Winx Club - Episode 218/4Kids Script

Exchange Students The Heart of Cloud Tower Shadows in Bloom

The Heart of Cloud Tower

Scene: Heart Chamber, Cloud Tower

  • Professor Griffin comes out of the heart.*

Stella: Is that Professor Griffin?
Flora: I think it is.
Icy: What are you doing in there, Griffin?! Where's the codex?
Griffin: It's not here, Icy. And not anywhere where the likes of you will find it.
Darcy: The likes of us?
Griffin: Yes, girls I kicked out of school who run errands for Lord Darkar.
Stormy: We'll be doing the kicking this time.
Musa: Don't forget us. You're surrounded, witch!
Darcy: Perfect Darkness!

  • Darcy uses her magic to make the room go black.*

Stella: Ray of Light!

  • Stella uses her magic to make the room bright again. The Trix have disappeared.*

Layla: They disappeared!

  • Flora flies to Bloom.*

Flora: Forget about them. We gotta help Bloom.

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Cloud Tower

  • Stella and Flora help Bloom onto her bed.*

Flora: Relax, sweetie. Open your eyes.

  • Bloom opens her eyes and gets a clear view of her hand.*

Flora: Those herbs Griffin gave should revive you pretty quickly.
Bloom: My head's killing me.
Stella: Hate to say it, but that's what you get for trying to face those witches alone.
Layla: You did not just say that. I mean, where were you, Stella?
Bloom: Guys, I feel like my powers are weakening.
Layla: All our powers are weakening.
Musa: It's Cloud Tower syndrome.
Tecna: What’s important is that we stop arguing and work together from now on.
Stella: Exactly, Tecna. That's precisely what I've been saying this whole time.
Flora: Stella!
Layla: Yeah, right.
Musa: You were the first one to run off!
Stella: Come on, details!

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

Stormy: That stupid Tecna tricked us!
Icy: Yeah, as if! I wouldn't give that loser robo-nerd that much credit!
Darcy: So, you don't think it was a trap? You think those fairies really have no idea where the codex is hidden?
Stormy: They're just as clueless as we are!
Icy: What's our next move?
Stormy: What if we keep sending our energy into the heart?
Darcy: We can seize full control of the tower.
Icy: And then we can just get the tower to hand the codex over to us, and destroy everyone else.

  • The Trix crackle.*

Scene: The Winx's Dorm, Cloud Tower

  • Layla is unable to sleep, gets out of bed and walks over to Musa.*

Layla: Musa, are you awake?

  • Musa is sound asleep and Layla covers her up with a blanket.*

Layla: At least one of us is able to sleep in this creepy place.

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

  • The Winx Club, Lucy, and Mirta gather in a hallway. They start to split off and walk in different directions. Bloom and Tecna are together, Lucy and Mirta are together, Musa and Stella are together, and Flora and Layla are together.*

Griffin (voice-over): Good morning, I trust you all enjoyed your complementary continental breakfast.

Scene: Flashback

  • A flashback from that morning is shown. The Winx Club, Lucy, and Mirta are gathered in Griffin's office.*

Griffin: Sorry, witch humour. But I do hope you were able to rest and recover your strength.
Lucy: Surprisingly.

  • Layla yawns.*

Layla: Well, not all of us.
Griffin: Too bad, because I'm counting on all of you.

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

  • Bloom and Tecna are walking together, and Bloom is holding a small, red, gemstone.*

Griffin (voice-over): Very early this morning Icy, Darcy, and Stormy launched an attack on Cloud Tower.

  • Musa and Stella are shown walking together, and Stella is holding a small, red gemstone.*

Griffin (voice-over): They're sending their dark energy through its veins in an attempt to take control of its heart.

  • Musa and Layla are shown walking together, while Zing flies along with them.*

Griffin (voice-over): We must stop them at all costs.

  • Lucy and Mirta are shown standing together in a hallway, Mirta is also holding a small, red gemstone.*

Scene: Flashback

  • A flashback from that morning is shown. The Winx Club, Lucy, and Mirta are gathered in Griffin's office.*

Bloom: What happens if they manage to get control of the tower's heart, Miss Griffin?
Griffin: Cloud Tower itself becomes our enemy.
Stella: Woah! We'd have to like fight them and the tower together?
Lucy: There's no way that we could survive that.
Mirta: Its not gonna happen.

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

Griffin (voice-over): These ruby coins will help you track the witches. They light up whenever powerful dark energy is nearby.

