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The Mysterious Stone


Narrator: In our last episode, racing against time Stella and the others try to break up Brandon's wedding to the Princess of Downland. In the end, it was Amore's love magic that saved the day! The adventure over; everyone returns to Alfea for some rest.

Scene: Alfea Quad

  • A future scene is seen while Livy tells the story.*

Livy: That's right! Bloom is about to kiss someone and it's not Prince Sky!
Big-Eared Bear: Wait!

  • The scene stops and Livy sees the Big-Eared Bear walking towards her.*

Livy: And, who are you?
Big-Eared Bear: Uh, let me introduce myself, I'm the Big-Eared Bear! No big surprise there I'm sure but I'm so sorry I'm late! I have missed much of the story?
Livy: Uh, you can speak?!
Big-Eared Bear: *nodding* Uh-huh, uh-huh!

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