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Exchange Students The Heart of Cloud Tower Shadows in Bloom

The Heart of Cloud Tower

Scene: Heart Chamber, Cloud Tower

  • Professor Griffin comes out of the heart.*

Stella: Is that Professor Griffin?
Flora: I think it is.
Icy: What are you doing in there, Griffin?! Where's the codex?
Griffin: It's not here, Icy. And not anywhere where the likes of you will find it.
Darcy: The likes of us?
Griffin: Yes, girls I kicked out of school who run errands for Lord Darkar.
Stormy: We'll be doing the kicking this time.
Musa: Don't forget us. You're surrounded, witch!
Darcy: Perfect Darkness!

  • Darcy uses her magic to make the room go black.*

Stella: Ray of Light!

  • Stella uses her magic to make the room bright again. The Trix have disappeared.*

Layla: They disappeared!

  • Flora flies to Bloom.*

Flora: Forget about them. We gotta help Bloom.

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Cloud Tower

  • Stella and Flora help Bloom onto her bed.*

Flora: Relax, sweetie. Open your eyes.

  • Bloom opens her eyes and gets a clear view of her hand.*

Flora: Those herbs Griffin gave should revive you pretty quickly.
Bloom: My head's killing me.
Stella: Hate to say it, but that's what you get for trying to face those witches alone.
Layla: You did not just say that. I mean, where were you, Stella?
Bloom: Guys, I feel like my powers are weakening.
Layla: All our powers are weakening.
Musa: It's Cloud Tower syndrome.
Tecna: What’s important is that we stop arguing and work together from now on.
Stella: Exactly, Tecna. That's precisely what I've been saying this whole time.
Flora: Stella!
Layla: Yeah, right.
Musa: You were the first one to run off!
Stella: Come on, details!

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

Stormy: That stupid Tecna tricked us!
Icy: Yeah, as if! I wouldn't give that loser robo-nerd that much credit!
Darcy: So, you don't think it was a trap? You think those fairies really have no idea where the codex is hidden?
Stormy: They're just as clueless as we are!
Icy: What's our next move?
Stormy: What if we keep sending our energy into the heart?
Darcy: We can seize full control of the tower.
Icy: And then we can just get the tower to hand the codex over to us, and destroy everyone else.

  • The Trix crackle.*

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Cloud Tower

  • Layla is unable to sleep, gets out of bed and walks over to Musa.*

Layla: Musa, are you awake?

  • Musa is sound asleep and Layla covers her up with a blanket.*

Layla: At least one of us is able to sleep in this creepy place.

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

  • The Winx Club, Lucy, and Mirta gather in a hallway. They start to split off and walk in different directions. Bloom and Tecna are together, Lucy and Mirta are together, Musa and Stella are together, and Flora and Layla are together.*

Griffin (voice-over): Good morning, I trust you all enjoyed your complementary continental breakfast.

Scene: Flashback

  • A flashback from that morning is shown. The Winx Club, Lucy, and Mirta are gathered in Griffin's office.*

Griffin: Sorry, witch humour. But I do hope you were able to rest and recover your strength.
Lucy: Surprisingly.

  • Layla yawns.*

Layla: Well, not all of us.
Griffin: Too bad, because I'm counting on all of you.

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

  • Bloom and Tecna are walking together, and Bloom is holding a small, red, gemstone.*

Griffin (voice-over): Very early this morning Icy, Darcy, and Stormy launched an attack on Cloud Tower.

  • Musa and Stella are shown walking together, and Stella is holding a small, red gemstone.*

Griffin (voice-over): They're sending their dark energy through its veins in an attempt to take control of its heart.

  • Musa and Layla are shown walking together, while Zing flies along with them.*

Griffin (voice-over): We must stop them at all costs.

  • Lucy and Mirta are shown standing together in a hallway, Mirta is also holding a small, red gemstone.*

Scene: Flashback

  • A flashback from that morning is shown. The Winx Club, Lucy, and Mirta are gathered in Griffin's office.*

Bloom: What happens if they manage to get control of the tower's heart, Miss Griffin?
Griffin: Cloud Tower itself becomes our enemy.
Stella: Woah! We'd have to like fight them and the tower together?
Lucy: There's no way that we could survive that.
Mirta: Its not gonna happen.

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

Griffin (voice-over): These ruby coins will help you track the witches. They light up whenever powerful dark energy is nearby.

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