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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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Scene: Quad, Alfea

Bloom *narrating*: Summer was over and it was my first day back at Alfea. I was officially a sophomore!
Bloom: Wow, it's so good to be back. I have a feeling this year is going to be awesome! What do you predict Tecna?
Tecna: A 100% chance of fun.
Bloom: Alright! Hey, check out Musa!

  • Musa is playing her saxophone for some students.*

Bloom *narrating*: Musa had traveled with the Wizardpalooza tour and picked up music from all different realms.
Bloom: Where's that tune from? It's cool.
Musa: Thanks! That one's from the Improv realm.

Scene: Greenhouse, Alfea

  • Flora is tending to plants.*

Bloom *narrating*: Flora had picked up new skills too. She had taken up Aero-magic-therapy.
Bloom: Hey, Flora.  So these flowers have powers?
Flora: They change your mood.
Bloom: I feel good!
Flora: That's Aero-magic-therapy at work.
Bloom: Stella should try it. The back to school party's tonight and she's all stressed out.
Flora: I'll bring her this gladiolai-happyalous. It's the best to ease away tension.

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Alfea

Bloom *narrating*: Stella had spent the summer interning at her favourite fashion magazine, Teen Fairy.

  • Bloom knocks on the door to Stella's room.  Inside Stella is angry and throwing her clothes around.*

Stella: I hate fashion!

  • Bloom walks into the room.*

Bloom: Woah! What's wrong?
Stella: I have a major case of fashion-block.
Bloom: What is fashion-block?
Stella: Huh? Hello?! It's a sudden, tragic inability to be stylish.
Bloom: Oh.
Stella: I used so many new fashion rules at my summer internship that I'm just overwhelmed. I don't know what to wear!
Bloom: Hold on, I thought you were all about fashion rules? You're the one who's like, "when you wear a short skirt, you should really mess up your hair".
Stella: This is different!
Bloom: Just make a decision and then you'll feel better.

  • Bloom goes to leave.*

Stella: Wait! Help me!
Bloom: It's just clothes, come on.
Stella: "It's just clothes"?!
Bloom: Okay, okay, wear your little black dress.
Stella: I couldn't possibly wear black when green is the new black! Or is it lavender now?! I can't remember!

  • Stella starts to cry.*

Stella: I'm so confused!
Bloom *narrating*: As for me, I was happy. It was great just being back with my friends.
Bloom: I really can't wait to see Sky at the party tonight.

  • Bloom notices something flying up ahead.*

Bloom: Huh? What was that?

  • Bloom gets closer.*

Bloom: Cool! A fortune-fly! I've heard all about you, if I catch you, you'll tell me my fortune. Come here cutie.

  • The fortune-fly flies away, and Bloom dives after it, trying to catch it.*

Bloom: Come on! Gotcha!

  • The fortune-fly wriggles free and flies off.*

Bloom: Hey!

  • The fortune-fly's eyes glow and the rug on the floor wraps around Bloom, knocking her over.*

Bloom: Hey. Wait up!

  • Bloom chases after the fortune-fly.*

Bloom: Come on, little fortune-fly.

  • Bloom turns down a hall with mirrors.*

Bloom: Wait a minute, these mirrors aren't reflecting what's across from them. Oh, I remember Palladium talking about these in class, they're actually reflecting magical reality.

  • One mirror is reflecting a door.*

Bloom: So there should be a door here. And it should open with a little magic push.

  • Bloom grabs an invisible doorknob and uses her magic to open the door. Bloom steps into a library.*

Bloom: Hello?!
Voice: Sorry, I'm not doing any psychic readings today, I'm trying to settle in for the school year.

  • The voice belongs to Concorda, the pixie of Alfea.*

Concorda: Look, you'll have to come back later.
Bloom: You're the psychic pixie! I really wanted to take your honours seminar but it's only open to juniors and seniors.
Concorda: Hmmm, maybe I will do your reading. You have a very strong karmic energy coming from you. I see a lot of bright light around you and that's always a sign.
Bloom: What kind of a sign? I hope a good one.

