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Runaway Groom The Mysterious Stone Party Crasher

The Mysterious Stone


Narrator: In our last episode, racing against time Stella and the others try to break up Brandon's wedding to the Princess of Downland. In the end, it was Amore's love magic that saved the day! The adventure over; everyone returns to Alfea for some rest.

Scene: Quad, Alfea

  • A flashforward of Bloom reaching for a man is shown while Livvy tells a story.*

Livvy: That's right! Bloom is about to kiss someone and it's not Prince Sky!
Big-Eared Bear: Wait!

  • The scene stops and becomes a puppet show Livvy is acting out for a group of pixies and pixie pets.*

Livvy: And, who are you?
Big-Eared Bear: Uh, let me introduce myself, I'm the Big-Eared Bear! No big surprise there I'm sure but I'm so sorry I'm late! I have missed much of the story?
Livvy: Uh, you can speak?!
Big-Eared Bear: Uh-huh, uh-huh!
Livvy: Hey, what do you say we make room for the big guy?

  • The big-eared bear sits down with the group.*

Livvy: Now then, I'll tell the story from the top once again.

  • A great storm is shown.*

Livvy: It all began when a great big storm called Hurricane Numbus unleashed it's destructive fury over the whole of Alfea, and the kingdom of Magix. However, the storm was merely the backdrop for a most mysterious event, which was about to take place. Something so strange even the fairies had no idea what to make of it. A huge stone, smooth and mysterious had appeared out of nowhere.

  • A huge black stone is shown in Lake Roccaluce, which is then shown as a sponge in water in Livvy's demonstration.*

Livvy: Our heroes, who had just returned from a dangerous mission in Downland were as yet unaware of it's presence.

Scene: Quad, Alfea

  • A Red Fountain ship flies towards Alfea and lands on the quad.*

Flora: Hey! Here they are!

  • Flora, Musa, and Tecna run to meet the ship.*

Musa: Alright!
Tecna: Yeah!
Livvy (narrating): Our friend Kiko, who was very anxious about Bloom's return, had been making a special gift for her.

  • Kiko is shown making a little paper drawing of Bloom. Bloom, Stella, and Layla run to meet the others. Bloom and Flora hug, Stella and Musa hug, and Layla is reunited with Piff.*

Layla: Piff!
Livvy (naratting): As you can imagine, all eyes were on us pixies, and three of us bonded on the spot. Tecna and Digit had met in a chatroom a while back and were overdo for an actual face-to-face meeting.

  • Tecna and Digit bond.*

Livvy (narrating): And a big hug!

  • Musa and Tune bond.*

Livvy (narrating): Tune and Musa discovered a common sense of style.
Tune: Wow, those headphones are quite, umm, unique.
Musa: Well, it's my hair actually.
Livvy (narrating): And Chatta wasted no time telling Flora all her secrets.
Chatta: What's your boyfriend's name? Tell me.
Flora: I told you I don't have one.
Chatta: You don't have one? You must have two. Hey, don't be shy, come on, details. Is he tall? Dark? Buff? Smart? Friendly?

  • Kiko jumps around at Bloom's feet trying to get her attention but she is talking to Lockette and Glim.*

Bloom: Welcome to Alfea, pixies. Come on, let's go in and get you guys something to eat.

  • Bloom walks away without noticing Kiko, and he starts to cry.*

Sky: Kiko, first time a girl dumps you?

  • Kiko pushes Sky away.*

Sky: Okay, okay. Alright.
Livvy (narrating): Faragonda was very happy to see the fairies back at Alfea, safe and sound. However the following morning she summoned the winx to her office to discuss a most serious matter.

Scene: Faragonda's Office, Alfea

Faragonda: First, I would like to congratulate you on the success of your last mission, and express my great relief at your safe return. After a close examination of the evidence brought forth by Layla and our tiny friends, we must conclude that our enemy is much stronger than we initially thought. Watch closely.

