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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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Princess of Tides

Scene: Infirmary, Alfea

  • Layla sleeps on a sick bed, breathing fast as she has a nightmare. In the nightmare she runs through the halls of Shadowhaunt while Darkar laughs.*

Darkar (dream): You cannot escape Shadowhaunt.

  • In the dream a bile monster appears and spits bile at her. Darkar laughs again.*

Darkar (dream): Who's the loser now?

  • As the dream gets worse, Layla starts to sweat and shake.*

Darkar (dream): Hand over the pixies.

  • Layla dreams about the monsters attacking her.*

Darkar (dream): Hand over the pixies! Now you will meet the shadow, and when it grabs you, it will be more terrifying than anything you could ever imagine. The pixies are mine, and you are history!

  • The dream ends with Layla falling off a cliff.*

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Alfea

Flora: Try to relax, Bloom.
Bloom: She's been asleep for four days! If she's the girl the psychic pixie saw in her vision then she's been through something terrible.
Flora: But at least she's safe now, right?
Bloom: I don't know. If something's after her, it might come here.
Musa: That's why we have to stand guard.
Stella: We have no idea what she's been through. I mean, she could just be suffering from shopping exhaustion.
Musa: I don't think anybody but you has ever suffered from that, Stella.
Stella: I've never slept four days after shopping.
Tecna: That's right, you slept for a week.
Musa: Ha! Good one Tec.
Bloom: Will you check on her again, Tecna?
Tecna: Nothing's changed. She's still asleep.
Flora: Goodness, we should be sleeping ourselves. Tomorrow's the first day of classes.
Tecna: You mean today is.
Stella: Oh, whatever! It'll just be a bunch of role-taking and introductions and stuff like that, it's no big.
Musa: This isn't freshman year, Stel, we're sophomores.
Stella: That just means twice as many dances with Red Fountain.
Bloom: Night, you guys.

Scene: Light Haven

  • A disembodied voice is chanting positive affirmations.*

Voice: I truly love myself.
Echo: Not as much as we love you.
Voice: I love the birds in the sky.
Echo: Not as much as they love you.
Voice: I love Light Haven.

  • Two guards are standing together.*

Guard 1: Dear friend, I hope you've stopped thinking about life beyond the clouds.
Guard 2: I just want to know what's out there. This place is like a prison.
Guard 1: We don't use that word around here! This is a colony.
Guard 2: So, wait, these people can't leave, I can't even think about leaving, but it's not a prison?
Guard 1: It's a positive affirmation and re-education colony!
Guard 2: The people here are prisoners.
Guard 1: No, they're not. They're guests. They like it here.
Guard 2: Those three witches don't seem to like it too much. The ones in the virtual meadow? They're angry all the time. I don't see how you can just force people to be happy.
Guard 1: You can. It just takes time is all.

Scene: Virtual Meadow, Light Haven

  • The Trix are walking through the virtual meadow.*

Darcy: This is the tenth time we've walked to the horizon and ended up back where we started.
Stormy: If these flowers were actually alive, I'd kill them!
Icy: I'm so sick of this place, if only I had my magic.
Darcy: Ditto that.

  • A voice starts to broadcast from a speaker.*

Voice: Good morning, happy guests, it's a stunningly beautiful day here in Light Haven Meadow, with temperatures at a pleasing 74 degrees. It's the kind of crisp, bright morn that makes you want to pull you neighbour into a warm embrace and say "Isn't it wonderful to be alive?" Remember today is a gift, that's why they call it the present. Let us now take a few moments to quietly reflect on life's many bounties whilst listening to the soothing sounds of the Light Haven quartet.

  • A man on a horse rides past.*

Icy: Get a load of this loser. Keep on prancing pal, we're not into lame.
Darcy: Yeah! Nice hair. Did Mummy do it for you?

  • Stormy suddenly screams.*

Stormy: We shouldn't be here! We used to rule! We were senior witches at Cloud Tower! And nobody messed with us! And we kicked as much fairy butt as we wanted! We picked on freshmen and sophomores everywhere we went! We stole the Dragon Fire, summoned the Army of Decay, took over our school, and destroyed Red Fountain! It's that stupid Bloom's fault we're here! If that sorry, meddling, goody-goody hadn't interfered we'd be living large right now as the queens of the universe! I miss days of mayhem and chaos and torment! Dark skies, and thunderstorms, laughing at someone else's expense!

