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My Boyfriend's Wedding

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

Sky: Stella, we can't just storm into Amentia's castle. We need a plan.
Stella: You want a plan? I'll tell you what the plan is, I'm going in there, smacking her around, and taking my man back. Nobody is gonna steal my boyfriend!
Sky: But if we come up with a battle plan we'll have a much better chance of success, believe me.
Chatta: I read that being in love impairs your ability to think clearly.
Amore: Love's about feeling, it's not about thinking, Chatta.
Stella: Pick it up, guys.
Sky: Stella, we're hugely outnumbered, and you three don't have your powers.
Stella: So what?
Bloom: Why don't we just sit here for a sec and think about how we'll pull this off. She's not even listening to me.
Chatta: I'll talk to her. Hey! Stella-
Stella: We're not gonna stop! And we don't have any time to lose!

  • Chatta flies back in surprise.*

Digit: Okay, somebody just needs to explain logically why we can't rush in there like hotheads.
Sky: Digit's right. Listen, Stella, the third rule of tactics states very clearly that emotion is the enemy of victory.

  • Stella stops and huffs.*

Stella: I'm. Going. In.

  • The others start to get worried, and Stella turns and walks back to Sky.*

Stella: 'Kay? You can come or your can stay.

  • Stella snatches the flashlight from Sky and starts walking again. Sky shrugs to Bloom and Layla.*

Digit: Amore, I do not envy you being bonded with her.
Amore: Oh, I think she's the best.

Scene: Amentia's Palace, Downland

Brandon: No more grooming, please.
Guard 1: We have to take you to the queen and get her approval.

  • Two guards drag an exhausted Brandon between them.*

Guard 1: The eyebrow plucking really wiped him out.

Scene: Dressing Room, Amentia's Palace

  • Amentia hums while looking at herself in the mirror.*

Amentia: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the most flawless of them all? Me, me, me.

  • The guards arrive with Brandon.*

Guard 1: Your Majesty, we have completed Brandon's pre-wedding perfection ritual.
Amentia: Good. So, he's been de-germed?
Guard 1: Yes, Your Majesty.
Amentia: His pores have been unclogged? And his toenails cut to the exact same length?
Guard 1: Yes, but you should know we measured his arms, and the left is one millimeter longer. But that's normal. He's almost perfect.
Amentia: There's no such thing as almost perfect! Everything in life is either perfect or imperfect, and imperfection is utterly and completely unacceptable!

  • Amentia uses her lipstick to draw an x on the guard's face.*

Amentia: Is that clear, gentlemen?!
Guards: Yes!

  • The guards leave.*

Brandon: I guess I'm not suitable for you. I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm sure the perfect guy is out there.

  • Amentia starts to walk towards him, looking at him adoringly. Brandon backs away.*

Brandon: Wait, I'm not perfect.

  • Brandon falls back on the bed and Amentia leans over him.*

Amentia: Your arm can be fixed. I'll take care of it right now. A little stretching should do the trick.

  • Brandon sweats nervously.*

Scene: Caves, The Under-realm

Bloom: I won't get married until I'm thirty.
Stella: That's old.
Sky: There's a realm in the eastern Magical Dimension where the concept of marriage doesn't even exist.
Layla: I don't see why people need magic. I'm not getting married. What about you?
Sky: Oh, I don't know.
Bloom: I always thought royalty had to get married. You know, kind of like a requirement.
Stella: I'm going to get married when I'm 25, and Vera Wand will design my wedding dress. The whole kingdom of Solaria will be invited, Bloom and Layla, you'll be two of my bridesmaids.
Layla: Oh. That's great.

  • Stella exits the cave.*

Stella: Hey, this is it. Bleak, isn't it?
Bloom: I've seen nicer realms.
Stella: It's in desperate need of a little colour, if I could just... oh well, it's not my kingdom.

  • Lockette gasps.*

Lockette: Look!
Sky: Quiet, one of their guards is coming.

  • Everyone gasps and holds their breath until the guard is gone.*

Bloom: Everybody, keep the noise down. Alright, follow me.

