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Biker Chick Wedding Crashers

Scene: Hall of the Universe

  • Countess Cassandra and Chimera basks at the display of the universe.*

Cassandra: Look at Crystallin's orbit pattern. King Radius will be just like that moon: in constant rotation around the planet Cassandra.

  • Both laughs.*

Chimera: And I'll be the only star in Solaria!

  • Chimera raises her staff and uses it to halt the spinning of the display.*

Scene: Aviary Tower

  • King Radius walks into the tower with smile but quickly loses it when he notices his doves have been caged up.*

Radius: Huh?! Who put my doves in cages?!

Scene: Palace Grounds

Cassandra: I despise those birds, Radius.
Radius: But darling, my doves have always flown free in the skies of Solaria!
Cassandra: Not anymore! Flying free is something of the past in this realm.
Radius: "Thing of the past"?
Cassandra: Look, I'm already stressed out enough over having to plan a wedding that includes armed guards. But we must make sure that horrible daughter of yours doesn't get into the palace!

  • Radius gasps at the her negative comment about Stella.*

Cassandra: Don't give me that face! Just be a good obedient king, do everything I say and leave the important matters to me.

  • Radius grunts and Cassandra looks pleased.*

Scene: Stella's Room

  • The Winx girls, coming from a dance class, are watching a news report.*

News anchor: The surprise invitation only wedding Radius
Stella: *brushing her hair* I knew he fall under that shrew spell again!
Bloom: Stella, maybe he didn't and this was all part of a plan.
Stella: No, that crown-grubbing, fashion challenge, third grad countess has spelled him again! Just look at that woman, just look at her! *points at the TV with her hairbrush* A purple ballgown in the fall?! Ugh! *Tecna, Musa and Aisha laughs* Newsflash, Cassandra! You don't look like a queen, you look like a game show hostess! I have so gotta stop this ceremony. You girls will help me. You will, won't you?
Bloom: Sure, what's the plan?

Scene: The Villains' Hideout

Darcy: Is it going to hold all our spells?
Icy: So, what's our next move?
Stormy: Are we going back to Alfea?
Valtor: Yes, once the box is fully loaded, that'll be our first stop.

Scene: Alfea

  • Nova was reading a book and Bloom, Stella, Flora and Aisha comes up to her

Stella: Nova! So, what have you heard about my dad's wedding?
Nova: I heard security is gonna be ultra mega tight.
Stella: I know that already! I need to know the details of what's being planned at the palace.
Nova: Okay, fine. It's gonna be huge private party. Word is it's gonna be circus themed with exotic animals, clowns and that sort of thing.
Stella: Oh, circus weddings are so tacky.
Nova: There'll be fire jugglers, dancers and a famous flying biker act.
Stella: Hold up! Flying bikers at a wedding? Now I know Cassandra respelled my dad.
Aisha: I know! We'll sneak in disguised as the dancers.
Stella: I don't think we can pull that off. No offense to Tecna, but her left foot doesn't even know where her right is half the time.
Bloom: What about jugglers? We can make Kiko part of the act.

  • Bloom tosses Kiko in the air and catches him

Stella: We're gonna be juggling fire, and with all the hairspray that'll be at that wedding, that's a disaster waiting to happen.
Nova: That leaves the flying bikers. Your boyfriends can give you lessons.

The specialists teach them how to ride well enough to fool the guards.


(Musa to Riven while he's teaching her to drive it)
Musa: ..I think something's wrong with your bike!
Riven: The problem is the driver!

Scene: Winx's Dorm

Scene: Specialists' Dorm

Timmy: You don't understand a thing about girls, do you Riven?
Riven: Look who's talking, Mainframe. (Imitates Timmy's voice) Hey, uh, Tecna I really like your external hard drive.
Timmy: Well, I didn't say that I understood them. I just said that you don't either.
Sky: Then do the opposite.
Helia: Give it back, Riven!
Helia: Hey!
Riven: Boy, it seems like Helia knows what girls think!
Sky: Knock it off! You wanna wake up the whole school? (Helia grabs his poem back)
Helia: Maybe if you weren't such a jerk, Musa wouldn't be thinking about breaking up with you, cause she is, you know. Flora told me.


Scene: Magix

Scene: Solaria

 and defeat the guards and bikers.
(The boys are fighting the stunt bikers)
Timmy: I've gotta stun you. Would you hold still?

Scene: The Palace

The Winx take the bikes and are able to fool the guards at the gates.

Stella: My father's been spelled with Baltor's magic. Check out his neck! Daddy?
Radius: Stella...
Stella: Don't worry, Daddy, I'm gonna save you. People of Solaria, this wannabe queen and her daughter have bewitched your king!

  • The whole kingdom gasps

Cassandra: Don't listen to her! She's lying!
Stella: Well, then how do you explain this thing? *points a golden light at Radius's neck, revealing Valtor's mark as the crowd gasp* That's Baltor's brand, and the one who put it there is none other than scheming traitor, Countess Cassandra!
: Could that be true?
Nobleman: Stella's our princess. Why would she lie to us?
Chimera: Cause she's a spoiled and jealous brat! That's why.
Stella: Well, at least I'm a real princess, Chimera.
Cassandra: Guards, get her!
Stella: Come on, girls! It's time to free my kingdom!

  • The Winx transform
  • The guards blasts at the girls, but they put up a protective barrier


Nobleman: Is it your wish to married Cassandra?
Radius: I...I don't know.
Stella is right. The king is under some sort of a spell.
Nobleman: We must stop her!

It's over.

Cassandra: Over for you!

Cassandra takes Radius upstairs to continue the wedding.

Stella fights Chimera, who calls her a loser. Stella blasts Chimera with a fireball, breaking her staff.

Then she gets Cassandra to the ground and breaks her spell on Radius with Fairy Dust.

Scene: The Palace

Chimera: I'm not through with you, sunshine girl! Untie me at once if you're brave enough to fight one on one!
Cassandra: Chimera, be quiet for once in your life!
Radius: Guards, take these traitors to the dungeon! They will be face to royal court.

Scene: The Palace Balcony

, and Solaria is free again. Stella suggests that since Fairy Dust can break Baltor's spells, it might be the key to defeating him.

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