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One Last Fluttering of Wings is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Winx Club.


The portal that links Andros to the Omega Dimension is giving way and the two worlds are about to be destroyed. The Winx must find a way to close the portal. In doing so, Tecna makes a very brave and daring sacrifice.


The Winx girls must stop the destruction of Andros, and one of them will ultimately have to make a supreme sacrifice to do it.


The portal is starting to collapse!

Valtor looks into the crystal in Griffin's office with amusement. The crystal is showing the Omega Portal on Andros is beginning to collapse, which will destroy both planets. Learning of this news, Saladin urgently notifies Faragonda who then gives Aisha the news. The Winx all agree to travel to Andros and save the planet. They arrive to Andros, but Aisha's father, Teredor, does not approve, due to how dangerous the conditions are, however Aisha convinces him that she and the Winx will do their best. The girls alongside some of the portal's mermaid guards deal with the mer-monsters and escaped Omega prisoners. Musa and Aisha travel to the portal and wonder if they are too late. As they observe the area, the portal's energy suddenly becomes stronger and knocks out the two of them.

Saladin tells Faragonda the horrible news.

From Griffin's office, the Trix and Valtor watch the Winx as they try to deal with the monsters and portals. As they watch Darcy feels that they should be the one to finish them off especially after all their battles against them; Icy and Stormy agree. However, Valtor reveals to the Trix that portal with collapses, Andros will fall, taking out everything, including the Winx. Thus, there is no need for the Trix to risk their own lives.

Aisha uses her fairy dust to free the mermaids.

As the Winx fight Valtor's creatures, Teredor and the royal guards join the battle. He saves his daughter's life and reveals to Aisha that she helped him believe and to not lose hope. Their touching moment is short lived as mer-monsters begin their assault. Aisha then shares her plans regarding the resealing of the portal. Teredor warns her but also tells her that Taboc the Wise, a great wizard, will be coming shortly, he should know what to do. In the meantime, Teredor distracts the mer-monsters allowing Aisha to use her fairy dust to free them from Valtor's spell.

Tecna, closing the portal.

Teredor praises his daughter but needs to go help his soldiers. Before leaving, he tells Aisha to wait for Taboc. The mermaids thank their princess for freeing them and Taboc arrives thanks to Bloom and Tecna. Taboc leads Bloom, Tecna and Aisha to the portal while their friends fend off the monsters. Seeing the portal in such a state, Taboc can only stare at it in guilt. He reveals that the creation of the portal was partially his doing, and created it to have it escape proof. He states that he did not expect the portal to open, and was weak against Valtor's powers. Bloom suggests destroying the portal and Taboc has the stroll to do just that but before he could finish the incantation, the scroll is sucked into the portal.

Tecna falling into the portal.

Now, with the scroll gone, Taboc reveals the only way to save Andros is close it from the inside which would require great courage and power. Bloom offers to close it, since she would not allow another planet to face the same doom as Domino. Aisha refuses to let Bloom close the portal by herself and joins her in closing it, but both are brushed aside. Tecna, instead, volunteers to close it. As Stella, Flora and Musa join the Winx, they watch in confusion. Aisha is extremely adamant in refusing to let Tecna sacrifice herself for her planet. Taboc stops her, telling her that perhaps saving Andros is her destiny.

Musa Crying For Tecna

Tecna approaches the funnel cautiously but unlike the others, she is able to step into. By risking her life to save the planet Tecna earns her Enchantix. Using her Fairy Dust, she seals the portal but falls into the Omega Dimension, and the portal closes.

The Winx become very upset, most notably Musa, who runs to the closed portal, telling Taboc that they must do something. Taboc sadly counters that there was nothing else that could be done and assumes Tecna is gone. The Winx cry hysterically, with Musa crying out in anguish.

The Trix and Valtor enjoyed the show and are even more excited, as having one less Winx to deal with will allow them to defeat the remaining ones much more easily.

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  • As Valtor gazes at the crystal in amusement, his glove is missing.
  • When Faragonda invited Winx to tell them about Andros, they were all there except for Flora.
  • While taking about the mer-monsters, Stormy's shoulder covers half of her chest.
  • After hugging her daughter, Niobe's hair is colored a light maroon color instead of dark maroon.
  • In one scene, Stella’s Fairy Dust pendant floats independently from her chest.
  • As the Trix gasp at Valtor, Icy's lips are missing.
  • In one scene, Aisha's fairy dust bottle is held in place like a necklace instead of a choker.
    • When she frees the mermaids, they are changed into the Omega Portal mermaid guards and not regular mermaids.
  • As her fairy dust sprinkles around the portal's funnel, Tecna's hair is short.
  • Just after Tecna fell into the Omega Dimension, two scenes of Bloom in her Enchantix form are shown: the first one is a close-up on her eye and you can see that her bangs have highlights in them and has her pink eyeshadow as she does in her Enchantix form, and the second one is when there is a close-up on her mouth and she shouts, "Noooo!", you can see her pink bow from her Enchantix form.
  • The color scheme of Aisha's Enchantix form changes back-and-forth from cyan to spring green.
  • In one scene, Flora's Fairy Dust Signature is Missing.
  • When Tecna falls into the portal, her hair is not long.


This was bound to happen sooner or later. It's the Omega Portal, it stayed open so long that all the negative energy that leaked out of the dimension is causing the entire world to collapse in on itself. ... Andros and the Omega Dimension are connected through the portal, so if one dimension is destroyed the other will be inevitably be destroyed along with it!


I always thought that we would get to destroy them in the end! I mean, I don't know, after all the battles we've fought against the Winx!


I'm not going to let another planet be destroyed. I couldn't do anything about Domino, but I can surely try to save Andros.


Bloom, it's my responsibility to save my world.


Well, then we'll do it together.


Tecna, what are you doing?!

Flora, upon seeing Tecna walking towards the portal.

Fairy dust! Close the portal!

Tecna, as she sprinkles her fairy dust onto the portal.

Taboc, we have got to do something! We have to save her!


I'm so sorry... Tecna has sealed herself away, inside a locked and frozen dimension. There's nothing more we can do for her. Tecna is gone.