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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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The Nightmare Monster

Scene: Alfea Quad

  • The Winx are walking back to their dorm from a movie.*

Stella: Oooh. What a freaky movie! I still have chills!
Tecna: Yes, but at least it had a happy ending.
Bloom: Yeah. Nothing brings a family back together like having to fight an evil demon, and an army of zombies, escape a few explosions and survive a massive tidal wave!
Stella: And yet, my parents are still separated.

  • Stella giggles lightly.*

Musa: *sadly* Movies about parents always bum me out. I mean, they make me miss my mom like crazy.
Flora: *annoyed* That movie scared me! Can we please stop talking about it?

Scene: Alfea Hallway

  • The Winx are walking down the hallway and nearing their dorm room.*

Bloom: Hey, remember when she was locked in that chamber with that slimy ghost thing?
Flora: Bloom!
Bloom: Sorry!

  • Tecna hears something.*

Flora: Let's talk about things that don't-
Tecna: Hold on. Did anybody just hear that growling sound?

  • Bloom reaches for their door.*

Bloom: It was probably Kiko's stomach. He ate all those gummy bugs at the movie.

  • Tecna now walks towards their room with caution.*

Musa: Sure, Bloom. It was Kiko who scarf down all the candy.
Bloom: It was!

  • Stella yawns.*

Stella: Night, darlings.

Scene: Stella's Room

  • Stella is asleep in her bed with surrounding candles lit. A sudden wind blows them all out. Stella starts to dreams about her parents.

Luna: Stella dear, I don't know if your father had said anything to you but he and I are...
Radius: Your mother and I are gonna be living in separate palaces from now on.
Luna: Your father and I are getting a divorce.
Radius: Your mother and I are getting a divorce.

  • The nightmare gargoyle comes in and starts breathing on Stella's face.*
  • Stella breathes heavily as she is having her nightmare.*

Scene: Stella's Dream

  • The faces of her parents are seen.*

Stella: Dad? Mom? Why are you leaving? Wait!

  • Stella gasps and her parents disappear.*

Stella: *panicked* Guys, I need you! Come back!

Scene: Stella's Room

  • The nightmare gargoyle growls and turns into a spiky dinosaur-like creature as Stella moans in fear.*

Scene: Stella's Dream

  • Stella is flying around in her pajamas.*

Stella: Mom? Dad?

  • Stella sees a mirror and admires herself.*

Reflection's Voice: Look at you! You're so pretty, but on inside you're a loser!

  • The mirror melts as Stella gasps.*

Reflection's Voice: You're nothing, nobody likes you!

  • The mirror turns into a wave.*
  • Stella screams hysterically and gets trapped in a melted whirlpool.

Stella: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The whirlpool splits in two.*

Scene: Stella's Room

  • Stella wakes up, the nightmare gargoyle leaves.*

Stella: Aah! *loudly* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scene: The Winx's Living Room

  • Bloom, Flora, Tecna, and Musa wakes up.*

Tecna: What is it?
Flora: Is that Stella?
Bloom: Let's go!

  • Mirta, as a pumpkin, wakes up.*

Scene: Stella's Room

  • The girls are all sitting near Stella has she holds her pillow tightly, still scared by her nightmare.*

Bloom: It sounded like you were having a nightmare, Stella.
Musa: Must have been pretty intense.

  • Stella, clutching a pillow, frightened.*

Stella: No, it was... Nn, it was real! I was actually feeling something.

  • Musa quietly gasps.*
  • Flora lays her hand on Stella's head to comfort her.*

Flora: Oh, sweetie. I know nightmares seem real sometimes, but...
Stella: Hmm, it was real! I actually felt something scratchy at me and, like, tearing at my mind!
Tecna: Sound like you need a calming spell, and a warm cup of milk.
Musa: She'll be fine.

  • Musa stands up.*

Musa: She's just wigging out cause of that movie we saw tonight. I'm going back to bed. Wake me when something really scary goes down.

