Tecna: Maybe something happened to her and she doesn't want to tell us.
Flora: But I thought we were her friends!
Bloom: I'll try again with Stella. You guys wait for me here, okay?

  • Bloom walks off.*

Musa: Good luck girl, huh.
Bloom: *thinks* Flora is right, I thought we were all friends. And friends forgive one another, I'm sure Stella will have a good explanation for her wacky behavior this morning. At least I hope so.

Scene: Winx's Dorm

  • Bloom opens door and gasps. Their room is completely trashed.*

Bloom: What?? Stella??

  • Bloom opens Stella's door but she is not inside.*

Bloom: Oh no! This place looks like it's been hit by a tornado.

  • She runs to her room, and opens her doors to see her room in the same situation.*

Bloom: I just don't get it!

  • Bloom checks Tecna and Musa's room, which is also completely trashed.*

Bloom: What is going on??

  • Stella is hiding behind the door and she closes it. She clears her throat.*

Stella: Hi Bloom, looking for me, are you?

  • Bloom turns around.*

Bloom: Huh? Stella, you did all this?? B-but, why??
Stella: Because I want my ring, Bloom! I searched everywhere for it!

  • Bloom backs away.*

Stella: Where is it?! I want to know where you hid it!!

  • Stella throws a chair.*

Bloom: Stella... Are you sure you're alright?!
Stella: I'll be fine as soon as I get my ring back! You know where it is, don't you?!

  • Stella points at Bloom.*

Bloom: Ugh, I don't recognize you Stella! Calm down, okay?! Let's sit down and talk abou-
Stella: I don't wanna talk, I want my ring, you thief!

  • Stella forms an energy ball in her hands and throws it at Bloom.*

Bloom: Urgh. Hey!!

  • Bloom dodges.*

Bloom: Urgh... Alright, Stella, that's enough!
Stella: Thief!

  • Stella runs and magical escapes through the window.*

Bloom: Ugh... ugh. Ah!

  • Flora, Musa and Tecna are now in the room.*

Flora: I don't know. I can't believe it!
Musa: Believe it girl! This is no dream!
Flora: What in the world has gotten into her?!
Tecna: Her date with Prince Charming must've sent her into dizzy mode.
Bloom: On Earth, we'd say "she's out of her head." But somehow I don't think Sky's got anything to do with it. You should have seen her! She was, she was really evil! It didn't look like her!
Musa: I don't understand the part about the ring. Why was she looking for it? She, herself, gave it to you!
Flora: What if she's lost her memory? What if something happened to make her confused?!
Bloom: That's what we've got to find out! For the time being, nobody must know anything about what happened.

  • Musa walks off a bit.*

Tecna: It'll be hard to keep this a secret for long!
Flora: We've got to find Stella! She's not answer her cellphone.
Bloom: That would be too easy.
Tecna: Where do we start?
Musa: Well, I'd start with last night's date! Prince Sky of Erakylon, our number one suspect!
Bloom: Alright then.

Scene: Red Fountain

Bloom: Next stop: Red Fountain!
Sky (Brandon): I'd love to help you but I really have no idea what you're talking about. Last night I worked out until nine, then I collapsed. I didn't see Stella and I'd never sent her a note like that.

  • Bloom holds up the note. Sky grabs it.*

Sky (Brandon): Hey! I-I didn't write that!
Riven: You sure didn't. Didn't you girls know that Sky can't write? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Bloom: (Sarcastically) Very funny Riven. I just can't stop laughing.
Riven: Bye sweeties! Ha-ha!
Sky (Brandon): Obviously, someone has tricked her. Did something happen to her?

  • A white dog starts to jump and whimper at Sky.*

Bloom: That's what we're trying to figure out.

  • Dog starts bothering Tecna.*

Tecna: Um, would it be possible to turn that animal off, please??
Sky (Brandon): Lady! Down girl! Hush, Lady! Lady!
Brandon (Sky): Lady!
Sky (Brandon): Ugh...
Brandon (Sky): Come sit girl.

  • Lady obeys Brandon.*

Sky (Brandon): Huh, she spends so much time with Brandon, she stop listening to me!
Bloom: Hi, Brandon!
Brandon (Sky): Hello, Bloom.
Codatorta: Alright boys, break's over! Some fierce, fiery dragons are anxiously awaiting your arrival! So, say goodbye to your little friends!
Sky (Brandon): Yes, professor, we'll be there right away!
Brandon (Sky): That's Codatorta the Terrible. It's probably better not to keep him waiting.
Sky (Brandon): You'll keep us posted won't you? And if you need any help, you know where to find us.

