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The Wrong Righters

Scene: Yoshinoya's Residence

  • Yoshinoya's ninja team runs through the forest, returning to their master to report what they had discovered.*

Ninja: Mister Yoshinoya, the Wrong Righters got to Diaspro before we could capture her.
Yoshinoya: Hmmm... This could work to our advantage. We can still claim we were the ones who kidnapped her. Heh-heh-heh!
Ninja: Then, should we deliver the ransom note, sir?
Yoshinoya: Yes! Deliver the ransom note to the palace, and demand payment in two days!
Ninja: Yes sir!

  • The ninja team leaps out of the place and carry out their task.*

Yoshinoya: The Wrong Righters don't know it but we're going to let them do all the work for us! And, we're going to get all the money! Hah-ha-ha-ha!!

Scene: Wrong Righters' Headquarters

  • Diaspro awakens in a lair, bound to a stalagmite by the wrists.*

Diaspro: Ugh, where am I?

  • She sees Zark, the Wrong Righters' dog, in front of her and screams.*

Diaspro: Oh! YUCK! Have a mint! Ugh!!

  • Zark walks away while Diaspro struggles to get free.*

Diaspro: What do you want?!
Ben: You were destroying Planet Isis!

  • Ben and his team enter the lair.*

Diaspro: WHAT?! I'm a great ruler!
Ben: People are going hungry because you're making them spend all their money on outfits! You're sending people into exile for wearing more than one type of denim!!
Diaspro: Head-to-toe denim is cheesy!
Ben: We are going to turn you into a good person!

  • They dramatic leave the cave.*

Diaspro: Mph, what-ever.

Scene: Alfea Quad

  • Bloom and Musa do their presentation.*

Bloom: And so, as Musa just demonstrated, focusing the weather can be a powerful addition to your arsenal of spells.

  • Bloom is getting rained on by her own spell.*

Musa: And... that is it for our presentation.
Palladium: Great teamwork, girls! That was an excellent demonstration of a rain spell!

  • Stella changes the rain cloud into sunshine, drying Bloom up.*

Stella: That rain spell was not hair-friendly! You should create a spell to make the rain straighten your hair instead of frizzying it!
Bloom: *annoyed* Yeah! I'll have to work on that one!

  • Palladium clears his throat.*

Palladium: We will continue your presentations next week. Remember: they'll count for one quarter of your grade. What topic did you choose, Flora?

  • The girls walk back to their spot on the grass.*

Flora: Rainbow spells!
Palladium: That's terrific! Rainbow spells are my personal favorite! Once you master weather spells, your magic will reach a whole new level, so keep up the good work!
Musa: Palladium's new look is nice but a new haircut would help.
Stella: It's like his makeover needs a makeover!

  • Musa and Stella laugh.*
  • The sun is setting and Palladium's class has ended. The students leave.*

Fairies: Byee!
Palladium: Ta-ta!

  • Musa, Flora, Stella, and Bloom grunt.*

Stella: Trust me, Bloom! Sky's parents will looove you!
Bloom: Thanks, Stella!
Stella: I gotta go!

  • Stella leaves with Amore.*

Bloom: 'Kay, see you when I get back!
Flora: Bye! So, are you ready to go?
Lockette: Go where?
Bloom: To Eraklyon, silly! Don't you remember? Sky's going to introduce me to his parents!

  • Bloom walks off looking uneasy. Flora runs after her.*

Flora: Uh, Bloom! Did you figure out what you're going to wear?
Bloom: I'm borrowing Stella's dress.

  • Sky and Brandon arrive on their hoverbikes. And greet them.*

Sky: Hello there, ladies!
Chatta: You're early, Sky! We hadn't gotten the chance to get ready yet!
Sky: I was hoping we could beat the intergalactic traffic!
Flora: But, we have to change.
Sky: It's just going to be a casual dinner. Besides, you already look lovely!
Brandon: Yeah, you do!
Bloom: Well thanks, I'm excited to finally see the place where you grew up, Sky!
Flora: I really hope we get a chance to check out the royal gardens!
Sky: I've already arranged for us to take a tour after dinner.
Lockette: Fabulous!
Bloom: I've been reading all about Eraklyon! I'm so psyched!
Sky: You'll love it!

  • Zing, who had been eavesdropping on the conversation in a nearby tree, drops down.*

Zing: You know what? I've never been to Eraklyon. Maybe I'll find a fairy to with there!

  • Zing throws her insect grapple onto Sky's hoverbike once Bloom and Flora had gotten on the bikes.*

Sky: Are you girls ready?
Bloom: Ready!
Flora: Let's go! Oh, Stella said to tell you "hugs and kisses"!

  • Brandon laughs.*

Scene: Space

  • The group is traveling in a spaceship to Eraklyon.*

Bloom: I'm nervous about Eraklyon manners! I hope I don't make a fool out of myself.
Chatta: Just remember to chew your food with your mouth closed!
Sky: Just be yourself and you'll be perfect.
Zing: Are mullets in style on Eraklyon or should I try something else?

  • Sky looks bewildered at a disguised Zing.*

Bloom: Who's that? Oh, Zing!

  • Zing quickly shifts to her normal self with a big smile, then returns her disguise.*

Zing: Hi!!

  • Sky returns to his buttons.*

Sky: We're approaching Eraklyon. We'll be there in approximately two minutes.
Chatta: Yay!

  • Sky stands up from his chair.*

Sky: Alright everybody, let's prepare for landing!

  • The spaceship enters Planet Eraklyon and lands onto a designated area near the palace.*

Scene: Outside the Eraklyon Palace

Sky: What's goin' on?
Bloom: Is there something wrong?
Sky: There could be.
Brandon: The high security car is out front.

Scene: Eraklyon Throne Room

Sky: They kidnapped Diaspro?!
Erendor: Yes, son.
Sky: And when exactly did this happen??
Erendor: This morning.

  • Erendor hands the guard Diaspro's brooch to be handed to Sky.*

Erendor: The kidnapper sent this.
Sky: This is the brooch I gave her...
Erendor: The kidnappers must think that you two are still engaged. Diaspro's parents are crushed.

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