  • They start to sneak around, and Bloom, Sky, Stella, and Layla make it behind a large rock.*

Layla: Come on.

  • The pixies start to fly towards them.*

Layla: Stay down!

  • The pixies yelp and shoot towards the ground. They fly the rest of the way to the rock. A guard is nearby.*

Sky: We're gonna have to create a distraction.
Layla: Here, use this.

  • Layla hands him a rock, and Sky throws it, causing the guard to turn around. While his back is turned, they run down the street, but Stella trips.*

Bloom: Stella.

  • Stella groans.*

Bloom: Hey.

  • The guard is coming back and they are all still visible.*

Sky: Everyone, in here. Quickly, now. Go.

  • Layla and the pixies run into a house.*

Sky: Hurry.

  • Bloom helps Stella inside, and Sky closes the door.*

Guard: Hmmm?
Layla: Everybody, be quiet. Maybe he'll go by.

  • The guard walks towards the house they are hiding in.*

Sky: Be quiet.

  • There is a clatter outside.*

Guard: Huh?

  • Sky pulls out a sword hilt, but Layla holds up a hand to stop him. A shadow crosses under the door, the guard has left, and they are all relieved.*

Bloom: How do you feel?
Stella: A little dizzy, but I think I'm gonna be alright.

  • There is a noise outside the door. Layla gasps and a blade appears from Sky's sword hilt. The door opens and a cat walks in. Sky puts away his sword.*

Bloom: Oh, hey kitty.

  • The pixies look out from under the various cups and jars they hid under. They start sneaking through the streets again.*

Layla: Hey, it's clear, let's go.

  • They run down the street, the pixies flying behind, still with cups and jars over them.*

Trog 1: Isn't that your cookware, Martha?
Trog 2: Yes! Thieves!

  • The pixies stop, while Sky, Stella, Bloom, and Layla keep running ahead.*

Trog 2: Someone stop them! Thieves!
Chatta: We've gotta get out of here, let's go!

  • The pixies abandon their hiding places, except for Glim who is stuck in a can, and fly off quickly.*

Trog 2: Stop!
Lockette: Come on, we've gotta find the fairies! I think I saw them go right. Let's go right.

  • The pixies fly around a few corners.*

Chatta: We are totally lost.
Lockette: Follow me, I sense it's this way.

  • The pixies keep flying.*

Digit: Look!

  • They've found the others.*

Layla: There they are.

  • The pixies fly towards them, but Glim, still stuck in the can hits a wall and falls on the ground.*

Tune: Glim.
Sky: She's stuck. Let me help. Here

  • Sky picks up the can and shakes it gently to help Glim slide out. A shadow falls over Sky, and he and Chatta both gasp. A guard has snuck up behind Sky and hits him over the head with his club. Bloom runs out.*

Bloom: Here's a spell right off the shelf, take that club and club yourself!

  • The guards club starts attacking him and he falls to the ground. The pixies cheer for Bloom but more guards are coming.*

Guard: We have intruders!
Layla: This is where a plan would have been good.
Sky: Let's improvise.

  • They start running from the guards.*

Stella: So, Sky, what did you have in mind?
Sky: Not sure.
Bloom: We're faster than them. I say we just keep running.
Stella: Okay, straight ahead to Amentia's castle.
Guard: Call the guard worm. He'll get them.

  • One of the guards blows a whistle.*

Guard: Guard worm!
Sky: What's a guard worm?!
Layla: Don't know, but how bad could it be?

  • There is a crash and big plumes of dust explode in the air. A giant yellow worm crashes through the rock in front of them.*

Layla: Very bad.
Sky: Yup.

  • They are cornered by the guard worm on one side, and the guards on the other.*

Scene: Amentia's Palace, Downland

  • The wedding is about to begin. Inside Brandon is in a room alone with a bird.*

Bird: Oh man, are you in for it. It's gonna be bad. Here in Downland, husbands are only second in the pecking order to me. I feel for you, man. I feel for you.
Brandon: Thanks, buddy. I never thought things would end up like this for me.
Bird: Life is twisted.
Brandon: Yup, one day you're going on a routine mission, you're just there to support your girlfriend, and the next day you're engaged.
Bird: Ha, your life's over.
Brandon: That's it, I'm getting out of this realm. There's gotta be a way out of here!
Bird: There isn't. I tried.