  • Zing tries to take Flora's ruby coin but she closes her hand over it. Elsewhere, Stella and Musa are walking together.*

Stella: Know what I'm thinking? A necklace.

  • Stella uses a mirror to imagine the ruby coin as a necklace.*

Griffin (voice-over): I want you to split up into pairs and hunt those witches down.

Scene: Flashback

Layla: But we just agreed last night to stick together.
Bloom: That's right. Is there some way that we can at least keep in touch with each other?
Griffin: I will teach you a simple spell that will allow you to communicate using the walls of the tower. Exclaimo!

  • Griffin uses her magic to make an ear shaped hole in the wall.*

Stella: Okay, you just made a weird ear thing on the wall.
Griffin: It will allow you to keep in touch with your friends. Help is one spell away.

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

  • The Trix are using their magic to watch the Winx Club and Lucy and Mirta.*

Darcy: That is so sweet. They're splitting up into groups of two.
Stormy: Not only sweet, but dumb.
Icy: We'll pick 'em off one pair at a time.

  • Flora, Layla, and Zing are walking together in a hallway. They hear a moaning sound.*

Flora: How do you think these witches study with all these spooky, creak-y noises and things all the time?
Layla: I don't know. It probably inspires them or something.
Flora: Uhh, it sounds like a haunted house.
Zing: Don't worry, the ghouls and goblins mostly come out at night, Flora. Mostly.

  • Flora and Layla are scared, and the ruby coin starts to glow.*

Flora: Something's coming!
Layla: What is it?!

  • Griffin comes up behind them, scaring them.*

Griffin: Feeling a little jumpy, are we? I didn't think strong fairies like you scared so easily.
Layla: Scared? What do you mean, scared? Who's scared? We're not scared, not really.
Griffin: Don't let this tower's negative energy get the best of you.
Flora: We won't.
Griffin: Good luck.

  • Griffin leaves.*

Layla: Okay, Flora, we seriously gotta pull it together.

Scene: Potions Lab, Cloud Tower

Musa: No way! You're out of your musical mind! 'Excessive Baggage' is a much hotter album than 'Anger Management'.
Stella: Speaking of anger management, I think it's safe to say that our good friend, Stormy, blew through here.

  • The potions lab is covered in broken glass.*

Scene: Classroom, Cloud Tower

Bloom: You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Guessing the codex was in Cloud Tower's heart was a good guess.
Tecna: I made a ridiculously illogical leap in reason. I assumed-
Bloom: We all make mistakes, Tecna.
Tecna: Not me! I don't!
Bloom: Hey, weren't you saying something about digitally enhancing the ruby's power earlier?
Tecna: That's right! I'm glad you reminded me. I almost forgot.

  • Tecna sits at one of the desks and takes out her hand-held device.*

Tecna: This may take a few moments.

  • There's a moaning noise and Tecna gasps.*

Bloom: Did you hear that?

  • Bloom starts to leave to se what it was.*

Tecna: Bloom, wait!
Bloom: Hmmm?
Tecna: I'd rather not spend another afternoon encased in ice.
Bloom: Don't worry, I'm not gonna leave you alone.

Scene: Griffin's Office, Cloud Tower

  • Griffin looks through a book before closing it and picking it up. She is also holding a scroll.*

Zarathustra: Headmistress Griffin, where are you taking the tome of the coven?
Griffin: To the heart of the tower. I must try to repel Icy's magic.

  • Griffin picks up a crystal ball.*

Zarathustra: It's likely she's focused on picking off those Winx girls.
Griffin: Yes, that's exactly what I'm counting on.
Zarathustra: Using live bait to buy yourself some time. How wicked.

  • Griffin leaves.*

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

Lucy: Wait.
Mirta: What's up?
Lucy: I thought I heard something.
Mirta: You don't have to be scared, Lucy.
Lucy: It's just that...
Mirta: Hmmm?
Lucy: Icy and her friends always bully me around. And now they're here and they're stronger than before and-
Mirta: Hey, so are you.

  • The ruby coin Mirta's holding starts to glow. Lucy and Mirta look around for the cause. Griffin appears out of the wall.*

Lucy: Professor Griffin.
Mirta: You seriously startled us.

  • Professor Griffin turns into Darcy who laughs.*

Scene: Classroom, Cloud Tower

  • Bloom and Tecna are looking at a hologram coming from Tecna's device.*

Bloom: So, how's this work exactly?
Tecna: The hologram is a simulated synthetic energy model of Cloud Tower.
Bloom: Okay, I have no idea what that means.

