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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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The Black Tower

Scene: Quad, Alfea

  • The Red Fountain ship flies towards Alfea and lands on the quad.*

Flora: Look! They're back!

  • Flora, Musa, and Tecna run over to meet the ship.*

Musa: Yeah! Bloom! What up, girl?!
Bloom: We did it!
Stella: Hey guys!
Musa: You guys rock!
Tecna: We were so worried!

  • Stella, Bloom, and Layla laugh and run over to them.*

Bloom: Hey!

  • Bloom and Flora hug. Stella and Musa hug.*

Musa: Stella!

  • Layla reunites with Piff.*

Bloom: Oh, hey, these are the pixies, you guys.
Tecna: How fascinating. Is that actual pixidium? Oh, my, how adorable!

  • Tecna and Digit bond.*

Layla: Tecna, this is Digit.

  • Musa and Tune bond.*

Tune: My name is Tune, I am the pixies of manners. I love your hairstyle, it's so, umm, unique.
Musa: Thanks, it's like my signature.

  • Chatta and Flora bond.*

Chatta: So, you're name is Flora. Do you have a boyfriend? I bet you do. What's his name? Is he a big time cutie?
Flora: I'm sort of flying solo.
Chatta: Don't worry, we're gonna get you one before the semester's up. Wanna hear about our adventure? I was so brave! I fought this gigantic snake!

  • Kiko jumps around at Bloom's feet, but she is too busy talking to Lockette and Glim to notice.*

Bloom: Let's go inside, you guys, and I'll give you a tour of the school, okay?
Lockette: We wanna see your room.
Bloom: Okay, but I have to warn you, it's probably a mess. At least it was when I left, what with Flora's vines and my laundry.

  • Bloom walks away without noticing Kiko and he is disappointed.*

Sky: Look, Kiko, if you want a girl's attention, you gotta play it real cool.

  • Kiko pushes Sky away.*

Sky: Alright, take it easy. Just trying to give you a little man to man advice. But fine, do things your way.

Scene: Winx's Dorm, Alfea

  • Tune, Layla, and Musa dance together. Tecna and Digit play video games. Livvy flies around on her scroll, Flora is reading, and Bloom sits with Lockette. Kiko is still being ignored.*

Scene: Faragonda's Office

Faragonda: I've sent Livvy to the pixie elder's secret hideaway to ask that they come and join us at Alfea immediately. After speaking with Lockette and Chatta last night about this character who calls himself Lord Darkar, I'm gravely concerned we're up against a most dangerous force. Now then.

  • A screen appears behind the girls.*

Faragonda: Have you ever heard the story of the destruction of Spheria? In a single day, the entire realm was annihilated by a dark force, stronger than anything ever seen before.
Bloom: We read about that in class. It was the biggest disaster the Magical Universe had ever seen.
Faragonda: Yes, and it was the direct result of someone tampering with dark forces in the Under-realm. A man named Argulus went there to take control of the Shadow Fire, but it was the Shadow Fire that ended up taking control of him.
Layla: When you say the Shadow Fire took control of him, do you mean it took him over, or something like that?
Faragonda: Yes, that's exactly right. For you see, girls, there are certain powers that are so strong that they develop a will of their own, and anyone who tries to control them ends up being controlled by them.
Tecna: So, where did the Shadow Fire come from?
Faragonda: It's always been there, buried in the heart of the Under-realm, in the kingdom of Shadowhaunt. That horrible place may be made of rock and stone, but it is very much alive. The Shadow Fire flows through it's halls, waiting for someone foolish enough to come down there, seeking it's power. What Layla saw down there, may be just that, someone who has merged with this dark force and become twisted and distorted, and reborn as the Shadow Phoenix. I believe that's who Lord Darkar is.
Flora: And what's this Lord Darkar after?
Faragonda: Well, the Shadow Fire seeks only one thing, and that is total control of the universe.
Musa: So, what do the pixies have to do with all this.
Layla: They said he was trying to find out the location of their secret village. But I don't get why, what's there that a guy like that could want?
Stella: Yeah.
Faragonda: What's important now, is that we protect the pixies and keep them from ever falling into Lord Darkar's hands again.

  • Tecna whispers to Stella.*

Tecna: Did you notice how she sidestepped the question about the pixie village?

