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The Witches' Siege is the twenty-fourth episode of the first season of Winx Club.


The witches destroy Alfea. The wicked trio are close to entirely controlling Magix. Bloom is guided to the bottom of a lake from Daphne's voice. She rekindles the little Dragon Fire power still within her, and is ready for the final to save Magix!


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After the bike is totaled by a lightning strike, Sky and Bloom head for Magix City to find some help. At Alfea, Faragonda, Codatorta and Saladin think about the outcome of this war, fearing the worst when Flora, Tecna and Musa alert Faragonda of a temporal distortion near the well. Faragonda is relieved to see that it is actually Griffin and her students, alongside Brandon, Riven, Knut and Stella. Faragonda and Griffin decide to join forces to try and end the war. Brandon and Riven head toward their fellow Specialists, but it seems that their fellow classmates had only noticed Brandon's return, much to Riven's dismay. Stella joins her friends; Flora and Musa ask Stella what happened to Bloom, Stella relates to them that they do not know about Sky and Bloom's whereabouts.

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Bloom and Sky continue their way to Magix City through a shortcut at Black Mud Swamp. Bloom continues to wonder what they will find and eventually confide in Sky about her fears, anxiety and self-worth. She feels that she no longer belongs to Earth or the magical community because Mike and Vanessa are actually her adopted parents and her powers were stripped from her. Sky is able to comfort her and rejuvenate her sense of belonging – to be herself, regardless of absences or presences of magical powers. They continue their hike when Bloom stops Sky because she hears something in woods. Sky reassures her that nothing is there, unknown to them that the Arachni Cam is once again spying them.

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The Trix are viewing their other Arachni Cam and see that Griffin and her students managed to escape to Alfea, but Bloom is not with them. Seeing that and without fear, the Trix decide to completely conquer Alfea once and for all by summoning a powerful swarm of monsters.

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Nighttime is upon them, and at Alfea, the heads of the school including Codatorta are in a meeting, they discuss the war and Trix's ferocious ambition. Another battle at Alfea begins. The Winx are also battling the monsters, but their best efforts are foiled as the creatures continue to regenerate without fatigue. In the forest, Bloom and Sky settle down for the night, but Bloom's anxiety and self-doubt continue gnawing at her. Sky reassures her and they both fall asleep. At Alfea, the battle rages on with no chance of victory for the good.

Faragonda and Griffin combining powers to stop the monsters

The next morning, Bloom and Sky resume their hike, but a voice calls out to Bloom, stopping her in her tracks. At Alfea, it has been almost an hour since the army's last attack. In Faragonda's office, the staff come up with a new battle strategy – confront the Trix, the source of the army's power.

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Outside, Brandon and Stella are sitting together and talking. Stella tells Brandon that she is scared then Brandon assures her that he is here. Brandon then asks Stella for her forgiveness and Stella tells him not to worry about it. She tells him that nobility cannot solve relationship issues – her best example is her parents. Then, Musa, Flora and Tecna join them. Flora and Musa tease the two lovebirds causing Stella to throw a pillow at Musa. Stella voices her worries about Bloom and the others start to worry again when Riven and Timmy call out to them and tell them that Faragonda wants to see them all.

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Everyone gathers at the quad, with another attacking coming, Griffin and Faragonda hatches a plan - to unite their powers. Then a swarm of monsters heads toward Alfea. The mass number of monsters is viewable in the forest, Bloom and Sky take note of it and fear the worst. Sky wants to hurry to Magix City, but Bloom feels the need to go to Lake Roccaluce and is able to convince Sky to let her. They go their separate ways.

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The monsters continue to swarm Alfea and another battle begins. A monster climbs up one of the towers and breaks it. Faragonda and Griffin then put up a dome around the area and tells the fairies and witches to combine their powers. This time, their unity prevails and the creatures desist. They all cheer for their first successful attempt at winning the war. However, the Trix saw this and decide that it is their turn to exterminate Alfea by their own hands.

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Sky arrives at Magix City and sees that the city is deserted. Bloom has also arrived at Lake Roccaluce and removes her biker's attire. She steps into the lake and calls out to Daphne.

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  • At one point Bloom mistakenly calls Sky "Brandon".
  • Throughout the episode some of the Specialists' gems have the same color as Riven's gem for a short period of time.
  • When Griffin and her students arrive, among them is Stella, Knut and Brandon but not Riven. When Brandon goes to see his fellow classmates, Riven is there.
  • When the girls are teasing Stella and Brandon, they are flying but Tecna's wings are in their neutral which is not suppose to happen she is flying.
  • Fed up with the Decay Manta Flyers, Timmy aims and shots at one, his gem is magenta instead of yellow.
  • When Faragonda was talking about uniting their powers her lips are missing.
  • At one point during Faragonda's speech, Tecna and Stella's eye colors are switched (Tecna mistakenly has brown eyes, and Stella green).


Now is not the time to ask these kinds of questions. Let's focus on the task at hand: we must find a way to respond more quickly and efficiently to their assaults!

But it is thanks to your students that we were able to escape from the clutches of those three power crazed witches!

Griffin, thanking Faragonda's students for rescuing her and her students

I think the time has come to really focus on the conquest of Alfea.

Stormy, on the Trix's next agenda

Sky... I'm scared...


There's nothing wrong with having no magical powers.


I'm alright but my pride isn't.

That's it! I've had it! These flying stingrays are making me dizzy!


Stella, I wanna ask you to forgive me for...

Don't worry about it Brandon. I don't care if you're a prince or not! My parents are the King and Queen of Solaria, it hasn't done them much good has it?


First, I've gotta go to Lake Roccaluce! ...I've got to do it, something to do with Daphne and me, my birth parents, my past... And my powers.