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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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Rescuing the Pixies

Scene: Above Ground, The Under-realm

  • Bloom, Layla, Stella, and Sky are looking at a thick rock wall.*

Sky: The PHA could teleport us through the rock, but it only lasts for twenty seconds.
Stella: And what happens if we haven't found an opening and time runs out?
Sky: Then basically we'd be stuck inside the wall for all eternity.
Stella: No way am I ending up as an Under-realm wall flower. Not gonna happen.
Bloom: What if we found a spot where we knew for sure there was a tunnel on the other side?
Sky: We'd have to be pretty certain. You know these mountains best, Layla. Is there like another tunnel running nearby?
Layla: I'm not sure. But I think if we went down to the bottom of this chasm we'd be on the other side of Shadowhaunt's main chamber. I think.
Sky: Then let's get down there.

Scene: Shadowhaunt

  • Bats fly around shrieking and disturbing the pixies in their cage.*

Tune: What are those things doing?
Chatta: Sounds to me like they're eating something.
Tune: Well, they should learn to chew with their mouths closed.
Chatta: Go away! Shoo! Go chew somewhere else.
Digit: Room-bats feed once a year, and they're not chewing.
Chatta: Sounds like chewing.
Digit: It's not.
Tune: Don't start bickering again.
Chatta: Well, chew on this, Digit! I'm sick of your know-it-all factoids. First, it was that thing about ions in our energy cage, now you're going on about room-bats!
Digit: Knowledge is power.
Chatta: Excuse me, I wasn't finished. Okay, there now I've finished.
Tune: What's that noise if they're not eating?
Digit: It's a predatorial call intended to scare us.
Tune: Room-bats be quiet, PLEASE!

  • Tune's voice is so loud and shrill that Shadowhaunt shakes and the pixies cover their ears.*

Chatta: Even when she's angry she's polite.

  • Lockette and Amore walk over to the side of the energy cage, looking sad.*

Digit: Uh oh.
Chatta: What's the matter?
Lockette: It's Charmy. She's gone.

  • The other pixies run over, a pair of boots and hat are floating by themselves. The pixies hug each other.*

Scene: Throne Room, Shadowhaunt

  • Darkar is using magic to watch the pixies.*

Darkar: Awww, they're sad about their little friend. It might be the perfect time to console them.

Scene: Shadowhaunt

  • Darkar appears in front of the energy cage in the form of a snake. He hisses and moves closer to the cage, scaring the pixies.*

Chatta: Don't bother! We're never telling you where our village is.

  • Darkar lunges forward and enters the energy cage.*

Lockette: Oh no!

  • He winds through the pixies as they tremble in fear.*

Darkar: Insolent pixies! Answer me! Where is your village? Tell me now! Or I'll eat you!
Lockette: Please wait! I'll tell you! It's underneath.... the tree.
Chatta: That's right! It's underneath the Boida fruit tree in the Endelong forest, two lanes east of Whispering Falls.
Darkar: Excellent. You'd better be telling the truth.

  • Darkar leaves.*

Scene: Above Ground, the Under-realm

  • Bloom, Sky, Layla, and Stella stand at the edge of a chasm.*

Sky: Okay, are you guys ready to go back down there?
Layla: Hopefully this'll be the last time.
Stella: Personally, I can't wait. Nothing says good times like a sun-less, monster-ridden cavern.
Bloom: It's a good thing you got over your fear of heights, Stella.
Stella: Seriously. Now...

  • Stella looks over the edge of the chasm and doesn't move.*

Sky: Stella, maybe you should wait up here, since your powers seem to, you know, drain faster down there.
Stella: Hello, we've got pixies to save.

  • Stella starts to climb down.*

Stella: And the sooner we do that, the sooner I can't stop that pasty cave-queen from marrying my boyfriend.
Layla: Hold up. I think I found a faster way to get down there.

  • Layla holds up a plank of wood. Layla uses the plank of wood to surf down the chasm edge. Sky joins her and they both do jumps.*

Sky: You're pretty good at this.
Layla: I board all the time back in my realm.