  • A screen appears.*

Faragonda: Sixteen years ago the entire dimension of Magix was on the brink of destruction. A dark and evil power had emerged from the void and this was the result.

  • On the screen the destruction of Domino is shown.*

Bloom: But it was the three old witches who destroyed Domino, my planet. Isn't that what you told me?
Faragonda: Yes, but in truth, they were just carrying out the orders of the Shadow creature, who had managed to recruit the help of those three old witches. Today, it has the support of the Trix. I'm afraid history is threatening to repeat itself.
Layla: Are you saying that the thing that did all this, is the same one that kidnapped the pixies?
Faragonda: Considering your description of the monsters, the spells that were cast, and the transformations into a shadow phoenix, it could only be Lord Darkar.
Tecna: But why is he back? What could he be trying to achieve?
Faragonda: The three witches were stopped by Griffin, Saladin, and myself. The Lord of the Templars dealt with Lord Darkar. He cast him back into the darkness, and sent him into a deep slumber.
Flora: That means Darkar wants revenge.
Faragonda: Correct. He also wants all the power in the universe, so as to be absolutely invincible.
Musa: Then why did he kidnap the pixies?
Layla: He was trying to find their village, but why? What do they have that's so valuable?
Faragonda: What's important now is to stay on guard. His powers are strong enough to affect us, no matter where we are.

  • Tecna whispers to Stella.*

Tecna: Faragonda's hiding something from us. She's never done that before.
Faragonda: So, for now, the pixies will stay here at Alfea.

  • The girls, except Layla, cheer.*

Layla: But I really should get back to the village with Piff.
Faragonda: No! Under no circumstances! Darkar is capable of spying on our movements. If you ever go back to the pixies' village, you might as well send him a map! And so, Layla, I would like to invite you to stay with us, here at Alfea, and welcome you to our school.
Layla: Thank you, headmistress. I'm most happy to stay.

  • The girls cheer again.*

Faragonda: Come on, girls, it's time to go. You have a most challenging school year ahead of you.

Scene: Hallway, Alfea

  • The pixies are flying and talking.*

Tune: Faragonda seems to be a very strict but fair headmistress.
Chatta: With me by her side, Flora cannot fail.
Digit: And my Tecna will finish at the top of her class.
Lockette: I know Bloom would never disappoint me.
Chatta, Tune, Lockette, and Digit: With out help, success is guaranteed!

  • Kiko stomps alone, still holding his paper Bloom.*

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Alfea

  • Everyone is hanging out in the dorm. Musa, Layla, and Tune are listening to music and dancing, Tecna and Digit are playing video games together, Livvy is flying around on a scroll, Flora is reading, and Bloom is sitting with Lockette. Kiko is still sad about being ignored.*

Scene: Quad, Alfea

  • A paper Kiko is looking sad.*

Livvy: There are days when everything seems to go your way. This wasn't one of them.

Scene: Outside, Alfea

  • The storm is still coming down heavily, and a hooded man is walking through the Alfea grounds. Near the front doors, Kiko is sitting cutting out a paper drawing of Tecna. He adds it to a pile of paper cutouts of Brandon, Bloom, Flora, and Musa.*

Scene: Hallway, Alfea

  • Tecna, Stella, Musa, Layla, Flora, and Bloom walk through a hallway together.*

Tecna: I don't know, it doesn't add up.
Stella: You're right, Tecna, this sandwich cost me more than a full facial and makeup session.
Tecna: I think Faragonda's keeping some kind of secret from us.

  • Lightning cracks and the lights flicker.*

Stella: Oh my!
Flora: Bloom, you don't know anything by any chance, do you?
Bloom: No, I- I mean, I wasn't expecting any of this.
Tecna: You know what? Faragonda didn't tell us what Lord Darkar wanted from the pixies, but I bet you she's got all the data.
Musa: Layla, what about you? What do you know about it?
Layla: Nothing honest.
Flora: I don't get it, why would Faragonda hide something from us?
Musa: It's as if she doesn't trust us anymore.
Tecna: Just think about what happened to the pixies. First, they're kidnapped, then somehow they're set free.
Stella: And don't forget the Trix. How did they manage to escape from that Light Rock place?
Flora: What worries me is how did they get so strong?

