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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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Queen of Perfection

Scene: The WInx's Dorm, Alfea

  • Riven is sitting on the balcony outside Flora and Bloom's room. Flora comes out to stand on the balcony as well, but doesn't notice him. Below on the quad, Timmy and Tecna are talking.*

Timmy: It's not like you to worry, Tecna. You're usually so calm, and logical.
Tecna: It's been hours since we lost contact. It's only logical to worry.
Timmy: Everything's gonna be okay. I just know it is.
Riven: Saladin should have sent me instead of Brandon.

  • Flora gasps.*

Riven: We'd already be back by now.
Flora: I thought I was alone out here.
Riven: Well, sorry.
Flora: I guess I just thought you'd be with Musa.
Riven: Musa? Why?
Flora: Because she's really upset. I'm sure she could use someone to talk to.

  • Riven looks down to where Tecna and Timmy are hugging and doesn't say anything.*

Flora: I guess I'll go find her and see how she's doing.
Riven: I'll go, but what am I supposed to tell her? Everything's fine? It's probably not, you know?

Scene: The Under-realm

  • Stella and Brandon are holding each other as they fall through the air. Brandon sees they are going to fall into water and cover Stella's mouth before they go under. They are pulled along by a rapidly moving river. Brandon surfaces first.*

Brandon: Stella, hold on!

  • Stella breaks the surface, and Brandon grabs onto her. Brandon tries to swim against the current but it's too strong.*

Stella: Big rock! Big rock!

  • Brandon diverts them around the rock, and grabs onto it.*

Brandon: Yes!

  • Stella screams and Brandon realises he accidentally let go of her.*

Brandon: No!
Stella: Grab my hand!

  • Brandon grabs her hand before she's pulled away.*

Brandon: Gotcha! Hang onto me!

  • Stella spits out some water.*

Stella: I've swallowed like half this river already.
Brandon: Just think of it as spring water, only without the bottle.

  • A large wave hits them and Stella screams as she's pulled away. Brandon catches her hand again.*

Stella: Hang on, Brandon! Don't let go!
Brandon: Can you fly, Stella?
Stella: My powers are gone.
Brandon: If only there was a shoreline.
Stella: I've got a shoreline for you, we're sure gonna drown if we don't get out of here.

  • Another wave of water hits them, and Stella is pulled away again.*

Brandon: No! Stella!

  • Stella screams.*

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

  • Bloom and Sky are looking over the rocky platform Stella jumped off.*

Layla: Help!

  • Layla is still pinned to the wall by the monster's bile.*

Layla: This stuff burns.
Sky: I'm coming, Layla.
Layla: It reeks too.

  • Sky grabs at the pile which has turned rubbery and tries to pull it off Layla.*

Sky: It's tough like rubber. Eugh, come on!
Layla: Hurry, Sky, it stings.

  • The bile finally comes free and Layla falls into Sky's arms.*

Sky: Are you okay?
Layla: I think so.
Bloom: That stuff looked gross. You okay?
Layla: Forget me. What happened to Brandon?

  • They hear Stella scream.*

Bloom: That was Stella!

  • Bloom runs back to the platform.*

Bloom: They must be down there still.

  • Sky and Layla join her.*

Sky: Where?
Layla: Maybe they caught a ledge.
Bloom: Stella!
Sky: Can you fly us down?
Bloom: No. This place has drained all my powers.
Sky: What about you, Layla? Can you fly?

  • Layla tries to fall, but the bile left on her wings makes her fall.*

Layla: Not with this guck on my wings.
Sky: Looks like we're gonna have to climb down. Okay?

  • Bloom helps Layla up.*

Layla: No, forget that. I've still got some power left. There's nothing rearranging a few water molecules can't solve.

  • Layla uses her magic to create a crane.*

Bloom: Cool.

  • Layla, Bloom, and Sky use the rope on the magic crane to get down to the bottom of the cavern.*

Sky: Hang on tight, it's a long way down.

  • They reach the bottom.*

Sky: Just when you thought it couldn't get any colder or darker.
Layla: They down there?
Sky: Don't see 'em. Guys!
Layla: Hey!
Bloom: Stel! Brandon! We just heard them.
Sky: Listen. Is that running water?
Bloom: It's a river.
Layla: A river?
Bloom: Down here, look.
Layla: I bet they fell in and were carried off.

Scene: River, The Under-realm

  • Stella is being carried away by the river while Brandon still holds onto the rock.*

Brandon: Stella!

  • He lets go and swims after her. They try to swim towards each other and eventually grab onto each other. A whirlpool has formed nearby.*

Brandon: Gotcha! Hang on!