  • The doors open.*

Guard: They are ready for you to make your entrance.
Brandon: What did I do to deserve this?
Guard: The bride's mother will walk you down the aisle. Here comes Her Majesty.

  • The room starts to shake at approaching footsteps.*

Bird: Hey, head's up, don't let her step on your toes.

  • Amentia's mother arrives.*

Foeda: I'm so delighted to finally meet the man who's going to tend to my daughter's every need. Look at you, you could use a little meat on your bones.
Brandon: This is gonna be bad.
Bird: Ha! Told you.
Foeda: I'll put you on my secret weight gain diet, but we'll control you weight so it's always an even number. That's crucial, Amentia can't stand odd numbers. Ah, welcome to the family.

  • Foeda pulls Brandon out of the room.*

Bird: I'm glad I'm not him.
Foeda: Chop chop, the sooner you're married, the sooner you can start serving Amentia.
Brandon: Oh boy.
Foeda: Hope you can clean, or you're in for it.
Celebrant: Welcome to Queen Amentia's wedding!
Foeda: You'd better make my daughter happy.
Brandon: Oh, I'm sure I will.
Foeda: Because, you know, if you don't, we'll eat you for dinner, right?
Brandon: For real?
Foeda: Oh, absolutely.

Scene: Streets, Downland

  • Amore is flying alone and comes across Sponsus, sitting alone in the street and drinking.*

Amore: You have a broken heart. I can sense it.
Sponsus: You're right about that.

  • Sponsus starts to cry.*

Amore: If there's one thing I can't stand, it's heartbreak.
Sponsus: I'm so thirsty.
Amore: It's because you've cried so much, you're dehydrated.
Sponsus: I lost my one true love, my one and only soulmate. She's getting married.

  • They hear trumpets in the distance.*

Sponsus: That's her.
Amore: The queen?
Sponsus: Yes.
Amore: I'm going to help you solve this problem.

  • A flower floats off Amore's dress and grows bigger.*

Amore: Here. It's a soulmate blossom. Anyone who smells it will seek out his or her true love.

  • Sponsus smells the rose, and Amore starts to lead him down the street.*

Sponsus: I never knew love could hurt this much. Every muscle in my body is aching. Hey, where you going?!
Amore: Bring the blossom. Look at this. Look

  • In a nearby building two women from the palace are preparing a bouquet.*

Woman 1: So, did you triple check every single rose.
Woman 2: No wilted petals.
Woman 1: Let's take it to the queen.

Scene: Amentia's Palace, Downland

Celebrant: Please rise, and tuck in your shirts! Presenting the incredibly immaculate, positively pristine, and perfectly perfect, Queen Amentia!

  • Trumpets blow and Amentia is escorted down the aisle by her father. Inside, Brandon is coming down the stairs with Foeda.*

Brandon: All I ever wanted to be was a simple squire.

Scene: Streets, Downland

  • Layla and Stella are running from a guard.*

Scene: Amentia's Palace, Downland

Celebrant: And now, please welcome the groom!

  • Foeda escorts Brandon down the aisle.*

Celebrant: The luckiest man alive!

  • Brandon reaches the altar.*

Amentia: Hey.

  • Amentia's blows him a kiss, and Brandon faints.*

Celebrant: Someone revive the groom. Get him back on his feet.

  • Later, after Brandon has been revived, the wedding ceremony gets started.*

Priest: Downlanders, we're gathered here today to celebrate our Queen. Brandon, you may say the vow that Queen Amentia requested.
Brandon: I promise perfection, cleanliness, and order always.
Priest: Marriage is a union where the man worships the woman, where he commits to serve her, he commits to love her, comfort her, cook for her, and bestow upon her his heart's deepest devotion. If anyone objects, speak now or forever hold your peace.
Brandon: I object!
Priest: Not you, you're not even supposed to talk. The groom forgets that men should be seen and not heard.
Amentia: He's so cute.
Priest: Moving on, the groom will pledge his eternal love for the bride. Please bring to the alter the Devotion Bouquet, and the rings.

