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Witches' Revelation is the twenty-fourth episode of the third season of Winx Club.


The Winx discover that Cloud Tower was only hidden by a magic barrier. After uncovering the school, they search for the Ancestral Witches. Bloom must learn the truth from them about her parents without letting the Trix stop her.


The Winx Club goes to find the missing Cloud Tower crypts to contact the three witches who destroyed Domino.


Bloom tells Flora her worries.

Bloom has a nightmare about Valtor. She questions her connection with Valtor in which she first believed that it was through the Dragon's Flame and thus want to verify Valtor's claim that he had absorbed her parents. As she shouts in her bed Flora is able to awaken her and calms her down. Their friends come to check up on them and Bloom suggests speaking to the Ancestral Witches, the mothers of Valtor. Their search in the library for a spell to invoke the deceased were of no success and so they turn to Faragonda.

The seance begins.

Faragonda has doubts of these witches answering a call from a fairy but nevertheless, she and the Winx try a seance. The end result: the witches did not respond but their magical essences are active and residing in Cloud Tower. To begin their investigation the Winx travel to Cloud Tower to find the crypt of the Ancestresses. Before doing so they have to find what really happen to Cloud Tower.

Valtor's spell over Cloud Tower is lifted.

After examining the area where Cloud Tower had stood, Tecna concluded that there might be an invisible Barrier around the school. The Winx use their Enchantix powers together with the Water Stars. For a few seconds, they saw Cloud Tower and Flora uses her fairy dust which in turn revealed the shape of the school. Since the barrier spell was too powerful, Flora's Fairy Dust was able to make small cracks in the barrier. The Winx (except Bloom) use their Fairy Dust to miniaturize themselves and to go through the barrier. Once inside the barrier they all together activated their Fairy Dust and the spell was gone.

The Trix are given Disenchantix powers.

Meanwhile, Valtor grants the Trix Disenchantix powers so that they can defeat the Winx. However, this raises doubts in Icy as she began to realize Valtor has not voluntarily ventured out to defeat Bloom. When she considers this to be cowardly her sisters deny such statement. Valtor overhears this and starts to question her loyalty.

Bloom confronts the Ancestral Witches.

As the Winx fly through the halls of Cloud Tower, heading towards its crypt, the Trix intercept their path. The Winx easily outdoes the Trix but Darcy causes the group to split as she uses her powers to startle Stella into a fleeing frenzy. As the group tries to search for Stella they are separated. Flora, Tecna and Musa stay to time-freeze the Trix. Icy was however, able to break this spell and freeze the three.

Griffin is delighted to be returning home.

Meanwhile, Aisha and Bloom split up to look for Stella. In the midst of the search, Bloom finds the crypt and the Ancestral Witches revealed that Valtor had lied to her and that her birth parents are out there somewhere impossible for her to reach them.

After Bloom learns of this, she reunites with her friends and together deal with the Trix. They then return to school and inform Griffin that her school is back. The head witchtress expresses her gratitude. As for Bloom, now knowing the truth, she will not hold back when dealing with Valtor and also sets her course to find Oritel and Marion.

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  • In the original version, Bloom's nightmare featured students talking and walking with different guys, who change to Valtor, the ancient witches, her adoptive parents, and her birth parents.
  • The Obsidian Dimension is first mentioned by the Ancestresses, though it they only provide limited details of it; describing it to be "outside of this realm, in a different dimension far, far away."
  • The Water Stars are used for the second time.
  • Flora promising Aisha will not be left alone at the disco is a reference to last season's episode "The Invisible Pixies", when Aisha and Musa went to a club on Gardenia.


  • There are times where Tecna's tights go missing.
  • Flora's highlights go missing on multiple occasions.
  • When Tecna turns her head to listen to Stella her hair switches positions.
    • In the same scene, Stella's hair is not in low pigtails.
  • Faragonda is missing her lips at one point.
  • When the Winx and Faragonda gather in a circle, Stella's dress is not completely drawn in.
  • When the Winx transform, the shot of Aisha assuming her finishing pose in her Enchantix transformation is stock footage from "Layla's Choice" because you can see that her eyes are still blind and the original colors of her Enchantix outfit that were used before the introduction of Bloom's Enchantix in "From the Ashes" are shown.
  • After miniaturizing, Aisha is shown topless from behind.
    • Interestingly, 4kids have censored this mistake, but Aisha's top is still colored wrong.
  • While the Winx are using their fairy dust, there is a production scene.
  • After hearing the Trix's response to his question, Valtor starts to turn around and when he does, his gloves disappear.
  • When Bloom shouts for Stella when Darcy made an illusion on her, Tecna's eyes were shown to be yellow. 
  • There is one scene in which Tecna's wings had a lower portion of it.
  • At one point, Flora's missing her socks.
    • Towards the end of the episode, Flora's earrings and necklace are missing, and her socks are the wrong length.
  • While the Winx are gathering around the Trix for the Enchantix Final Attack, Flora's wings are larger than normal in one scene.
  • After the Winx transform, their wings are not flapping and have no sparkles.


Now, rather Marion and Oritel were killed during the battle or whether Valtor captured them and took them into exile, the Ancestor Witches know what happened to my birth parents! I'm absolutely sure of that!


There's something strange about this... I wonder why Valtor never seems to want to fight Bloom himself? It's almost as if he's afraid of that loser and so he's sending us instead!

Icy, suspecting Valtor's cowardliness.

Icy is trying to turn them against me by calling my courage into question - serious mistake. I fear no one. She's tough, no doubt about that but her lack of loyalty will cost her dearly!

Valtor's trust in Icy wanes.

We will tell you the truth about what happened! Well, it isn't true that the King and Queen of Domino are prisoners inside Valtor's body! And you fell into his trap; Oritel and Marion are alive!

Belladonna, attesting Valtor's claim regarding Oritel and Marion.

Alive!! So where are they?!


They're... outside of this realm, in a different dimension far, far away!

Belladonna, revealing a minuscule detail of Oritel and Marion's location.

Now, the students and I can go back home! Classes will resume and life will return to normal!

Griffin's delight after getting her school back.