  • Bloom and Flora look at each other and giggle.*

Bloom: Musa's probably right, Stel. I mean, I was a little freaked out too, you know.

  • Stella gives a weak smile but it still slightly shaken.*

Flora: Try to get some sleep, sweetie.

  • Mirta's eyes start to droop.*

Scene: Musa and Tecna's Room

  • Tecna and Musa are sound asleep.*
  • Mirta seems to sees something.*
  • Musa tosses and turns in her bed in discomfort.*
  • The voice of her mother is heard.*

Matlin: Musaa... Muuusaaa... Let me sing you a song, darling. Let's sing together! Wait! There's no music!

  • The monster comes in front of Musa's face*

Scene: Musa's Dream

Matlin: I can't hear any music.
Musa: Are you okay, Mom? Mom, are you okay? Mom!

  • Musa runs toward Matlin.*

Matlin: Where did all the music go? I miss music so much...
Musa: Mom, where are you? Don't leave me!

  • Matlin has suddenly disappeared.*
  • Musa is going into a dark abyss.*

Musa: I can't hear any music either! Noooo!

Scene: Musa and Tecna's Room

  • Musa rolls over and her head falls over the bed. The monster transforms into an ugly scorpion-looking creature and crawls over her.*
  • The monster goes on Tecna, shining a red light from it's large red eye it has in its scorpion form

 and starts activating its nightmare power.*

Scene: Tecna's Dream

Digital Voice: Warning. Operator 47896 has caused a-

  • Keeps talking numbers and nonsense*

Digital voice: Warning. Fatal error in-

  • Says some numbers.*

Digital voice: System shutting down.

  • Keeps on talking.*
  • Visually, numbers and other mathematical symbols are falling, then turn into a paper that Tecna becomes trapped inside and being wrapped like a mummy and starts screaming
  • Tecna flies in paper and wakes up in a digi-world.*

Tecna: Ahh! Everything's malfunctioning!
Digi-Timmy: Don't worry Tecna! It's just a glitch in the glitch in a don't worry Tecna.....

  • Digi-Timmy has no eyes, the eyes are on the glasses/*

Scene: Musa and Tecna's Room

Tecna: Ahhhh!

  • Tecna sits up while the nightmare gargoyle evolves into a dragon/beast-looking thing and disappears behind her.*

Tecna: Musa? Are you awake? Musa? Musa! Answer me! Wake up!

  • Musa wakes up.*

Tecna: Do you feel weak?
Musa: I don't know! I-I always feel kinda groggy when I first wake up.
Tecna: I feel like I've been drained of energy!

  • Bloom enters.*

Bloom: What's going on?
Tecna: Bloom.

  • Flora and Stella enter.*

Flora: We heard you scream.
Stella: I see I'm not the only one.
Tecna: I don't know what's happening! I had an unsettling dream and I woke up feeling very strange!
Musa: I had a whack dream too, about my mom. She kept saying she couldn't hear any music. And then... neither could I.
Tecna: And now I...I feel like I've been drained somehow.
Bloom: First Stel, now you guys? This can't be just 'cause of the movie.
Stella: Hello! I was trying to tell you that! What I felt was more than a dream, it felt like something was watching me, or like actually crawling around my brain or something, and now I'm all tired and stuff.

  • Flora hears a voice calling her name*

Musa: Look, it's no big thing, we just saw a scary movie.
Flora: Wait. Hold on a sec.
Stella: Well, whatever it is-
Flora: Stella.
Tecna: What is it? Do you sense something Flora?

  • Kiko hears it too and jumps down from Blooms shoulder onto the floor.*

Flora: Even more. I hear something.
Bloom: Kiko!

  • Kiko seems to be running towards something.*

Flora: A distant voice.

  • Kiko runs out the door into the other room*

Flora: I think Kiko's hearing what I'm hearing.
Tecna: I don't hear anything.

  • Kiko runs toward Mirta the pumpkin*

Flora: It's a girl's voice. She's calling out to us.
Stella: Okay. Goosebumps!

