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Building Hope The Omega Mission Museum of Magic

The Omega Mission


Narrator: Bloom faced the Trix on the island of dragons. And Timmy received a message from Tecna in the Omega Dimension. The Winx and the Specialists left immediately. But, a trap awaits them.

Scene: Outside Alfea

Bloom: Well, good morning Alfea.

Scene: Winx's Room

Bloom: Stella! Open up! It's me! Hello? Oh? Hmm... Flora! It's Bloom! Oh... Hello? Musa? Are you there?

Scene: Bloom's Room

Bloom: Where is everybody? Where did they go? I really hope their okay.
Lockette: What about me, Bloom? I've been waiting for you, forever!
Bloom: Lockette!
Chatta: We're here, too!
Bloom: Oh, I love you! I'm so happy to see you, guys, too!
Lockette: Im so glad you're back! I was so worried about you!
Bloom: Oh, I'm fine, but, what's going on here? Where is everybody?
Amore: While you were on the island of Pyros, the others, and some of the boys, went to the Omega Dimension.
Bloom: What?
Digit: Yeah, Bloom. They all went to find Tecna.
Bloom: Tecna?

Scene: Hallway

Bloom: Excuse me, Ms. Faragonda, I need to speak to you.
Ms. Faragonda: Bloom, your back from Pyros!
Bloom: Yeah, I...

Scene: Office

Bloom: ... Yeah, I'm back from Pyros. And it looks like my friends went to the Omega Dimension to find Tecna.
Griselda: Dear, it is early. And you just got back. Aren't you tired?
Bloom: No, not really, but I wanted to ask if I could leave again. I know I just (came back).
Ms. Faragonda: (I know) you want to help your friends. Of course you can! Especially since Maya, chief elder of Pyros, and old friend of mine told me how well you did.
Bloom: Oh. (Ok).
Ms. Faragonda: (I'm) very proud of you Bloom, you passed the test just brilliantly.
Bloom: Thanks, I was able to grow my powers so much and I got lot more in touch with myself, but.
Griselda: Hmm, why is there always a but?
Bloom: Well, how did I manage to earn my enchantix power without saving anybody from my world?
Ms. Faragonda: Bloom, you're an excepctional fairy, quite the phenomenon, I'm not surprised in the least. On Pyros you used all of your power, focus and strength. Your belief in yourself was so strong that it transformed you, it's as if you willed yourself into enchantix
Griselda: Well done Bloom.
Bloom: Why, thank you.

  • Bloom gets up from chair and stars walking towards mirror.

Bloom: So, what about the whole leaving thing that I asked you before? Well I was hoping you had some more information what has happened to...
Faragonda: Tecna and the trip your friends have taken to Omega Dimension to search for her.
Bloom: Yes, that's right.