  • Sky and Brandon head to their class.*

Flora: Now what?
Bloom: Do you have to ask? Let's go to Magix!

Scene: Magix City

Tecna: So you think Stella is here somewhere?
Bloom: I think Stella could be anywhere at this point!
Flora: Then why are we starting with the city?
Bloom: Because of the Black Lagoon, remember?

  • Stella in a flashback.*

Stella: An invitation to the Black Lagoon sounds good huh?

  • Flashback ends*

Bloom: That's where she's suppose to go last night. Maybe they'll be able to help us there!
Tecna: Black Lagoon. Hm.

  • Tecna manifests a scanner on her wrist.*

Tecna: Using my search program, we'll be able to find it in a flash. A quick scan using the synchronic map and voilà!

  • Tecna now creates a holographic map.*

Tecna: Hmmm. Strange. No sign of the Black Lagoon.
Bloom: Now let's try my search program.
Tecna: You've got one too? How does it work?

  • Bloom walks over to a man who is walking.*

Bloom: Check this out! Excuse me sir, I'm looking for the Black Lagoon.
Man: Black Lagoon? Never heard of it, sorry.

  • Man walks away. And the girls laugh.*

Bloom: See? You guys can use it too if you want. Very easy to operate.

  • They ask several people for the location. No one knew. The girls are now sitting on the a sidewalk.*

Flora: Nothing... This isn't good!
Bloom: If they want it to be a cool spot they really should start advertising a little bit!
Musa: Yeah, nobody's heard of it. There's something fishy going on here!
Tecna: Maybe we should go back to Alfea and warn Miss Griselda.
Bloom: You girls give up already?
Tecna: Listen. This kind of perseverance isn't always good Bloom.
Bloom: Neither are your electronic gadgets!
Flora: Hey, hey this is no time to be fighting!
Bloom: Yeah.
Tecna: Sorry.
Strange Man: Umm... Excuse me, ladies.

  • The girls turn there head, and a strange man approaches them.*

Strange Man: I couldn't help but notice that, uh, well you were asking questions and I-I-I think I have the information you're looking for. U-uhm, but maybe it's none of my business.
Bloom: Are you kidding? Why didn't you say so, right away?
Musa: Do you know anything about the Black Lagoon? If you do, tell us please. Pretty-please with-a-cherry-on-top?
Strange Man: Uh yeah, it's a great new restaurant. Just outside the city, you follow the main road and keep going till you get to the bridge. You can't miss it! There's a really large oak tree right in front of it!
Bloom: Great! Thanks a lot, mister!
Tecna: Uh?

  • The man disappeared.*

Flora: Where did he go?
Tecna: What a strange man...
Bloom: You're absolutely right, Tecna. What a strange man indeed.

  • The girls head to the Black Lagoon. While the man hides behind a half-wall, laughing.*

Scene: Black Lagoon

  • The girls walk over the bridge of the Lagoon.*

Bloom: The directions were right! Here's the big oak tree. And there's the Black Lagoon!
Musa: When we get back to Alfea don't forget to update your search program.
Tecna: My program works very well, it's this place that's wrong!

  • Flora walks over to the oak tree.*

Flora: Tecna's right. There's a strange feeling about the place.

  • Flora touches the oak tree with her hand and it glows around that area.*

Flora: This tree isn't breathing. It feels odd, cold, distant. It's as if it didn't exist, as if it were an illusion!
Bloom: Are you sure Flora?

  • Suddenly, the building's door opens and strong winds begin to blow. Revealing the illusion. The girls walk towards the building and the strange man appears.*

Strange Man: Ooh, at last, there you are! We've been waiting for you! Come in please, come in.
Musa: It's a trap! Why didn't we see that coming?
Bloom: Yeah, well, it's too late to turn back now!

  • The girls enter the building and see the man running away, deeper into the building.*

Bloom: Hey, wait! Who are you??

  • The strange man runs down the stairs.*

Tecna: He wants us to follow him!
Flora: Hmm... I don't like this place one bit!
Musa: A fresh coat of paint, a few nice rugs, it would look totally different!
Tecna: This is not the time to joke around, okay Musa?!
Musa: Hey, that's what Stella would say!
Stella: Well, look who's here...

  • The girls gasp. Stella walks out of the shadows.*

Stella: My friends!

  • The door slams shut and locks.*

Winx: Oh!
Stella: I'm only here to take back what belongs to me! I want my ring. And you're going to give it to me, one way or another!

  • Stella grunts, leaps into the air and starts blasting them with magic.*

Bloom: Watch out!

  • The girls dodge. Bloom and Flora hide behind a pillar.*

Bloom: Ah! Great, we're trapped!

