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Party Monster

Scene: Entrance, Red Fountain

Stella: Sure, the ground breaking ceremony stuff will be fun, but the post party promises to be the highlight.
Bloom: Sky said they hired an awesome DJ.
Musa: Yeah, they got DJ Mirage, he's brilliant. With him at the turn table it's guaranteed to be a great party.
Bloom: Musa and Layla are gonna be in the half-time show, Professor.
Avalon: Terrific, I look forward to it. I have to get to the honour box, but I'll see you at the party.
Bloom: I thought you were sitting with us.
Avalon: Codatorta invited me to sit with him. He has wanted to meet with me since he found out I'm a champion dragon-wrangler.
Bloom: That is so cool.
Avalon: So, I will see you all later.

  • Lucy and two other witches walk up.*

Layla: Hey guys, there are a group of witches comes this way.
Tecna: I bet they're trying to crash the party.
Digit: I'll check the guest list.

  • Lucy and the witches walk past, ignoring Mirta who is standing nearby.*

Musa: I heard they invited the witches as a good will gesture, 'cause we all fought together last year.
Bloom: That's cool, as long as they don't cause any trouble.

  • They walk inside the school. Behind them, the trix walk up in disguise.*

Icy: Ladies, welcome back to lame-o academy.
Darcy: Remember how fun it was when we trashed this place?
Icy: Now don't forget we're supposed to be a group of fairy exchange students.
Stormy: We're from the realm of dorkland.
Darcy: I'm fairy Princess Fefe.
Stormy: I'm your step-sister Missy.
Icy: That's right, aren't we pretty sweet and lovely?

Scene: Grounds, Red Fountain

Chatta: There are so many cute boys here. You know, Flora, I predict that you're going to meet someone today. Remember that Teen Fairy quiz we took said you were ready for romance.
Stella: Look, the boys are here.
Sky: Let us formally welcome you, ladies. Fortute et armis.
Stella: Oh, how nice. Is that latin for "me castle e su castle'"
Tune: Hey, the hero's welcome is a centuries old tradition. How about a little decorum.
Sky: So, are you psyched for the dance or what?
Stella: You know it. In fact, Brandon and I learned the rumba.

  • A specialist walks past.*

Specialist: Hey, Stella.
Stella: Hi. You know Pete? He was my fifth grade boyfriend.
Brandon: Sure, Pete was the one who told me all about your middle school nickname. Your hair was so frizzy they called you Frizztella.

  • Stella pouts and Tecna laughs.*

Bloom: I'm excited to see how they redid the stadium.
Sky: Me too. My dad said they went all out.
Stella: Hey, I was still searching for the right conditioner, but it was middle school, cut me some slack.
Brandon: Relax, Stella, you know we all had nicknames. I was Brandido.

  • They all start walking towards the stadium.*

Sky: You've been pretty busy lately, haven't you?
Bloom: I guess.
Sky: Too busy to go magi-skating tomorrow?
Bloom: I can fit that in.
Sky: Then it's a date.
Bloom: Oh, wait! I have to get started on Professor Avalon's paper.
Sky: Uh, who's Professor Avalon?
Bloom: He's our new teacher. He's teaching master's workshop and he's the best ever.
Sky: Wow, that's great. It sounds like he's really something.
Bloom: Oh, I almost forgot, he has to approve my paper topic.
Sky: I'll go with you.
Bloom: No, just save me a seat.

  • Bloom runs off.*

Scene: Entrance, Red Fountain

Stormy: Let's wreak some havoc.
Icy: No, he said wait by the stairs, we'll wait by the stairs.
Darcy: Oh, give me a break, Icy, since when do we wait around for a guy?
Icy: Lord Darkar is not just a guy.

Scene: Hallway, Red Fountain

Musa: Hey Riven, are you competing today?
Riven: I'm winning today.