  • The pixie makes a small lounge set appear, and she sits down.*

Concorda: Oh yes, absolutely! It means that you're surrounded by loyal friends.
Bloom: Oh, that's true.
Concorda: I see four very strong friendship lights around you.
Bloom: Those are my best girlfriends.
Concorda: Wait, I see five.
Bloom: I only have four best friends, so what's the fifth light? Oh, could it be for Sky?
Concorda: I do see the name Sky but he falls under a different category, the boyfriend category.
Bloom: Really?
Concorda: Oh, yes. I sense there will be a few bumps along the way, but it will work out in the end. I see great romance. For the both of you.
Bloom: Wow!
Concorda: And that's not half the adventure that's in store for you. I see much more.
Bloom: What other images do you see? What kind of adventure is there, exactly?
Concorda: Well... I see that you will soon meet a new friend, a fairy Princess with long flowing hair, and this fairy Princess will have a sleepy baby pixie with her.
Bloom: Woah!
Concorda: Uh-oh!
Bloom: Uh, what's wrong?
Concorda: Oh my!
Bloom: What is it? Did you see something that's bad.
Concorda: Sorry, dear, I see darkness and grave peril. I see a great cliff. Yes, your new friend is climbing a cliff. She is in a realm that is host to a dark and powerful evil. And she's in grave danger!

Scene: Shadowhaunt

  • Layla is trying to climb a cliff but is struggling.  She makes it to the top, but has to stop and hide when a monster walks past. When it leaves she's climbs over the top, panting. Nearby a group of pixies are stuck in a magical cell.*

Zing: We're too low on power! We don't have enough magic to fight the phoenix!
Chatta: Actually, we might not need magic at all. I read this great article in the Pixie Post, it was all about using psychology to beat a villain. Like if you can understand why they're evil you can work with that instead of fighting it.
Amore: I got it! He's evil 'cause he's lonely, he needs to fall in love.
Chatta: You're right, Amore! That's so brilliant it deserves a cheer! One, two, three, ready and, everyone yell with me! Go Amore! Go Amore! I can't hear you!
Tune: No more yelling, you are breaking all the prisoner etiquette rules.

  • Layla comes towards them.*

Zing: I hear someone coming this way!
Lockette: I'm so scared.

  • Layla gets closer and all the pixies get scared. Amore faints, Chatta and Lockette grab each other.*

Lockette: Oh no!

  • Layla reaches them.*

Layla: Hey.
Amore: Oh, Layla, I just knew it. I just knew you would come to rescue us.
Layla: Are you okay?
Chatta: We're losing all of our powers!
Layla: Don't worry, I'm gonna break you out of there, and then I'm gonna get you all back home, okay?
Lockette: Yeah, but what if the phoenix comes back?
Layla: Then we'll all fight it together.

  • Layla notices Piff who is still sleeping.*

Layla: Hey there, Piff. Has she been asleep the whole time?
Chatta: Piff can really sleep through anything.
Tune: Time to wake up, Piff. Your favourite fairy's here.

  • Piff wakes up and babbles nonsense. Digit uses a gadget to translate her babbling.*

Digit: She says she wants ice-cream, she's hungry.
Layla: Of course, she gets hungry when she's had a good dream.
Chatta: So, what do you say you bust us out? I'm ready.
Layla: These caves have drained most of my power too.

  • Layla tries to use her magic but it's very weak.*

Layla: See? I've never had this happen before.
Lockette: Maybe if you hit the gargoyle over there. I could be wrong but I think it's transferring energy to power the cell.

  • A nearby gargoyle on the wall has glowing eyes.*

Layla: I'll try!

  • Layla hits the gargoyle with an energy blast, and the cell powers down.*

Chatta: Yay!
Amore: You did it, Layla!

  • Piff babbles nonsens.*

Amore: I knew you'd save us.

  • Layla is tired and shaking.*

Layla: I won't be able to carry you down that cliff. Can you fly?
Digit: We don't have enough power.
Chatta: My wing's are in such bad shape. I look like a mosquito.
Layla: Alright, let's find another way out.

  • Layla picks up the pixie.*

Layla: Hold on tight.

  • Layla starts to walk down a hallway of Shadowhaunt. There's a growl.*

Layla: What was that?
Amore: I think it was a bile monster. I hate bile monsters!
Layla: Just as long as it's not that phoenix loser!

  • Piff crawls into the hood of Layla's shirt.*

Layla: Anyone but him!

Scene: Throne Room, Shadowhaunt

  • Darkar is watching Layla.*

Darkar: What did you call me, fairy? Nobody calls me a loser. Nobody! Behold, fists of iron, eyes of fire, wit as sharp as a sword, not to mention pretty too! Now it seems to me a loser is somebody who's been defeated. Somebody who has been smashed to pieces. Somebody who, let's say, has just been devoured by a bile monster.

  • Darkar uses his magic to create monsters.*

Darkar: Arise, my pets. Your master calls you! That's right! Who's your master! The first one to gobble up the fairy wins. Bon appetite!

Scene: Shadowhaunt

  • Layla runs into a room with covered up furniture.*

Layla: What?
Amore: I sense there's a portal. It feels right.
Digit: How it might feel is irrelevant.
Amore: Intuition is important.
Digit: In matters of love perhaps, but in this situation what we need right now is data.

