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Fury! is the fourteenth episode of the third season of Winx Club.


The Winx go to Cloud Tower to get revenge on Valtor for what happened to Tecna. There they come across Headmistress Griffin who was held captive. After the battle, Faragonda shares with Bloom a risky way to boost her powers.


The Winx girls head to Cloud Tower to confront Valtor, who takes the opportunity to let Bloom know a few things about her parents and her past.


The Winx crying for Tecna.

The Winx are still crying after the events on Andros. Bloom has decided to disband the Winx Club since Tecna is assumed to be dead. Timmy refuses to believe that Tecna is gone for good and storms off. Riven decides to go and let the girls have their tears and leaves to have a talk with Timmy to calm him down. Timmy says that Tecna is still alive and will do anything to bring her back.

Timmy refusing to believe Tecna is dead.

Now eager to avenge Tecna, the fairies decide to pay Valtor another visit. They reach Cloud Tower and transform. They then blast the windows and Bloom asks where Valtor is. The Witches start to attack but Stormy, under a spell put on her by Valtor, is nice to them and tells them where Valtor is. They split up, Bloom, Flora, and Musa go to find Valtor while Stella and Aisha go to find Griffin. Stella and Aisha find Griffin but their spells have no effect on the bars. They then use their Fairy Dust and end up freeing her.

Valtor steals Oppositus's spells.

Meanwhile, Bloom, Musa, and Flora find Valtor but he is prepared this time around with spells that counter their elements: a sphere of silence for Musa, a darkness bubble for Flora, and something special for Bloom. Valtor tells Bloom more about her parents and how he defeated and trapped them, Bloom starts to get enrage. She fires her Dragon Fury at him but he freezes her. The teachers show up and defend the girls. Flora, Musa, and Bloom are then freed. With help from the teachers the fairies escape and the attack Valtor blasts at the fairies, and the teachers hit the Trix instead.

Bloom enters the portal to Pyros.

Faragonda tells Bloom to go to Pyros the island of dragons, for it will be there that Bloom might become stronger.

As soon as Bloom had left, Sky arrives at Alfea. Stella seems distrustful of him, until it is revealed that he is free of Diaspro's spell thanks to Stella, and Diaspro has been banished from Eraklyon. It took so long for him to arrive because he had to get Brandon out as well.

Sky apologizing.

Sky wanted to apologize to everyone, including Bloom, but Stella says it is too late as Bloom just left for Pyros to try to get stronger against Valtor.

Major Events

  • Due to Tecna's disappearance the Winx Club disband for the first time.
  • Timmy begins his new project: Finding Tecna.
  • Bloom confronts Valtor a second time out of pure fury and rage.
  • Bloom leaves for the world of Pyros.
  • Sky is free from Diaspro's spell.
  • Sky tells the others that Diaspro is banished from Eraklyon.
  • Valtor reveals more information about Bloom's birth parents, Oritel and Marion.
  • Sky is shocked when he finds out that Bloom is now on Pyros.



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  • When the Winx break into Cloud Tower through the windows and meet Stormy, her leggings were briefly missing.
    • They go missing again when the Trix ask Valtor if he wants them to capture the Winx.
  • After breaking the spell on Griffin's cell bars, Stella's eyeliner on her right is very bold.
  • When Bloom arrived on Pyros she is in her Winx outfit yet this is an error because when she is transported she is wearing her civilian outfit, yet it has striped socks. This also happens again when she comes back to Alfea she was wearing her civilian outfit yet she should have been in her Enchantix.
  • In one scene, Valtor was seen wearing Bloom's blue shoes, while he was wearing his violet-black shoes.


Tecna was a great fairy...!

Flora's obituary.

She was brave and selfless, she gave her life to save Andros!

Aisha's obituary.

Yeah! And you remember all the times she tried to be funny??

Musas fond memory of Tecna.

I wished I had laughed more!!!

Stella's regret.

Me too...!

Bloom, agreeing with Stella.


Timmy's strong disbelief.

TIMMY!! Tecna disappeared inside the Omega Portal!

Riven, trying to reason with Timmy.

Riven... You know how sometimes, you can feel someone's magic vibe? ... Well, I could always feel Tecna's real strongly and I still can! ... No! Listen to me! If she were gone, there'd be void, an emptiness all around me! But, there isn't! Tecna, I know you're alive and I'm gonna find you, I promise!!

Timmy's oath and strong determination.

Hey, you're back.


Yeah, I dreamt I was eating loads of jello and being disgustingly nice to people. I was so ashamed of myself.


Yeah, you were acting like a dweeb Stormy, but that's because Valtor spelled you.


Well, look what the cat dragged in. How's Diaspro?


She's history. After you guys broke that spell, she was banished from Eraklyon. We will never hear from her again.