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A Journey to Lynphea

Narrator: After a tough battle against Valtor and the witches of Cloud Tower, the Winx found out that Faragonda was transformed into an old oak tree. Can they save their dear headmistress?

Scene: The Forest

  • Digit and Tune water Faragonda (tree).*

Lockette: Is that enough water, Miss Faragonda?

Amore: Lockette, She can't speak.

Chatta: I'll break the spell, my magic has gotten really powerful. Watch!

  • Chatta casts a spell towards the tree.*
  • The spell bounces back and hits Chatta.*
  • Chatta falls down.*

Lockette: Don't worry headmistress. The Winx are on there way to Lynphea to ask The Sage how to break the spell.

  • Lucy spies on the pixies.*
  • Lucy turns into a snake and leaves.*

Scene: Cloud Tower

  • Lucy pushes two students out of her way.*

Valtor: Yes, the Cobalt Charge. Stormy, come forward. I want to give you a little token of my appreciation.

Stormy: Yes!

  • Stormy giggles.*

Icy: Why her?

Valtor: Because I said so.

  • Valtor throws the Cobalt Charge at Stormy.*
  • Stormy gains the power.*

Valtor: So, how does it feel?

Stormy: Shocking!

  • Icy and Darcy look at each other.*

Icy: Hmmm...

Darcy: Hmmm...

  • Lucy walks in.*

Lucy: Valtor, the Winx has set off to Lynphea to seek The Sage.

Valtor: So they're seeking aid from the realm of nature. Excellent work, Lucy.

  • Lucy leaves.*

Valtor: You know it would be nice if someone could take care of those fairies for me.

  • Icy and Darcy look at each other.*

Stormy: I'll go and flex my new power.

  • Stormy starts exiting.*

Stormy: Later!

  • Stormy leaves.*

Icy: I've also got something to take care of.

  • Icy leaves.*
  • Darcy tilts her head in confusion.*

Darcy: Huh.

Scene: Lynphea

More coming soon...

Scene: Underwater

  • Flora, who is underwater, begins to glow; she transforms into an Enchantix fairy.

Scene: Above water

  • Flora rises out of the water.
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