  • Stella nods.*

Faragonda: Therefore, the pixies will be staying with us here at Alfea.

  • The girls cheer.*

Layla: Miss Faragonda? Don't you think they should go back to their village and protect whatever's there?
Faragonda: No, absolutely not, Layla.
Stella: Why not, Miss F?
Faragonda: From what Lockette told me, it sounds like Lord Darkar let the pixies escape so he could follow them and learn the location of their village. And as for you, Layla, you're one of the only people who knows where the village is. This puts you in danger, which is why I would like to ask you to stay here with us at Alfea until this matter is resolved.
Layla: Thank you, Miss Faragonda, I'd really love to stay with you guys.

  • The girls cheer.*

Faragonda: Now, I don't want you girls investigating this matter any further. Is that understood? Believe me, it's for your own safety.

Scene: Hallway, Alfea

  • A storm is raging outside. The pixies are flying down a hallway, talking.*

Tune: Musa was telling me that Miss Faragonda was bugging this morning. Anyone know what this means?
Chatta: Maybe it means she ate keekbugs for breakfast?
Digit: It's a modern slang word for acting strange.
Lockette: Speaking of strange, what's with this storm? It's so powerful and full of darkness. It's frightening me.

  • Outside, a robbed man walks through the Alfea grounds. A large black object has appeared in the lake. In another hallway, the girls are walking.*

Stella: You know, I gotta tell you, personally, I didn't find that Lord Darkar dude to be all that scary.
Tecna: What are you talking about? Layla's the only one of us who's actually seen him.
Stella: Oh yeah.
Flora: It's weird. Faragonda was giving off negative vibes today.
Bloom: Do you really think she doesn't know Darkar's true identity?
Tecna: What I don't understand is why she won't tell us what Darkar wants with the pixie village. I mean, what is she trying to hide from us?
Musa: Hey, you roll with the pixies, Layla. Do you know?
Layla: I have no idea.
Flora: Well, I've got a really bad feeling about all of this.
Musa: Yeah, you're not the only one.

  • Livvy flies towards them.*

Livvy: Listen up, everyone! I've got an urgent message from Faragonda!
Bloom: What's going on, Livvy? What's the message? Tell us.
Livvy: I seem to have forgotten it.
Tecna: You what?
Livvy: It's a good thing I wrote it down.

  • Livvy jumps off her scroll and reads the message written on it.*

Livvy: My dear girls, please put on your robes, and meet me by the south shore of the lake. Something has happened, tell no one. Faragonda.

Scene: Outside, Alfea

  • The girls battle their way through the fierce storm. Faragonda is standing alone in a clearing.*

Tecna: There she is.

  • They look up at the black object in the lake.*

Faragonda: They appeared shortly after the storm began.
Flora: They?
Faragonda: Another has risen in Black Mud Swamp, and in Herolan Wood as well. Palladium and Wizgiz have gone to investigate those with other students.

  • Tecna's bug gadget scans the object.*

Stella: So, uh, what are they?
Faragonda: We're not sure.

  • The bug returns to Tecna.*

Tecna: According to the scan, it's not even made of matter. How can that be?
Faragonda: It must be composed of magical energy. Professor Wizgiz believes them to be beacons of some sort. Possessor Arian is concerned they may be designed to activate and form a sort of static blanket, robbing us all of our winx. Either way, we cannot take any chances. You must destroy this thing.

Scene: Quad, Alfea

  • The pixies stand undercover looking out at the storm.*

Lockette: Why'd they go out in this awful storm?
Amore: I asked Stella on her way out, but she wouldn't tell me.
Chatta: I hate being left out of the loop.

Scene: Lake Chrysalis

Musa: This thing's huge!
Bloom: We have a saying back on Earth: "the bigger they are, the harder they fall".
Stella: Let's go! Come on, girls!
Flora and Musa: Alright!

  • Musa, Flora, and Stella transform.*

Stella: Alright, you big, dumb hunk of whatever. Let's see how you hold up against the power of Solaria!

  • Stella flies into the air, spinning her sceptre.*

Stella: Take this! Come on!

  • Stella hits the obelisk with an orange power blast and smoke covers it.*

Stella: She shoots, she scores! Done and done.
Bloom: It's still there!
Stella: Huh?

  • Stella flies back down to the ground.*

Stella: I used all I had. I don't get it.
Musa: Let's go, Flo!

