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The Witches' Crypt

Scene: Bloom is Walking

  • Flashback to Valtor

Valtor: Even though I lost my final battle against your birth parents, Bloom, I use my last bit of strength to cast a absorption spell. And I trapped Oritel and Miriam inside me, they are my prisoners.

  • Bloom shouts.
    • Back to Bloom walking

Bloom: If that's true, then destroying Baltor would mean destroying my parents too. Forever.

  • Bloom saw the fairies looking at Valtor's mark on the floor and runs off but stops short to see the guys each fairy was talking to change to Valtor and runs past them, screaming. She stops to catch her breath but sees her friends listening to Valtor.

Valtor: Anyway, that's how it all ended.

Stella (evil): Well, hello there, Bloom. Did you hear? The school's changing it's name from Alfea. We're gonna be call Baltor High from now on! Isn't it so awesome?

  • Shocked, Bloom runs off to a long spiral staircase.

Bloom: Miss Faragonda, help!

Miss Faragonda: I'm here, but you must figure out how to get behind the curtain.

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