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The Pixies' Charge is the twentieth episode of the third season of Winx Club.


The Trix are trying to win Valtor's affection and begins a race for the Pixies' collection of spells to present to Valtor. It is up to the Pixies to fight the Trix and protect their spells while the Winx, other Alfea fairies, and teachers are away on their own search for Valtor.


While everyone is away, the pixies try to protect their village from Icy, Darcy and Stormy.



After Valtor attacks the Fortress of Light, the Winx, their fellow classmates, Griselda and Faragonda, go there to see if they can discover his latest hiding place, leaving the pixies in charge of Alfea. Mainly because they believe that the Pixies are too small and thus, the mission is too dangerous for them.

Digit being told that she is too tiny for the mission.

In the forest, Zing, Glim and Livy are having fun zooming around but when they hear familiar voices, they hide and see Darcy and Stormy. The two of them are arguing with each other while trying to outdo one another for Valtor's affections. The two are then joined by Icy who appears uninterest and notes that there are other men out there besides Valtor, commenting that he is "way too cold and conniving". Her two sisters do not buy what she is saying pointing out the way she looks at him. They are also unaware that Valtor is observing them.


They continue arguing with each other when Darcy suggests finding a solution as to who gets Valtor. Icy of course, confidently suggests giving him to her. And out of anger and frustration, Stormy summons a small tornado which was strong enough to knock Glim onto the ground. She is noticed by the Trix and Stormy realizes that like all magical beings, the Pixies themselves also have ancient spells and charms. The Trix then decide to race for their collection, and the first to find where they are gets Valtor. Valtor finds this situation becoming more interesting.


Stormy then tries to get the other Pixies out of hiding by hurting Glim who retaliates by blasting at her eyes causing them to sting. Zing is able to save Glim and quickly tell Livy to get the Alfea Pixies to help. Livy heads there. While Zing and Glim are chased by the three unrestrained witches, Livy reaches the Alfea Pixies and tells them about the Trix's possible attack on Pixie Village to get their spells, who ever gets the spells first, also gets Valtor. The Pixies and Pixie pets then set out to save Zing and Glim. They then wound up fighting the Trix after Digit weakened Darcy by going super-small and tickling her.


When the seahorse Pixie pet goes in to tickle Darcy, she gets mad and turns the Pixie pet, Digit, Tune and Amore super-sized. Digit takes advantage of this and charges in on the infamous trio. When Icy freezes Digit, Amore thinks of a plan and remembers that the Trix are fighting over Valtor. So she offers the Trix her special love pixie dust in exchange for Digit.


Valtor then shows up, having enough of this and says that their games were over. Frozen Digit then moves and charges at Valtor, but falls right on Darcy and Stormy and breaks her ice prison. With Darcy and Stormy unable to fight anymore, Valtor and Icy retreat with them. At Alfea, the Winx had just returned; Tecna, Musa and Bloom find it odd that they their bonded Pixies and Kiko are not fully present.


They then hearing cheering in the quad and join their friends and classmates. Everyone learns that the Pixies and Kiko saw Valtor and were able to chase them off.


Faragonda then tells her students that because of their efforts, they learn that Valtor still has the Agador Box something the fairies were not able to discover. Faragonda thanks Digit for her "big help" in which Digit jokes about how she would be surprised how "big" she really was. The Pixies, Pixie Pets and Kiko share a jolly laugh together.

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  • Several moments in this episode are references to The Smurfs comic series such as:
    • The Trix trying to catch the pixies is similar to Gargamel trying to grab the smurfs
    • Also the smurfs have similar personalities to some of the pixies:
      • Livy bumping into things and forgetting stuff is like Clumsy
      • Amore is a counterpart to Smurfette due to their shy and sensitive personalities
      • Piff is similar to both Baby Smurf and Lazy Smurf. For example, like Lazy, she likes to sleep and like Baby Smurf is a baby
      • The Trix losing their temper when they fail to defeat, stop, catch or capture them and trying to use them for their own reasons and purposes is like Gargamel's.
  • This episode appears to have been inspired by one of many ideas sent to Rainbow S.r.l. by the administrator of the Winx Club fan website Michael's Winx Club[1].
  • Bloom appears wearing a different outfit only for this episode.
  • This is the second episode in which the pixies play a very large role in, the first being "Race Against Time". This episode, however, fully revolves around the pixies.
  • This episode is lighthearted in comparison to the somewhat darker tone of previous Season 3 episodes, with the Trix fighting for Valtor's affection and being defeated by the pixies.
  • Zing is referred by the name "Buzzy" in this episode.
  • Flora has no lines in this episode.
  • Icy recounts Season 2's events when she reminds Stormy of how they stole the Pixies' Codex thus causing them to relocate their village.


  • Lockette's wings disappear when she is seen sitting on the log.
  • As Valtor observes the Trix's argument over him through a visual portal, a great majority of Stormy's witch outfit is missing.
  • When Stormy and Icy are growling at each other Stormy's neck is missing.
  • On occasion, both Darcy and Stormy are missing their gloves.
  • When Icy growls after failing to prevent Zing and Glim from running away, her eyes are a darker blue than usual.
  • When trying to coerce the Pixies out of hiding, Stormy's mouth goes missing for a very brief second.
  • Stormy's stockings disappear throughout the episode.
  • The Trix's chokers and makeup disappear throughout the episode.
  • In the last scene of the episode, Digit is very large in comparison to her fellow Pixies and in the same scene, Chatta's eyebrows and bangs are missing.
  • As Amore panics about squishing Kiko, her lips disappear very briefly.
  • After saying "ta-da!", Darcy's hair is not completely drawn/colored in.
  • Flora is missing her highlights and Amaryl is missing her lips in one scene.


Digit, you can't come with me; you're too tiny and this mission is too dangerous!


I'm sorry Kiko but you can't come, you're too tiny.


What's with people today?! You'd think we'd shrunk the way everyone keeps saying we're 'tiny'!

Digit,getting agitated.

Please, keep an on eye on Piff for me, okay?


Well I don't know Layla (Aisha) you'd think we'd be able to handle that??

Digit, snapping at Aisha because she might be too tiny for it.

Come on sisters. What's happening to us? In all the time we've been together we've never been at each other's throats like this! There's gotta be a way to solve this dispute efficiently and peacefully.


Sure! Let me have him! That's the only efficient and peaceful solution I can think of.


I say: whoever gets the Pixies' collection of spells first also gets Valtor! What do you think?

Stormy's solution.

No! No! Please don't do that! I can't stand being tickled-ah-ha-ha!!

Darcy, as Digit starts tickling her.

They're all trying so hard to impress me, flattering.


Oopsy, I guess that I made them a little too big.


This game's over! ... This ridiculous contest is over, I need you for other, much more important upcoming battles.

Valtor, having enough.

In light of today's events and thanks to Digit's efforts we now know that Valtor still has the Agador Box. And that's quite an important find given today we learned nothing else!


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