  • Digit does a scan.*

Digit: Oh, you were right.
Lockette: It looks like the portal is barred, but I think I can go through it.
Chatta: Go for it! If you get us out, I'll write you a whole new cheer. Something like: (unintelligible cheer)!
Layla: Hey, try to keep it down. We're escaping, okay?

  • Layla walks further into the room.*

Layla: So, Lockette, I'll bring you up to the portal, then you can-

  • A monster appears in front of them.*

Layla: Oh, great!

  • Layla and the pixies scream. Another monster appears behind them. Layla starts to run away. The monsters roar, and the pixies scream again.*

Lockette: Hey! Watch out!

  • A monster spits bile at Layla, knocking her over. She drops the pixies.*

Tune: Oh, that was so very rude!

  • Another monster shoots spikes at them. Layla grabs the pixies and rolls out of the way. She jumps to her feet and runs away, dodging around and flipping over the monsters while the pixies scream. Layla tricks a monster into stepping in the bile.*

Lockette: Way to go, Layla. He's stuck in his own bile.
Amore: That was an awesome and spectacular move. You show 'em girl!

  • Layla runs around and the monsters accidentally shoot each other with bile and spikes. Layla runs out of the room with the pixies.*

Lockette: Help!

  • Layla escapes the fortress but is faced with a bridge and a high drop. Darkar appears in phoenix form. The pixies scream.*

Tune: Oh no!

  • Darkar transforms back into his regular form.*

Darkar: Look, it's a bird. No, it's a man. No, it's Lord Darkar!

Scene: Quad, Alfea

Stella: Where is Bloom?! I want us all to be together when the boys arrive. I have a theory that beauty enhances beauty, if I'm surround by the four of you, I'll look four times as beautiful. She'll ruin it all!
Flora: Don't worry, Stella, you look good!
Stella: Good's not good enough! One should never settle when it comes to beauty potential.
Bloom: Hey girls!
Stella: Hey!

  • Bloom is running over while trying to fix her shoe.*

Bloom: Sorry, I'm late!
Stella: Why were you late? You're not still obsessing over that tabloid story on Sky are you?
Bloom: Maybe I was doing some realm-wide-web research but I'm over it now.

  • Kiko flies in and puts a headband on Bloom's head.*

Bloom: It's like you said, Stella, why would anyone want to cheat on me?
Stella: You don't sound so sure.
Bloom: I am! Check my skirt? I just got it.
Stella: Let me see.
Flora: The boys will be here soon.
Musa: I know. In fact they're all gonna race here.
Flora: That's cool. Let's check it out.
Bloom: Yeah, let's go.

  • Stella is ruffling up Bloom's skirt.*

Stella: Hold on, Bloom, your ruffles need more ruffling.

  • Tecna, Flora, and Musa walk over to the front gate.*

Flora: Let's wait here.
Musa: Okay.

  • Bloom and Stella walk over as well.*

Musa: Riven's gonna be for shiggity.
Flora: I don't think Stella would agree.
Stella: Yeah, it's gonna be Brandon.

  • Three leva-bikes race along the road. Riven comes first, closely followed by Sky, and then Brandon.*

Stella: Oh no, it was so close!
Flora: And Riven wins.
Musa: Well, Riven went to leva-bike camp this summer.

  • Brandon takes off his helmet.*

Brandon: Hey.
Riven: I won! Looks like you guys are gonna have to do all my chores this week. Yeah!
Sky: Okay.
Bloom: Sky! How was your summer.
Sky: It would have been better if I could have seen you. You're even more beautiful than I remembered.

  • A shadow passes overhead.*

Sky: That's Timmy. He upgraded the squad ship over the summer.
Tecna: He made some significant modifications. He wrote me a letter with all the details. Very nice.

  • Timmy lands the squad ship and comes out.*

Timmy: Hey, Tec, how's it going?
Tecna: The squad ship looks great.
Stella: I have to admit I missed you, honeybunny.
Brandon: I missed you more, cupcake.

Scene: Quad, Alfea

  • Bloom and Sky stand apart talking, while Stella talks to the rest of the group.*

Sky: You're really quiet, Bloom. Are you okay?
Bloom: I wasn't going to say anything but, well, I read this article that said you were seen canoodling with Diaspro over the summer.
Sky: Our families vacationed on the same island, but I didn't hang out with her.
Bloom: So, you're sure there was no canoodling, right?
Sky: There was one canoe trip, but there was no canoodling, trust me.
Bloom: Oh, well, what a relief. I mean, that's cool. 'Cause it's not like it maters to me. Uh, you can do what you want. I mean, I know we're just friends.
Sky: Well, I hope we're more than just friends.
Bloom: Oh!
Stella: I believe style is change! Change is good! Hint hint, Riven.
Riven: Funny.
Stella: I mean, look at Timmy! He looks so much better in his new sweatshirt.
Timmy: Well, Tecna picked it out and sent it to me this summer.
Tecna: Yeah.
Stella: One small change can make a world of difference. Musa.
Musa: I am not gonna change my pigtails! They were all the rage at wizard-palooza.