  • Brandon uses the PHA as a grappling hook on a bit of rock.*

Stella: Now you pull that out?
Brandon: I was saving it for an emergency.
Stella: Good, well, I think this qualifies as one. By the way...
Brandon: Yeah?
Stella: Don't you ever let go of my hand again.
Brandon: You got it.

  • The rock the PHA has hooked onto starts to crumble away and Stella screams.*

Brandon: Great.

  • They are both sucked into the whirlpool.*

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

Sky: Those rapids look intense. What do you think we should do?
Bloom: Well, I'm not gonna stand around and talk.
Sky: No, Bloom, wait! Where are you going?
Bloom: I'm gonna climb to that ledge down there and then dive in.
Layla: That river leads away from the pixies. What about them?
Sky: She's right. We can't forget our mission, back at Red Fountain we have a saying "The quest is more important than the heroes".
Bloom: I'm sorry, what? What kind of logic is that? What about our friends.
Layla: They can take care of themselves, but the pixies need us. They may not last much longer.
Sky: She has a good point, Bloom. Let's go and rescue the pixies first. Then we can go looking for Brandon and Stella.

Scene: Beach, The Under-realm

  • Brandon and Stella has washed up one a beach and are unconscious. Two trogs come across them.*

Sponsus: Holding hands, adorable. I wonder if they're still alive. Poke them with your stick, Abrupto.

  • Abrupto pokes Stella with his club and she wakes up. She notices the trogs and yelps.*

Stella: Eww! Brandon!

  • Brandon wakes up.*

Brandon: What's going on here?!

  • Abrupto clubs Brandon over the head and he falls back unconscious. When he comes to, he is strapped to Sponsus' back as he walks. Stella is on a stretcher that Sponsus is also dragging along.*

Brandon: What the-?
Sponsus: You were not in the right place. I don't know where you go, but you do not go on the beach.
Brandon: What are you talking about? Put me down!
Sponsus: Please, use your cave voice, you’ll wake the spirits.
Stella: Hey! Driver?
Sponsus: Yes?
Stella: I think I’m about to hurl.
Brandon: Hang in there, Stella, I’m gonna get us- woah!

  • Sponsus slips and falls over.*

Sponsus: Sorry about that. I was startled by the hemian crystals, they’re glowing unusually strong today, that’s a sure sign that the cave spirits are sleeping.

  • Sponsus gets up and keeps walking.*

Brandon: So who are these cave spirits you keep talking so much about?
Sponsus: They're the keeps of Downland and if they're woken up they get angry and shake the tunnels and send out monsters. So we're to be quiet when in the caverns.
Abrupto: Oh, put a rock in it. The monsters don't come from any cave spirits, you know that. The queen just made that up.
Sponsus: You'll have to forgive Abrupto, he's been in a bad place ever since Queen Amentia decided he and his fiancee weren't a perfect couple. She made his girl marry somebody else, someone she thought was a better fit.
Abrupto: That's enough!
Sponsus: Huh?
Abrupto: You may be in love with the queen, but unless you want that head of your smacked in like a jorgol melon, you'll never mention her around me again.
Brandon: So, you're in love with the queen, eh?

  • Sponsus' knees begin to shake and he falls over again.*

Sponsus: Ouch.

  • Abrupto walks away, and Sponsus slowly gets up and follows.*

Sponsus: Queen Amentia is a vision of beauty. Like the hemian crystals, she glows from within. She's a bit of a perfectionist, but that's only because she's so perfect herself. The opening up ahead has the perfect view of her palace. Look.

  • Brandon looks and can see a glowing palace.*

Brandon: Woah!
Sponsus: I'll tend to the girl, and then we'll get you to the queen to find out where you go.

Scene: House, Downland

  • Stella is slowly coming to.*

Brandon: Stella. Hey, blink if you can hear me.

  • Stella blinks.*

Brandon: No offence, but you don't look so good. How are you feeling?

  • Stella's skin has turned a yellow-grey colour.*

Stella: Brandon, I had the strangest dream that we were captured by the ugliest people ever.
Brandon: That.... wasn't a dream.
Sponsus: Ahem.
Stella: Hello there.
Sponsus: Please fetch the water vase, while I look at the girl.

  • Brandon walks over to the vase filled with water, and Sponsus takes his seat.*

Sponsus: Lie back, dear. Let me give you an energy boost. This'll help a little.

  • Sponsus conjures a ball of golden light, and runs it down the length of Stella's body.

Sponsus: You need some sunlight.
Stella: You guys don't have a tanning salon, down here?
Sponsus: No. To be perfectly honest with you, we prefer our skin to be rather pasty and pale.

  • Brandon arrives back with the vase.*

Brandon: Here you go.
Sponsus: Excellent.

  • Sponsus dips a sponge into the water.*

Sponsus: Now, put it back, exactly where it was.

