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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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Princess Amentia

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

  • Bloom and Sky are looking over the side of the rocky platform where Stella jumped. They hear Layla call out in pain, she is still pinned to the wall with the monster's bile.*

Layla: Disgusting!
Sky: Hold on, Layla!
Layla: Eugh! This is gross! Eugh!

  • Sky pulls at the bile which has turned rubbery.*

Sky: Just let me get this off.
Layla: My wings! Sky! My wings please!

  • The bile comes free, and Layla falls into Sky's arms.*

Sky: It's okay now.

  • Layla hugs Sky, and he looks over at Bloom. She crosses her arms, annoyed.*

Layla: Relax, Bloom, I was just gonna thank him. Thanks.
Bloom: How are you feeling? You okay?
Layla: I'm much better now, but what about the others?

  • Bloom runs back out to the platform.*

Bloom: Sky, quick! Brandon and Stella fell into the pit!

  • Layla and Sky join her.*

Sky: Where?
Bloom: Down there.
Layla: But Stella can't fly, oh.
Bloom: I- I- I can't do it, I'm still too weak.
Sky: Layla, do you think you can carry me down?

  • Layla tries to fly but the bile on the wings makes her fall.*

Layla: Nope, still can't fly.
Sky: Hmmm, we have to find a way down. And quickly.
Layla: I'll take care of it.

  • Layla uses her magic to make a crane.*

Bloom: Woah.
Sky: We can't give up hope, Bloom.

  • They use the magical crane's rope to lower themselves to the bottom of the pit.*

Sky: That's what's left of the tar monster. Brandon!
Bloom: Stella! Brandon! Oh no, oh Sky, they're not here.
Sky: Good, that means they're still alive.
Layla: Hey, look.

  • Layla sees two shapes through the mist.*

Layla: There they are.

  • They run over.*

Bloom: Stella?
Sky: Brandon!
Layla: Oh, thank goodness, it's just a couple of boulders.
Bloom: Woah, what's over there?
Layla: Huh?
Bloom: Hey, it's an underground river.
Sky: Oh, no, they must have fallen in there.

Scene: Underground River, The Under-realm

  • Stella and Brandon fall through the air screaming towards the water. Brandon holds a hand over Stella's mouth just before they fall in. They are pulled along and Brandon surfaces.*

Brandon: Stella? Hold on.

  • Stella surfaces, coughing out water, and Brandon grabs her. They continued to be pulled along by the river and Brandon tries to swim against the current. Stella notices they are heading for a big rock.*

Stella: Brandon! Do something!

  • Brandon moves them so they go around it instead.*

Brandon: Hold on.

  • Brandon grabs the rock as they pass it, but accidentally let's go of Stella in the process.*

Brandon: Stella!
Stella: Help! Brandon!
Brandon: Gotcha!

  • Brandon catches Stella's hand.*

Brandon: Don't worry, we're okay now.
Stella: My hair's a mess and I've swallowed half the river!
Brando: At least it's mountain spring water.

  • A large wave of water hits them and Stella is almost pulled away, but Brandon catches her in time.*

Brandon: I don't think I can keep this up much longer.
Stella: Brandon, hold on!
Brandon: Can you transform?
Stella: No, not yet. No!
Brandon: There's no way to get to shore.
Stella: Just hold onto me, Brandon.

  • Another wave hits them and Stella is pulled from Brandon's grasp.*

Brandon: Stella!
Stella: Brandon!

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Alfea

  • Riven is sitting on the balcony attached to Flora and Bloom's room. Flora walks out but doesn't notice him there. She watches Tecna and Timmy talking on the quad below.*

Timmy: Don't worry, Tecna. Faragonda and Saladin have picked the best team.
Tecna: I know that's logically correct but for some reason, I'm still worried.
Timmy: I fully trust Sky and Brandon.

  • They hug.*

Riven: He fully trusts Sky and Brandon?

  • Flora is surprised to see him there.*

Riven: They picked the best team?
Flora: Sorry Riven, I didn't see you there.
Riven: It happens.
Flora: I mean, I just thought you'd be with Musa.
Riven: Huh? What? Why?
Flora: She's really worried too.

  • Riven looks at Tecna and Timmy hugging.*

Flora: Sorry Riven, I didn't mean to disturb you. I'll just-
Riven: No! I- I- I'll go, I've got something to do anyway.

Scene: Underground River, The Under-realm

Brandon: Stella! Oh no!

  • Brandon lets go of the rock and swims after Stella, who is being pulled towards a whirlpool.*

Stella: Brandon! Brandon! Help!
Brandon: Stella! Take my hand!