  • Bloom hands the ruby coin to Tecna.*

Tecna: By channelling the ruby's magic through a digital hologram we can monitor the entire castle from this room.

  • Tecna places the ruby on top of the hologram.*

Bloom: You're about to tell me there's a catch, right?
Tecna: Well, we'll have no warning system while the two sync up.

  • Bloom looks worried.*

Bloom: Great.

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

Layla: Did I just hear a growl?
Zing: You guys, they're coming out of the walls! They're coming out of the walls! Look out!

  • Flora and Layla get scared.*

Layla: They are?
Zing: No, that's from one of Bloom's Earth DVDs about the scary space alien.
Flora: Zing's been watching too many movies.
Layla: The negative vibes in this tower have got me so on edge.
Flora: Yeah, me too.
Layla: Forget this splitting into pairs bunk, I'm gonna contact Mirta and Lucy, try and meet up with them.
Flora: Yeah, good idea.

  • Layla puts her hand on the wall.*

Layla: Exclaimo Mirta!

  • And ear-shaped hole appears.*

Layla: Mirta? It's Layla, can you hear me?
Zing: ground control to Mirta, over.
Flora: Why wouldn't she answer?
Layla: Something is not right.

Scene: Dining Hall, Cloud Tower

Stella: How can you say 'Drop It' is the single of the year? That low-fi, inter-realm sample heavy crunk is so last decade.
Musa: Do you even know what any of those phrases mean, Stella?
Stella: I don't need to be a musical expert to know a bad song when I hear one.

  • Stella walks over and sits down at one of the tables.*

Musa: What are you doing?
Stella: I'm not going anywhere 'til you admit I'm right.
Musa: Is your brain candy-coated? We're trying to save the universe and you wanna argue Top Fives?

  • The ruby coin falls out of Stella's pocket and onto the ground but neither of them notice.*

Stella: I resent that you always think your musical opinion is like superior to everyone else's.

  • The ruby coin starts to glow but neither of them notice.*

Musa: I can't help that I have good taste.

  • Stella takes out a mirror and starts admiring her reflection.*

Stella: Sorry, I can't hear you, darling.

Scene: Classroom, Cloud Tower

  • Bloom is tapping her foot, waiting for Tecna to finish.*

Tecna: Alright, we're online.
Bloom: That's awesome! So how it looking?
Tecna: I can see activity in the whole tower.
Bloom: So, what are the witches up to?
Tecna: Uh-oh.
Bloom: What uh-oh?
Tecna: They're ambushing two fairies in the cafeteria.
Bloom: Oh no! Exclaimo Stella!

  • Bloom uses her magic and an ear-shaped hole appears in the wall. Bloom runs over to it.*

Bloom: Guys! It's Bloom! Can you hear me?!

  • The sound of Stormy and Stella fighting can be heard. Stella screams.*

Bloom: Stella! Musa! No!

Scene: Dining Hall, Cloud Tower

  • The chair Stella was sitting on is overturned, and the room is filled with smoke.*

Stormy: Our new wall decor really ties this room together.
Icy: So, should we keep adding to this hip wall collection or send more energy into the heart of the tower so we can get the codex?

  • Musa and Stella are shown stuck to the wall with magic.*

Stormy: Well, the codex isn't going anywhere, right?
Darcy: Good point.
Stormy: Let's motor.

  • The Trix fly out of the room.*

Musa: I don't believe this.
Stella: Not that I have a finger to point but you know who's fault this is, right?
Musa: Not mine. You were the one in charge of the ruby. But instead, you're arguing Top Five!
Stella: Well, we're stuck now. You wanna keep going?
Musa: Why not. Let's do Top Five One-Hit Wonders.

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

Flora: Layla, I'm really worried about Mirta and Lucy.
Layla: Maybe they just didn't hear us.
Flora: I know, but why wouldn't they hear us?

Scene: Classroom, Cloud Tower

Bloom: Tecna, I think I'm gonna check up on Flora and Layla. Exclaimo Layla!

  • Bloom uses her magic.*

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

  • Layla is talking into an ear shaped hole.*

Layla: Is that you, Bloom? I think the witches got Mirta and Lucy.

Scene: Classroom, Cloud Tower

Bloom: They got Stella and Musa too.

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

Layla: Where are you?

