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Valtor's Box is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Winx Club.


When the Winx go to Magix for a day, they meet Ophir, a wizard who has been following Aisha. While there, Valtor steals a powerful archive from the Magic Museum and the Winx must fight to get it back and save the Magic Dimension.


When the Winx girls visit the Museum of Magic, they must defend it against Valtor, who has announced his plan to steal a relic from the museum.


Griffin has confirmation that Valtor has left.

Since Tecna's return, the group feels complete again. Flora and Bloom are still awake in the middle of night talking about the comfort the group brings. Bloom also tells Flora that she wants to spend time with Sky and through Flora's encouragement, she calls him. Only, he does not pick up and she wonders why. In fact, he, Brandon, Riven, Timmy, Helia and their fellow classmates are at Cloud Tower helping secure the school since Valtor and the Trix disappeared. In Griffin's office, Saladin informs her of their findings and she is suspicious of Valtor's next move as he has extorted all of Cloud Tower's spells. Lucy, Polly and Lucrezia apologize to their headmistress for helping their enemy despite it not being their fault. Griffin reassures them and reminds them that Valtor will be stopped with the help of their friends.

Effect of Bloom's incomplete Enchantix shows itself.

The next day, the Winx's training as Enchantix Fairies begins. They must defeat creatures that absorb magic therefore, only powerful, skillful spells can truly defeat these monsters.

They all defeat them but, during the training session Bloom uses so much power and though it was enough to defeat the creature she ends up fainting. Faragonda catches her before she hits the ground. And when she comes to in Faragonda's office, the headmistress tells her her Enchantix powers are dangerously incomplete as true Enchantix powers come from sacrifice and not force of will. Thus, her powers may fail her in her time of need. Faragonda then informs her that Valtor has disappeared prompting Bloom to become unsettled. When Faragonda tries to her calm her down, Bloom explains that Valtor is the only person who knows what happened to her birth parents. When asked how, Bloom says that they share a connection and this will allow her to hone in on his location. But before she could explain her idea any further, Faragonda reminds her of how much she had been through these past weeks and that she needs to relax with her friends.

The villains new hideout.

At Valtor and the Trix's new hideout, Valtor is looking through the dark spells they had stolen from Cloud Tower's vaults. But, these books are so powerful that having them out in the open is very dangerous. And so, Valtor now plans to steal an ancient artifact that can contain such dangerous spells.

Taking Faragonda's advice, the girls go shopping in Magix. Flora feels endangered, being out in the open while Valtor is still on the loose. But Stella has thought of everything and gives all the girls raincoats that act as disguises. After getting off on their stop they walk towards the cafe and a guy begins stalking them; his focus on Aisha. While the girls are chatting, Tecna notices this person watching them. She observes him and uses a fly cam to see who it is before showing Stella.

Ophir is caught.

Musa's upset expression prompts her friends to ask her about it. She tells them that she wants to break up with Riven and Aisha agrees with her statement, saying that men are bothersome and that she is fine without them, though Flora disagrees. Aisha also reveals that she wants to ban men altogether. Stella then says that they should a get a guy's opinion and then moves the bush the stalker was hiding behind. Since he got caught, he tries to explain himself but, Aisha yells at him saying he is listening to her private conversation and she runs away.

As Aisha is stomping away, she angrily says she does not want the arranged marriage. But then an image of Valtor and the Trix appear in the sky. He says he wants the Eye of the Ancient Ancestress in the Museum of Magix. He then proceeds to say that they can hand it over or fight. The Winx go the the museum but wait on the museum's roof.

Aisha's decision: the Agador Box or Ophir?

The security in the museum move the eye to the central vault. As the Winx wait, Aisha annoyingly says that the guy who was watching her bugs her. Bloom says she should not judge so soon and explains that he might have just found her cute. Then, Aisha's "stalker" joins the girls on the roof, once again angering Aisha. He introduces himself as Ophir and explains he wants to help. However, this raises suspicion in the girls (mostly Tecna and Aisha) considering his timing with Vatlor.

Valtor finally comes and attracts the security system. The Winx, in the museum, see the Trix heading in the opposite direction of the battle, and realize that it was a trick, as Valtor wanted the Agador Box.

Valtor steals the Agador Box.

The Winx battle the Trix and get the box. They then try to attack Valtor. Bloom fights Valtor while the others fight the Trix; Valtor notices that Bloom is hesitant to use her full powers while in Enchantix. Aisha secures both the Trix and the Agador Box with her morphix. Valtor is about to attack Aisha when Ophir jumps in front of her. Valtor says if she gives him the box and the Trix he will let him go. She does and the Winx think that Ophir should go explain what happened to Faragonda since it was his fault. However, he sneaks off and this makes Aisha hate him even more. Meanwhile, Bloom struggles with her incomplete Enchantix, remembering Faragonda's words about her powers possibly failing her at an important time.

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Differences Between Adaptations


  • When Flora and Bloom are talking, Musa and Aisha are awake when only Flora and Bloom are supposed to be awake.
  • Both Sky and Timmy's gloves were briefly not fingerless ones.
  • In one scene the Trix are wearing their civilian clothes yet in the next scene they are in their witch outfits.
  • When Tecna holds up her handheld device, she is missing her gloves.
  • When Stormy attacks the Winx, her tights were briefly missing.
  • In one part of the episode, Stormy was seen in witch mode, then in her civilian form.
  • When using the convergence Lost World, Bloom is in her Enchantix form, even though later on, it is revealed that she has not transformed yet.
  • When the Winx surround Valtor to use a convergence spell on him, Bloom is seen standing next to Musa even though she had not transformed at that point. It should have been Flora standing next to Musa.
  • When Aisha clutches her hand after seeing Ophir, her raincoat glove is missing.


I'm banning men altogether! No father, no boyfriends, NO guys at all!


I think we should ask a guy's for his opinion on the matter, after all there's one hiding behind that bush.

Stella, when she reveals Aisha's stalker.


--- Ophir, after he gets caught.

You know, I thought you were someone I knew. I'm really sorry. I-I didn't really mean to be spying.

--- Ophir's excuse.

And thinking about that from before is REALLY getting to me!

Aisha's unfavorable feelings towards Ophir.

Sorry, I'd rather crush him into hero dust. But if you give me the box and the Trix I'll let him go.

Valtor, wagering Ophir's life for the Agador Box and the Trix.