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Heroes of the Past


Narrator: The Winx saved the queen mermaid of Andros. Aisha sacrificed herself for the queen, discovering the Enchantix power, and became a stronger, magic fairy.

Scene: TBA

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Scene: Alfea

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Scene: Faragonda's Office

Stella: Huh?

Faragonda: Come in, Stella. You're just in time to see your magic at work.

Stella: (gasps) Hey, what's happened to Aisha?

Faragonda: Something really terrible, yet something truly wonderful. Aisha has been blinded by Valtor's evil spell, but she has also achieved her final fairy form. She is now an Enchantix. Valtor's spell is powerful, but you are now strong enough to break it, Aisha. You have the power of the fairy dust - it's a magic energy in your new wings. You can feel it if you concentrate. You should be able to feel it all around you now, and you don't need your eyes to see it.

  • Aisha uses her fairy dust on herself; the Pixies gasp. Aisha opens her eyes revealing her sight has been restored; the Winx gasp.

Aisha: I can see! (reverts to normal form) I can see!

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