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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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Aisha's Courage


Narrator: Aisha has lost her sight during the fight against Valtor, on the water world of Andros. But who is the mysterious sorcerer, and what is his link with Bloom?

Scene: Stella's Dorm

Stella: Why did I let them go to Andros without me? What was I thinking?!
Amore: You were thinking they were all powerful and strong enough to handle this on their own.
Stella: Then I must have been crazy, and even more crazy making, my BFFs are without me on Andros, and my father is under Cassandra's evil spell!

  • Flashback on the last episode; Stella transforms into a monster.*

Radius: Stella! Darling!
Cassandra: Radius, this monster is not your daughter. Listen and obey. This monster is not your daughter. Now do as I say!
Radius: Guards, take this monstrous creature away! This is not my daughter!
Stella: No! Daddy! Daddy! It's me!
Chimera: Nice one, mother.
Cassandra: Oh, you too, darling. And we're just getting started.

  • Flashback ends.*

Stella: I'm confused, powerless, and I don't know what to do.

  • Piff whispers to Stella. Footsteps are heard.*

Stella: Uh, who is it?
Griselda: It's me, Griselda. Open the door!
Stella: (gasps) What am I gonna do?
Griselda: I want to know what's going on. You all missed class again today. And none of you reported to the nurse's office.
Stella: (gasps) Transform, pronto!

  • The Pixies and Kiko transform into the other Winx.*

Griselda: What are you girls up to in there?
Stella: Uh, up to? Nothing! Oh, we have a horrible case of Troll-pox. Keep us out of class. And that's exactly what we've got. And it's very contagious. But the good news is, the recovery time is just like trolls. Short.
Griselda: For your sake, I hope so.

  • Kiko falls and breaks the shelf.*

Stella: Okay, good night! Oh, that was close.

  • The Pixies and Kiko go back to their own forms.*

Scene: Andros

Bloom: Don't worry, Aisha. We'll figure out a way to break Valtor's spell. His magic strong, but we're stronger.

  • Flashback on episode 5.*

Valtor: In the name of Valtor, may you be unwrapped by eternal darkness!

  • Valtor blinds the Winx.*

Bloom: Aisha! Aisha.
Aisha: I can't see. I can't see.
Bloom: We're here, Aisha. We're right next to you.
Aisha: I'm blind!

  • Flashback ends.*

Aisha: I'll be stuck like this for the rest of my life.
Flora: No, you won't. You're our friend and a Winx. We're never stuck.
Bloom: Except with each other.
Flora: That's right. You're stuck with us.
Tecna: Yeah. All of us.
Aisha: You guys are the best.

  • Something is coming out of the ocean.*

Musa: Heads up, Winx! We've got company.
Bloom: A mermaid? But without Valtor's mark. Which means she's not his servant.
Tressa: I mean you no harm, fairies of Alfea.
Aisha: Your voice. I know you. Is that you, Tressa?
Tressa: Cousin Aisha, your eyes.
Aisha: My friends have been my eyes ever since Valtor blinded me with a wicked spell.
Tressa: Not you too.
Aisha: Oh, Tressa. Don't cry.
Tressa: Valtor's destroyed the underwater world using black magic. His evil spells transformed everyone I love into monsters. The City of Mermaids is in ruins and my mother is his prisoner!

  • Flashback at the past episode.*

Mermaid #1: Look! The Omega Dimension gate! Someone's trying to break out!

  • Valtor attacks the mermaid and she transforms into a monster.*

Valtor: Now that they're my minions, their power's my power.