  • Brandon catches up with her, and grabs a hold of her before she is sucked into the whirlpool.*

Stella: Brandon!
Brandon: Hold on!

  • Brandon pulls out the Demolecularizer T29 and uses it's grappling hook feature to hook onto a piece of rock.*

Stella: Why is the current so strong?
Brandon: We're trapped in a whirlpool.
Stella: Brandon?
Brandon: Yes?
Stella: No matter what happens, don't let go of my hand.
Brandon: I promise.

  • The rock starts to crumble away.*

Stella: Brandon!
Brandon: Hold on!

  • The rock breaks completely, and they are sucked into the whirlpool.*

Scene: Beach, The Under-realm

  • Stella and Brandon wash up unconscious on a beach, they are still holding hands.*

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

  • Bloom, Sky, and Layla stand looking at the underground river.*

Sky: So? What do we do now?
Bloom: Well, I for one am going for a swim.
Sky: Hey, Bloom, wait!
Bloom: Huh? Stella and Brandon could be in danger, we can't just leave them.
Layla: I don't know, Bloom. This river is probably connect to the one that carried me out. In which case, they're safe.
Sky: Layla's right. We're getting worked up when it could be nothing. I bet they're back in the valley, already.
Bloom: Alright then, let's all make our way back up to the surface and join them.
Layla: I don't want to leave Stella and Brandon either, but there's no time. The pixies are in danger.
Sky: They can take care of themselves, they'll make it back. We'll complete the mission. Come on, let's keep going.

Scene: Beach, The Under-realm

  • Two trogs come across Brandon and Stella.*

Sponsus: Ah, so young, and in love. Isn't that sweet?

  • Abrupto pokes Stella with his club and she wakes up.*

Stella: Woah!

  • Brandon wakes up as well.*

Brandon: Who are you?!

  • Abrupto clubs Brandon over the head and he falls unconscious again. When he comes to he is strapped to Sponsus' back as he walks. Stella is on a stretcher Sponsus is dragging.*

Brandon: What the-?
Sponsus: Hey, do you know your crystal?
Brandon: Put me down! I can't walk on my own!
Sponsus: Relax, you already tried to escape three times.
Stella: Brandon, are we still in the whirlpool.
Brandon: Hold on, Stella, you're gonna be just- eugh!

  • Sponsus suddenly trips and falls over. He slowly gets back up.*

Sponsus: Look at the crystals over there, lately they've had this lovely blue-green glow to them. That means an important event is about to occur in Downland.
Brandon: Downland? Is that where you live? And what do these crystals have to do with it?
Sponsus: You see, at the time of our birth, each of us is linked to a particular crystal. The colour of your crystal reflects on the events that happen-
Abrupto: Will you stop it! Enough already with your idiotic crystal nonsense! No one else but you believes it!
Sponsus: You know, Abrupto wasn't always like this. He used to have a girlfriend named Ex, but she left him rather abruptly. His girlfriend was very nice, although not nearly as nice as mine.
Abrupto: No! Not again! I don't wanna hear about the princess. When are you gonna wake up? You keep this up and not even a one-eyed frog will want to marry you.
Brandon: So, you're not engaged to the princess?

  • Sponsus' knees shake and he falls over again.*

Sponsus: Ouch.

  • Abrupto walks away, and Sponsus slowly gets up and follows him.*

Sponsus: I dream of her every night. She's such a lady, she's pure as an underground stream, elegant as marble, and bright as gold. Soon you'll see the royal palace. Look!

  • Brandon looks and sees a brightly glowing palace.*

Brandon: Woah!

Scene: House, Downland

  • Stella is slowly coming to in a house.*

Brandon: Stella! Hey! Stella, are you alright? How you feeling, Stella? You still look very pale.

  • Stella's skin has turned a yellow-grey.*

Stella: Oh dear. Oh, what's wrong with my face, I've never felt this bad in my life.
Brandon: Do you have a headache?
Stella: No, but I'm totally exhausted.
Sponsus: Would you please get that urn over there? There's water in it.

  • Brandon walks over to the urn and begins to carry it over. Sponsus takes Brandon's seat beside Stella.*

Sponsus: Don't worry, I won't hurt you.

  • Sponsus conjures a ball of gold energy, and runs it along the length of Stella's body.*

Sponsus: You're a fairy, aren't you?
Stella: Why? Is that what your light just told you?
Sponsus: No. I knew you were a fairy when I saw how sweetly you were holding your boyfriend's hand.