  • Brandon leaves with the vase, and Sponsus presses the sponge to Stella's forehead.*

Sponsus: We are opposites, I was just above ground, picking flowers for the queen, and I could feel my powers rapidly draining. If you stay down here much longer you- no! That doesn't go there!

  • Sponsus walks over to Brandon.*

Brandon: Dude, this is right where it was.
Sponsus: No, this is right where it was.

  • Sponsus moves the vase a little to the side.*

Sponsus: The queen likes it here.
Brandon: Your queen sounds highstrung.
Sponsus: Oh, she's wonderful. Why don't you come see for yourself?

Scene: Amentia's Palace, Downland

  • Sponsus, Stella, and Brandon are waiting outside the palace for Amentia.*

Sponsus: She'll be down soon. She has to wash her face fifteen times before stepping outside.

  • A gong sounds, and doors open to reveal a woman.*

Sponsus: Here she comes!

  • The woman dances to the side, revealing another identical woman behind her.  This woman dances to the opposite side, revealing another identical woman. This continues until the entire line is dancing in a horizontal line.*

Dancer: Fall to your right knee.

  • Sponsus kneels immediately, and gestures for Brandon and Stella to follow.*

Sponsus: Do it!

  • Stella and Brandon kneel.*

Dancer: The one and only, immaculately beautiful, and fabulously perfect, Queen Amentia!

  • Queen Amentia comes through the doors.*

Sponsus: Queen Amentia, I bring you flowers from above!

  • Sponsus offers a bouquet to the queen, who giggles and runs over.*

Amentia: Flowers rule!

  • Amentia is smitten over the flowers, and Sponsus is smitten over her.*

Sponsus: Flowers rule indeed, my queen. And so do you.

  • Amentia takes the flowers.*

Amentia: It's true, I do. Thank you, Sponsus. You may live another day. Wait! Look at this petal! It's wilted!
Sponsus: But when I picked them, they were perfect, they wither in the darkness.

  • Amentia screams and tosses aside the flowers. They hit one of the dancers.*

Amentia: They're of no use to me!

  • Amentia walks past Sponsus.*

Amentia: So, who are these Upworlders?
Stella: The girl's name is Stella.
Amentia: Your hair, what a horrid colour.
Stella: This diva better be glad I don't have my powers-

  • Brandon puts his hand over Stella's mouth but she continues to mumble unintelligably.*

Brandon: Stella.
Sponsus: This is Brandon, her boyfriend.
Amentia: Tell me, Brandon, where did you get such a glorious face?
Brandon: I take after my dad.
Amentia: You know, it's perfectly symmetrical?
Brandon: You're right, a lot of people don't appreciate that about me.
Stella: Hey!
Brandon: What?
Sponsus: My lady, please don't be thinking what I think you're thinking.
Amentia: Brandon, you shall become my husband.

  • Amentia walks away, Sponsus faints, and Stella and Brandon gasp and look at each other.*

Scene: The Quad, Alfea

  • Musa is standing alone as Riven approaches her.*

Musa: I'm not worried.
Riven: Okay.
Musa: Should I be?
Riven: Well, yeah, those guys probably screwed up everything.

  • Musa starts to cry and hugs Riven. He is surprised but hugs her back.*

Musa: Don't you dare tell anyone I cried.
Riven: I won't.

  • A little bit away, Flora is watching them.*

Flora: Must be nice to have a shoulder to cry on.

  • She walks away and comes across Kiko hopping about.*

Flora: Huh? Hop on up.

  • Kiko jumps into Flora's arms then up onto her shoulder.*

Flora: At least I've got you, Kiko.

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

  • Sky, Bloom, and Layla are walking and Layla points further down the cave.*

Layla: I think it's this way. I can feel the pixies energy.

  • They start to hurry.*

Scene: Throne Room, Shadowhaunt

  • Darkar is using magic to watch them.*

Darkar: Awww, those three look like they're lost. I'll send some friends to show them the way. The way to doom.

  • Monsters growl, and Darkar laughs as he glows a bright red.*

Scene: Amentia's Palace, Downland

  • Stella is sitting alone on the ground outside Amentia's palace. Brandon is being held by two guards.*

Amentia: You're still hanging around? You're cluttering up my doorstep, now get out of here! Shoo!
Stella: I'm not leaving without him.
Brandon: Stella, no! You can't stay down here much longer, you have to get back to the sunlight.
Amentia: See, he wants you to go bye-bye, now go, bye-bye. Your boyfriend is with royalty now.
Stella: I am a princess, you know.

  • Amentia, the guards, and Brandon go into the palace and close the doors. Stella starts to stumble through the streets of Downland.*

Stella: I've gotta get in the sunlight, quick.