  • Kiko goes behind Mirta the pumpkin and waves his arms*

Flora: Kiko seems to think its Mirta.

  • Flora leans to Kiko*

Flora: We don't know how to break Icy's spell, Kiko.
Bloom: I think he wants you to try anyway. Maybe if Mirta's reaching out to us....
Musa: Do it Flora!

  • Flora tries to change Mirta back into a girl to speak to them.*

Bloom: I think it's working!

  • Flora succeeds and though Mirta does not change back, there is now a small holographic image of Mirta coming out of the pumpkin forms above Flora's hand.*

Mirta: Flora! It's a good thing you were able to contact me. You guys were attacked by a nightmare gargoyle. It stole some of your magic. Icy must have sent it. What they do is they stir up your energy by giving you nightmares! And then, at your most terrified moment, they drain some of your power!
Flora: I'm losing her! Mirta! Mirta!

  • The night goes on and it is now morning.*

Scene: Alfea Courtyard

Stella: Maybe it's like a class assignment. Send a nightmare beast to torment the fairies by Monday?
Bloom: I don't think so. Those witches have been targeting us since the start of the school year.
Musa: Why do you think that is?
Bloom: Well I don't know I just don't think this is a school-related activity.
Tecna: Bloom, it sounds to me like you have a theory but you're just not saying what it is!
Bloom: Yeah I do but I mean... okay here's the thing you guys. This may sound totally self-centered and all, but I just can't help feeling that Icy, Darcy, and Stormy are after me for some reason.
Tecna: Why do you think those three would be after you specifically?
Bloom: I don't know. I think it all has something to do with the truth about my past. I almost feel like... maybe those witches know more about who I am than I do.
Stella: It sounds to me like your overthinking the situation. Not to steal your fire or anything, Bloom, but I think they're after me.
Bloom: Stella, it's not a contest.
Stella: I know, I'm only saying, who got the first nightmare last night? But hey, you think they're after you if you want to. That's not important. What's important is that we fit our heads together and figure out how to kick this things butt when it comes back tonight.
Bloom: I agree, Stella.

  • Musa laughs.*

Stella: Hey, where's Flora?
Bloom: She's in her room, trying to turn Mirta back to normal. Did you guys hear her last night? She actually said "I hate those witches".
Musa: So?
Bloom: I just don't think I've ever heard Flora use the word "hate" before.
Stella: Yeah, well, I guess the witches must have driven her to the extreme edge!
Bloom: Hey, let's just hope that our ambush plan works tonight, and that we're able to fight this monster gargoyle thing, right?

Scene: The Trix's Dorm

  • The Trix are sitting in a circle on the ground.*

Darcy: Tonight is gonna rule.
Stormy: Totally. It's so fun fighting with a perky pixie or fighting can't fight back.
Darcy: The best part is just when they think their nightmares are over...
Icy: Their real nightmare is going to begin!

  • The Trix start cackling.*

Scene: The Winx's Living Room

  • the girls are all pretending to be asleep in their beds*
  • Mirta senses the nightmare gargoyle and starts to glow brightly and warns Kiko.*
  • Kiko jumps down from the table to warn the Winx.*

Scene: Bloom and Flora's Room

  • Kiko tugs on Blooms blanket and wakes her up.*

Bloom: This is it. Go warn the others!

  • Kiko proceeds to do so.*
  • Flora is sound asleep.*
  • The monster goes over Flora.*
  • Flora opens her eyes and sits up.*

Flora: I gotcha!

  • Green sparkles fly out of Flora's hand and the monster starts getting wrapped in vines.*

Bloom: Get it, Flora!
Flora: See how you like that Venus Flywrap monster!

  • The monster breaks free and goes through the wall.*

Flora: Oh no!
Bloom: Stop it!