  • Layla and Sky reach the bottom of the chasm and slide to a graceful stop.*

Sky: Where are Bloom and Stella?

  • Bloom and Stella are also boarding down the chasm, but not looking nearly as graceful as Layla or Sky.*

Bloom: Woah!

  • Bloom and Stella scream. Bloom makes it to the bottom and tries to stop but falls over. Stella reaches the bottom and runs into a large rock, cracking it.*

Bloom: Stella!

  • Stella is okay.*

Stella: Being hardheaded comes in handy sometimes. Check it, I cracked the rock.
Sky: I hate to tell you this, but these aren't rocks down here. They're petrified monster droppings.
Stella: Ewww.
Sky: It means there's tunnels nearby. In fact, I bet there's one on the other side of this wall.
Bloom: And what if it's just solid rock?

  • Sky gets his PHA out.*

Sky: We'd implode. But I don't think it will be.
Stella: Maybe I'll just wait here.
Bloom: Come on, Stella.
Stella: Okay, but if I never return, Bloom, I want you to have my wardrobe.

  • There is a flash of blue light and they all disappear. They reappear one by one inside a cave, except Stella.*

Bloom: Hey, where's Stella?
Sky: Weren't you holding her hand?
Bloom: What hand? We all turned into thin air or whatever?
Sky: The portal's closing!

  • There is a flash of gold light.*

Bloom: Oh no!

  • There is another flash of blue light and Stella comes flying out of the wall.*

Stella: Ow!
Bloom: There you are! I was so worried, Stella.
Stella: I'm never doing that again!
Sky: Oh look, you picked up a stowaway.

  • Bloom plucks something off Stella's head. It's a worm.*

Bloom: A wumble worm.

  • Stella shrieks.*

Sky: In Eraklyon they say "The early bird gets to eat the worm, and that it brings you luck".
Stella: Well, since you were the first one here, go ahead.

  • Bloom, Stella, and Sky laugh.*

Layla: Guys, we made it. It's Shadowhaunt.

Scene: Amentia's Palace, Downland

Trog 1: Before you can marry our queen you must recieve seven doses of pristine complex B.
Brandon: What?

  • A bunch of trogs are fussing over Brandon.*

Brandon: And how do you give me that? Is it some kind of pill?

  • Brandon is jabbed with a needle and he yelps.*

Brandon: Okay, look! Go tell that wacko queen of yours that she's pushing my limits.

  • The trog holds up the needle again and Brandon yells.*

Brandon: Forget this!

  • Brandon goes to some cloth on a nearby table and throws it on the ground.*

Brandon: I'm not going through with it!

  • The trogs hurry to pick up the cloth, but Brandon throws more.*

Trog 2: We must clean up! Hurry!
Brandon: She's got you guys on a leash.
Amentia: Have you finished grooming the groom?

  • Amentia enters, and the trogs are worried.*

Trog 3: Queen Amentia!
Amentia: Now, remember, you have to-

  • The trogs try to hide the cloth on the ground but Amentia notices and gasps.*

Amentia: What are those ceremonial robes doing on the floor?! My groom will not wear robes that have touched the floor! Not even once! Not talk! Who is responsible for this disaster?! Was it you?
Trog 4: No.
Brandon: It was me, Your Highness.
Amentia: Huh?
Brandon: It wasn't these guys.
Amentia: Taking the blame? Oh, what a noble thing to do. What a perfect husband you'll be.

Scene: Shadowhaunt

  • Bloom, Stella, Sky, and Layla stand looking at the Shadowhaunt castle.*

Bloom: So, that's Shadowhaunt. What do you think it's like on the inside?
Stella: Probably drab and dreary.
Layla: We can take that bridge.

  • Sky looks and sees how high the bridge is.*

Sky: I don't think Stella's gonna wanna go up there.
Stella: Sounds to me like you're the one who's scared. Maybe you should hang tight and let the fairies take it from here. You're slowing us down anyway, without you we could just fly.
Bloom: We're not flying, Stel.
Stella: Oh, right, because why use our magic?
Bloom: Stel, because! Our winx drains big time down here, we have to save it for when we really need it.
Layla: Come on.