Scene: Amentia's Palace, Downland

  • Amentia and Brandon stand in the throne room, arguing.*

Brandon: Look, why would you want to marry me? I mean, you don't know anything about me.
Amentia: Your head would look so perfect on this bust.
Brandon: You're gonna chop my head off?
Amentia: A likeness, silly boy. This is the row of royal couples, and I've been waiting for the perfect face to go next to mine.
Brandon: I never thought I'd wish I were ugly.
Amentia: Come to me. Once we have kissed, you and I will be officially engaged.

  • Brandon yelps and runs away.*

Brandon: Stay away from me!

  • He runs up some stairs towards the thrones.*

Brandon: I'm in love with somebody else! You got that?!
Amentia: Look at you, next to the throne. Oh, you'll make an excellent king. Only, when you ascend the stairs, you need to skip every other step, just like I'm doing right now.
Amentia starts to climb the stairs, but Brandon jumps off the platform. Amentia appears in front of him.*
Brandon: Look, I'd rather be eaten by a zung zung worm, then marry you.
Amentia: Goodness, you're so dramatic and passionate, those are qualities number two and five on my checklist. Now, be a man and pucker up.

  • Amentia corners Brandon, and tries to kiss him, but he jumps out of the way. He tries to run away but again Amentia appears in front of him. He hides behind the busts instead.*

Brandon: Stay away from me!
Amentia: Why do you resist me?
Brandon: I'm in love with Stella!
Amentia: Guards!

  • Two guards run over.*

Amentia: Fetch that yellow-haired Upworlder.
Brandon: Good! I knew you'd understand.
Amentia: Put her to work in the mines, at least until she expires for good.
Brandon: No! You can't do that!
Amentia: I can. And I will, unless you give in.
Brandon: Fine, I'll marry you.

Scene: Streets, Downland

  • Stella is still stumbling through the streets. She collapses but forces herself to get up and keep going.*

Stella: I gotta get above ground.

  • She leaves Downland and enters a cave.*

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

  • Bloom, Layla, and Sky walk through a cave, where water is dripping and making noise.*

Layla: Listen to the water making music.
Bloom: Beautiful. Musa would love this, it'd go great with her new song.
Sky: She could sample it and drop a beat with it.

  • Monsters appear, coming towards them.*

Layla: So much for the peaceful moment.
Bloom: Run!

  • The start to run away.*

Scene: Above Ground, The Under-realm

  • Stella has made it above ground and it standing in the sunlight. Her skin returns to it's normal colour.*

Stella: Nothing like a few rays to raise a girl's spirits.

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

  • Bloom, Sky, and Layla are still running from the monsters.

Scene: Above Ground, The Under-realm

  • Stella starts to glow yellow.*

Stella: Now, this is more like it.

  • Stella transforms.*

Stella: Yeah! Let's see that cave queen mess with me now!

  • Stella disappears.*

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

Layla: Bloom! Try to transform!

  • Bloom flickers between her fairy form and her regular form, but can't transform.*

Bloom: I still can't do it.
Layla: If we don't do something these things are gonna transform us into lunch.
Sky: They're gaining on us!

  • One of the monsters throws spikes at them, and they hit Bloom, throwing her to the ground.*

Sky: Bloom!

  • Sky draws his sword, while Bloom crawls away. Before he can attack, one of the monsters knocks Sky over.*

Layla: Okay, need a plan.

  • The monsters advance on Layla.*

Layla: Wait! The seeds!

  • Layla pulls them out and throws them on the ground.*

Layla: Let's see how you like this.

  • Nothing happens.*

Layla: Oh no! I don't have enough magic to activate them!
Stella: Then allow me!

  • Stella flies in.*

Bloom: Stella!
Stella: What's up, little uglies!

  • Stella uses her magic to first attack two of the monsters, then activate the seeds.*

Bloom: The seeds!
Layla: They're growing!

  • The seeds grow into blue plants that shine brightly and melt the remaining monsters.*

Sky: Good job, Stella!
Bloom: Stella!

  • Bloom runs over and they hug.*

Scene: Shadowhaunt

  • Darkar uses magic to watch them.*

Darkar: They made sport of my minions. Let's see what they do when I shake things up! Tremble Under-realm! Tremble!

  • Magic explodes from Darkar.*

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

  • The cave starts to shake, and the ground cracks.*

Sky: It's some kind of quake.
Layla: Uh oh.
Stella: Bloom!
Sky: Come on!

  • They run further down the cave, but are stopped when the cave splits into three directions.*

Stella: Which path?

  • Layla points.*

Layla: This one!

  • They keep running.*

Scene: Amentia's Palace, Downland

Amentia: Come to my arms.

  • Brandon backs away.*

Amentia: Kiss me.

  • Amentia tries to kiss Brandon but he jumps out of the way.*

Amentia: Now, I've got you, my love.

  • Amentia closes in.*
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