Scene: Classroom, Cloud Tower

Bloom: I think Tecna and I are in the classroom that weird witch teacher.
Layla (through the hole): We're on our way.
Tecna: Umm, Bloom, speaking of which, pun intended, we have some strange activity here.

  • Bloom rolls her eyes.*

Tecna: Tell me, why is it that my puns are never considered funny?

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

  • A group of witches are running through a hallway. The floor rises in front of them, cutting them off. The rise in the floor chases after a witch while the others continue to run.*

Witch 1: Keep running!

  • A wall appears from nowhere cutting off the hallway. They run a different want instead. A hole opens in the floor and two witches fall in.*

Witch 2: Keep going!

  • The remaining two witches run away.*

Scene: Heart Chamber, Cloud Tower

  • The heart of Cloud Tower glows.*

Griffin: Icy's magic is taking hold. Tome of the coven I ask you to send me your power and help me protect the heart of our great school.

Scene: Classroom, Cloud Tower

  • The two witches who escaped the hallway run into the classroom.*

Bloom: Huh?! What's going on?!
Witch 1: I don't know! The whole tower is wigging out!
Tecna: What do you mean "wigging out"?
Witch 2: It's eating people! It's like, sucking them into the walls.
Bloom: Icy's getting control.
Tecna: She's going to use the tower to delete us all.
Bloom: Yeah and then they can just steal the codex without even a fight.
Witch 2: What do you mean by "codex"?
Witch 1: Forget that! What do you mean "delete us all"?
Tecna: There's no time to explain right now.
Bloom: Isn't there a way to use the ruby hologram thing to find the codex before the witches do?
Tecna: The ruby stones only track dark magic.
Bloom: We need to think, there's gotta be another way.

  • A groaning noise can be heard.*

Witch 1: What was that?!
Bloom: Is it them?!
Tecna: I'll check the monitor.

  • Tecna checks the ruby hologram and gasps.*

Bloom: Are they here?
Icy: Is who here, Bloom?

  • The Trix appear from the walls.*

Icy: Did somebody order some annihilation?

  • The Cloud Tower students run away.*

Icy: Ready to be frozen again?
Tecna: No way is that happening!
Bloom: Your little cat and mouse game stops here, Icy!
Tecna: Let's go, Bloom!

  • Bloom and Tecna transform into their Magic Winx forms.*

Bloom: Let's try an assist attack.
Tecna: I'll boost your power with a multiplication spell.

  • Tecna uses her magic on Bloom.*

Stormy: Anybody mind if I wipe out Bloom myself?
Icy: Darcy, do you mind?
Darcy: Go right ahead. This is gonna be sweet.

  • Bloom shoots at the Trix with her magic forcing them to scatter.*

Stormy: Lightning Shock!

  • Stormy uses her magic on Bloom, throwing her to the ground.*

Stormy: You don't stand a chance against the Gloomix, loser, and you know it!
Bloom: Tecna, new plan.

  • Bloom and Tecna fly away while the Trix follow.*

Tecna: Their rate of acceleration is accelerating.
Bloom: Okay, and that means...?
Tecna: They're going to catch us!
Icy: And when we do, we're gonna put an end to you losers once and for all.

Scene: Heart Chamber, Cloud Tower

  • Griffin is chanting in another language.*

Griffin: Dominix diexo descallerbon vindalla bon de exo!

  • The heart is flashing and shaking.*

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

  • The Trix are flying after Bloom and Tecna.*

Stormy: Bolt of Lightning!
Tecna: It looks like we're done for, Bloom!

  • Stormy shoots a lightning bolt at Bloom and Tecna but a wall rises between them, deflecting the attack.*

Icy: What is that?
Darcy: Some kind of wall.

  • More walls rise, blocking the Trix in.*

Icy: Griffin got control!

Scene: Classroom, Cloud Tower

  • Flora, Layla, and Zing arrive at the destroyed classroom.*

Flora: Jeepers, this place is in ruins!
Layla: Poor Bloom and Tecna, the witches must have beat us here!

  • Bloom and Tecna arrive back at the classroom.*

Bloom: Don't worry, we're okay you guys.
Tecna: Yeah. And it looks like Griffin regained control of the tower.
Bloom: For now.

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

  • Stormy uses her Gloomix to try and blast their way through the stone walls encasing them.*

Icy: I will not let Griffin beat us!
Darcy: We're stronger than her. We've gotta be able to take control back.
Stormy: Forget control! I say we pour everything we've got into that heart and destroy it.
Icy: Good idea. If we can't control Cloud Tower, no one will.

