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The Omega Mission


Narrator: Bloom faced the Trix on the island of dragons. And Timmy received a message from Tecna in the Omega Dimension. The Winx and the Specialists left immediately. But, a trap awaits them.

Scene: Outside Alfea

Bloom: Well, good morning Alfea.

Scene: Winx's Room

Bloom: Stella! Open up! It's me! Hello? Oh? Hmm... Flora! It's Bloom! Oh... Hello? Musa? Are you there?

Scene: Bloom's Room

Bloom: Where is everybody? Where did they go? I really hope their okay.

Lockette: What about me, Bloom? I've been waiting for you, forever!

Bloom: Lockette!

Chatta: We're here, too!

Bloom: Oh, I love you! I'm so happy to see you, guys, too!

Lockette: Im so glad you're back! I was so worried about you!

Bloom: Oh, I'm fine, but, what's going on here? Where is everybody?

Amore: While you were on the island of Pyros, the others, and some of the boys, went to the Omega Dimension.

Bloom: What?

Digit: Yeah, Bloom. They all went to find Tecna.

Bloom: Tecna?

Scene: Hallway

Bloom: Excuse me, Ms. Faragonda, I need to speak to you.

Ms. Faragonda: Bloom, your back from Pyros!

Bloom: Yeah, I...

Scene: Office

Bloom: ... Yeah, I'm back from Pyros. And it looks like my friends went to the Omega Dimension to find Tecna.

Griselda: Dear, it is early. Aren't you tired?

Bloom: No, not really, but I wanted to ask if I could leave again. I know I just (got back).

Ms. Faragonda: (I know) you want to help your friends. Of course you can!

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