  • They walk up the rock to where the bridge begins.*

Layla: It looks rickety, if it breaks, just hang on and swing to the other side.

  • Layla starts walking on the bridge.*

Bloom: We used to have a ride like this at this water park on Earth.

  • Bloom starts walking on the bridge.*

Sky: Water park?

  • Sky starts walking on the bridge, but Stella doesn't follow him.*

Stella: You people are forcing me to admit it: I'm still scared of heights! There I feel better now.
Bloom: We knew that already, Stel.
Stella: It's embarrassing.

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Alfea

  • Tecna is singing in the shower.*

Tecna: If E equals MC squared, it's a fact, just add a spell, and then subtract.

  • Tecna comes out of the bathroom in a robe. Kiko waves his arms to her her attention.*

Tecna: Oh, what is it?

  • Kiko jumps around her laptop, and Tecna comes over.*

Tecna: That's weird, it's frozen. This computer only freezes when someone tries to hack into it.
Musa: Maybe Piff was playing with it.
Tecna: It looks more serious than that.
Musa: There she is, look how cute.

  • Piff is sleeping on the lounge.*

Tecna: Musa, we might have a situation here!
Musa: What's the problem, Tecna? It's probably just a spell hacker. You're probably just wiggin' because you're anxious about Bloom and the others. I know I am.

Scene: Outside, Alfea

  • Livvy, the pixie, is riding a flying envelope towards Alfea.*

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Alfea

Tecna: But that's the thing.

Scene: Outside, Alfea

  • Livvy is getting closer.*

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Alfea

  • Tecna goes over to a window and opens it.*

Tecna: I've been trying to re-establish contact with them.

Scene: Outside, Alfea

  • Livvy aims for the winx's dorm.*

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Alfea

Tecna: Someone could have intercepted the signal.

  • Livvy flies in through the open window and runs into Tecna's laptop.*

Tecna: Well, well, what do we have here?

  • Livvy is stuck to the laptop and Tecna pulls her off.*

Tecna: Hey, look, another pixie.
Musa: Where'd you come from?

  • Livvy struggles, trying to get free from where Tecna is holding her.*

Musa: You might wanna let her go.

  • Tecna lets her go, and Livvy flies into the air.*

Tecna: Are you okay?
Livvy: Never been better!

  • Livvy suddenly drops through the air, but her wings start fluttering again before she can hit the floor. She shoots into the air but hits her head on the underside of the table, and slowly floats to the ground. Later Livvy is sitting on Musa's shoulder while they talk to her.*

Tecna: So, the other's left yesterday. Piff is here with us.
Livvy: So, that's what happened. I was wondering. I mean, I came back and the village was totally empty.
Tecna: Where were you?
Livvy: Delivering a message to Red Fountain. That's what I do. I'm the pixie of messages, and the elders sent me with a message about guarding to the realm of the Realix? Or something. I don't know. I forget. But when I came back, everybody was gone. So, now they're hiding, and my friends are captured, and I can only tell someone named Faragonda. And-

  • Livvy starts to cry.*

Tecna: Don't cry, our friends are rescuing your friends.

  • Livvy stops crying.*

Livvy: That's right! You told me that. So then everything's gonna be okay, isn't it?

  • Piff crawls out from underneath a pillow.*

Livvy: Hey, it's Piff! You're alive!

  • Piff yawns, and Livvy goes to hug her.*

Livvy: Oh, Piff! I thought I'd never see you again!

  • Livvy starts crying again.*

Musa: Didn't we just tell her Piff was okay? I'm pretty sure we did.
Tecna: Yeah, she's a little forgetful.

Scene: Shadowhaunt

  • Layla, Sky, Bloom, and Stella cross the bridge.*

Layla: I see the chamber up ahead. I'm going for it. You guys wait here. Tell Stella to stop looking down.
Stella: I' just taking baby steps.