  • Livvy flies towards them.*

Livvy: Listen up everyone! Urgent message from Faragonda.
Bloom: What? What is it? Did something happen?
Livvy: Actually, I don't remember. But I did write it down.

  • Livvy jumps off the scroll she was riding and reads the message on it.*

Livvy: "My dear Winx girls, please put on your heaviest cloaks and meet me by the lake. It's urgent. Faragonda." That's it.

Scene: Outside, Alfea

  • The hooded man is still walking around the grounds. The girls walk through the storm to the lake, where they find Faragonda standing on the bank, alone.*

Tecna: Look, there she is.

  • The big black stone is standing in the lake.*

Faragonda: This is the reason I sent for you. This strange boulder appeared mysteriously just tonight. And judging by the events of late, I find it's presence rather disturbing.

  • Tecna uses an electronic bug to scan the stone.*

Tecna: Unbelievable. This is neither metal, nor mineral. I can't scan it. It's as if it's not even made of matter.
Faragonda: Bloom, Stella, Layla, Musa, Flora, and Tecna, use all of your powers. You must destroy it at all cost.

Scene: Quad, Alfea

Livvy: Some days it doesn't rain, it pours. And whatever we do is wrong. I'm sure you know what I mean. But what's important is not to give up hope!

  • A paper cutout of Brandon appears in a line with the others. They keep falling down no matter how Kiko tries to stand them up.*

Scene: Quad, Alfea

Livvy (narrating): At long last, Hurricane Numbus took a break, and the Winx? Well, they got cracking.
Bloom: Come on, guys, let's go!

  • The girls run through the quad.*

Amore: Why are the fairies going away and leaving us behind.
Chatta: I don't know, Flora didn't tell me.

Scene: Lake Roccaluce

  • The girls stand on the bank of the lake.*

Bloom: Here we are, is everybody ready?
Stella: You bet.
Bloom: Let's show this thing what a winx can do.
Stella: Alright!
Stella, Musa, Flora: Magic Winx!

  • Stella, Musa, and Flora transform.*

Stella: Bu the way, you all transformed for nothing. 'Cause the sun and I will blast it to smithereens.

  • Stella flies into the air, spinning her sceptre. She uses it to blast the stone with an energy blast.*

Stella: Take that! Yes! I rule! Huh?

  • Stella flies back to the ground.*

Stella: I can't believe this, not even scorched.
Musa: Flora, let's go.
Flora: Strike, Waterlily Whirlpool!

  • Flora hits the stone with an energy blast.*

Musa: Everybody stand back! Take that, you!

  • Musa uses a spell on the water and it rises to cover the stone, but the stone remains undamaged. Musa and Flora fly down to the ground, also tired.*

Musa: Stupid piece of junk. What's it made of?
Bloom: Our turn.
Bloom, Layla, and Tecna: Winx!

  • Bloom, Layla, and Tecna transform. Layla and Tecna attack the stone but there is no effect.*

Bloom: That's it!

  • Bloom attacks the stone. Her attack is so strong it rebounds and throws her to the ground beside Layla and Tecna.*

Bloom: Great, it's raining again. That's the last thing we need.

  • The hooded man stands nearby, watching them. In his hands he holds samples of each of their powers.*

Stella: Are we gonna go back inside, or are we just gonna sit here in the rain staring at that dumb rock?

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Alfea

Livvy (narrating): Hurricane Nimbus had turned day into night. But it's bolts of lightning at turned night into day.

  • Flora is taking a shower.*

Flora: Bloom's not back yet, huh?
Tecna: Nah, she's as stubborn as a jammed P.C.
Stella: I'm sure she's fine, Flora.
Flora: I don't know, it's getting kind of late.