  • Stormy screams again.*

Voice: Remember the path to inner peace lies within. Happiness begins with you. And a good day is only a smile away. Think not of spreading evil or wreaking havoc, just listen to your heart's true desires.
Darcy: But my heart's true desire is to spread evil and wreak havoc.
Stormy: He can't hear you, Darcy.
Voice: We have some wonderful activities planned for today...
Icy: Would somebody please destroy that thing.

  • The voice continues in the background.*

Stormy: Well, we're not supposed to break stuff around here, but maybe it's okay if I calmly disconnect it.
Voice: ... after that we'll be having cupcakes and tea on the north lawn while....

  • Stormy yanks on the speaker until it disconnects from the tree, but the voice doesn't stop.*

Stormy: You've gotta be kidding me!
Voice: ... now here's an unfitting number from Chrissy Cutebutton.

  • The speaker starts playing a song.*

Icy: Stormy, I feel like I'm going to gag.
Stormy: Alright, that does it!

  • Stormy throws the speaker but they can still hear the song.*

Stormy: Shut up!

  • Stormy kicks the speaker further away but they can still hear it.*

Darcy: I still hear it! Stormy, I can still hear it.
Stormy: Stop the insanity!

  • There are more speakers attached to nearby trees. Darcy finds one in a bush, Stormy finds one under a rock, and on fence posts.*

Darcy and Stormy: It's everywhere!
Icy: I'll tell you something ladies, one way or another I'm getting out of this place. And when I do, that loser Bloom is mine!

Scene: Wizgiz's Classroom, Alfea

Wizgiz: So, what can you girls tell me about opposites?
Fairy 1: Uh, I just read in Teen Fairy's dating column that opposites attract.
Wizgiz: Well, that's true, and in a way it's good news 'cause every force in the universe has an opposite.

  • Bloom is tired and falling asleep in class.*

Wizgiz: Of course, in a way it's bad news too 'cause for every good force, there's an evil force. And you may not even know it's there. All forces exist in direct relation to their opposite's. Take this sphere of paradoxical energy I'm holding.

  • Wizigz holds out his hand but there's nothing there.*

Wizgiz: Notice the way it quivers and shakes as if it wants to take off, but for some reason it can't.
Amaryl: Professor, you're not holding anything.
Wizgiz: Huh? Oh, of course.

  • Wizgiz turns off the lights, and a green ball of light appears in his hand.*

Fairy 2: What happened?
Wizgiz: Now, see that? The sphere of paradoxical energy. In a dark room it becomes a ball of light.

  • Wizgiz turns the lights back on.*

Wizgiz: Anybody can see a light in a room full of darkness, but it takes a combination of strong magical power and awareness to see the darkness in a room full of light. I know this may sound complicated at first, but it's really just a matter of understanding the balance of the universe. Enadred's rule of opposing forces states that all opposites exist both- Bloom!

  • Bloom had fallen asleep at her desk, and wakes up with a scream.*

Bloom: Yes, Professor?
Wizgiz: As someone with great power, I would think you'd be interested in knowing you had an opposite out there.
Bloom: I'm interested.
Wizgiz: Look at this symbol and think about it for a second. Tell me in a concise fashion what it represents.
Bloom: Concise fashion? You know, if you want to talk fashion, you should call on Stella.

  • The class laughs.*

Wizgiz: What I wanna talk now, is how you're gonna write me a three page report on Enadred's rule of opposing forces by next week.

Scene: Infirmary, Alfea

  • Layla is still sleeping on the bed, while Flora and Musa watch over her.*

Flora: She's waking up!
Musa: Hmmm?
Layla: They're gone.
Musa: Who's she talking about?
Flora: I don't know.

  • Layla sits up suddenly.*

Layla: Get away!
Flora: It's okay, sweetie. You're safe.

  • Layla looks at her hands.*

Layla: I've been asleep for four days?
Musa: You can tell that just by checking out your hands?
Layla: Piff? Where's Piff? I can't lost her! Is this still a nightmare?

  • Layla collapses onto the bed and falls back asleep.*

Musa: Okay, she's either a little whacked, or she's still half asleep.

  • Bloom, and Stella arrive.*

Bloom: I think we're all half asleep today.
Musa: Hey, how'd class go?
Stella: Good, except Bloom got busted drifting off. Now she's gotta write some big report. So, she woke up?
Flora: For a sec.
Bloom: Was she okay?
Flora: I'm not sure.
Musa: She seemed out of it.
Flora: She's got the jumpies for some reason.
Ofelia: She's suffering from post-winx-depletion syndrome. But based on my observations the worst of it's behind her.