  • Valtor sucks the mermaids' power.*

Tressa: You are my last hope. I fear all is lost now. I don't know what to do. (sobbing)
Aisha: Don't give up. I haven't. Even if I can't see, I can still fight for my Aunt Queen Ligea and the mermaids.
Bloom: Ah, okay, ladies. Who brought their bikini?
Musa: Who needs a bikini when you've got wings?
Bloom: What's the matter, Tressa? You look upset.
Tressa: You all should know, I ran away during Valtor's attack. I failed Queen Ligea as a warrior and a daughter. And everyone else was fighting to protect my mother. I fled in fear.
Aisha: It takes courage to admit you were afraid.
Bloom: You're here now. So lead the way and take us to the City of Mermaids.
Musa: Um...guys? Air breather over here. How do you expect us to get to the bottom of the ocean without gills?
Aisha: And Princess of Andros over here, give me your hands.

  • The girls put their hands onto Aisha's; they start to glow.*

Aisha: My Morphix magic will help you breathe underwater, and protect you from the cold.

  • The girls transform; they follow Bloom underwater.*

Scene: Stella's Dorm

  • Stella is still worried. A knock is on the door.*

Stella: What now?

  • Kiko and the Pixies hide. Stella opens the door, revealing it to be Nova.*

Stella: Nova? Hurry, come in!
Nova: I just got a text from my mom. Something really bad just went down in Solaria.
Stella: Come on, spill it!
Chatta: Yeah, dish, girl! Come on, dish!
Stella: It's my father, isn't it?!
Nova: No, Stella. It's about you.
Stella: Me?

Scene: The Solaria Castle

Cassandra: Oh, I've grown bored with you. You're all dismissed. But as you leave, don't forget to bow to Chimera, Princess of Solaria. All hail the new Princess of Solaria!
Chimera: Finally! Recognition.
Cassandra: See? I told you, Radius. Chimera is far superior to that ingrate you call a daughter.

  • A chamberlain arrives.*

Chamberlain: Your Majesty, pardon me. But this is highly irregular. Your daughter is at royal birth. She is my law and my right, our princess. Nobody can deny her that title.
Cassandra: Ever heard "Out With the Old, In With the New"?
Chamberlain: But we've govern the kingdom in this way for centuries.
Cassandra: Well, get over it! There's a new queen in town with a brand new set of rules.
Chamberlain: Your Majesty. Can you hear me?
Cassandra: We've heard enough.
Radius: Speak, old friend. I hear you. Go on.
Chamberlain: Is this really what you want? Countess Cassandra ruling over your kingdom?
Radius: (under Cassandra's spell) I want what she wants.
Cassandra: Did you hear that? Or would your hearing improve after a few nights in the dungeon? Now, get out before I throw you out. And that's a direct order from the soon-to-be Queen of Solaria!
Chimera: Way to go, mom.
Cassandra: Worked too hard to let the hired help to throne us. I won't let everyone interfere my plans! This is all mine and I will defend them no matter what!

Scene: Underwater

Tressa: There it is. The City of Mermaids, right in front of us. Valtor's holding the queen captive behind the palace. He's keeping her locked up at the bottom of the trench.
Musa: It's like a ghost town.
Tressa: Valtor's attack drove the mermaids out of the city, and turned my home into this. This is the place.

  • Mermaid monsters appear.*

Flora: Oh, no. We're not alone!
Aisha: Who is it?
Bloom: Tressa, quick! Keep Aisha safe.
Tressa: Got her.
Bloom: Winx, looks like it's a fish fight!

Scene: Stella's Dorm

Stella: Chimera, a princess? Never! It's that wicked mother of hers who bewitched my dad so she can become the queen! But they left out one important detail: me.
Lockette: You can't go home. Griselda would give you detention for the rest of your life!
Stella: She'll have to catch me first. But, or should I say you?
Lockette: Me as you?
Chatta: I like how you think.
Stella: Oh you said Substitution Spell it before, and presto change-o!
Digit: I don't think so. We're one pixie short. You've only got me, Amore, Lockette, Tune, and Chatta. And you don't wanna go with Kiko again.
Stella: Oh, heh. But we've got Piff.
Tune: She's a baby. She could never pull off being you.
Stella: Oh contraire. She's perfect! She just has to keep on sleeping.

