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In the Snake's Lair is the seventeenth episode of the third season of Winx Club.


Bloom returns to Alfea where she is reunited with Sky, and the two head to the Omega Dimension to help their friends. The Specialists battle dangerous convicts, and the Winx face the White Snake, as they attempt to rescue Tecna.



Digit tells Bloom that Tecna has been found.

After her adventures on Pyros, Bloom returns to Alfea and discovers from the Pixies that the rest of the Winx girls had left for the Omega Dimension, in an attempt to search for Tecna.


After reconciling with Sky, Bloom travels with him to the Omega Dimension herself, where they are the first to encounter Tecna, who is indeed alive and well. Tecna explains what happened to her since they last saw her and that  the others are in danger, and the three of them set off to rescue the Specialists first.

After rescuing the boys, Tecna and Bloom set out to find the other Winx girls. They go to where the guys last saw them. Tecna calls out for them but with no response. Bloom suggest they go down there while Tecna suggests they transform. Just when they are about to, an Ice Serpent attacks them and they fall off the cliff. They land safely but the serpent attacks again. Tecna transforms and holds it off, but needs Blooms help. Bloom falls off the cliff and is teleported safely and they find the girls. Tecna hold off the snake while Musa heals Bloom with her Fairy Dust. With her healed, the others then battle another giant white snake. The giant serpent easily defeats them, until Bloom summons her Enchantix and then use a convergence of Fairy Dust to make a ring around the snakes mouth while Bloom uses her Dragon Energy attack which temporarily knocks out the Ice Snake.

With the serpent supposedly defeated, the Winx girls cheer up, but Bloom explains that as soon as she had made contact with the snake, they shared a intense psychic link and the snake communicated with her, explaining that it is the main guardian of the Omega Dimension.


Once it is awake again, the Ice Snake becomes angry and chases the girls upward and on their way out of the pit. Bloom gets the snake to follow her, and as soon as they escape the pit, the snake follows them out, lands on the ground, and begins battling the escapes, allowing the Winx and Specialists to escape safely.

With Tecna's rescued, the Winx celebrate their reunion back at Alfea with a slumber party.

Major Events

  • Bloom returns from Pyros.
  • Bloom and Sky reconcile.
  • Bloom and Sky find Tecna.
  • Bloom, Sky and Tecna rescue the others.
  • The Winx is reunited.



Spells Used








  • When Bloom approaches Faragonda and Griselda, the strips on her socks are missing.
  • In one scene, Tecna's Enchantix wings are missing.
  • When Bloom and Sky kiss, Bloom's socks are knee-high instead of over-the-knee.
  • Once freed from their ice cell, Helia and Brandon's badge colors are wrong.
  • When Stella points at the snake, her glove is missing.
  • Aisha's Enchantix changes colors often.


Why is there always a 'but'??
On Pyros, you used all of your willpower, focus and inner strength. You believed in yourself so strongly that it transformed yourself! It's as if you willed yourself into an Enchantix.
Faragonda, explaining to Bloom how she earned her Enchantix.
Try that again and I'll wipe you out! I'm serious!
That voice...
Have you gone crazy? What are you doing? Get down!
Wait. Listen.
Alright, you asked for it, but... Bloom? Is-is that really you?
Tecnareuniting with her friend.
Tecna! You're alive!
Ice snake, you won't get us! My sun power will keep you away, and keep us safe.
Every world has its balance. And so, in the Omega Dimension it is the White Snake who maintains the order.
Girls! Our team is once again united!!
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