  • Brandon brings the urn over, and Sponsus dips a sponge into it.*

Sponsus: Thank you. Now, put it back exactly where it was please.

  • Bradon groans and picks it up again. Sponsus puts the sponge against Stella's head.*

Sponsus: Yours is the power of the stars, the sun, and the moon.
Stella: Uh-huh.
Sponsus: Ours is the opposite, you can't stay here very long.

  • Brandon puts the urn down.*

Sponsus: No! What are you doing?
Brandon: What? This is where I found it?
Sponsus: Here! This is where the princess wants it.

  • Sponsus moves the urn over a little to the right.*

Sponsus: Just like this.
Brandon: Wow, your princess must be something else.
Sponsus: Oh, she's beautiful. I'll introduce you to her shortly.

Scene: The Quad, Alfea

  • Musa is standing alone as Riven approaches her.*

Musa: What do you want?
Riven: Nothing.
Musa: I'm not worried.
Riven: No, but, if I'd gone, we'd be back already.

  • Musa starts to cry and hugs Riven. Riven is surprised but hugs her back, before groaning and dropping his hands. A little bit away, Flora stands and watches them.*

Flora: It's amazing, they're so much alike.

  • Flora walks away and comes across Kiko, hopping about.*

Flora: Come on up.

  • Kiko jumps into Flora's arms, and onto her shoulder.*

Flora: Thanks.

Scene: Amentia's Palace, Downland

Sponsus: You know, the princess is yet to choose a husband. I'm yet to win her heart, but I'm sure these flowers will do the trick.

  • A door opens, revealing a woman.*

Sponsus: Here she comes!

  • The woman dances to one side, revealing a similar looking woman behind her. That woman dances to the side, revealing another woman behind her. The dancers continue to split until they are in a horizontal line.*

Dancer: Princess Amentia will see you now!

  • Sponsus kneels and gestures for Stella and Brandon to do the same.*

Sponsus: Bow!

  • Stella and Brandon bow. Princess Amentia walks out.*

Sponsus: Princess Amentia, Sponsus at your service.

  • Amentia runs over, smitten by the flowers, while Sponsus is smitten over her.*

Sponsus: These are roses of the abyss. I picked them just for you.
Amentia: But they're so rare. Oh, what a sweet smell. Thank you, Sponsus. Hey! One petal is wilted! You disappoint me, Sponsus!
Sponsus: Oh, but I- I'm so sorry, I didn't notice. I- I-

  • Amentia screeches in anger.*

Amentia: You've wasted my time!

  • Amentia throws the flowers and they hit one of the dancers. Amentia notices Brandon and Stella.*

Amentia: Ha, are these our guests?
Sponsus: This is Stella, a fairy.
Amentia: Goodness. Ugly outfit.
Stella: Yep, thanks, and that thingamajiggy you've got on-

  • Brandon puts his hand over Stella's mouth.*

Brandon: Stella.
Sponsus: And that's Brandon, her boyfriend.
Amentia: I can't believe it, such perfectly harmonious features.
Brandon: Well, with all due modesty-
Amentia: Your face is absolutely perfect.
Brandon: Princess, you're making me blush, but good eye.

  • Stella nudges him.*

Sponsus: Oh, Princess, oh please, no.
Amentia: Brandon, you shall become my husband.

  • Amentia walks away, Sponsus faints, and Brandon and Stella look at each other.*

Brandon: Huh?
Stella: Huh?

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

Sky: Layla, we've been walking for hours. Are we lost?

  • Layla looks around, thinking.*

Layla: I remember this passageway.

Scene: Throne Room, Shadowhaunt

  • Darkar uses magic to watch Bloom, Layla, and Sky.*

Darkar: Heartbreaking, those three are all alone. Perhaps they would appreciate some company.

  • The Trix cackle, and Darkar laughs as he glows a bright red.*

Scene: Amentia's Palace, Downland

  • Stella is sitting alone on the ground, Brandon is being guarded.*

Amentia: Hey! Still here? My fiance pays attention to me only. Now leave!
Stella: I'm not leaving without Brandon!
Brandon: Stella, it's okay! Just get yourself back up to the surface! You can't survive down here!
Amentia: See, my sweetheart totally agrees with me. Face it, sun girl, you're no match for me.

  • The guards, Brandon, and Amentia go inside and close the doors. Stella groans and leaves, stumbling through the streets of Downland.*

Stella: Come on, Stella. You've gotta get above ground.