  • They enter the stadium. Helia is sitting alone on one of the bleacher sections, drawing some birds.*

Tecna: From my calculations, this is the best angle to watch the event.
Layla: Hey, who's that?
Stella: Is he a transfer student?
Brandon: That's Helia.
Timmy: Helia is Saladin's nephew.
Flora: Is he going to be in the competition?
Brandon: No, not him. He's not a hero. He goes to art school but Saladin's trying to convince him to transfer here.
Timmy: The problem is he's a pacifist and doesn't believe in battles.
Flora: I want to meet him.
Brandon: Helia, these are my friends. Let me introduce you; this is Flora, and that's Tecna-
Stella: And I'm Princess Stella of Solaria.

  • Flora is annoyed.*

Stella: And I'm a great supporter of art.

  • Helia stands and bows.*

Helia: I'm honoured to meet you.
Tecna: With all due respect, Helia, why are you painting with antiques?
Digit: You can simulate any kind of art with a digi-sketch from goblin cave paintings to contemporary realism. My cousin sells them, he can get you a deal.
Stella: Let me see you work.

  • Stella takes Helia's sketchbook from him.*

Stella: Wow! You're perfect to do my royal portrait. I'll have my people call your people.
Flora: Your brush strokes capture the dove's movements so beautifully, it's like it's wings hug the clouds, and the sky and the dove become one.
Helia: That's what I had in mind, I love that you got that.
Brandon: Yeah, that's Flora for you.
Flora: It's really nice to meet you, Helia.
Chatta: I knew she would meet someone, I just knew it.

  • Chatta and Amore giggle.*

Scene: Entrance, Red Fountain

  • Bloom is running around looking for Avalon.*

Bloom: Where did he go?

  • She runs past the Trix in disguise.*

Icy: I wouldn't mind destroying this place again.
Bloom: Umm, excuse me, hi, I'm looking for Professor Avalon, have you seen him?
Icy: No, we haven't seen anybody.
Bloom: Okay, thanks.

  • She runs off, Lockette follows but is suspicious of the Trix.*

Stormy: Bubbly loser.
Icy: I can't wait to finish her off.

Scene: Stadium, Red Fountain

  • The ceremony is starting, Bloom finds the others and sits with them.*

Stella: Did you find Professor Cutie?
Bloom: I couldn't find him but I didn't want to keep looking and miss the beginning of the ceremony.
Stella: You got here just in time.

  • Codatorta walks to the middle of the stadium.*

Codatorta: It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Red Fountain school for Heroics and Bravery. To all who fought in the great witch invasion of '05, we say thank you. Now, to welcome you to the long awaited dedication ceremony of our new campus, here is our esteemed Headmaster, Professor Saladin.
Saladin: I would like to thank the generous donors to our capital fund. And now everyone, the moment you've all been waiting for!

  • Saladin starts to glow, and the school starts to shake and rise.*

Tecna, Layla, Musa, Stella, and Bloom: What's going on?
Lockette: It's an earthquake!
Stella: Oh no!
Bloom: I think this is part of the show.

  • The school starts to crumble.*

Lockette: What a scary show.
Bloom: They could have just cut a ribbon.

  • The old campus crumbles into the ground, and the new campus rises from the debris.*

Saladin: Ladies and gentlemen, our new campus!

  • The crowd clamours and cheers as the new stadium is revealed.*

Saladin: The centre-piece of our new campus is our state of the art stadium, which we've upgraded in the hopes of hosting the 2012 Magic Games. It features five royalty boxes, an elixir bar, and an invisible stage. It's a place for athletics and dramatics, it's a place where we'll create new memories for years to come!
Codatorta: We now declare the stadium open!
Layla: The acoustics here are awesome. I can't wait for our show.

Scene: Red Fountain Ruins

Darkar: Hey, witches, why weren't you waiting where I told you to be?
Icy: We don't wait more than ten minutes for anyone.
Darkar: You have so much attitude I should destroy you. But then again I kind of like it.
Icy: I thought that you might.
Darkar: It's gonna be fun taking over the world with you.