  • Stella does her Substitution Spell on Piff.*

Stella: Ah, me only sleepier.

  • She does the spell on the other Pixies.*

Stella: I'll be back in no time. Now come on, you guys. I need help packing.

  • Stella and Pixies go upstairs. Piff wakes up and crawls out. Stella ans Pixes find out Piff is missing.*

Stella: Oh great. I'm gone.

Scene: Underwater

Aisha: I don't need optionals, something horrible is happening.

  • The monsters swim around the Winx.*

Flora: Whoa!
Bloom: Excuse us.
Musa: Care to dance?
Tecna: I like swim dancing myself!
Bloom: Fire and water don't mix. But I hope this time they'll make an exception. Here goes!

  • Bloom shoots fireballs at the monsters.*

Bloom: Hurry up, ladies! I have a feeling they aren't finished with us.
Musa: Let's blow this popsicle stand!
Tressa: Wait up, we're coming.
Bloom: Go ahead!
Tecna: I've got this!

  • Tecna attacks the monsters.*

Scene: Alfea, Outside

Digit (Tecna): I think you may be a bigger baby than Piff.
Amore (Aisha): Piff! Piff, where are you?
Tune (Musa): If you were a baby, where would you go?
Lockette (Bloom): I don't know, my crib? Piff!
Stella: I get it! It was a bad idea, but you have to keep it down before you wake the whole school.
Digit (Tecna): Oh right. Shout quietly.
Griselda: Ahem.
Pixies: Busted!
Griselda: Looking for somebody, young ladies? Perhaps, Miss Stella... Oh sorry, I see you already have one.
Piff: (coos)

  • The Pixies revert back to their old selves.*

Chatta (Flora): We're in big trouble.

Scene: Underwater

Bloom: Hey, I can't see the bottom. Can you?
Tressa: The legend of the trench says there isn't one, which makes it the perfect hiding place.
Bloom: Seriously? That freaks me out a little bit, Tressa.
Tressa: Me, too.
Flora: Hey, you guys, watch out. This coral is razor sharp!

  • Flora's spell zaps on the coral bush.*

Tecna: According to the research, coral is made up of calcium carbonate, and is considered to be a living organism. But this coral looks more alive than usual.

  • The coral begins to move.*

Tecna: It's moving!

  • The six girls escape from the moving corals and they finally made it to the bottom. Tressa finds Ligea's crown.*

Tressa: Guys, look! It's my mother's crown.
Bloom: And that's the Kraken's lair.
Tecna: But the Kraken is a mythical creature.
Tressa: Mythical? Try telling that to all the warriors who have fallen into its grip. And now Valtor is using it to guard my mother!

  • The girls enter the lair.*

Flora: Sounds pretty scary. Has anyone ever seen one before?

  • The Kraken emerges.*

Tressa: I think we're looking at one.
Bloom: (gasps) Winx, run for it!

  • The Kraken kidnaps Aisha.*

Aisha: It's got me!
Flora: Aisha, hold on! Wait, I'm sorry!
Musa: (gasps) Oh, no! Aisha!
Musa and Tecna: Huh?
Aisha: (screaming) No!

  • The Winx follow the kidnapped Aisha as Tressa finds Ligea imprisoned.*

Tressa: Mom? I'm here.
Ligea: Tressa.
Bloom: Thank goodness we found her. Tressa, you free the queen and meet us up at the surface. We'll go whack that Kraken!
Ligea: Oh, my dear brave Tressa, I'm so glad to see you.
Tressa: Me, too. But the fairies and Princess Aisha are the brave ones. I ran away when you and our people needed me most. But this time, I won't let you down. Now stand back.

  • Tressa uses a sword to slice the cage bars, freeing Ligea.*

Tressa: (pants) I did it.
Ligea: I knew you could do it. After all of this time, I'm finally free!