Scene: Red Fountain

  • Sky is trying to call Bloom.*

Sky: Why doesn't she pick up the phone? I mean I've been trying to reach her all day.
Brandon: What's wrong? Think Bloom's having fun without you?
Sky: Wouldn't she have told me if she was going somewhere? I'm just worried something's happened to her, that's all.

Scene: Lake Roccaluce

  • Bloom is still attacking the stone. She becomes tired and falls out of the air, landing on the sand, and de-transforming.*

Scene: Magic Archive, Alfea

  • Faragonda is meeting with the pixie elders.*

Faragonda: As you probably all know by now the situation is extremely critical. These must remain secret. You know what to do.

  • Faragonda puts four magical artefacts on the table.*

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Alfea

Flora: I say we all go looking for Bloom.
Stella: She'll come back when she's tired of getting rained on. Besides, she was acting like she didn't want us hanging around anyway.
Tecna: That stone... I wonder where it came from. How did it materialise just like that?
Musa: And why here at Alfea? There's gotta be a reason.

  • Lightning cracks and the lights go out.*

Stella: Oh no, a blackout.
Tecna: Impossible. Alfea's lights are powered by magic. I wonder if the lightning has something to do with it.

  • The windows suddenly burst open, the wind sending papers flying everywhere.*

Tecna: Oww, my ears.

  • Flora and Tecna force the windows shut again.*

Tecna: That was weird.

  • There's a knocking on the door.*

Musa: What's that? Layla, is that you?

  • Musa opens the door.*

Musa: Oh my!

  • The hooded man is carrying an unconscious Bloom.*

Stella and Musa: Bloom!

Scene: Quad, Alfea

Livvy: After the clouds had dispersed everything went back to normal. More or less.

Scene: Faragonda's Office, Alfea

Faragonda: Alright, now that you've successfully completed your introductory classes it's time to begin your intermediate level subjects.
Digit: Boring. I'd rather watch a screen-saver than listen to the headmistress.
Livvy (narrating): That's when the identity of the mysterious man was finally revealed.

  • The man pulls back his hood to reveal that he is the paladin that saved Bloom, Layla, and Stella in Shadowhaunt.*

Stella, Bloom, and Layla: It's the paladin that rescued us from the Trix!

Scene: Lake Roccaluce

  • Faragonda and Avalon are standing with a group of students on the bank of Lake Rocaluce.*

Faragonda: Let me introduce a leading expert from the famous Malequoi Academy. He'll be joining our faculty at my special request. Professor Avalon.
Flora: He makes me feel a teeny bit nervous.
Stella: Is this guy hot or what? Can't keep my eyes off him.
Tecna: Well, I wonder what his specialty is.
Faragonda: Professor, would you please destroy that stone.
Avalon: Lapis Studay Etpheremay Tatframga Etconimunum.

  • Avalon uses a spell on the stone and it fractures into a pile or rubble. The students gasp.*

Bloom: How did he do that?
Avalon: What you've just witnessed is a technical incantation. Until now, you've been casting spells spontaneously, following your instincts. Those are the skills you perfected last year. This is a whole new level of difficulty.
Flora: Technical magic? What's different about it?
Faragonda: These spells require cognitive analysis and accurate pronunciation. That's the subject of Professor Avalon's class.
Tecna: Ah, a question, please, Headmistress. How did you determine which technical spell would destroy the unidentified stone?
Faragonda: Easy. I created the stone. I wanted to make absolutely sure that you would not underestimate the importance of your new classes.
Chatta: That does it! First, they obsess about a stupid stone, and now it's the new professor. I can't believe our fairies have already forgotten about us. What do you say, we ask them to come flying with us over the lake?
Lockette: Alright!
Faragonda: Everybody, class dismissed! But if you have questions, I'm sure Professor Avalon will be happy to answer them.
Bloom: I have one, Professor.
Flora: Oh, yes, me too.
Stella: Professor Avalon.