Scene: Outside, Red Fountain

  • Bloom, Stella, and Flora are sitting on the ground outside the stadium, while Tecna plays a video game nearby.*

Flora: I hope Helia's going to be at the post party.
Bloom: We should find him and make sure he's planning on going. Judging by the way he was crushing on you earlier, I'm sure he'll be at the party if we tell him you're going.
Brandon: Don't mean to interrupt but Riven and Sky are up next.
Timmy: I'm up after Brandon.
Bloom: So you're competing too?
Brandon: Timmy's in the squad ship parade.
Chatta: I can't wait to see that.
Tecna: I'll meet you over there. Okay, Digit, 5034.

  • Tecna continues to play her game, and the others leave, Timmy looking disappointed. In another part of the grounds, Musa and Layla are walking together.*

Musa: When the music starts, I'll come out and say, "This one goes out to our Red Fountain peeps".
Layla: That's when I'll come out and do the Tide walk.

  • Layla does a dance move.*

Layla: Ta-da!

  • Darcy walks past.*

Darcy: Eugh, gag me.
Musa: Hey, that girl sounded just like somebody I know.
Layla: What's her problem?
Musa: Hey you! Wait a second.
Darcy: Huh? Get lost!
Musa: I think that's Darcy. Come on, let's get 'em.

  • They toss their drinks aside and run after them. Tune watches them go and sips her tea. Tecna and Digit are still playing their video game.*

Digit: Game over! I win. Yay! Now, you should get over to the stadium and see Timmy.
Tecna: But I feel so uncomfortable around him.
Digit: Come on. Just show me the dream you had and we'll talk it through so that way it stops weirding you out.
Tecna: Alright, but promise you won't make fun of me.
Digit: I promise.

  • Tecna pulls out a gadget and clicks a button. A headset appears on her face and she and Digit enter her dream.*

Scene: Tecna's Dream

Tecna (narrating): I dreamt that Timmy and I were alone in this incredible cyber kingdom. Everything felt magical and beautiful. It was like our true selves were revealed to each other. I had all these feelings. It was totally overpowering.

  • Tecna laughs and flies through the cyber kingdom with Timmy.*

Tecna (narrating): And then, just as he was about to kiss me, I woke up.

Scene: Outside, Red Fountain

  • Tecna and Digit exit the dream.*

Tecna: So, now do you understand why I've been so uncomfortable around him?
Digit: Would you start acting logically and go find him?

  • In another part of the grounds, Darcy is running from Musa and Layla.*

Musa: Where did she go?
Layla: I think that way.

  • They come across Tecna on the ground.*

Musa: Tecna, are you okay?
Tecna: What is going on?
Musa: I think Darcy might be here.
Tecna: Darcy? Look her up, Digit.
Digit: She's not on the guest list.
Musa: It sounded like her.
Tecna: Maybe she has a sister who goes to Cloud Tower. Or there could be another witch who sounds like her.
Musa: It wasn't just her voice, it was also the way she looked at us and said "gag me".
Layla: Either way that girl was putting out a bad vibe.
Musa: Let's tell Bloom and the others about it, and keep our eyes open for her, just in case, you know what I mean?

Scene: Throne Room, Shadowhaunt

Darkar: Kerbog, Red Fountain's unveiling a new campus, and we forgot to send them a gift. Shame on us.

  • Darkar uses his magic.*

Darkar: Forces of the realm of horror and dread, creep and crawl, grow and spread, turn this bird into a beast, that on young fairies loves to feast. Arise! Oh, yes.

  • Kerbog grows into a large, winged monster. it bursts out of Shadowhuant and flies away.*

Scene: Stadium, Red Fountain

  • Sky and Riven are duelling each other in the stadium. Riven throws a gadget at Sky that releases a gas, temporarily blinding Sky.*

Bloom: Can he do that?
Musa: Sure, this isn't the foil fencing competition, this is the Extreme Fighting event.
Stella: So, when did that become a sport?
Digit: Exactly three years ago.

  • Sky recovers from the gas, and goes back to fighting Riven. Sky uses his leg to trip Riven, defeating him.*

Bloom: Good job, Sky.
Tecna: When is Timmy up?
Digit: Take a deep breath.