  • Stella screams.*

Scene: The Winx's Living Room

  • The Winx are all standing around the monster.*

Musa: Yo! It's huge!
Flora: My magic made it even bigger!
Musa: Uh oh! I think it's gonna pounce!
Bloom: Alright, you guys! It's time for Winx!
Winx: Yeah!
Stella: Let's go girls!
Musa and Tecna: Ready!
Bloom, Flora, and Stella: Ready!

  • The Winx transform!*
  • The monster roars.*

Musa: Alright, beastie, bring it on!
Stella: You're about to feel the power of Solaria!

  • Stella takes the ring off, throws it into the air, it turns into the scepter of Solaria, and drops into Stella's hand.*

Bloom: Show 'em, Stella!

  • Stella shoots a light/fire ball at the monster and the monster gets thrown back. Stella's nightmare then gets replayed in her head.*

Scene: Stella's Dream

Stella: No! Mom! Dad!

Scene: The Winx's Living Room

Musa: Stella, snap out of it!
Stella: What just happened?
Flora: It got even bigger!
Bloom: Come on! Let's go get it!

  • All the Winx go chase it except Flora.*

Mirta: Flora....Flora...
Flora: Mirta?

  • Mirta's holographic image appears.*

Mirta: They're after Bloom's power! They're using the monster to drain everyone else's magic so they can get to her!

Scene: Alfea Hallway

  • A few of the Winx are laying on the ground. They are clearly running out of magical energy.*

Stella: Come on you monstrosity show us what you've got!

  • The monster shoots a green magic ball at Bloom. She manages to block it with a shield.*

Stella: Careful, Bloom!

  • Bloom continues to shield the attacks and her fear gets replayed in her head.*

Scene: Bloom's Fear

Vanessa: We found you, Bloom.
Mike: Found you in a fire.
Sky: Who are you, Bloom?

Scene: Alfea Hallway

Stella: Bloom, what are you doing?! Fight back!

  • Bloom can't shield it anymore and falls back.*
  • The monster starts leaving.*

Stella: Bloom, you okay?

  • Stella flies to Bloom.*

Bloom: I don't know. I think.
Flora: Girls! Get up!
Tecna: We're totally drained, Flora. We can hardly move!
Stella: Bloom! Hey, come on girl, wake up! Snap out of it!
Bloom: I'm fine. Where did the monster go?
Flora: Downstairs. Let's go get it!
Stella: Let's take the express!

  • Stella uses her scepter to teleport them to Alfea courtyard.*

Scene: Alfea Courtyard

Musa: Alright, where is that thing?

Scene: The Trix's Dorm

  • The Trix are seeing the Winx and are cackling.*

Icy: Okay girls, time to step in and show 'em what's up.
Stormy: Yeah, let's take matters into our own hands!

  • The Trix disappear.*

Scene: Alfea Courtyard

Flora: I don't see it.
Bloom: Aaaah!

  • The monster is coming down above them.*
  • The Winx jump out of the way.*

Stella: We found it!

  • The Winx fly into the air.*
  • The monster shoots a green ball at Musa. Musa dodges.*

Musa: Funky Force Field!

  • Musa creates a shield around her that looks like a disco ball.*
  • The monster continues to shoot Musa with green balls of energy*
  • Tecna draws a triangle and throws it at the monster*

Tecna: Digital triangle!

  • Tecna misses*

Tecna : Aw, I missed!
Musa: I don't have enough magic to move!

  • Musa gets knocked back*

Stella: Musa!
Flora: Tecna, make a shield!

  • The monster aims at Tecna and shoots balls*

Tecna: I'm trying! Ahh, I don't have enough magic! I cant!
Stella: Hold on, Tecna! We're coming! Together, Flora!

  • Stella and Flora shoot at the monster*
  • The monster blocks it*

Stella: Okay, that was a dud!

  • Bloom is kneeling beside Tecna
  • Musa falls down out of the sky
  • Stella and Flora gasp

Flora: We're too weak to fight!
Bloom: We can't give up, you guys! I know we can do this!

  • The trix appear*

Icy: Oh, did you hear that, witches? Bloom thinks they have a chance.