  • A line of women from the palace, come down the aisle holding the flowers and rings. Brandon is getting worried, but is relieved to see his friends crossing a nearby bridge.*

Brandon: Hey, guys. Hey, guys!

  • Bloom Stella, Layla, and Sky are being escorted by two guards. Brandon sighs.*

Brandon: This stinks.

  • On the bridge Stella breaks free of the guard and runs towards the rail.*

Stella: Brandon!
Brandon: Stella!
Enervus: What is going on?!
Priest: Are they upworlders?
Brandon: Oh, Stella.
Sky: Don't do it, buddy! Don't let them make you do it!
Foeda: Take those intruders to the snake pit.
Brandon: No! They're my guests.
Foeda: Generally the groom's not allowed to have guests, but we can put them in the back row, as long as they remain quiet.
Enervus: And make sure you don't let them eat any of the hors d'oeuvres.

  • Stella bites at the arm of the guard who is holding her and he lets her go.*

Stella: No! Don't do it, babe!

  • The guard holds a knife to her throat.*

Priest: These rings are tokens of your love, symbols of your unity. With these rings we will seal the wedding.

  • Stella is crying, still with a knife to her throat.*

Stella: Brandon. I- I love you, snookums.
Brandon: I love you, Stella. I'm sorry.

  • One of the women hands Amentia the bouquet of flowers.*

Priest: Do you, Queen Amentia, accept this man as your husband?
Amentia: Yes, I do.
Stella: No! It can't be!

  • Amentia lifts the flowers to smell them.*

Amentia: These flowers, they smell so good.
Layla: Hey guys, that's one of Amore's soulmate blossoms. Look!
Amentia: Oh my.

  • Amentia drops the flowers.*

Amentia: This is wrong. Brandon's not the one who's supposed to be next to me at my wedding. I've never felt like this before, I have to find my true love! Where is my soulmate?
Foeda: Soulmate? What's she talking about?
Amentia: Don't be upset, Brandon. I'm sure the blonde will take you back.

  • Amore pushes at Sponsus' feet.*

Amore: Go get her, Sponsus. This is your chance!
Amentia: I must find him, where is he? Where's my love?
Celebrant: He's there!
Sponsus: Here I am! Here I am, my Queen!
Amentia: My soulmate!

  • Amentia starts running.*

Woman: Oh no! Watch out girls!

  • Amentia keeps running, knocking the women from the palace flying.*

Amentia: I love you!
Sponsus: I love you too!
Amore: True love is so beautiful.
Amentia: Sponsus!
Sponsus: Amentia!

  • Amentia tackles Sponsus and hugs him. The guests cheer along with Brandon.*

Foeda: Oh well.
Priest: He's just a sentry, the Queen can't marry him.
Foeda: She's the queen, she can marry whoever she wants.

  • Amentia and Sponsus are standing together looking happy. Amore flies over to Brandon.*

Amore: Hey Brandon, there's true love waiting for you too.

Scene: Red Fountain Ship

  • Bloom, Stella, Layla, Sky, Brandon, and the pixies fly the Red Fountain ship home. Brandon, Stella, and Amore all sit together.*

Amore: What a lovely day.
Lockette: Yeah.
Chatta: I'm going to write you a new cheer.
Riven: Hey, Brandon, what's in these bottles.
Brandon: It's Downlander courage brew. It was an apology gift from Sponsus.

Scene: Flashback

Sponsus: This is from the royal potion maker. I'm sorry I took your bride. Take that brew whenever you need courage.

Scene: Red Fountain Ship

Riven: Did he keep any for himself? It seems like if he's gonna survive that marriage he's gonna need courage brew every day.

Scene: Amentia's Palace, Downland

Amentia: Did you clean the pool?
Sponsus: Yes, dear.
Amentia: Did you scrub the floor?
Sponsus: Yes, dear.
Amentia: Did you cut your toenails?
Sponsus: Yes, dear.
Amentia: Oh, I love you.

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