  • Sky offers Riven a hand up.*

Sky: Good fight.
Riven: Man, you always win.

  • Riven stands without taking Sky's hand.*

Riven: Everything comes easy to you, it's like everything falls into your lap.
Sky: That is not true, Riven, and you know it.

  • Riven walks away.*

Riven: Sorry. Good fight.
Sky: Huh?
Bloom: Alright! Stella, your BF's up next.
Musa: I hope Riven's okay.
Stella: Brandon's up against a senior.

  • The winged monster flies towards Red Fountain, while Brandon steps into the stadium.*

Sky: Hey, don't worry, dude, he might be a senior, but you can take him. I totally believe in you.
Brandon: Thanks, buddy, I appreciate that.
Sky: Remember what we were discussing in Codatorta's class: don't think too much, just trust your instincts.

  • A large shadow falls over them.*

Brandon: Woah, what's going on here?
Sky: Looks like we have a guest.

  • The winged monster flies closer to the stadium and Brandon and Sky cry out in alarm. The crowds scream and start rushing towards the exit.*

Bloom: Come on, girls, let's go!
Tecna, Stella, Musa, Layla, Bloom and Flora: Let's do it!

  • The girls transform, and start attacking the monster.*

Stella: It's absorbing our magic!
Sky: That thing's powerful!
Bloom: Yeah.
Stella: Not to mention gross.
Flora: That's a flyo dragonus.
Stella: Right, but I thought they were extinct.
Codatorta: Junior brigade, position yourself on the bleachers.
Bloom: Let's attack together.

Scene: Grounds, Red Fountain

Guard: Let's go!

  • Two guards run for the stadium. Stormy watches them go and laughs at the sight of the monster destroying the stadium.*

Stormy: Nice. Very nice. Okay, enough of these cutesy outfits.

  • Stormy uses her magic to get rid of her disguise, then breaks a window. Icy also gets ride of her disguise.*

Icy: Let's go get the codex.

  • Icy freezes another window and smashes it.*

Scene: Stadium, Red Fountain

  • They are still battling the monster.*

Stela: It gets stronger with every attack.
Codatorta: Let's go!

  • Codatorta leads a group of students riding dragons into battle.*

Layla: Nothing I try is working.
Stella: It's gotta have a point of vulnerability, right?
Bloom: I knew I should have paid more attention in Monster Bio.

  • Timmy is helping people leave the stadium.*

Timmy: Form a single line.

  • A guard comes up to him.*

Timmy: What's up?
Guard: I'm to pass this alert to you immediately.

  • Timmy reads the alert.*

Timmy: Oh no. Man, this is bad, this is really bad. We have to alert Codatorta right away.

  • Timmy pulls up a mini-screen on his sleeve.*

Timmy: Red Dragon alert, Red Dragon alert.
Codatorta: I'm on it, Timmy.

  • Codatorta goes to Saladin.*

Codatorta: We have intruders.
Saladin: In the tower?
Codatorta: I'm afraid so, sir.
Saladin: If the wrong person gets the codex the whole magical universe could be in danger. We have to protect it at all costs.
Codatorta: But what about the monster? We can't just allow it to rampage all over our new campus like this.
Saladin: Let's leave Bloom and Sky in charge here, I think they can handle the monster.
Codatorta: Alright, I'll alert the guards.

  • Sky is riding a dragon and has a close call with the monster. Small red fountain ships are being deployed and attacking the monster.*

Flora: Okay, this is the strategy: I'll distract it and you attack.
Bloom: Let's go.

  • Flora flies up to the monster, and it spits grey goo at her.*

Sky: It got her!
Bloom: No! That's what it does before it eats you! It spits on you to make you more digestible!

  • Flora is so covered in the goo that she can't defend herself.*

Layla: Get away from her!
Tecna: Flora, get down!
Flora: I can't see.
Bloom: Flora!

  • The monster goes to attack but is suddenly held back by thin cords.*

Brandon: How did that happen?
Sky: Look! It seems like we have a new hero.
Brandon: And who's that?
Flora: He's over there.

