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The Black Willow's Tears is the twelfth episode of the third season of Winx Club.


The Winx go to Flora's planet of Linphea where they meet her little sister Miele who leads them to the sage of Linphea. She tells the Winx how to retrieve the tears of the Black Willow in order to free Faragonda.


To find a cure for Faragonda, the Winx Club flies off to Flora's home realm, where the Trix do their best to stop them.


Stormy receives her new powers.

Faragonda is still stuck as a tree and is being tended by the pixies. Lockette reveals that the Winx will find a way to reverse the spell and is overheard by Lucy who delivers the news to Valtor and the Trix.

At Cloud Tower, Valtor and the Trix are still in control. Valtor gives Stormy a new power which sparks jealousy among Icy and Darcy. Lucy reveals that the Winx are going to Linphea to reverse the spell placed on Faragonda. With tensions growing, the Trix go off on their own, lying to each other to sneak off to Linphea.

Lucy informs Valtor of the Winx's plans.

The Winx go to Flora's home planet, Linphea to find a way to restore Faragonda back to her former appearance. They meet up with Flora's little sister, Miele and travel to the Sage of Linphea. They find out that they must travel to the City of Trees and Flora reveals that in this city technology is forbidden. So the Winx plus Miele ride leaves to travel up but encounter Stormy's acts. Being able to defeat Stormy's attack, the Winx continue on their journey.

The Black Willow.

Meanwhile, the Trix are trying to prove Valtor who is the better witch. They end up arguing, but make up at the end and think of a plan that will prevent the Winx from saving Faragonda.

Miele takes the hit.

Miele takes the Winx to the Sage of Linphea who tells them the story of the Black Willow and informs them that only the Willow's tears can give Faragonda back her real appearance. The Winx go to collect the tears to save Faragonda.

Flora earning her Enchantix.

As a protective sister, Flora tells Miele to go home because the mission was to dangerous for her. When the Winx get up by the Black Willow, Miele appears. She reminds them that they can not touch the water. Stella creates a cup and collects the water by the time the Trix arrive.

Flora is now an Enchantix fairy.

The Trix prevent the Winx from getting the tears and gang up on Flora. As they shoot a combined shot at Flora, Miele jumps in front of the blast and gets hit, splashing into the water.

The Trix, scared of their punishments.

Flora becomes angry and summons an attack aimed at the Trix and goes after Miele and saves her. She saves her and asks why she came and she tells her that she wanted to see what would happen. Flora tells her she loves her and tell the bubble that is protecting her to take her up but the vines tangle Flora and she is stuck. Miele makes it back to the surface.


The Trix break free of Flora's spell and Stormy points out that Flora did not make it. Bloom breaks free of the trap Icy put her in and asks Miele what happened and where Flora was. Miele says that she saved her and starts crying. The Black Willow then starts to change back into its normal appearance and a drop from the tree falls into the water.  Flora then receives her Enchantix underwater and she uses her new powers to release herself and come back to the surface.

With her Fairy Dust, she is able to save the Black Willow. The Trix are carried into the river by the willow and become children again due to the effects of the Black Willow's tears. With the tears of the black Willow, the Winx are able to save Headmistress Faragonda.

Major Events






Major Characters

Recurring Characters

Minor Characters

Spells Used

  • "Portal of realms and tunnel of light, give me a passage through which to take flight!" - Used by Stormy to open up a portal to Linphea.
  • Convergence - Used by the Trix against Flora but end up hitting Miele.
  • Venus Gobbler - Used by Flora against the Trix.







  • This is the last appearance of Flora's Winx form and transformation.
  • Ironically, Miele taking the hit for Flora and being knocked into the poisoned river would have caused her to achieve Enchantix, but it did not. It could be because her magical powers have not yet appeared/matured due to her young age.
  • This is the only episode that the 4Kids version has the Fairy Dust scene in the series.
  • Miele's name is changed to Rose in the 4Kids version.
  • This is the first and only episode where Flora displays any aggression and does so twice (punches Darcy in the face really hard and angrily summons plants to swallow up the Trix). She did not even show signs of regret. This shows how much Flora loves and cares for those close to her especially her family and friends.
  • This is the first episode in which Nabu has a speaking role.
  • Darcy may have been a good student when she went to Cloud Tower as she aced one of Griffin's lessons on "How to Destroy a Perfect Environment".
  • This is the first time Flora uses her Fairy Dust.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Linphea and Miele.
  • When Aisha mentions how the storm harpies only exist in stories, Flora mentions “Well, some people think the same thing about us.”


  • As Valtor holds Stormy's new powers in his hands, his glove is missing.
  • When Stormy is about to travel to Linphea and Icy argues with her, Stormy's leggings/stockings were briefly missing.
  • In the Nickelodeon version, when the Winx transform while traveling on the giant leaf, Flora is seen transforming with the Winx, but then is seen closely protecting Miele in her civilian outfit, after the harpies are defeated, Flora is seen with her Winx outfit on again.
  • When the Winx transform on the giant leaf, Bloom's crown disappeared while she was talking to Flora.
    • At the same time, Flora's necklace has a hole.
    • After a while, Flora is back to her civilian even though she had transformed with the others.
  • While holding onto Miele, Bloom's gloves are present but her hand is colored the same color as her gloves.
  • In one scene, Bloom’s wings are missing.
  • When the Winx were attacked by the Trix, only Bloom's, Flora's and Musa's transformations were shown, but five shots after, you can see Tecna and Aisha transformed too.
    • However, this was fixed in 4Kids version where all the girls transformed together. 
  • When Bloom is trapped in Icy's spell, her crown in missing.
  • In one scene, after Bloom is trapped in Icy's spell, Darcy's eyebrows are missing.
  • When Musa is surrounded by Darcy and her clones, she has long side burns.


You know, it would be nice if someone here were to take care of those fairies for me.

Valtor, baiting the Trix again.

Stella's teleport thanks you for riding with and hopes to see you again soon!


A dimensional passage! Congratulations, you used to have trouble with that kind of spell!

Icy's jealousy.

I was right! These wings can handle even the strongest winds!

Stella, discovering the strength of the Enchantix wings.

It totally destroyed one of the trees and badly damaged the other, which became known as the Black Willow. Its grief was such that it couldn't stay where its sister had once stood so it left Lulia. ... To a cave in a near by mountain. It then began weeping for its lost sister, the tears soon formed a puddle which then became a pond, flowing out of the cave and up the cliffside. Defying gravity and forming what is now known as the water stairway. ... Memories is what makes the Black Willow cry, that's why it's tears can reverse the flow of time and change what has happened.

- Sage of Linphea, about the Black Willow.

So long, flower fairy!


Miele, why didn't go back home?? ... I love you my little blossom! ...Bubble, bring her up!

Flora's last words before she earns her Enchantix.

Your hair used to look like that?

- Young Icy

Whatever, you look like a pixie.

- Young Darcy

You'll pay for this, Flora!

- Young Stormy

Now Trix, stop misbehaving or else we'll have to give you a timeout.


Layla (Aisha). I finally found you!