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Tecna's Sacrifice

Narrator: Headmistress Faragonda has been saved, thanks to the tears of the Black Willow. And Flora, sacrificing herself for her sister Miele, earns her Enchantix power.

Scene: Cloud Tower

Valtor: It's all going according to plan.

  • The Trix walk in.*

Stormy: What's happening?

Icy: Hey, so what's going on?

Valtor: Everything is going perfectly. The Omega portal will soon give way. And, when it finally does, all of the dark energy of the Omega Dimension will be unleashed into this realm.

Darcy: And then what will happen to Andros?

Valtor: Have a look for yourself.

More Coming Soon...

Tecna: Alright, my turn!

  • Tecna walks up to the portal.

Musa: Oh no, what's she doing?!

Flora: Tecna, wait! What are you thinking?!

Bloom: Tecna!!

Aisha: No! We can't let her risk her life, Taboc! Tecna, no!

Taboc: You are needed here, Aisha. To help rebuild. What Tecna is doing takes great courage. We must allow her to live out her destiny.

  • Tecna gets sucked into the portal; Musa gasps flies up to her.

Musa: Tecna!

  • Tecna transforms into an Enchantix fairy; much to the worried looks of her friends, she activates her fairy dust.

Tecna: Fairy dust, close the portal!

  • She uses her fairy dust on the portal.

Musa: Tecna, you have to get out of there!

  • Tecna starts to get sucked into it.

Aisha: (gasps) Run!

  • Tecna gets sucked into the portal; it closes.

Bloom: NOOOO!!

Musa: TECNA!! Tecna, can you hear me?! Tecna, no!

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