  • Layla wakes up again.*

Flora: No one's gonna hurt you. You're at Alfea.
Layla: What happened?
Musa: We were hoping you could tell us.
Flora: You showed up here four days ago.
Layla: Please keep him away from me. You have to keep him away, please.
Flora: Who're you talking about?
Stella: There's nobody here but us.

  • Layla lays back down.*

Bloom: I think she's still in shock.
Flora: You were asking for Piff earlier. Would you like to see her?
Stella: She's right over there. Ta da!

  • Piff is sleeping on a nearby desk.*

Layla: Piff! You're okay. I was having nightmares, I thought you were gone.
Flora: So hey, you must be pretty hungry, right?

  • Layla's stomach growls.*

Layla: Oh.
Stella: Have some cafeteria food!
Flora: Keep it down, Stel.
Stella: Why? What's the big deal?

  • Piff wakes up and starts to cry.*

Stella: Uh, what's it doing? Does it want the sandwich?
Bloom: Um, Stella, Piff isn't even teething yet.
Musa: Pick her up.
Stella: What?!
Musa: Pick up the baby.

  • Stella drops the sandwich on Layla.*

Stella: Sorry.
Bloom: So, you're a princess from the realm of Tides.
Layla: Yeah, that's right, my name is Layla.
Musa: Cool, I'm Musa.
Flora: My name's Flora.
Bloom: And I'm Bloom.
Stella: And I'm Stella.
Layla: Nice to see some friendly faces after what I've been through. I was trapped down in the Under-realm.
Stella: Woah, for real?
Musa: Bad things can happen to you down there.
Layla: Yeah, I know.
Bloom: If you lose your winx it can turn you evil!
Layla: Well, that didn't happen to me.
Musa: How do we know?! Huh?!
Flora: Jeepers, girls, relax! Layla's not evil. I can tell she has a ton of positive energy.
Layla: Thanks, Flora.
Bloom: Sorry about that, Layla.
Musa: Me too.
Stella: Hey, me three.
Layla: That's okay, I'm still feeling a little foggy and all.
Bloom: Flora's aero-magic tea should help.
Flora: It's brewed from undome leaves. It will help you regenerate your winx.
Layla: Thanks.

Scene: Throne Room, Shadowhaunt

Darkar: Kerbog! There you are. Get over here!

  • A bat-like creature flies over to Darkar.*

Darkar: So, have you found my perfect sidekicks. Ones that are truly evil, and have style.

  • Kerbog makes a noise.*

Darkar: Yes, they'll make a perfect entourage. Now, where are those nasty little witches being held?

  • kerbog makes a noise.*

Darkar: Light Haven, of course. Let's go pay the tree-huggers a visit.

Scene: Light Haven

Guard 2: So, wait, wait, if they're not prisoners, why are we guards?
Guard 1: Because we're here to guard the guests. As in to protect them.
Guard 2: Protect them from what?

  • Darkar in his shadow phoenix form appears.*

Guard 2: I had to ask.
Guard 1: Remain peaceful! But be ready to fight!

Scene: Virtual Meadow, Light Haven

  • A couple sits on a bench.*

Darcy: Ah, what a beautiful couple. Young love is the fruit on which my happiness feeds. Yup, all you need is love. Come on, ladies, try it out.

  • Icy groans.*

Darcy: Stormy.

  • Stormy growls.*

Darcy: Icy!
Icy: Alright. Oh, how the blossoms dance in the breeze on this lovely afternoon, it makes me oh so happy.
Stormy: Life is such a beautiful and precious thing.

  • Stormy growls again, and the couple on the bench flicker and disappear.*

Darcy: If we're gonna try and get out on good behaviour, you guys might wanna sound a little more convincing.
Stormy: I am so overcome with peace and-
Icy: Oh, forget it, Stormy. It's useless.

  • The blue sky turns dark.*

Icy: Hmmm? What's going on?

  • The sky turns red and lightning strikes.*

Stormy: Finally, some decent weather!
Darcy: This looks really bad!
Icy: Yes. Isn't it great?

  • Darkar appears and walks towards the Trix.*

Icy: Oh my.
Darkar: It's get out of jail time, ladies.
Darcy: I like him.
Darkar: Now, you all belong to me, Lord Darkar.
Icy: Whatever, dude, just get us out of here.