  • Icy shoots a white sphere at Stella and Flora and they get encased in a huge ice block floating in the air*

Icy: Coming soon to a stadium near you: Pixies on Ice!

  • The trix cackle*
  • Bloom starts flying in the air*

Bloom: I'll get you, Icy!
Icy: Now!

  • The trix start absorbing her energy*

Bloom: Aaaah! Oh no!
Icy: Got her! She's all ours.
Icy: Struggle all you want, Bloom, you're not going anywhere. Now, you got something we want.

  • The monster has trapped Bloom in its tentacles*

Bloom: I don't know what you're talking about!
Darcy: You really don't, do you?

  • Faragonda appears in her pajamas*
  • The Trix see her and gasp*

Faragonda: What is this ruckus all about?
Stormy: Oh, great!
Darcy: What do we do now?

  • The monsterlets go of Bloom

Icy: Let the beast take care of them!

  • Faragonda strikes the monster*

Faragonda: I've had it with you three witches! Conjuring a nightmare gargoyle goes far beyond an inter-school prank! Ice breaker!

  • Other fairies wake up and come out
  • The ice around Stella and Flora break and they fall to the ground*
  • Faragonda strikes the monster again and it screeches*

Faragonda: Take this, fowl creature of the night! Bloom, help me! Consider it hands-on training.

  • Both Bloom and Faragonda are now both striking the monster*

Faragonda: That's the ticket! keep firing!
Stormy: They're gonna toast our pet!
Faragonda: Nocturnus excutus!

  • Faragonda strikes one last blow and the gargoyle is blasted into oblivion

Faragonda: We did it, Bloom! Now, as for you witches, you've invaded Alfea for the last time! Haaaaa!

  • The Trix start flying away as students gasps*

Faragonda: Get back here, young ladies!
Darcy: Yeah, right!
Icy: Later!
Faragonda: Wait!

  • The Trix disappear*
  • The Winx are groaning and struggle to their feet.*

Faragonda: Can someone explain to me what this is all about?

  • Tecna helps Bloom up

Bloom: The witches sent that ugly monster thing to weaken our powers, and then they showed up and attacked us!
Stella: *helps Flora up* Sorry we let them knock us around. You're not going to fail us or anything, are you?
Flora: We tried our best!
Faragonda: Don't be silly. A nightmare gargoyle bested an entire senior class when I was a student.

  • Kiko comes up looking sad*

Musa: I know you would've fought them if you could, Kiko.

  • Kiko then looks happy*

Faragonda: Professor Griffin will be hearing from the Magix Council. They'll see to it that she punishes those three witches for good this time!

Scene: Cloud Tower

  • The Trix are walking through a storm into Cloud Tower.

Icy: Uhhh! I can't believe it! We were this close! The dragon fire was in our hands! I am seriously upset!

  • The Trix are clearly wet because of the rain and their makeup is running, and their hair--particularly Darcy's--is ruined*

Stormy: Yeah, well at least the weather's kind of nice tonight.
Darcy: Be quiet!
Stormy: Excuse me, I'm just trying to look at the dark side of things.
Darcy: Yeah, well some of us don't exactly feel--...!

  • Griffins holo-graphic image pops up. Icy looks frightened*

Griffin: Hovca hours long past! Where have you three been?
Icy: Um...We were just out for a late night-
Griffin: Silence!
Icy: But you just...
Griffin: It was a rhetorical question! I know exactly where you've been!
Icy: Oh.
Griffin: I've warned you a hundred times when you've wrecked havoc, not to get caught!
Icy: I know. It's not going to happen-
Griffin: I said silence! I'm tired of being trumped by Faragonda and having this school embarrassed because you three can't get it together! You are hereby kicked out of this school!

  • The Trix gasp*

Griffin: Now get out of my sight!

  • She disappears

Icy: Aaaahhh! Those pixie losers are not gonna beat us! We're gonna make them pay! We're gonna make them ALL pay!

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