  • The students cluster around Avalon.*

Avalon: Ask whatever you wish, I am here for you.
Tecna: Professor, may I ask a technical question?
Avalon: Go ahead.
Tecna: What would be the ration of random...

  • The pixies are forced out by the clustering fairies.*

Lockette: I'm so sad, Bloom didn't even notice me.

  • Kiko goes to comfort a crying Lockette, but pokes his tongue out at her instead. She starts to cry. Chatta starts to get mad.*

Amaryl: What does cognitive analysis mean precisely?
Avalon: Let me answer your question by...
Bloom (internally): Cognitive analysis, I wonder if this new professor could help me find out more about my birth parents.
Musa: What was that language you used? It has a fascinating sound.
Flora: Is your subject very difficult?
Bloom: Professor Avalon, would you have time to help me with some personal research?
Avalon: I'll be in my office this afternoon. Come see me.
Bloom: I'll be there.
Flora: But Bloom, we were supposed to hang out today.
Bloom: Sorry, I can't.
Chatta: Ahem, Flora.
Flora: What?

  • Chatta pokes her tongue out.*

Scene: Road

Livvy (narrating): The following evening there was a party to welcome Professor Avalon. But not everyone was in a party mood.

  • Brandon and Sky are riding their Wind Riders to Alfea.*

Brandon: Sky, he's just some professor. What are you worried about?
Sky: Bloom hasn't returned any of my calls. I just want to see what she's up to.
Brandon: We weren't invited, you're not going to crash the party, are you?
Sky: No, we'll just watch from a tree. Come on.

  • The stop in the wood near Alfea, their headlights shining on two beavers, disturbing them.*

Brandon: Sky, look, beavers. I think we're disturbing them.

  • Sky climbs a tree and Brandon climbs up beside him.*

Sky: Brandon, look. The party's already started.

Scene: Ballroom, Alfea

Flora: We're so happy you're gonna be our professor so we wanted to let you know that we're all eager to study and ready to learn.
Avalon: Ah, I thought you'd be impatient. And so I brought with me the complete analysis of your efforts against the stone.
Layla and Tecna: You were watching us?
Bloom: I wanna see it! I wanna-
Stella: Woah, stop it right there! Not another word you two, last time I checked this was a party, not a classroom.

Scene: Outside, Alfea

Sky: Oh no, who's that guy Bloom is talking to?

  • Part of the branch breaks off, hitting the beavers on the head.*

Brandon: Uh, I think you hit one of the beavers.

Scene: Avalon's Office, Alfea

Bloom: Please, Professor, you do plan on showing us your evaluations, right?
Avalon: You worked very hard, Bloom.

  • Bloom reaches for the evaluations.*

Bloom: Come on, I want to see what you wrote about me.
Avalon: Wait, let me explain before you read anything.
Bloom: Aww, come on, Professor.

Scene: Outside, Alfea

  • Sky can see Bloom reaching for Avalon through a window.*

Brandon: You see the professor yet?
Bloom: I need to know.
Sky: I think so. I'm not sure it's him though.
Brandon: Sky, I don't see the beavers anymore.
Bloom: I was almost there?
Avalon: Actually-
Bloom: One more strike would have done it?
Avalon: Well...

  • The tree Brandon and Sky are on begins to shake. The beavers are chewing through the base.*

Brandon: Uh-oh.

  • The tree falls over with Sky and Brandon still in it.*

Sky: Oh man, I was just about to see something.

  • The beavers high five.*

Bloom: I just knew it, if only I hadn't been so tired!

Scene: The Quad, Alfea

Livvy: And so, all's well that ends well. And the two beavers lived happily ever after.

  • The pixies and pixie pets clap and cheer for Livvy.*

Livvy: Thank you! You've been a wonderful audience. I love you! Thank you!

  • Kiko is shown to have finally made paper cutouts of everyone stood up in a row. He then knocks them down like dominos.*
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