  • Musa and Flora fly into the air.*

Flora: A green vibration attack oughta shake it up!

  • Flora hits the obelisk with a spell.*

Musa: My turn! Sonic Stormwave!

  • Musa's spell causes the water of the lake to rise up and cover the obelisk but it remains standing. Flora and Musa fly to the ground, exhausted.*

Musa: That thing is way tougher than it looks.
Bloom: Layla! Tecna! Let's go!

  • Tecna, Layla, and Bloom transform. Layla and Tecna attack the obelisk, but they leave no mark.*

Layla: Eugh, we're not even denting this thing!

  • Bloom hits the obelisk with a power blast. It hits the obelisk with such a great force that she is thrown to the ground. Layla and Tecna are also laying on the ground.*

Tecna: I'm all out of winx.
Layla: Me too.
Bloom: Well, I'm not. This thing is mine!

  • A hooded man is standing in the trees nearby, watching them. In his hands there are samples of each of their powers. The man grins and leaves.*

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Alfea

  • Flora is singing in the shower.*

Flora: I believe in the power of green, a world of magic, that's my dream.

  • Musa, Tecna, and Stella are sitting on the couches in the common room.*

Tecna: I can't believe Bloom is still out zapping that thing.
Stella: If I had any winx left, I'd be out there too.

Scene: Red Fountain

  • Sky is in his dorm, trying to ring Bloom, but only getting her voicemail.*

Bloom: Hey, it's Bloom and Kiko, here's the beep.
Sky: Something's not right. Bloom hasn't answered her phone all night, and we had a phone date scheduled three hours ago.
Brandon: Don't worry, dude, she's probably just out with some other guy.
Sky: This isn't jealousy here, I don't get jealous! I'm just worried something bad could have happened.

Scene: Lake Chrysalis

  • Bloom is still attacking the obelisk, but she starts to get tired.*

Bloom: Woah, I don't feel too good.

  • Bloom holds her head and falls out of the sky, landing on the bank. She de-transforms.*

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Alfea

Stella: Where you going, Flora? It's your turn, would you rather have to wear polka dots the rest of your life, or plaid?
Flora: I'd rather go out and look for Bloom.
Stella: Hello, answer the question. Don't be afraid to commit to a choice. No one here will judge you. I mean, not too much anyway.
Tecna: I'm with Flora. We need to go find Bloom and get her to come back inside.
Musa: She won't listen. You know how she gets when she's determined.

  • Lightning cracks overhead, and the lights go out.*

Stella: Oh, that's great, a blackout.
Flora: I thought Alfea's lights were powered by magic.

  • Tecna goes to the window.*

Tecna: That trionic lightning is unnatural for this realm.
Stella: So, what's it doing here?

  • The windows suddenly burst open and they all gasp. Wind rushes through the room sending papers flying.*

Flora: What's going on?!
Tecna: I don't know.

  • Flora and Tecna force the windows closed.*

Tecna: I think it's over.

  • There's a knocking at the door.*

Musa: No one ordered a pizza, did they?

  • Musa opens the door, and they gasp. The hooded man is carrying an unconscious Bloom.*

Stella and Musa: Bloom.

Scene: Faragonda's Office, Alfea

Faragonda: The powerful storm last night was the work of a master wizard, someone some of you may have met before.

  • The hooded man is standing in the office, and pulls off his hood to reveal that he is the paladin that saved Stella, Bloom, and Layla in Shadowhaunt.*

Bloom, Stella, and Layla: It's that awesome paladin that saved us from the witches.

Scene: Lake Chrysalis

  • Avalon and Faragonda are standing with a group of students looking at the obelisk in the water.*

Faragonda: Allow me to introduce our newest faculty member, who comes to us from the esteemed Malequoi Paladin Academy, Professor Avalon.

  • Avalon bows and the student murmur to each other.*

Flora: Why do my toes feel kind of tingly?
Stella: Flora wants to know why her toes feel kind of tingly.
Tecna: For the same reason yours and mine do.
Faragonda: He will now destroy the Obelisk.

  • The students gasp and mutter to each other.*

Avalon: Lapis stugia delframe catilion.