  • Helia is holding the other end of the cords.*

Flora: Helia!
Brandon: Helia? How could an art student do that?
Sky: He is Saladin's nephew, so heroics must be in his blood.
Helia: Are you okay, Flora?
Flora: I- uh-
Sky: She's alright.

  • Helia releases the cords from around the monster and they retract back into the glove he's wearing.*

Bloom: Hey! Why did he let it go?

  • The monster roars and Brandon and Sky ride their dragon out of the way.*

Stella: That Helia is some pacifist. He fights to protect Flora but not anyone else?
Tecna: It's completely illogical, if you don't believe in fighting, don't fight at all.

  • Helia walks away, and the monster continues to destroy the stadium.*

Amore: That boy Helia is so romantic.

  • The red fountain ships continue to fire at the monster but it isn't having an effect.*

Sky: We should use Helia's strategy and try to get the monster tied down.
Bloom: We'll need the entire archery battalion. Stella and I can coordinate it.
Riven: We'll get the dragons.
Sky: Good idea, we'll use them to get as close as possible so we can spot it's point of vulnerability. Tecna can direct the position.
Riven: Once that thing's restrained we can use the four swords blast. You know, the one you taught me?
Sky: That's a great idea, Riven, let's do it.

  • Riven, Brandon, Sky, and Timmy ride their dragons into position.*

Sky: Alright, guys, let's move in close.
Bloom: Tec, the archery battalion's ready.
Tecna: Okay, Sky, clear a radius of twenty feet around the monster.

  • The archers get into position.*

Bloom: Fire!

  • The archers fire and ropes latch onto the monster's limbs and around it's neck.*

Brandon: He's about to break free.
Bloom: Hold on tight, guys!
Brandon: He's too strong!

Scene: Hallway, Red Fountain

Codatorta: The senior guard is searching the building.
Saladin: We can't let anyone get to the codex.
Codatorta: If we flank the scale in Justice hall we'll be able to protect the Veritas chamber.

Scene: Stadium, Red Fountain

Flora: It's gonna break free!

  • The monster roars, and the ropes start to snap.*

Flora: Ivy web, grow and spread.

  • Flora uses a spell to grow vines to add to the ropes. The cover the monster.*

Tecna: Tell them I found that thing's point of vulnerability.
Bloom: Hey, guys, get ready.
Sky: Swords in!

  • Riven, Brandon, Timmy, and Sky bring the points of their swords together.*

Tecna: Go now!
Timmy: We got ya!
Sky: Fire, guys!

  • They attack, and the monster starts to break Flora's vines.*

Sky: Retreat now!

  • The monster flickers and explodes, Kerbog returning and flying away.*

Bloom: Oh yeah, we got it!

Scene: Justice Hall, Red Fountain

Codatorta: If there's an intruder you can resort to any means necessary. We cannot let them reach the Veritas chamber.

  • The guards ready their weapons.*

Icy: I found them.
Darkar: Come back, there's too many of them.
Icy: But-
Darkar: Come back.
Icy: As if I couldn't take those losers.

  • Icy leaves.*

Scene: Outside, Red Fountain

Avalon: I'm so proud of you. I'm giving you all extra credit for saving Red Fountain.
Bloom: Alright! Thanks.
Avalon: I was taking a tour and by the time I got back to the stadium the fight was over.
Bloom: You could have destroyed that monster in a second.
Sky: Yeah, right, I would have liked to have seen that happen.

  • A paper plane floats past and lands next to Flora. She unfolds it and it is a drawing of her.*

Scene: Shadowhaunt

Darkar: So, how did you like that beast I created? Pretty exciting, huh?
Icy: You're the man, LD. You rock my world, you really do. But what I don't get is why you didn't let me take out Saladin and his squad of dweebs.
Darkar: What's the fun in destroying them when they most expect it? Now that we found the codex, we'll get it when we want. And then, when we get all four parts of it, ladies, we'll take over the entire universe. The Under-realm will be The Realm, and Shadowhaunt will become The Haunt.

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