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Magic in My Heart

Scene: Alfea's Roof

  • Stormy is crouched on Alfea's roof at night, a magic sphere floating in front of her.*

Stormy: Search and find a way to see where they hide the Codex key.
Musa: Hey! Witch!

  • Stormy groans and turn her head around to see Musa and Tune behind her.

Musa: It's two a.m. Shouldn't you be upside down in a cave somewhere?

  • Stormy sits up and walks towards Musa.*

Stormy: You should've checked the whether before coming outside, Musa. Don't you know there's a big storm coming?

  • Stormy laughs while clouds fill the sky and lighting starts.*

Musa: I hate to break into you, but the wind is about to change!

  • Musa transforms into her Winx and the instrumental version of the song We Are the Winx.*

Tune: Be careful.
Musa: Bring the thunder, Stormy!
Stormy: Oh, I'm gonna bring more than that. See I'm wearing Lord Darkar's Gloomix! Check it!

  • Stormy attacks Musa. Musa flies back and hits the roof of Alfea's tower. Stormy laughs in victory.*

Stormy: Stormcloud, give me your power! Nighty night, Musa!
Musa: Beat boost!

  • Stormy is brought down by the beat boost.*

Musa: Entadori melacori metaklori faniki fundanence!
Stormy: Are you trying to break up my storm?

  • Musa continues her chant*

Stormy: Well that retro outer realm mumbo jumbo weather dance isn't gonna cut it.

  • Stormy looks up, her storm clouds are fading*

Stormy: Hey! There should have a been a cloud of thunder there. What? The clouds are parting?
Musa: Your little storm blew over.

  • Musa launches an attack at Stormy and Stormy falls down to the ground.*

Stormy: Oh, you're so gonna pay for that, Musa!
Palladium: What's going on down there?
Student 1: Hey! There's a witch!
Student 2: Let's go get her!

  • Stormy lets go of the magic ball in her hand.*

Stormy: This isn't over yet.

  • Stormy departs and flies off.*
  • Musa sighs and lays down on her back.*

Tune: Bravo! Musa, I'm most impressed!

Scene: Alfea

  • Musa and Layla are talking.*

Layla: So, you're excited for our big show, tomorrow night?
Musa: I guess.
Layla: What do mean you guess? It's gonna be awesome, Musa. You're gonna rock Red Fountain.
Musa: I think maybe, I'm nervous.
Layla: You have no reason to be nervous.

  • Layla plays hip-hop music whilst Piff screams.*

Layla: Hey, let me show you my game.

  • Layla shows Musa her dance routines.*

Musa: Sweet moves, Layla! You've got kind of an old world dance fusion going on!
Layla: I used to sneak out of my palace and learn these moves from street performers.
Tune: Street performers?
Musa: I bet your prim 'n' proper parents loved that!
Layla: Like I told them.

  • Musa and Layla both laugh.*

Scene: Darkar's Fortress

  • Stormy is looking at herself in the mirror.*

Stormy: Urgh! Good bye! Argh. I'll miss you beautiful, gorgeous face. Gotta become a bobbly and dorky looking fairy! hmm.

  • Stormy clicks her finger, turns her hair red, transforms into a fairy and rubs Musa's drawing from her mirror.*

Stormy: You're over, Musa!

Scene: Red Fountain

Student 1: But don't you have a girlfriends?
Brandon: I do but see, we've already talked it out. I mean this good luck kiss is for charity. We're raising money to get the Jousting team new uniforms.
Student 1: Well we'll have to run and find our purses first.
Student 2: Can we leave you a bit of lipstick before we go?

  • The girls run off.*

Brandon: Sure but just leave it on my cheek, okay? huh? What's this? They actually left me lipstick? haha. ooh. Hey there? You wanna kiss a hero? Doesn't cost much and it's all for a good cause.
Stormy: urgh! Get lost, loser!
Brandon: Sorry!

Scene: Alfea

Musa: I'm thinking of doing this one.

  • Musa starts singing.*

Musa: When I want to ride the wind, it slips away so fast! When to the fall.
Stormy: Sounds awful!
Musa: Now I need to know why I got wings at all.
Stella: Amazing, Musa. That's the one you should do and now let's move on to practice our little number.
Musa: Wait, I wanna try this song that has this Sax Solo. That might be better.

  • Stella throws a Saxophone to Musa.*

Musa: Be a little more careful, Stella! This is my dad's Saxophone!
Ho-Boe: I don't care what happens to that old thing!
Musa: Daddy!
Ho-Boe: Haha! Surprised? How's my little angel been?
Stormy: hmm, looks like Musa's gonna be way easier to get to than I thought!
Stormy: I was in the realm on business and I thought I'd swing by and I have to say, I thought I'd find you in a library, not a soundstage.
Faragonda: There's a concert tomorrow at Red Fountain and Musa will be performing a song. Your daughter is quite talented, you know, most gifted musicians we've ever had at Alfea.
Musa: Thanks Miss F. you gonna be able to come to the show tomorrow night, dad?
Ho-Boe: Hm!
Musa: What's up?
Ho-Boe: Why haven't you told me about any of this, Musa?
Musa: Well, I was gonna but I just wanted to wait until...
Ho-Boe: I would like to have a talk with you outside, young lady in private.

  • Musa, Stella and Layla gasps*

Scene: Outside of Red Fountain

Hoe-Boe: You've been telling everyone that I still write songs? That I still perform? Fragaonda asked me if I had a new album coming out and I didn't know what to say. I looked like a fool!
Musa: I'm sure you didn't.

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