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Magic Pets


Narrator: The Winx move to Gardenia looking for the last Earth Fairy. In order to find a home for their Fairy Pets, the Winx opened a special pet shop. But the Winx don't forget their mission, and will have to find the last fairy before the Wizards of the Black Circle do.

Scene: A Road in Gardenia

  • It is raining in Gardenia as the Wizards of the Black Circle appear.*

Ogron: Gardenia. Why did the last fairy on Earth have to be in this...lame town? Must've been difficult for such a powerful creature to live among all this...mediocrity. The sooner we find her, the faster we can get out of this depressing excuse for a city.
Cop #1: Hey, you gentlemen need some help, huh?
Cop #2: What are you all doing walking in the pouring rain? You guys having some car trouble? You need a tow truck?
Ogron: No, but call one anyway. You'll need it in a minute.

  • Ogron looks at Gantlos, Gantlos materializes energy in his hands.*

Ogron: Now.

  • Gantlos grunts and punches the grill of the cops' car and laughs, the cops gasp. Cop #2 runs out of the car.*

Cop #2: It''s impossible.

  • Cop #1 grunts as he runs out of the car.*

Duman: No, it's magic.

  • Duman transforms into a beast and growls, the cops whimper and scream as Duman destroys the cop car.*

Ogron: Yes, run. Take your little coffee break.

Scene: Love and Pet

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