  • Stella continues attacking the pillar, it slowly starts to disintegrate. Flora and Bloom duck. Tecna and Musa are hiding behind a fallen table.*

Musa: Their cover's not gonna last long!

  • Tecna stands.*

Tecna: Don't worry, I'll take care of it.

  • Tecna transforms. Stella continues her assault and Tecna creates a shield.*

Tecna: Shield!

  • Tecna runs to Flora and Bloom, while Stella attacks her shield.*

Tecna: You girls need a lift?

  • Flora and Bloom take cover, behind Tecna and her shield.*

Bloom: Great timing, Tecna!

  • Stella finally finishes blasting the pillar. She cackles.*

Stella: Ready to surrender?

  • Tecna, Flora and Bloom hide behind the table with Musa.*

Musa: That's enough, I'm sick of being your target!
Flora: No, Musa don't react, we can't hurt Stella!
Bloom: But that's not Stella! She has no powers without her ring!

  • Bloom stands.*

Bloom: Alright, enough fooling around!
Stella: Right you are, little fairy! Time to shed the disguise!

  • Stella drops her magic balls in her hands, dispelling them.*

Stella: And be myself...

  • Stella waves her hand in her face and becomes Darcy.*

Darcy: ...Once again.

  • Icy and Stormy join her.*

Bloom: The witches!
Darcy: Heh-heh!
Bloom: Get ready girls!

  • The rest of the Winx transform.*

Strange Man: Wait for me, wait for me! M-me-me too! Madam!

  • The strange man runs up to Darcy, pleadingly.*

Darcy: But of course, Knut.

  • Darcy casts a spell on the man and he becomes Knut. Icy gives a show of hands to Stella, right above them, restrained by several rings. Icy cackles. The girls gasps.*

Bloom: Stella!
Stella: I'm really sorry! The witches tricked me!
Bloom: No need to apologize, it's not your fault!

  • Bloom points at the witches.*

Bloom: Now what is it that you want?!
Icy: Haven't you figured it out yet? We want Stella's ring, of course. Poor Stella, prisoner of my disks of energy, squeezing her even tighter. You'd better hurry up!

  • The disks of energy squeezes Stella, tighter and tighter.*

Darcy: The ring is very important to us!
Stormy: We've gotta have the ring, you weaklings or...
Icy: Time's running out. You gotta decide Bloom: Stella's life or the ring?

  • Bloom stares intently at Stella. The disks of energy squeezes Stella completely and she struggles. Stormy and Darcy laugh.*

Flora: This is blackmail!
Tecna: And we NEVER give into blackmailers!

  • Tecna creates her shield.*

Musa: Hmph. Get ready, evil witches for the thrashing of a lifetime!
Bloom: I've made my choice. No, we can't put Stella's life in danger!

  • Bloom de-transforms.*

Musa: Bloom!
Bloom: Alright Icy, you guys win.

  • Bloom walks over to the Trix, she hands the ring to Icy.*

Bloom: But this time, keep your word.
Icy: Normally I wouldn't, but I don't need her anymore.

  • Icy snaps her fingers and release Stella.*

Stella: Awhh!
Icy: We did it!

  • The Trix laugh at their victory. Icy throws the ring in the air, it becomes a scepter and Icy catches it.*

Icy: The scepter is ours! Ah-ha-ha!

  • The Trix and Knut teleport home. Bloom goes to Stella and hugs her, relieved that she is safe.*

Scene: On a Bridge

  • The girls are looking over the bridge.*

Musa: We've been had, we fell for it like amateurs...
Stella: Well... maybe that's because we are amateurs...
Tecna: We could've beaten them! It was four against four!
Bloom: A battle could've made things worse! To me, the exchange was the best possible option, bar none.
Tecna: But who are you to decide for all of us? You're not the boss!!
Flora: Tecna, I would've done the same thing!
Bloom: They might've scored a goal but the game isn't over yet!
Stella: What are you talking about??
Bloom: What? You don't have soccer on your planets??
Flora: What's soccer??
Bloom: Come, I'll show you.

  • The girls walk onto the grass.*

Bloom: It's a game you play with a ball. Let's take this for example.

  • Bloom walks over to the can on the floor and lightly kicks it.*

Tecna: That's NOT a ball.
Stella: It's just an example, Tecna...
Bloom: Now, it goes like this!

  • Bloom grunts and kicks the can with all her might.*


Narrator: In the next episode, Amazing discoveries will lead Bloom and her friends to Cloud Tower to try to get Stella's magic ring back. Their mission will be filled with obstacles, spells, monsters and magic traps. Will they succeed by themselves, or will they need help?

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