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Stella's Truth


Narrator: To break the spell that hit Stella, the Winx and the Specialists leave in the search of the Mirror of Truth. For this impossible mission, the Winx will need all of their magic.

Scene: Red Fountain Ship

Bloom: Sky, try to pull up.

  • Alarm sounding, griffin squawking, glass shattering*

Sky: The engine's not responding.
Tecna: Timmy, can you slow down our descent?
Timmy: The gravitation fields are gone. The ship's structure won't hold much longer.

  • Stella gasps*

Brandon: Hmm
Sky: Hold on tight, guys. I'll try to switch on auto level. Timmy, put us on manual override.
Brandon: Hey Sky, try to hyper drive.
Sky: Timmy, open the hyper vaults. Let's see if we get more power.

  • Griffin squawking*

Musa and Flora: Woah!
Timmy: It's not working.
Sky: No way. That bird can't be steonger than our ship's engine.
Bloom: Winx, time to suit up. We've got to stop thoses griffins.
Musa: Yeah.
Stella: I hate that I can't help
Brandon: Don't worry Stella. They'll be okay.
Bloom: Magic Winx.

  • The Winx, except Stella, transform*

Scene: Outside the ship

Bloom: Hey, you, let go. Fear of fire. Man, that is one tough giant griffin.
Flora: They're coming back.
Musa: I'll try to stun them with my sound waves.

  • Musa gasps*

Tecna: They're running from us, but they're heading straight for the ship.

Scene: Red Fountain ship

Timmy: I think the girls did it. It looks like the griffins are retreating.
Brandon: You wanna bet on taht, Timmy?
Sky: Hold on guys, they're coming for us again.

Scene: Outside the ship

Flora: Bloom, watch out.

  • Bloom gasps*

Bloom: Not good!
Musa: Back off, birds. This'll block 'em.
Flora: Please, don't hurt them.
Musa: Fear not. I'll do my best, but we've got to defend ourselves.
Tecna: I got the other one.
Bloom: Now let's go free the ship.
Tecna: We're too slow! I'm gonna try to knock the bird off the ship! Take that!
Bloom, Flora and Musa: Wow! That was amazing Tecna! Rock on!

Scene: Red Fountain ship

Sky: Ha ha ha, all right.
Brandon: You see Stella, we made it.
Stella and Brandon: Huh!
Stella: What was that?

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