Scene: Shadowhaunt

Darkar: I'm afraid you're gonna have to hand over the pixies, right now!
Layla: No way! And no how!
Darkar: Now, that kind of attitude is no fun at all. No matter, now you'll have to talk to the hand.

  • Darkar fires an energy blast at Layla and she falls over, dropping the pixies.*

Darkar: 'Cause the face don't wanna hear it.

  • Darkar captures all the pixies except Piff in a spell. Darkar goes to fire another spell, and Layla uses pink magic to create a shield. Darkar's claws puncture it but miss hitting Layla.*

Darkar: You think you have a chance. That's funny.
Layla: Give me back the pixies! Now!
Darkar: I'd rather not.

  • Darkar hits Layla with another spell. Darkar clenches a fist and a dark shadow pins Layla to the wall.*

Darkar: Now, you'll feel the shadow! And it will be the last thing you ever feel.

  • The shadow grabs a hold of Layla and dangles her over the edge, then drops her. She falls with a scream.*

Darkar: Who's the loser now, huh?

Scene: Darkar's Fortress, Shadowhaunt

  • Darkar has Digit and Lockette on a table interrogating them while the other pixies watch.*

Darkar: I want to know the location of the pixie village. And I want to know it now!
Digit: You don't scare us, fear's illogical.
Darkar: Really?!
Chatta: You leave them alone, or you'll have to deal with me! Oops.
Darkar: Okay, but first I'll have a little pixie power snack.

  • Darkar drains the energy from Digit, and Lockette.*

Darkar: Hmmm, that's invigorating! Now, listen up! You will tell me where your village is, or I will take your magic, one by one! Now, who wants to be first? How about you there? The one that's wearing pink!
Chatta: Take me!

  • Darkar roars, and drains Chatta's energy. She falls onto the table next to Digit and Lockette.*

Darkar: Watch carefully pixies, because this is what will happen to you if you dare to defy me!

Scene: Quad, Alfea

  • The school is gathered for an assembly.*

Faragonda: Thank you for coming to our back to school mixer! What a great start to the year! After last year's witch invasion the school had to undergo major remodeling. In a moment we will unveil the new wing, which we have named in honor of a very brave fairy. We would not be here without her. Bloom, my dear, would you please join me up here.
Bloom: Me?
Musa: What are you waiting for? Go take a bow!
Stella: Hold on a second.

  • Stella takes Bloom's headband off.*

Stella: Perfect. Now, stand up straight and remember to smile. Your smile is your most outstanding feature.
Bloom: You girls all have to come up there with me. We all beat the witches together.
Stella: You sure?
Bloom: Come on! Let's do it Winx Club.

  • Stella hands the headband to a fairy next to her.*

Stella: Here, I'm needed.

  • The Winx Club walk up to stand with Faragonda.*

Faragonda: And now, let's unveil our new Dragon Fire wing. Release the magic doves!

  • The sheet hiding the remodelled tower drops away and turns into flying doves.*

Bloom: Sophomore year is going to be really great.
Flora: For sure!

Scene: Quad, Alfea

  • The party is over and the boys are leaving on their squad ship.*

Stella: Thanks for coming, guys. Great party!
Flora: Bloom, I sense a strange disturbance.
Bloom: Where?
Flora: It's coming from the East woods.
Stella: That was the best party e- hey, where you going, Bloom?

  • Bloom leads the girls over to the East woods. Layla emerges from the trees.*

Bloom: Look!

  • Layla just stands there, shaking and crying.*

Bloom: Hey, are you okay?

  • Layla collapses.*

Musa: Is she okay, Bloom?

  • Tecna uses a mechanical ladybug to do a scan of Layla.*

Tecna: I upgraded my PBA, I'll have it do a magi-scan. Hmmmm, she's a Princess! From the realm of Tides.
Bloom: Come on, please, wake up.

  • Piff falls out of Layla's hood.*

Stella: What is that?
Bloom: It's a baby pixie.

  • Bloom picks her up.*

Bloom: She's so sleepy. This is just like the psychic said! A fairy with long, flowing hair and a sleepy baby pixie.
Musa: What else did she say?
Bloom: That there's going to be adventure and darkness like nothing we've ever seen before.

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