Scene: Dining Hall, Cloud Tower

  • Musa and Stella come unstuck from the wall.*

Stella: Finally.

  • Griffin, Bloom, Tecna, Flora, Layla, and Zing arrive.*

Bloom: Are you guys alright?

  • Layla, Flora, and Bloom help them up.*

Griffin: The witches are trying to destroy the heart. It's going to get ugly. Get back to your dorm rooms immediately!

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

  • The Winx Club and Zing walk towards their dorm room. But when Bloom reaches for the door it turns into a solid wall with a handle. She tries to turn the handle but nothing happens.*

Bloom: Uhhh, there was like a door here just now, wasn't there?
Layla: You mean that door?

  • Layla points up and they see that a door has appeared high up on the wall. It disappears and reappears on another part of the wall. It happens over and over again.*

Stella: Don't see that every day.
Musa: The tower's going nuts!

  • The floor beneath them begins to crack open.*

Bloom: We've gotta book it, you guys!

  • The Winx Club don't move fast enough and they fall into the crack.*

Zing: Oh no!

  • Zing flies after them.*

Scene: Outside, Cloud Tower

  • The Trix fly outside.*

Icy: Look at the tower, it's so sick.
Darcy: Hey, have you ever noticed that there's four spires up there.
Icy: And yet there's only three stairwells inside the tower.
Stormy: What do you think they're hiding?
Darcy: Let's go find out.

  • They fly off.*

Scene: Void, Cloud Tower

Flora: We're flying in the mind of the tower right now.
Tecna: It's like a void. The only way out is through visualisation.
Stella: What are we supposed to visualise?
Bloom: Just picture yourself back in a normal hallway and you'll be there.

Scene: Hallway, Cloud Tower

  • The Winx Club and Zing appear back in a normal hallway but a wall appears behind them.*

Scene: Outside, Cloud Tower

Icy: A spire, no stairs, the codex has gotta be in there.
Stormy: For sure. So, how do you suggest we get inside?
Icy: Let's politely knock.

  • Icy uses her magic to blast a hole in the spire. The pixie, Discorda, is inside.*

Stormy: What is that little sprig?!
Discorda: I am Discorda, pixie of Cloud Tower, and guardian of the codex.
Bloom: Back off witches!
Stella: Try to stick me in a wall?! You're gonna pay for that!

  • The Winx Club arrive.*

Bloom: Their power is so strong, girls, we're going to have to use convergence.
Stella: Wait, but-
Bloom: We can't debate this Stel, there's no time! Just do it!

  • Bloom and Flora start to glow. Flora takes a deep breath.*

Icy:A meditating fairy is such an easy target.
Discorda: So is an over-confident witch with her back turned.

  • Discorda uses her magic on the Trix.*

Stormy: Stupid pixie.

  • All the Winx Club girls are glowing now.*

Musa: Come on, let's blast these witches into oblivion!
Bloom: No, let's just capture them!
Tecna: We should put a shield around the codex first.
Flora: Let's just do something!
Bloom: Put all of your winx into this one, girls! Converge!

  • The Winx Club start to use their magic, creating a large energy ball. Discorda gasps.*

Icy: They're actually trying to pull off convergence.
Darcy: But I thought you needed harmony to do that.
Icy: You do.

  • The energy ball is flashing.*

Tecna: Something doesn't feel right!
Flora: I'm feeling really light-headed.
Musa: Why can't I control my winx?!
Stella: Okay, do we have any idea what we want this spell to do?!
Bloom: I don't know, you guys!

  • The Winx Club girls start to panic and the energy ball explodes throwing them through the air.*

Discorda: No!

  • The Trix laugh and Stormy zaps Discorda with her magic. Icy goes into the spire.*

Stormy: Well?

  • Icy comes out and holds up the codex piece.*

Icy: Second part of the codex, ladies!
Darcy: Let's book!

  • The Trix disappear.*

Scene: Outside Platform, Cloud Tower

  • Griffin, Zarathustra, and Ediltrude are watchign the Winx Club, Mirta, and Zing leave.*

Griffin: They must return to Alfea to replenish their winx.
Ediltrude: Now Darkar has two of the four pieces.
Griffin: And he'll soon have the third if they don't figure out how to fight together and trust one another.
Zarathustra: Why do you say that, Headmistress?
Griffin: Because, he'll be attacking Alfea next.

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