  • Stella leans against the railing, and watches, scared, as Layla grabs a rope and prepares to swing across to Darkar's castle. She lets go and flies through the air, grabbing onto a gap in the rock.*

Bloom: Woah!

  • Layla pulls herself up into the castle, near where the pixies are. They notice her first.*

Amore: Look!
Pixies: Layla!
Layla: Aww.
Pixies: Layla.

  • Layla hurries over.*

Chatta: You came back! Yes!
Amore: Are you gonna get us out of here this time?
Layla: You bet I am.
Chatta: What if Darkar comes back?
Amore: Yeah.
Digit: You can't fight him alone, Layla.
Layla: Don't worry I brought some backup.

  • Out on the bridge, Stella is still struggling to cross. Bloom and Sky have made it to the other side already.*

Bloom: You okay, Stel.
Stella: Yeah, just ducky.
Bloom: I think her power's weakening.

  • A sudden jet of red light comes out of nowhere and hits Bloom, throwing her to the ground.*

Sky: Bloom!

  • A second red light hits Sky, and he lands on the ground beside Bloom. The Trix appear.*

Bloom: You gotta be kidding me.
Sky: I thought they were locked away.

  • Stormy yells and red lightning flashes. Stella has made it off the bridge and comes over to Bloom and Sky.*

Darcy: So, losers.
Stormy: Did you miss us?
Icy: We missed you.
Sky: Do you have enough power to fight them?
Bloom: I've always got power to fight these witches.
Icy: You girls are sophomores now, aren't you? What a joke.
Stella: So, how'd you like the loony bin?
Darcy: You know, not so much.
Stormy: They tried to make us nicer.
Icy: Yeah, and you know the funny thing is, it just made us meaner.

  • Icy makes shards of ice appear around her and throws them at Bloom, Stella, and Sky. Bloom and Sky run one way and hide behind a pillar.*

Sky: Stella, get back!

  • Stella screams and shields her head but the ice shards miss her.*

Stella: You ripped my favourite khakis!

  • Inside Layla is still trying to get the pixies free.*

Lockette: You've gotta destroy that seal to set us free.
Layla: I'm on it.

  • Layla transforms. Layla shoots the seal with a magic blast but it doesn't work.*

Layla: Alright.

  • Next she tries shooting the seal with a beam of magic, but it doesn't work either. Layla starts to get mad and glows purple, rocks around her rising in the air.*

Layla: Full power!

  • Layla attacks the energy cage directly this time, but it doesn't work and Layla falls to her knees.*

Layla: That was my strongest attack.

Scene: Throne Room, Shadowhaunt

Darkar: There you are. Get over here.

  • Kerbog flies in and over to Darkar.*

Darkar: Did you find the pixie village?

  • Kerbog screeches.*

Darkar: Just as I suspected, they lied to me. Those annoying little pixies think they can outsmart me, but I'm the one who's ahead of them. Perhaps it's time they made their escape.

Scene: Shadowhaunt

Layla: Stand back, guys, I'm getting physical with this thing.

  • Layla uses her elbow to hit the energy cage, again, and again.*

Lockette: Layla!

  • Layla hits the cage with her elbow again and this time her elbow gets stuck, there is a zapping noise, and Layla pulls it free falling across the room.*

Pixies: It worked!
Chatta: The shield is opening!

  • Layla lies on the ground crying out in pain over her elbow which was burned by the cage. Outside Bloom, Stella, and Sky are still battling the Trix.*

Bloom: Stella! Behind you!

  • Darcy has appeared behind her, and shoots at her with purple magic. But Bloom dives at Stella and knocks her out of the way.*

Bloom: Let's get 'em.

  • Bloom and Stella transform. Bloom shoots red magic at Darcy.*

Bloom: Take this!

  • Darcy laughs and disappears before she can be hit by the magic.*

Stormy: Psycho Clone!

  • Stormy conjures a red hurricane and sends it at Bloom and Stella. Stella conjures a gold shield to keep the hurricane back, but is eventually thrown to the ground.*

Sky: Stella!
Bloom: Oh no!
Sky: Up there!