  • Ligea and Tressa hug.*

Tressa: Mom. My queen, I believe this rightfully belongs to you.

  • Tressa offers the crown to Ligea.*

Ligea: Thank you, daughter.
Tressa: Now get to safety. I have some unfinished buisness to take care of.
Aisha: Overrode, calamari! Let me go now!
Musa: Looks like someone can't let go.
Tecna: Yeah, big surprise! A kraken with attachment issues.
Aisha: Whoa! (screams)
Bloom: Girls, you gotta hold steady until we can catch him off board!
Aisha: Is this all good enough?!
Tressa: I'm coming!

  • Tressa slices off the tentacles, Aisha is free.*

Aisha: What happened to the Kraken?!
Bloom: He's fish food now. Come on!
Musa and Tecna: Two fins up, Tressa!
Bloom: We did it! I don't know what we would've done without you.
Tressa: You guys helped me. I'm just returning the favor.
Bloom: Let's go, you lead the way. Come on, girls.

  • The Kraken's tentacle revives.*

Ligea: Aisha, your eyes.
Aisha: I fought Valtor and he cursed my sight.
Ligea: I have a magic much more powerful than his.
Tressa: That's right, your scepter. The Coral Gem has healing power.
Ligea: Sweet princess, my Coral Gem can restore your sight. It must gather the twilight rays and reflect them into your eyes.
Aisha: You do that for me?
Ligea: Of course, you deserve to see all the beauty you've given to the world. But Aisha, we have to get you to the surface before the sun sets. The Coral Gem needs the last rays in order for the magic to work.
Tressa: We better hurry, the sun is going down.
Musa: (notices the Kraken) The Kraken! It's back!

  • The Winx combine their powers to defeat it.*

Tecna: Our attacks aren't taking down the Kraken, but they are taking down his cave.
Bloom: This way!
Tecna: Okay, Winx. Let's bring down the roof! Convergence!

  • The Winx use their powers together to make the walls of the cave collapse on the Kraken.*

Bloom: We did it, girls! And looks like she got the message.
Flora: I like living dangerously, but this is pushing it!
Tecna: Well, let's keep pushing it! We're almost out.

  • They escape from the collapsing cave and cheer.*

Bloom: Winx, step on it!

  • As the girls and Ligea retreat, the Kraken knocks Ligea unconscious. The Winx use Convergence to defeat it again.*

Bloom: Oh, no.
Tressa: Mommy! Mommy, please come back to me!
Ligea: Thank you for being so brave, Tressa. I've never been prouder.
Tressa: Mom!
Aisha: The queen's scepter has powerful healing magic. We can save her if we reach the surface before the sun sets.
Bloom: Then we need a shortcut!

  • Bloom spins around to teleport the others into the surface.*

Scene: Above Water

Tressa: Hurry, we have to act quick before the sun disappears.

  • She gives Aisha the Coral Gem.*

Aisha: I know the Coral Gem only has enough power for one healing this one's for you, Tressa. Your mom deserves to live.

  • She uses the scepter on Ligea, healing her just before the sun sets.*

Ligea: The Coral Gem...thank you, Princess.
Bloom: You saved her life, Aisha.

  • A glowing light floats down from above.*

Tecna: (gasps) Hey, what's happening?

  • Aisha transforms into an Enchantix fairy.*

Bloom: Wow, she's beautiful.
Musa: Awesome.
Flora: She's in her final fairy form... (gasps) She's become an Enchantix!

  • All marvel at Aisha.*

Ligea: (gasps) Wow.
Bloom: Aisha, because you sacrificed your sight for the queen's life, you earned your Enchantix powers!
Aisha: I wish I could see it.
Bloom: I'm sure you will one day.
Aisha: Oh Bloom, why couldn't that day be today?


Narrator: Aisha has released her newfound magic, transforming herself for the first time into Enchantix. And with Faragonda's help, the Winx learn more about the Company of Light.

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