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A Disloyal Adversary

Scene: Bloom's dream

  • Bloom is walking around*

Stella: Bloom?
Bloom: Huh?
Musa: Bloom?
Bloom (sees them (minus Layla) circling above her): Huh?
Tecna: Bloom?

  • this horrifies Bloom*

Stella: "What's the matter, Bloom? Why are you so sad?"
Musa: "You can tell us! We're your friends!"

  • Musa cackles as the fairies start circling faster*

Bloom (horrified, covers her ears): "Go away, all of you! Leave me alone, I don't want to talk! Please stop it!"
Musa: "You shouldn't be ashamed of what you aren't..."
Stella: "It's not your fault you can never become a true fairy."
Musa: "An Enchantix, Bloom! That's what they call."
Flora: "Real fairies like her."

  • Aisha comes in, in her Enchantix.*

Aisha: "Hi, Bloom."

Scene: Red Fountain ship

  • Bloom is sleeping on Aisha's lap.*

Aisha: Bloom? Bloom, wake up. You okay?
Bloom: No, no!
Aisha: Everything's alright, Bloom. It's okay.
Bloom: "Oh, Layla, I just had a nightmare."
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