Scene: Throne Room, Amentia's Palace

Brandon: Never! Do you hear me? Never! I won't marry you today, I won't marry you ever.
Amentia: The crown is for you, my love. I found my prince.
Brandon: Huh? But I'm an Uplander?
Amentia: It's a tradition here in Downland, a princess can choose whoever she wants to be the man of her dreams.
Brandon: Yeah, well, for me it's more like a nightmare.
Amentia: Ah, Brandon, you are my one true love.

  • Amentia comes towards Brandon and he runs away.*

Brandon: No! Stay away from me!

  • He runs up the stairs towards the thrones.*

Brandon: Listen, I love Stella. Understand?
Amentia: How I love a strong willed man! You will make such a great King once I get you on that throne. Come here, my honeybun.

  • Amentia ascends the stairs, but Brandon jumps off the platform. Amentia reappears in front of him.*

Brandon: You can't marry me, I'm not a trog.
Amentia: Ah, but here in Downland, a Princess' wish is law. Come, Brandon, we'll be together forever.

  • Amentia tries to kiss Brandon, but he jumps out of the way. He runs away again, but again Amentia appears in front of him. He hides behind a statue instead.*

Brandon: No! That'll never happen!
Amentia: You really won't marry me?
Brandon: The one for me is Stella.
Amentia: Well then, guards!

  • Two guards run over.*

Amentia: Bring Stella back to the castle.
Guard 1: Yes, Majesty.
Brandon: Ah, now you're making sense.
Amentia: Keep her from getting above ground. She won't last long down here.
Brandon: No, you can't do that!
Amentia: Yes I can. However, you could change your mind.
Brandon: Alright, I'll marry you.

Scene: Street, Downland

  • Stella is stumbling through the streets, and collapses to her knees. She forces herself to keep going, and leaves Downland and enters a cave.*

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

  • Bloom, Sky, and Layla walk through caves where water is dripping, making noise.*

Layla: What a beautiful sound.
Bloom: It's amazing. Musa would love it if she were here, wouldn't she?
Sky: Yes, it's music to my ears. Huh?

  • The hear the sound of approaching monsters.*

Layla: Oh no! More monsters!
Bloom: Quick! Let's get out of here!

  • They run away.*

Scene: Above Ground, The Under-realm

  • Stella has made it to the surface and is standing in the sunlight. Her skin turns back to it's regular colour.*

Stella: A little sunshine and I'm gorgeous again.

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

  • Bloom, Sky, and Layla continue to run from the monsters.*

Scene: Above Ground, The Under-realm

  • Stella starts to glow yellow.*

Stella: Stella Magic Winx!

  • Stella transforms.*

Stella: Yeah! Stella, the fairy is back!

  • Stella disappears.*

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

Layla: Bloom, can you transform?

  • Bloom tries to transform but can't,*

Bloom: Sorry, I need more rest.
Layla: Me too. We'll never be able to fight them off.
Sky: Look, there's a cave.

  • One of the monsters shoot spikes and they hit Bloom, throwing her to the ground.*

Sky: Bloom!

  • Sky draws his sword, while Bloom crawls away. Before Sky can attack, a monster knocks him to the ground. The monsters begin advancing on Layla.*

Layla: If only I could transform. Faragonda's seeds!

  • Layla takes out the seeds and throws them.*

Layla: Take this, you monsters!

  • Nothing happens.*

Layla: No! There's not enough light for them to grow!
Stella: Hold on, I've got all the light you need.

  • Stella flies in.*

Bloom: Stella!
Stella: Let me handle this!

  • Stella uses her magic to first attack two monsters, then activate the seeds and help them grow.*

Layla: Hey, the seeds.

  • The seeds grow into blue plants, that shine brightly, and melt the remaining monsters.*

Sky: Nice work, Stella.
Bloom: Stella!

  • Bloom runs over and they hug.*

Scene: Shadowhaunt

  • Darkar uses his magic to watch them.*

Darkar: They made sport of my minions! Downland tremble! That's my word! Tremble!

  • Magic explodes from Darkar.*

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

  • The cave starts to shake, the floor cracking.*

Sky: It feels like an earthquake.
Layla: What do we do?
Stella: Run!
Layla: This way quick!

  • They run further into the caves, but are stopped when the cave splits into three directions.*

Bloom: Which way?
Layla: This way!

  • They run down the path Layla pointed to.*

Scene: Amentia's Palace, Downland

  • Amentia follows Brandon around, trying to kiss him.*

Amentia: Kiss me!

  • She tries to kiss him but Brandon jumps out of the way.*

Amentia: Kiss me, kiss me, give me a kiss! Give me, mwah.

  • Amentia closes in on Brandon.*
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