  • Icy is above them, about to attack. Icy throws a massive shard of ice at Bloom but Sky pulls her out of the way.*

Sky: Bloom!
Bloom: Thanks, Sky.

  • Darcy appears in front of them.*

Darcy: Poser Hex!

  • Darcy shoots Bloom with a spell and she is frozen in mid-air, unable to move.*

Sky: That does it!

  • Sky tries to swing his sword at Darcy but she flies away. Darcy shoots a ball of energy at Sky but he uses his sword to jump out of the way. Ice from Icy starts to creep towards him.*

Sky: You Red Fountain boys are. You're all so chivalrous.

  • Sky notices the ice as it reaches his feet but is unable to get away.*

Icy: Aren't you?
Sky: Icy!

  • Sky pulls out a boomerang and throws it at the bridge. It breaks in half and starts to swing towards Icy, but she freezes it before it can hit her. Clenching a fist she explodes the bridge. The ice on Sky reaches his hips, and quickly continues up to his shoulders.*

Layla: Oh man, witches. I used to wipe the floor with your kind back in Tides.

  • Layla flies in, and shoots an energy ball at Icy, but she catches it.*

Icy: Well, you're not in Tides any more, sweetheart.
Darcy: Who's the new girl?
Stormy: Who cares? Let's kick her booty.

  • Darcy is behind Layla and hits her in the back with a spell, throwing her to the ground, and she changes back to her regular form.*

Icy: This was way too easy.

  • There is a gold flash of light.*

Stormy: What is that?
Darcy: I can't see anything!
Stormy: So bright!

  • A winged man appears, going first to Layla and healing her with a spell. He goes to where Sky is struggling in the ice and melts it, then to Bloom, reversing Darcy spell and catching her and putting her back on the ground. Finally he heals Stella as well.*

Stella: Huh? What a hunk!

  • The winged man goes over to the Trix and begins to cast a spell.*

Avalon: Propsera Capturance Streigas Sephorum!

  • He throws the spell at the Trix and the are cast away. Bloom, Stella, Layla, and Sky cheer.*

Bloom: That was awesome, you saved our lives.
Avalon: I'm a paladin, that's what I do.
Sky: Are you Rhinelock, the great Paladin of Ferendorf yore?

  • Sky kneels.*

Avalon: No, but I know him. Nice fellow.
Bloom: So, who are you?
Avalon: All will be revealed in time.

  • Avalon kneels and bows to them.*

Stella: That guy in the meaning of the word handsome.

  • Avalon flies away.*

Bloom: And brave.

  • The girls sigh.*

Sky: Hey, I'm pretty handsome and brave too, you know? Oh no! Monsters!

  • Dark shapes are flying towards them.*

Sky: Quick! In here everybody.

  • Sky leads Bloom and Stella off to hide, but Layla doesn't follow.*

Sky: Layla, come on!
Bloom: Layla!
Layla: It's the pixies!

  • The pixies fly towards Layla's open arms.*

Pixies: Layla!

  • The pixies crash into Layla, knocking her to the ground.*

Layla: These are my new friends, you guys, Bloom, Stella, and Sky.

  • Amore flies over to Stella.*

Amore: Ooh, you're so beautiful.
Stella: And you're so adorable.
Sky: Stella's returning a compliment? What's that about?
Layla: Well, you see, a fairy and her destined pixie bond on first sight. They're like soulmates.
Amore: I'm Amore, pixie of love.
Stella: And I'm Stella, from Solaria.

  • Lockette flies over to Bloom.*

Lockette: You're amazing! You've got a lot of hidden passage in your heart. I'm Lockette, the pixie of portals.
Digit: You shouldn't have been able to protect that barrier.
Layla: I know, something is not right here. First the barrier? Then that paladin appears out of nowhere?
Stella: Hey, let's talk and walk people. This little mission isn't over yet. My beau is being forced down the aisle. We gotta save him!
Sky: Stella's right. Everybody let's hurry up and get to Downland. Brandon needs us.

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