  • Avalon glows yellow and uses a spell on the obelisk. It fractures and crumbles into large chunks.*

Bloom: How did you do that?
Avalon: You young students have yet to discover what I call your genial power.
Stella: Huh?
Avalon: But once you do your winx will grow and you will be able to control magical energy, like the kind that composed those towers.
Flora: So, where did the dark towers come from?
Stella: Yeah?
Faragonda: Professor Avalon created them so he could observe your power in action and evaluate each of your skills.
Tecna: Umm, I have a question, Miss Faragonda. What's the name of the class Professor Avalon is teaching, and how many students will be asmitten- uh I mean admitted?
Faragonda: Only twenty students will be allowed in.

  • The students are shocked.*

Faragonda: It's a master workshop, and as such will require great commitment. I've made some recommendations but Professor Avalon will make the final decisions. So, if you're interested in the class,or have any questions, speak up.
Bloom: I'm interested!
Flora: Me too!

  • The class gathers around Avalon all talking over each other.*

Avalon: First, let me say this class will be quite difficult.
Tecna: I've never gotten anything lower than an A-minus in my life.
Avalon: Is that so?
Amaryl: So, this genial power, what is it?
Avalon: It's the power that connects you to your family, and to your origins, so that you can best understand your magic and make the most of it.
Musa: Yo, I don't get it. It's like learning to talk to your ancestors?
Flora: It's about finding them in yourself.
Bloom: What if you don't know a lot about your origins? Can you still learn this thing?
Avalon: It might take some extra work, but the answer is yes.
Bloom: Sign me up!

Scene: Magic Archive, Alfea

  • Faragonda is meeting with four elder pixies.*

Faragonda: I'm glad you made it here safely. I believe Lord Darkar is someone who wishes to enter the realm of Realix, and his hunt for the Codex, which would allow him to enter the portal, is what lead him to your village. But as you know, there is another way to enter Realix, Darkar must never learn of this way. These must remain secret.

  • Faragonda places four items on the table.*

Scene: Road

  • Brandon and Sky are riding their leva-bikes towards Alfea.*

Brandon: Sky, what are we doing?
Sky: I just want to check on Bloom.
Brandon: So, swing by tomorrow afternoon?
Sky: Well, I don't want her to know I'm checking up on her.
Brandon: So, we're spying?
Sky: No! I just don't want to look obsessive.
Brandon: Right, right.

  • The pull up in the woods near Alfea, the headlights of their bikes disturbing two magabeaves.*

Brandon: Hey, check it out, dude, I think we interrupted a tender moment.
Sky: One of these trees ought to do.
Brandon: For what?

  • Sky climbs a tree.*

Brandon: You gotta be kidding me.

  • Brandon climbs up beside them. They can hear music coming from the school.*

Sky: You hear that, dude? It sounds like they're having a party!

Scene: Ballroom, Alfea

  • Alfea is throwing a welcoming party for Avalon.*

Flora: Sorry to talk school during your welcoming party, Professor, but we were wondering how you were going to be making your class selections.
Avalon: Not only was I observing you while you fought the obelisks, I used them to absorb your magic, so I could analyse it and study you all in detail.

  • Avalon shows them a stack of reports.*

Layla and Tecna: You absorbed our magic?!
Bloom: What's my report say about me?
Stella: Whoa! Hold up! Last time I checked this was a party, not a classroom, people! Less chitchat, more cha cha!

Scene: Avalon's Office, Alfea

Bloom: Professor, I- I really wanna learn more about my origins.
Avalon: All in good time, Bloom.
Bloom: Come on, can't you at least show me what you wrote about me?
Avalon: But it wouldn't be fair to the other girls.
Bloom: Come on, just a little peak.

Scene: Outside, Alfea

  • From their branch Sky and Brandon can see the silhouette of Bloom reaching for Avalon's reports.*

Sky: I think that's Bloom!
Brandon: Ah, what were you saying about not being the jealous type?
Sky: Wait a minute, what's going on here!? Who is that guy?

  • Part of the branch breaks off and hits the magabeaves on the head.*

Brandon: Careful! You don't want to get the magabeaves mad.
Sky: Give me a sec.
Brandon: Huh?

  • The tree is shaking and Brandon looks down to see the two magabeaves chewing at the base of the tree, quickly weakening it.*

Brandon: Uh oh!

  • The tree falls over, taking Brandon and Sky with it. The magabeaves are pleased with themselves.*

Brandon: Dude, can we please go now?

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