  • The Trix walk towards Darkar and he wraps his arms around them, and they all disappear.*

Scene: Infirmary, Alfea

Layla: When I was a little girl, I discovered a pixie village in the wood's near my father's castle. They became my best friends. I'd sneak out and visit them whenever I could. But when I went last time, the village was empty except for Lockette and Blinky, who I found hiding. Shadow creatures had attacked the pixies while they were out picking jinjin blooms for the Autumn festival. The creatures kidnapped the entire village, only Blinky and Lockette managed to escape. So we went to the jinjin forest and followed the trail the creatures left behind. The trail lead us down into the deep, into the dark heart of the Under-realm, into the kingdom of Shadowhaunt.
Stella: Shadowhaunt?
Flora: My parents used to tell me I would go there if I was bad. I didn't think it was real.
Layla: Neither did I. But after wandering through the caves, I saw the legendary castle in the rocks. And that's when I heard it: a horrible shrieking like nothing I ever heard before. And then he appeared.
Darkar (flashback): If I had known you could have pixies delivered I would have ordered in in the first place. Hand them over!
Flora: Was it the Lord of Shadowhaunt?!
Layla: Yes.
Flora: What did he look like?
Layla: First he was a bird, then he was sort of a guy. And he's got dark powers that are stronger than anything I've ever seen before. And now he's got all the pixies. Except for Piff.
Flora: What does he want from them?
Layla: I don't know, but I'm scared something really horrible is happening to them.

  • Layla starts to cry.*

Layla: And they're counting on me to save them. But, I don't know how I'm gonna...
Musa: Come here.

  • Musa hugs Layla.*

Bloom: We'll do whatever it takes to help you, Layla.
Flora: You bet we will.
Layla: Really?
Musa: You can count on it.
Flora: That's right, we're gonna get those pixies back!

Scene: Hallway, Light Haven

  • The Trix are disgusted to see they are still in Light Haven.*

Stormy: We're still in Light Haven!
Icy: Great, some breakout.
Darcy: At least we're out of that stupid meadow.
Icy: I want out of these robes!

  • Darkar casts a spell and the Trix's outfits change.*

Guard 3: There they are! Come on!

  • Guards run into the hallway.*

Stormy: No way am I going back! Electric storm!

  • Stormy fires a spell at the guards but it barely affects them.*

Icy: Ice Wall!

  • Icy uses magic to create a wall of ice in front of the guards, but they smash through it.*

Darcy: Our power's so weak.
Darkar: Fear not, ladies. You're with me now. And no one messes with Lord Darkar's personal witches.

  • Darkar uses magic to give the Trix powerups.*

Darkar: My magic will be your magic when you wear my marker, and you will belong completely to me.

  • Glowing jewellery appears on Stormy's right wrist, Darcy's left wrist, and around Icy's neck.*

Darkar: Look at me, surrounded by the three most beautiful and dangerous witches ever to walk the halls of Cloud Tower. I'd say if they could see me now, but they'll be seeing me soon enough. And when they do, they will cower before me, and the entire universe will answer to Lord Darkar and his witches. Okay, ladies, it's showtime!
Stormy: This feels awesome!

  • The guards run at the Trix.*

Darkar: Alright, ladies, it's officially witch up hour. So, show me what you've got.
Icy: Time to test drive our hot new bling. You're up first, Darcy!
Darcy: Mesmeriser!

  • Darcy casts a spell on the guards that blinds them.*

Guard 4: All I see is darkness!
Guard 5: Affirmate! Focus and think positive thoughts. Remember, men, victory comes from within. Now!

  • The guards break the spell and continue to attack.*

Stormy: Come on!
Icy: Let's finish 'em off, Stormy!
Stormy: You got it!

  • Stormy and Icy combine their powers and attack the guards, freezing them solid.*

Icy: That's the problem with positive thinkers. They just never know when it's time to give up.
Darkar: Now, hear me. I'm taking you to Shadowhaunt.
Darcy: No way!
Darkar: Soon, you witches will be known far and wide as the three queens of the Under-Realm. Now, let's get out of here.

  • Darkar uses magic to break out of the hallway, transforms into his phoenix form, and conjures a portal.*

Icy: Very cool.

  • The Trix fly with Darkar into the portal and disappear.*

Scene: Winx's Dorm, Alfea

Bloom: This theory of opposing forces says that opposite energies react when they're near each other. I think I can feel my opposite somewhere out there. And it's growing stronger.

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